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Hey Real Self Fam! So tomorrow is my big day. I...

Hey Real Self Fam! So tomorrow is my big day. I have been stalking this forum for months and reading everyones great experiences and taking notes on healing and what to expect.As a kid I was always overweight and topped out at 285 through diet and exercise i was able to lose 90 lbs and change my physique but with my new shape came loose skin. 5 years ago I had my man boobs removed and since then I have become more and more of a fitness fanatic. I work out regularly but the loose skin from being so big has left me with a gross lower abdomen area that has kept me pulling up my boxers as make shift control top undies. I am 21 days away from my 25th bday and I made the decision to fix this saggy skin issue and take 2014 by storm! I have all my supplies,room and bathroom set up for optimal rest as well as low sodium snacks and protein shakes to eat post surgery. I am really excited,nervous and anxious about this whole thing but I know I am in great hands, Dr Stephen Gordon is awesome. Here are some pics so you guys can see what I am working with now .I hope dr G is able to taper my waist,remove the excess skin around my trunk and possible augment my butt in the event that it gets flat from the lift. (Dr G doesn't think i have enough fat to transfer) anywhoo. Im 11 hours away from checking in and I have squats and crunches to do lol I will update this tomorrow if i am feeling up to it! wish me luck and thanks to all the people who posted before me who have helped me to prep for my big day :D

now I'm undecided....

ok so its been 11 days post op and I'm not sure if i got what i wanted. :( yes my saggy skin is gone but so is my butt. my dr said that he didn't have time to do a fat transfer along with my lift because I didn't have enough available fat in the areas he planned on doing lipo on. I know it is still early and the swelling has just started to subside. I still have drains in,which will be removed this tuesday almost 14 days p.o. But looking in the mirror I am really sad about my flat ass. Since I sucked at updating this after my procedure I wanted to give a little insight to how everything went post op.

Day one was the worst which I knew it would be. I left the surgery center with 2 bulb drains one on each side and 2 "matchstick" drains on my left side because I was releasing or retaining more fluid there after my procedure. The match stick drains showed me the importance of puppy pads and maxi pads which I didn't have until day 2 after I had almost soaked my bed with bloody drainage ( gross i know). Getting in and out of bed was a true chore and even though I have upper body strength I was still in need of assistance. I managed to walk around on my own however very hunched over and this got easier each day. After reading countless reviews and researching I can agree that the sooner you can get up and make a lap around the kitchen or to the bathroom the better your healing will be. It takes time and will tire you to walk and move but trust me your body and mind need the movement,your bed will start to feel like a prison at some point. The combination of painkillers and antibiotics made me constipated but since my appetite was reduced from what it was pre surgery I hadn't been ingesting my normal amount. I did seek the help of mineral oil after day 3 and that got things going. Pain was manageable but since my incision is 360 it took a few nights of horrible sleep to find a comfortable position for me ( Im a true stomach sleeper). Body pillows are definitely a must for post op rest and lots of them help to cushion your body after the trauma of surgery. I am now sleeping regularly and driving myself and becoming more and more self sufficient each day and this will only get better after my drains are removed. I totally didn't realize that my pics never uploaded when I wrote my first review so here is where I was and where I am now. I miss my abs but I know they will be back when the swelling dies down. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and messages. I will update this after I get the drains out and take more pics.

definitely a difference not sure if i like it though

forgot this pic sorry

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