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When I was 15 years old, I had to have a knot...

When I was 15 years old, I had to have a knot removed from my right breast. I have a long standing of breast cancer in my family and it was growing kinda fast, so they opted to remove it before it got any bigger. So I grew up having my left breast in a B cup and my right breast in an A cup. Between the ages of 19 and 25 I had 2 wonderful children and during those pregnancies I had wonderful round full breast lol. Between 2006-2008 I went from around 215 lbs to 150 lbs. Some of that weight lost was in my breast as well, but mostly in my hips and legs. From 2008 to present I have gone up from 150 lbs to 190 lbs. Last year, 2012, I had to have another tumor removed from my right breast again. That left my left breast in an even smaller A cup. Then at the beginning of this year I had to have a full hysterectomy because of endometriosis. That brought me down to 180 lbs.

So I have had this tummy fat and skin that I can not get rid of and different size breast. I have wanted to get a tummy tuck since 2008 when I saw that I could not loose anymore weight. When I could not get my tummy skin to go back in any farther. Of course I always wanted breast implants to fix my boobs and have what I can real boobs.

So a month ago I started looking online for information about tummy tucks and breast implants. I happen to come across this site and did a lot of reading. I finally made some phone calls and set some appointments. One of the places i went to was up in Vegas to see Dr. Stiles.

I had my consultation with him yesterday and I have to say that he is so different then what you see online. First of all, I let his office know that we would be coming from out of state and that we were wondering if he could see us on a monday as that is my husbands day off. The lady, sorry I do not remember her name, said that I might have to wait, if that was ok, but that he could see me before or maybe after one of his surgeries since monday was one of his surgery days. After seeing his great reviews I told them that yes that would work out for me. So we drove up to Vegas to have our meeting with him.

We had to wait about 10 minutes before going back, no problem at all since he was working us in lol. Michelle, his assistant, came to get us and took us back to answer some questions. She was very polite, asked a lot of questions like what was I interested in, and talked to us while waiting for Dr. Stiles. She asked me to get undress and let me know that Dr. Stiles would be right in.

Dr. Stiles came in about 2 minutes later and started going over everything with me. He is very nice. He listen to what I had to say and was very easy to talk to. He seemed very interested in what it was that I wanted out of this surgery. After answering his questions he showed me what he could do and explained what would happen. I loved the computer screen he had to show me different things, that really helped us see what would be going on! Then we stopped and he asked if I had any questions, but at the time I had none.

Then Michelle started showing me the difference in sizes that I could have in breast size. Being able to really see the difference was a lot of help. After choosing the right size we went to see Jessica to talk about prices.

Jessica was so sweet, she told us how much it would cost for the breast implants, tummy tuck, and lipo. All total would have been around $12,000. My husband and I had talked about how much we wanted to spend and had agreed at $8,000. So I told Jessica we would have to remove the breast implants. The tummy tuck and lipo were more important to me, then the breast implants. So the price came down to around $7,500. We then started looking at dates.

After we got done with Jessica, she asked since they had some time that if I wanted to go ahead and do my pre-op stuff now so I would not have to travel up to Vegas again until the surgery. So we took the photos and did the paperwork. I opted to have my blood work done at home, since my insurance would pay for it.

After setting the date for Oct 21st and signing the paperwork, they gave us a great info package that had everything I needed to know about the surgery, what to do before hand, when to do what and how, and a copy of all the papers I signed. We went ahead and instead of putting the $2,000 down, we just paid for it.

Michelle said that if I had any questions to just call her and she would be happy to help. My husband joked that we didn't have any questions right now, but would as soon as we got down the road. After we left and got some lunch, I started reading through the info pack and told my husband that it answered all of the other questions that popped into my head lol.

Updated news

So this morning my husband wakes me up (he goes to work way before I do) and says to call the doctor to have them add the breast implants. I was like OMG am I dreaming? I must be lol. I asked him if I heard him right and he said yes. So I just got off the phone with Jessica to let them know to add the breast implants back on. Then of course my wonderful husband calls me a bit late and says ok I spoke to Jessica...You are not bought and paid for lol.

I was so happy I started crying. A chance at feeling confident in myself is just 18 days away.

I will be posting before photos soon.

Photos added

Here are some before photos of me :(

11 days to go

Just 11 days to go before my life will be changed forever. I took some photos of myself yesterday and while I was uploading them on here I was looking at them. I still do not feel that that is me. I do not feel that I look that way and if someone else had of showed me these photos and said that is what you look like I would have told them no way. I do not look like that. But in the end I know it is me, since I took the photos lol. A part of me still says that that is not me in those photos, that is not me in the mirror, but then again I know that it is me. The good thing is that here in a few days Dr. Stiles is going to help me have the image of myself that is in my head. Then after the surgery, after the swelling, I will have no problem looking in the mirror.


Well I got all of my medicine except 1 thing today. I have to pick the other one up tomorrow which is hydrocodone.

The medicine I picked up today is Xanax, Flexeril, Promethazine, Cipro, and Calace.

I have ever told you I hate taking medicine lol.

One week from today!

One week from today, 7 days from now my life with be different. How I look at myself in the mirror will be different. How I feel about myself will be different. How clothes fit me will be different. The clothes that I choose to wear will be different. Let the count down beginning lol!

Just a few more days

Just a few more days and I will be on the flat side. They called me a few days ago, we had a hick-up with my mammogram and I thought that I might not be getting the breast implants, since my mammogram was showing the scar tissue from the surgery last year. But Dr Stiles called my surgeon and talked to her confirming that it was scar tissue and so now everything is a go.

They called me just a few minutes ago to confirm the surgery date and time and to make sure that I still wanted to have the saline breast implants, tummy tuck, and lipo. So happy but so worried lol.

On the flat side

Well I made it. Sore and tired but so far happy with the results. Even with all the swelling it is better then what I had before. I can not stand up straight and the support bra and tummy garment is making me itch already but I will have to deal with it. I hope to post some photos soon.

One week, one day

Back on Oct 21st I had my surgery for my tummy tuck, lipo, and breast implants. Everything when the way it was suppose to go lol. We left the house at 3am and got to the dr's 20 minutes before my appt at 6am. They opened up the doors to find me and my husband waiting for them. :) I signed some more papers and they took us right back. At around 6:30 Dr Stiles came in and did some drawing on me and said he would see me in a bit. Within a few minutes I was saying good bye to my hubby and the next thing I remember is waking up in the hotel lol.

They put in 2 drains and put me in a CG. The day after surgery we went back over to the dr's office to be checked out. He changed my bandages, said everything looked good and took a pic for me. Then we headed home.

The first pic is the day after surgery, taken in the dr office, laying down. The 2nd and 3rd pic is me at home held up by my walker. The last pic is my one week after surgery, at the drs office, laying down.

So yesterday we drove up to Vegas again for my 1 week appt. They took out the stitches in my back from the lipo, the stitches in my breast, and one of the drains. Dr Stiles said every thing looked good and that next week I could get the other drain out. Michelle took another pic for me and I could lift up some to see my belly. Looking good. Even if all the swelling stayed I would still be happy with the results.

So the only problems I am having is being in the recliner all day and night, so tired of it, and sleeping most of the day and night away. Today I look back on this week and I have gotten nothing I mean nothing done. :( I have till Tuesday Nov 5th before I have to go back to work. The good thing is I work from home, will only go back on part time for about 2 weeks before putting back in my full time hours, and other then sitting for a bit over an hour at the desk, on the phone, the rest of the work I can do in the recliner. Today is the first day I have been on the computer at all lol.

So I have moved my pain medicine back from every 4 hours to every 6 hours and I also, after the 1st day, I started taking the pain medicine and then next time I take 2 tylenol. Seems to be working out really good. Not really having pain all the time, a sharp shooting pain every once in a while, maybe twice a day, and then the itchy get to me lol, but my mil had a great idea, she told me to rub baby powder on my skin where it is itching and it worked. So my hubby put some on my back and it kept it at bay through the night.

So I guess that is all for now. I will repost next week after my next appt.

Forgot to add

I forgot to add that they took off 2 1/2 pounds of skin and 4 pounds of fat with the lipo.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

He is very nice. He listen to what I had to say and was very easy to talk to. He seemed very interested in what it was that I wanted out of this surgery. I loved the computer screen he had to show me different things, that really helped us see what would be going on. We were coming from out of town and he went out of his way to work us into his schedule since we could only come up on a day that was surgery day for him. Michelle and Jessica were great in helping us with our questions and concerns also!

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