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Tomorrow is my surgery. I am really excited !! I...

Tomorrow is my surgery. I am really excited !! I have gone through so many changes in my life and each time I start to feel really good and am losing weight my stomach just gets worse and worse. I finally decided enough of this back and forth weight , I was going to lose it and get tiny for the first time . I knew that it would require a lot of patience as I watched my stomach only wrinkle up and get worse and worse the smaller I got . I can't count how many times someone has told me that I look fine and don't need to do this. These people have never seen my stomach and also could not understand the mind set someone has to be in to actually go through with a surgery like this. Obviously this is something that is a huge part of those life and they feel they want it so badly they will actually go through a procedure that involves so much sacrifice on their part . I truly hope I will walk away from this knowing I made the right decision. I know the scar doesn't bother me . My fear is more that I will wake up and still have that wrinkly stomach . I can't imagine not having it any more.

I made it !!!

I am home and in bed propped up. The pain is difficult for me but the burning feeling was a surprise. I have not read reviews that spoke on a burning feeling. Maybe I call it burning but that's actually pain ? The drains are different to get used to and I have the hang of emptying them now . I wasn't able to see my stomach yet and I know this is my head but I really hope the skin is gone. I am sure it is cause why else would the surgery take place. Haha. Basically I'm out of it and jump when I hear a noise. Twice I didn't know where I was . Thanks for all your support ! Ps- my doctor was amazing !! He is so kind and caring .

Made it through the night !!

It wasn't easy. I woke up around 2 am in so much pain . I took my pain medication and walked around my room ( well shuffled ) and it hurt so badly. When I got back in bed everything was burning and throbbing. Once my pain meds kicked in I felt so much relief. Today I get to go see my doctor and my stomach !! Please oh please let the skin be gone ! I know it won't look good at all but I hope I can see that all the hanging skin is now gone. Xoxo everyone !! I'll post again shortly and give a picture if i get one today

Just got home from seeing my doctor

I had some bleeding on my right side that went right through my binders . So I went in and they said everything is fine and put fresh dressings on me but still didn't see my stomach :(. My next appt is not until next Thursday. I will then have 1 drain removed and get to see my stomach ! I am looking forward to this so much . The anticipation is killing me. I've been eating a lot of crackers and am worried I will gain a bunch of weight laying here eating crackers like this. Need to get back on track with my eating !!! I will post pictures as soon as I can. I am not allowed to take off my binder to look otherwise I would already have pictures posted

Xoxo !!

I look like shrek :(

Seriously my stomach is so swollen and I did exactly what I am not supposed to do and weighed myself. I had to know ... Turns out I gained 7 pounds ! So this validates just how swollen I am . I know it sounds stupid but I feel like I will never be thin again . I'm huge ! I peaked just a tiny bit at my stomach and it was a mistake. I know better too. I wrapped up my stomach super tight and I am not touching it again until my doctor appt on Thursday . Fingers crossed my swelling will go down some by next week and I get some relief .

Depressed , swollen , scared ...

Today isn't a good day. I am 6 days post op and I feel as big as a house . I see all these other reviews where the woman post photos of their flat tight stomachs and mine doesn't feel flat not tight. If anything it feel loose and like I can't tighten my stomach at all . The swelling is a concern as I knew swelling would be part of things but to look as if I am much bigger than before surgery is scaring me . I have vowed to myself to eat well starting today going forward as I am guilty of eating quite a bit of ice cream last night as I dipped further into a depression. I am keeping myself wrapped up tightly and did peek at my stomach and am confused on my belly button . It appears to be the same droopy belly button I had pre op. My question is , is it the same exact belly button or is it possibly the same belly button but just pulled down further ? Without taking off all my bandages I have no way of knowing for certain and I am not going to do that. The doctor said leave everything alone and that's what I plan on doing. Anyone else feel scared and helpless at this stage ? Am I just a big baby ?

Seeing the light !!!

So after a really tough couple days of feeling like the elephant man , I woke up without being swollen beyond recognition. Am I still swollen yes ! But I was so badly swollen the last few days I actually started to think I would never recover and need revisions and to lose weight again . I haven't weighed myself but I did peek at my stomach. This is day 8 and I am hopeful again that I will get my body back ! Any feedback is appreciated. I know it's not attractive but if u saw me just two days ago it's a huge improvement

First drain removed !!

I can honestly say getting my drain removed did NOT hurt. There was no pain associated with the removal. My side hurts a little now after the fact but that's all. When they took the dressing off my stomach I was able to see it a little bit for the first time and I have a bubble right below my ribs that is sticking out. Hoping it was just swelling and will level out . Anyone else have this or had something similar ? When I pressed on it , it didn't really move or anything but wasn't firm either. Feels like a fat pocket or something but I didn't have any fat on my stomach prior to surgery. My doctor told me to just relax and heal up and my results will be wonderful. It's so hard when my stomach is so much bigger than it was prior to the procedure . The excess skin at the bottom of my stomach is gone but I traded it for a larger thicker stomach that I am not used to. If this is all just swelling than I am confident I will love my results . I do wonder why so many people post pictures on RS from 5 to 14 days post op and their stomachs look amazing and they are swollen as well but still have a flat tummy . Anyone have kind of a lumpy look in the beginning ?

Feeling lumpy and swollen

Today is day 12 I believe and I am starting to feel better as far as pain goes but ever since day 1 I have had a large lump on my upper stomach which I have attributed to swelling but as my stomach changes this lump does not. Anyone have anything similar happen and if so what was the outcome ? I know if it's new then it's more than likely fluid but this has been there since my surgery ? I go to doctor Tuesday and I'll ask him what he thinks it could be.

2 week check up and Seroma

I had my two week appt today and had my second drain removed . The lump at the top of my stomach is a Seroma and my doctor had to use a needle to remove the trapped fluids. I became very dizzy and tried to play it cool but when I got in my car I cried , not because of anything my doctor did but because this journey is so difficult and at times I do wonder why I did this ? Is it worth it and will my results out weigh all of this ? I went back and looked at my before photo and can without question say even swollen and lumpy I do still pick my new stomach over that wrinkled up one. I am discouraged I will admit that. I am confused why I am not flat and firm. Is my garment not tight enough ? Do I have Seroma at the bottom of my stomach too and that's why my entire stomach feels like a water bed ? Before surgery my stomach was flat and hard. It just had wrinkled skin everywhere. Now it's thick and soft. I have rolls when I sit and the skin moves very easily around as if it's draped over my muscles and not attached . This process takes a lot of strength and patience. I am proud of anyone that has had this done and especially the ones that didn't see immediate results that made it worth it from the Moment they woke up from surgery . Thank you to anyone that has commented on my story. No one else understands this and it means so much to me to share with all of you !

18 days post op

After I got my Seroma drained on Tuesday my lower stomach started to go down and out of nowhere my middle section went flat ! Like its hard as if I am fit ! It's a good thing and something that give me so much hope that this is going to be what I hoped . Bare with me here and yes I think I am a little crazy too ;) but now that my mid section is flatter and my lower stomach isn't not as swollen , if I cover up my Seroma on top I am starting to see a huge change ! Keep in my mind the moment I move my hand I have a lump that has come back due to fluid being retained there and I have to get it removed again on Tuesday. If I can get this Seroma to disappear and flatten out on top I am going to be the happiest girl in the world ! This literally just flattened out tonight as I was watching a movie I felt it going down . Could it be a little miracle after a very difficult two weeks ?

1 month post op revision needed in a couple months

My Seroma is finally almost gone ! Woohoo ! But unfortunately I have some loose skin above my belly button that will need corrected. I am unsure what exactly went wrong and if it's all due to the Seroma or not. Honestly I am trying to just focus on the final outcome and not the what ifs and could have beens. I just want to see the extra skin gone and hopefully be feeling great by summer this year !

Revision complete !

Hi everyone ! On May 4th I had my revision done. I have been resting ever since . I went to my post op appointment and from what I saw my stomach was perfect !! This just might be my dream come true ! Dr Stile was so kind to me and explained everything before I went in . I have a new scar and a new belly button . Everything feels tight and I am so excited to see my results after I heal. I also opted to exchange my saline breast implants for silicone at the same time . So I am sore head to toe right now but it's worth it . I will post pictures when the bandages come off. Xoxo!!
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