Seeing Without the Trouble of Contacts

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I am so happy to not have to wear contacts or...

I am so happy to not have to wear contacts or glasses any more. I was fairly nearsighted -3.25 and had astigmatism in both eyes as well. The only down side is strictly vanity, as you go without eye makeup for 7-10 days prior and about the same after. Seemed like a horrendously long time to me, but it is well worth it.

You deserve to see what your options are and what works best for your life. It was amazing when I realized how much time it took me to get ready for bed and getting up and out of the house with contacts and how I was just uncomfortable wearing glasses.

The drops and the ointment you put in your eyes are not fun, but since you don't want an infection and you want the best results, you follow what your doctor says to do.

Chicago Oculoplastic Surgeon

He performed Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) on me last year. Both he and his office were very helpful and explained everything and made me feel at ease with the procedure and even had me laughing at myself about being so vain about not wearing eye makeup for two weeks (in my defense- it was the 2 weeks prior to Christmas, so it was tough)and did a great job at doing what I wanted done to avoid having to read with bifocals, as some doctors do. He did one eye for up close and one eye for far. He was very likable and knows his "stuff".

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