Hair is Gone, but Now a Sweaty Mess! - Miami

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So far, I have received 9 treatments for almost my...

So far, I have received 9 treatments for almost my entire body - legs, bikini, butt cheeks, underarms, upper lip, and chin. Things were going great, and my hair was really going away and everything was great...until the sweating began. Nobody warned me that this would be a side effect, and i can't even find info on it now as i research it.

When i say sweating, I mean everywhere! My entire legs now sweat, which never happened before. Sometimes I even have to re-iron my dress pants before leaving the house. When wearing shorts, sometimes I notice sweat marks around my crotch! Sooo embarrassing! That area definitely sweats all the time now, but every once in awhile, it will actually sweat through my clothes. And there's no stopping the sweat from my underarms! it's like turning on a water faucet every day! I am also constantly wiping sweat from my upper lip and chin.

Don't get me wrong, i am very pleased with the results of the hair removal. My body is very smooth and i don't worry about the ingrown hairs anymore. But geez, i certainly didn't realize that i would end up having to deal with this sweating issue! The ladies that perform the hair removal say they haven't heard of such a thing. I asked about Botox, but they wouldn't recommend that b/c it is very expensive, painful, and only lasts for months at a time. I don't know what to do, but just hoping that over time, my hair pores shrink up now that hair isn't coming through them, and maybe this will decrease the sweating.

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This place gave me a pretty good deal on my treatment, and it came with the lifetime guarantee. I am pleased with the results, but just wish the sweat was not a problem now, which is no fault of theirs.

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