Darker 19 Year Old with Annoying Acne Scars - Cenntennial, CO

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Susie was super bubbly and nice and just has...

Susie was super bubbly and nice and just has absolutely GORGEOUS skin. She made sure I very thoroughly understood the procedure and defined terms like fraxelated and the type of laser she was using (CO2). Great. Just awesome personality and I'm excited for the results to show through!

Day 1

I've battled Acne since I was 9 years old and despite some of my scars fading over time, I still walk around with many black marks most prominent on my cheeks. I don't have any ice-pick marks but the black dots make me self conscious because I hate wearing makeup but still want to look my best and have perfect skin. I saw the opportunity for a $159 groupon ($3000 procedure) and immediately grabbed it since I have a few days off from school.

When I arrived , Susie was incredibly detailed in making sure I understood exactly what was going to happen and why laser resurfacing works. She put a thick layer of numbing cream on my face for an hour before wiping it off with pads in rubbing alcohol. She covered my eyes with cotton pads and some tape and began. The immediate smell of singed hair filled the room and it felt like someone was holding a very hot sparkler stick against my face. Almost like an open flame or a very quick rubberband slapping my face and being on fire. The first pass was bearable but the second pass on my cheeks had me wondering why I went through with this. The procedure itself took 20 minutes and was extremely painful although I have a high pain tolerance. She gave me post care instructions and a prescription for a Medrol (prednisone) pack to control the swelling. My face was covered in thousands of tiny tiny white dots immediately afterwards and as I took the 20 minutes drive home I basically had my fave glued to the air conditioning. If you have this procedure regardless of whether you have anaesthesia percent not, please consider taking someone with you to drive you home. It was like eating something super spicy but feeling it in your face instead of your mouth. This feeling lasted for one hour after treatment and then I was fine. I even went out to dinner! The white dots turned brown in most places and it felt like a bad sunburn. I used ice packs and a fan to get me through that first hour.

When I went in

Day 2

Day 2 was worst than day 1. I woke up feeling that my skin was right and kind of swollen. When looking in the mirror my skin was very red and covered in lots of brown now. I took my prednisone and some pain killers and stayed inside all day.

On the first day of treatment I was advised not to wash my face or cover it with creams at all. Days 2-4 I am advised to wash with gentle cetaphil and not cover with creams or lotions at all. Despite many people using aquaphor and Vaseline, Susie says that for my Phototype IV oily skin those things will make me break out like crazy and I should avoid them at all costs. It's really hard not to put on any moisturizers but I am going to follow the instructions to the letter and stay indoors for a few days to get my best results. I can already see that the red skin underneath my brown crusts has been cleared of the dark scars! I'm very excited to see my new skin in a few days!

Day 3

This morning I woke up with substantially less pain than I was expecting. Woohoo! I haven't even taken any pain medicine throughout the day. I gently washed my face with the Cetaphil cleanser and lukewarm water and allowing it to air dry after my shower. My face is still red and the brown dots have hardened considerably almost into scabs. My face feels much less swollen and much less painful to the touch, but also feels tight and dry. I can't put any moisturizers on until Day 5 so I am excited for that day to come. Today will be staying indoors and watching football re-runs of yesterday's games. I have an afternoon appointment with a school advisor as well as an evening class tomorrow. It will only be day 4 and I am advised that it will be my "ugliest" day out of the process, but I'm just going to push through with it. By day 5, I'm hoping the promises of peeling skin will be true!

Day 4

Best day yet! Unfortunately, I had to go back to campus for one evening class with a splotchy face. Absolutely no more pain although the skin is red. Continued with the prednisone as directed and needed no pain pills today. I took a lot of care to shield my face from the sun on my way to class so I wore both a hat and an umbrella! I looked pretty stupid, but I'm willing to sacrifice fashion/practicality for the sake of my face. I've been unconsciously picking at the tiny scabs to make them peel off faster. Which is obviously an awful awful idea. The skin doesn't look bad just pink/red. Susie promised that Day 5 will be the day it all sheds off in the shower with some steaming so I'm excited to wake up and wash my face tomorrow! In the pictures you can definitely tell where I was rubbing the little scabs off. Not advisable and I pray that it doesn't affect my skin afterwards.

Day 5

And on this day, everything peeled off! Well, not exactly. I was still left with a lot of brown stuff around the edges of my face despite my valiant efforts to scrub everything off and steam it off in the shower. But this day, my skin was EXTREMELY dry. Drier than I've ever seen it in my life because it is usually oily. Even places that had already peeled looked like the top of a flaky croissant. I went to the store to find a sunscreen for my new face and some intense moisturizer that wouldn't irritate it. I settled on Burt's bee's because it was super thick and 99% natural. For the sunscreen I bought the store brand alternative to Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen broad spectrum spf 55. I washed my face again with cetaphil and then slathered on sunscreen and moisturizer. For the record, it did not make my skin less dry but it helped my skin stay together instead of flaking off. I also managed to put on a little bit of makeup because I had dinner that night. Dry powder looks awful. 10/10 would not use dry powder on new skin even with moisturizer. My dark spots from before are still visible but heavily faded and I hope that they will continue to fade over time! Happy so far!

Day 6

Most everything has peeled off but I still have very dry skin. I'm enjoying moisturizing my new smooth skin! I've been slathering on the sunscreen every two hours and wearing a hat as well. I found a great light foundation bb cream that cancels out the redness so I used a bit of that and my face looked flawless afterwards! The pictures are of course without makeup but I think it looks better everyday. On day 10 I am advised to begin using lightening creams and soaps and such. Since my review is basically done, I will stop the daily updates unless there are further changes. Was it worth it? So far YES! Despite the awful pain and ugly few days , would I do it again in 6 months ? YES!
Susan Davenport

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