Latina (Argentinian) 28 Year-old Mom of Three Ready to Be Herself Again - Las Vegas, NV

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I had my first baby too young, when I was 20 years...

I had my first baby too young, when I was 20 years old. I was a dancer and started a career in modeling. My first baby weighted almost 10 pounds and considering that I was only 5'2, 120, you can imagine this pregnancy completed ripped my stomach. For years I hated every summer, turned down trips to the beach or lakes, and felt embarrassed of the way I looked in my early twenty's. I didn't have money then to get the procedure done, so it depressed me big time. I was embarrassed of dating and letting guys seeing me without a shirt on. I recently had to turn down a paid swimsuit shoot because of my stomach and that makes me angry and frustrated because I dont deserve to look and feel this way. I kick my ass at the gym, I also do pole dance. In other words, I am in pretty good shape for being a mother of three and I definitely try to take care of myself. Finally, after almost eight years, I am close to fulfill my dreams, to be me again, not a barbie doll, not a model, but me: the way I was before. That's all I want.. Often times, I hear people say stretch marks and saggy stomachs and the scars of motherhood and you should be proud. Well, I completely disagree! Just because I am a mother I have to give up my beauty, my self-esteem, feel unhappy, with only 28 years old? I am not quitting on my family, I am getting this procedure done so I can be and feel me again, a little help along with my weekly workout routine. On a different note, I am scare of getting the tummy tuck done, scared of the scar, that anything will go wrong, that it will look worse than I look now, even ending up with an unnatural-looking stomach and belly button. I am scared of being scared... I also wanted to know if there are any scar treatments such as oils or lotions after the scare is healed? Thank You for taking the time to read this.

1 week away

1 week away from surgery. Only a few people have been supportive, the rest think is risky and that I am going to die... Is this surgery any riskier than other ones? I've been tempted to cancel but when I see myself in the mirror I change my mind again and feel sure of my desicion.

3 days post op

I feel better every day and the pain is not excrutiating as I thought it would be. It just feels tight and very uncomfortable because I am constipated. The swollen is less everyday and I am very anxious to see the end results. Any suggestions on constipation? Im scared of pushing and rip my insides.

13 days post op

Everything went wonderful! Doctor Shon applied local anesthesia in my muscles so I would not feel any pain after the surgery. I felt no pain at all and the pain pills are the miracle as well. Its interesting that the most uncomfortable and painful was not actually the muscle repair but the drains and my lower back, since I had to walk hunched all the time. My drains came off two days ago and it is a night and day difference. My scar is painful right now but it is a good sign that it is healing properly. My belly button still looks funny but it is still in the process of healing as well. I am very pleased with the results so far and it is so f... awesome not having to worry about guts hanging out of my underwear! My thongs fit so nicely now.. I have to say it is a little strange looking at myself completely flat because my stomached looked so wrinkled and saggy for years. I fell so great I have to remind myself (my husband does it for me too) I just was sliced open only almost two weeks ago. I am still walking a little but doctor said to stretch a little everyday. Here are some pics I took the day after my drains came out.. the second set is from last week when my drains were still in place.

More pics that didnt upload before

Pictures from a week post op

Henderson Plastic Surgeon

The minute he greeted me in my first consultation I knew he was the surgeon I wanted to trust with my body. He is very knowledgeable and explains the procedure in detail with technical words. This means to me, he is very experienced and detailed oriented. His work is impeccable, based on the pictures he showed me of his procedures.

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