Review of Actual Procedure and Recovery

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So I JUST had the cool sculpting yesterday so no...

So I JUST had the cool sculpting yesterday so no opinions on results yet. Just on experience with it.
I liked that it wasn't invasive like lipo or tummy tuck, but not necessarily "no downtime" like I was told... I had work the following day and while I was able to get through it I was very uncomfortable and sore.

Best way to describe how I felt AFTER the cool sculpting: like I was punched in the gut, or just did 20,000 crunches.

Hurt worse when something bumped my stomach or I bent down. I even used spandex body suit and took OTC pain meds. It wasn't unbearable but uncomfortable and sore. So I recommend doing it on a weekend so you have some time to be less sore.

During the actual procedure... The first pinch was really uncomfortable and at times painful. When they added the cooling it would hurt or be uncomfortable. I had to really try to distract my mind. When they do the sides it's hard to move. But the pain/discomfort only lasts for the first minute or two and then the area is just numb and you forget it's there. You should bring a book, earphones and snacks!!! They had the Tv on for me.

Other part that hurts is when they remove the suction. And then they massage it with this vibrating machine. That part was uncomfortable for me and at times tickled.

Overall, the time in pain is less than time without pain. If it gives decent results i think it's worth it. Just be prepared if you have sensitive skin for some pinching!

Last point, they gave me the option of doing ALL scheduled treatment (8 areas total, 4 on upper and lower sides, 4 on upper and lower fronts) which would've been an all day procedure with some breaks in between. I chose NOT to do all. I was really tired and worn out after the fourth one. And sore. Maybe if I didn't have work or had someone to pick me up. Or if they didn't have to keep putting the suction on then removing it again... Cuz that's what hurt. It was 35 minutes for the sides, but a full hour for the fronts. I imagine I'm less sore than I would've been had I done all at one time.

Anyways, hope this helps. And hope to post good reviews of the results! Here's a pic of when they marked me before to show the areas they worked on.
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