The Only Regret I Have is Not Doing This Before!!

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After many, many years and two abdominals and...

After many, many years and two abdominals and flanks liposuctions, I finally decided to go for a TT and upper flanks lipo. Since this website has helped me so much, I really wanted to pay it forward and start my review to help out others thinking about having this procedure done. I will post before pictures soon and of course after the procedure I will post many more.

Pre Op excited!!

So excited! I already did all my preop stuff and now its just a matter of days! The ladies at Dr. Richards office are awesome. I am really happy and confident that I chose the right doctor. I tried to get good "selfies" of my ball of fat, but wasnt very succesfull. Good night everyone...peace.

7 Days to Go

I'm starting to feel a little nervous, but everytime I think if I really need a TT, I just look at my stomach and say to myself "hell yeah"...haha! Can't wait.

One more day and Ill be on the flat side (hopefully)

One more day to go, so excited! I gain like two pounds because I've been eating not so healthy food. I think its because Im anxious. Here are a few pics.

Made it to the flat side!! Yeyy

Hello ladies! I just made it to the flat side and feeling great (for now). Everything went great, my doctor is such a sweetheart and made me feel very comfortable before going in. The staff at the surgery center was awesome too. Right now I am laying down in my recliner with a little pain. I took my meds already and had some saltine crackers and a little bit of soup so my stomach wont be upset by the meds. I am posting some pictures of the markings that doctor did before. I will post pictures as it goes. So long for now, gotta sleep. Peace

I just had my post op to change dressings

Today I went to the doctors office to have my dressings change. I took my meds last night on an empty stomach, BIG MISTAKE, and before going to the doctor I felt nauseos and threw up some liquid, let me tell you it was painful. Anyhow, the nurse changed my dressings and everything is looking great. The pain Im having is mostly in my stomach from MR. Ok, Im sharing some pics and going to take a nap. Peace.

Before and after

I have to share my second day experience.

When I got home from the hospital I was felling awesome. I did not have any pain and was able to sit well on my electric share. The next day, I decided to sleep on my sofa and when I woke up like at 5 am and took all my meds at the same time, big mistake!! Like around 8 am I ended up throwing up, which is not fun at all, and felt horrible all day. I am vegetarian so I just ate homemade veggie soup, crackers and a raw Kale wrap. Now that did not do it. I was still felling like I was going to die, I swear!! Anyways, my mom suggested that I should eat a very light chicken soup with some potatoes and I did!! Wow what a difference, I started to feel better and could burp, which was something that was killing me too. In summary, I feel great now. I took my antibiotic with some cold pressed apple juice and it did not hurt my stomach. I woke up now 3:00 am and took my MR and pain med just because I dont want to feel much pain later, but I was able to fall asleep w/o pain medication and felt fine. So after this loooong story, my advice is EAT well, dont be afraid to breath completely and try to release any gas if you can. Hope this make sense and helps. So long beauties.

3rd Day

Today has been a little tough but feeling way better than yesterday. I am so tired of feeling numb with all the medication, now I am just taking it when Im starting to feel pain. My sister gave me a sponge bath, cleaned my incision and I have to say it looks beautiful. I ate consistently today so I wont get nauseous with the meds. The biggest problem is gas, its really painful. I walked a little and was able to release some, thank God! I am really tired so I walk a little and go back to my chair to sleep. Anyways, this is hard, but no pain no gain.

4th Day Post Op and Feeling Much Better

Today I 've been feeling pretty good. I've been eating healthy (all vegan) and have been walking around the house. I also went outside for a little vitamin C. After that went upstairs and took my first shower. I felt pretty good but very tired after. I am trying to take the pain meds as needed. We will see how it goes tomorrow. I love my incision and bb. My flanks are super swollen but I know it will take time. Attached are some pics. Peace.

Under the weather

I wanted to share with all of you ladies that this is not easy. For me, having to have someone here doing everything for me makes me feel depress. I am very active and independent, and dont line to ask others for help when I can do it. Right now, I have my sister here and I feel bad because I feel like she could be doing a lot of things instead of been here waisting her time taking care of me. I really just want to cry. My husband has been taking the kids care of the kids so they wont see me like this. This is a roller coaster and I am aware that it would be better, but for now I just feel depress and guilty for having a cosmetic surgery that in all reality its not necessary (eventhough Ive been wanting thisnforever). Grrr sorryyy for venting out!!! Peace

Please forgive all my typos and mistakes.

Please forgive all my typos. I blame it on the medications.

Finally had a BM

After taking Colace religiously and eating fruits and veggies I couldnt go to the bathroom, ao I decided to drink two 8oz glasses of prune juice and boy I tell ya, it worked perfectly. I feel like a new woman. Im just sharing just in case you want to try this...

Have Some Energy

Quick update. Today I took a nicw shower and feel good. I slept well last night, just a little backache. I only took Tylenol yesterday for pain, which is mild, and of course my antibiotics. I walked to the park with the kids and now going to rest. Everyday gets better my friends. I took these pics today after shower. I am swollen but I know this is part of the process so it doesn't bother me. Day by day girls. Peace

One drain out, one to go!

Hi gals! Quick update. Went to my wonderful surgeon yesterday and everything is looking great thank God!! He took one drain out but left the other one maybe for another week. After the doctor I ran a few errands and regret it; I was exhausted after. Please take it easy even if you feel well. The worst part of all this is sleeping at night. I have a backache everynight that does not let me sleep. I am posting a before and after pic I took yesterday. Okay, going to take a nap. Peace ?

Sole pics

Today I've being feeling really tired and depress. I just feel worth less and guilty for doing this. Here are some pics. I am happy with my progress though. This shall pass.

10 Days

Hello Ladies!! I've being feeling great. My energy level is good, eventhough by the afternoon Im ready to lay on my recliner. The only complain is the sleeping! I just cant get comfortable and my back kills me. Here are some pics for you all. Peace

Day 15

Okay third time trying to post an update, lets see if it works. I am feeling great, a little tired sometimes but overall great. I still dont sleep well at night because Im used to sleep on my stomach and still cant. I go back to work next week, so lets see how that goes. Anyways, I dont regret doing this for me, so happy! I love my shape so far and I know it will get better with time. Im in no rush, time flies anyways. Okay so if you are thinking about having this procedure just make sure you find a good doctor, thats the most important part. Take care everyonw! Peace.

Day 20 Update

Hello ladies and gents! Today I went back to work and felt great, lots of energy. I decided to wear a shirt that I bought a few years ago but never worn it because my rolls would show!! Soooo, I am posting pictures of me wearing that shirt and it looked so good!! I can't stop saying how happy I am! The only regret I have is not doing it before. Anyway, doing Yoga for many years and eating healthy has paid off because thank God I am healing beautifully. Okay, I hope everyone is doing great with your healing. Peace to all!! We need it more than anything this days.

Day 27

Hello RS Friends! Just a quickie, I am feeling great, still a bit swollen in the afternoon. My energy level is low, but I know once I start Yoga and my exercise routine, it will come back. I started using Mederma on my scar (as recommended by my wonderful PS) and also massaging my incision for about 15 minutes a day and I feel like its improving. I will post pics later. Well, that's all for now. Peace ?

4 Weeks

Hello Everyone,

For the last two days I've been trying to post an update on my phone and when I'm ready to submit it, boom it kicks me out. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you all that I am at my 4th week mark and feel great. I've been having more energy and can sleep more comforable now. I am almost sleeping on my stomach, but not quite. I get a little swollen in the afternoons just on the left top side of my incision. I also been massaging my scar and stomach everyday, and using my Mederma and my scar its looking great. My doctor told me to use my CG half of the day, but I use it whenever I'm at home and when I sleep. The other day I didn't wear it for most of the day and at the end of the day had lots of pain! My body still craves it and needs it, so I will wear it until my body says otherwise. Anyhow, still no regrets, I love my results and I know it only gets better. I thank GOD everyday for my health, so I could work and for being able to pay for something that I always wanted, and that makes me feel happy with myself! I am posting some pictures in a bit. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Peace and God Bless.

Recent Pics

4 weeks pics.

More Pics

More Pics

Woooow, its been a long time since I wore a crop top. I felt weird, but happy!

6 weeks, 6 Days and Still No Regrets!

Hello RS ladies! Last Wednesday was my 6 weeks point after surgery and I feel great. I've been doing Sun Salutations every morning and that has helped me a lot. I don't have much pain in my abs anymore, only when I sleep and stretch while sleeping. I started my Piyo routine yesterday but didnt do the crunches. I am just gonna do Yoga until able to do so. I am still swollen on top of my incision as seen in the pictures. Okay, that's all for now. Still love my TT and have no regrets.! The best part is that any type of clothing looks great when you have a flat stomach and a waist! Ok then, peace to all.

One More Pic

New Bathing Suit

Hello RS family. Quick update; I have been doing great. I have lots of energy now. My incision and BB are healing great. I dont get swollen that much anymore. The only thing I can tell you that bothers me, but not really, is the numbness on top of incision and flanks. I have been doing Yoga and the Brazil Butt Lift for a change and feel great. The only exercises that I don't try are crunches. I bought a new VS bathing suit and love how I look. I have no regrets, this has been the best thibg I have done for myself. To all the ladies and guys wanting to do this make sure you do your research on PS, be picky and take your time making your decision. Also, take good care of yourself after op and you would be fine. Wish you all the best. Happy New Year!

43 its the New 20 Pics

No complains here, very happy with results. Now I cant stop buying underwear and bikinis lol.

Some Pics

So happy!!

3 Months Post

Hello RS beauties!! I went to the doctor for my three months post and everything went well. He told me that Im clear to do any exercise I desire, but told me to stop if I feel any discomfort. I have a small hole in my bb but that he can fix it on my next appt. This is nothing bad, he just needs to take a stich. Well I hope everyone is doing well. I attached some pics. I still feel great, and once again NO REGRETS here.

Four Months and Feeling Great!

Hello RSelfers! Just a quick update. I hit my four months mark and feel great. Still a little swollen near my incision, but healing great, I am using cocoa butter oil and feel that my incision its lighter. Im back to doing Yoga everyday, Cize as cardio. I feel my stomach a little hard sometimes and numb, but I understand that this surgery takes up to a year to fully heal so no rush. Ok thats all for now!! Have a great day everyone.

A Year After and No Regrets!!

Hello ladies!! I am sorry I havent post anything in a long time, but havent had much time to do so. Anyways, I am feeling great, have being working out doing weights, crunches and everything else. My abs feel and look great. Still no regrets!! This is the best thing that I have done. I am thinking about gettting a breast lift so I went to my daughter and he said I am a perfect candidate. I will start a review when I decide if Im doing it or not. Okay ladies, if you are thinking about this surgery I suggest you do extensive research on your surgeon and stay healthy so everything will come out good!!
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

So far I can say that Dr. Richards has an excellent Curriculum Vitae and great reviews wherever I look. When I visited his office it was very clean, the staff was super nice, and Dr. Richards is super humble and not pushy at all. His nurse Kathy has being really nice and helpful answering any questions or concerns I might have. I am really confident that I chose the best ps. On 10/15, I went to my preop appt and Misty was great explaining everything. I finally had my procedure yesterday (10/28/2015) and all I can say is that Dr. Richards is a true professional. I can't stop saying how sweet he is, he just gives you a good vibe. So far I feel great. The surgery center that he uses was great overall. Okay, so I finally saw my scar and all I can say is that Dr. Richards in an artist!! Perfectly straight, thin and my belly button woooww!! I would recommend him to anyone. Very satisfied!! Thank you Dr. Richards and staff for changing my life in a better way.

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