3 Months Later - Does anyone know the recommended time frame for scar supervision??

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Greetings! Fellow Tummy Tuckers I'm addicted...

Greetings! Fellow Tummy Tuckers

I'm addicted to RealSelf! I've been reading all these wonderful blogs for 2 months now. Some of the stories are so relate-able to my own experience. I cried, I laughed along. I haven't gone through the surgery yet but, when I do I know I am going to love it!
Let's see where to begin...I am 39 yrs old, 5'3 and currently weigh 155lb, my stable weight is 130lb. (desperately trying to lose the pregnancy weight)! Also, I am mother of 2 boys ( 9 yrs old and a baby 6 months); I know we're crazy to start the whole baby thing again. But, better late than never! Actually, I've always wanted 2 and every time we tried the pregnancy was never viable. At one time, we almost came to accept that we will only be blessed with one. Until last year, I told my hubs "let's try one more time". And tadaaah we have a healthy bouncing baby boy!

Going by prev. experience, I tried to watch what I ate and was very careful with my caloric intake with this pregnancy. But, no matter how much I watched my food intake I had gained exactly the same amount of weight as I did with my first one! I mean to the T! Every milestone, it was the same amount of weight. I ended up going into labor at 38 weeks and weighed 185lbs. Oh boy! I had breast fed still only lost 15lbs. what the heck is going on?! I understand that age does slow your metabolism down. I started to get irritated and annoyed but, I still kept going with my daily workouts. My motivating factor was my TT!

This is my last pregnancy and I've always known a TT was the next step. Most definitely before I turn 40! I am bound and determined to lose this weight. I have been wanting a TT since I was a teenager. You see, I was always slim every where except in my stomach. I've always had a protruding belly. Very disproportionate body in my opinion. When you're a kid you aren't really bothered by it. But, once I became a teenager I was embarrassed by it. I dreaded swim class because, I didn't want to be seen in a one piece bathing suit.

Moving into adulthood, I love fashion and shopping! It always upsets me that I couldn't wear the cute blouses, dresses/skirts or t-shirts without looking like I was with child. It seems like all that's out there are stretchy body forming t-shirts. Fudge that! I will spare people's eyes and stay clear away from that style. All the shirts I own are 1 size too big in the shoulders, and the chest area but, I gotta have it big to conceal my Buddha belly. What a shameful thing to have to endure for soooo many years! My lovely friends have no idea because, they are slim and can wear just about anything they want. I secretly, wish that for me too!

However on a personal level, it's more than wanting to look attractive in a cute outfit. It's a body image issue that I've learned to live with for so many years. Noticed, I said learned to live with and not come to accept? I feel I've perfected the art of concealing this beast under my clothes. Others don't notice it but, I will always know that it's there. Recalling back when I was pregnant standing at the cash register. A guy asked if I was having twins? I was shocked! and really didn't know how to respond to his question. Instead, I politely smiled and turned away. I mean really, I can't blame the guy - I don't think he had any ill intentions. Sadly, it was just an honest question. What's a girl to do now?

Have the baby, lose the weight/get to my pre-pregnancy weight or darn close to it OR die trying! I know, talking about weight loss is easier said than done. But, I have to continue my quest in weight loss. I keep motivated by reminding myself that I am gifting myself "a new body". Meaning, it's a chance to start all over by adopting a healthier active lifestyle. It's a second chance for new beginnings! If Kate Plus 8 can do it so can I!

At first, sadly my hubs wasn't on board with me. I had to finally explain to him that it was more than wanting to "look cute" in an outfit. I really had to dig down and share with my spouse my personal pain that I've suppressed for many years! I've never made love to my husband with the lights on! I didn't want him to see me in my glory. Married for 12 years and still don't feel comfortable being naked with the lights on?! I mean who does that? This is suppose to be my life partner, my best friend! I told him that, I am tired of being ashamed and embarrassed. I want to feel sexy and comfortable when I am with him. Believe me, when I say this was the hardest thing for me to do! But, I had to release the pain and let him know, how I truly felt about myself. I am so glad that I did! It was so therapeutic for me.
As my husband and my BFF he is now supportive in my decision to have a TT.

I've been researching information on TT for years! Bonus, I have cash on hand. I feel that I am knowledgeable in what a PS looks for in a candidate, what the procedure entails and what to expect post op. I've gone to 2 consults this month (they were a wk apart from each other). The 1st PS was courteous and he explained to me why I had a protruding stomach and what he'll have to do to correct it which is, tightening of my ab muscles. His incision is low and he sits me up at a 45 degree angle when he is stitching me back up that way I am tight as possible. An overnight stay at a TLC where nurse will make me walk frequently cash price $6950.
My 2nd consult there's a story attached:

I remember watching a plastic surgery story on E! years back and this PS was chosen to do multiple surgeries on a particular entertainer. He raved about this person as having a gift and talent of stitching him back into a piece of artwork. Wow! I was mesmerized! No way in heck! I will be able to afford this person. Only the rich and famous can afford this kind of talent was what I thought back then.

Fast forward to now, and for kicks, I decided to call this PS' office to book a consult. I had asked the receptionist for a phone quote on a TT she proceeds to tell me, the PS is running a promotion of $5000. At first, I thought I misunderstood so, I had asked her to repeat herself. OMG! I can't believe what I am hearing! Wow if only I had a camera to take a pic of how big my smile was at that moment! So, the only natural thing to do was to book the consult pronto!
Had my consult last wk (5/31), PS told me he does the most TT in the country, went over the standard TT procedure and tightening of the muscle etc. I asked questions and he answered them. He marked up my belly to show how much he'll be cutting off and shows me the incision line which will be very low. He explained I will have no stitches going home as he weaves it under the skin. Wow I'm happy with that!

OMG, I still can not believe this price! BTW, I can be overly cautious... you know the old saying...
Afterwards, I spoke with the office manager to go over pricing and the all the final details. My cash price is $6072, I am still not mad at that price for who I am getting as a PS. I think I was like a kid at Xmas time, smiling from ear to ear all the way home!

Ooh' couldn't WAIT for hubby to come through the door so, I can give him the details!
Today is (6/05), haven't put any money down yet all it takes will be $2000 to secure my surgery and lock in the quoted price. I babysit for a friend 2 days a week. I know she will be taking vacation this month. I would like to coordinate with her schedule as I am not allowed to lift for 2 weeks. Initially, I wanted to allow myself ample time to lose this weight have about 25lbs left to go. PS says my BMI is good and that it is up to me to wait until Sept. My hubs asked why I don't do it in July? Hmmm... possibility as I want to get it over with. I've been waiting too long to prolong it any further anyway September seems like a million years from now! I want to check with my friend whom I babysit for today and then I can get the ball rolling in motion! Eeeee I am so friggin excited! 24 years of planning is finally coming to fruition!

I am attaching 2 cringe worthy before pics of my Buddha belly; please don't hate me if I hurt your eyes. LOL
I will update as soon as I secure a surgery date!

There's is no turning back now... It's...

There's is no turning back now...

It's official! made my down pymnt at PS' office this morning. I am moving pretty fast n' furious on purpose with this journey. I've been wanting this for sooo long I am prepared & ready!
Here's the breakdown:
Friday, (6/15) PreOp
Friday, (6/29) Surgery Day TT & MR! *Seems so unReal!
(I will try to figure out how to add me in the June calendar).

To my fellow June TTer's - Best Wishes and have a safe n' healthy healing!

Had my preOp appt. this morning to go over the...

Had my preOp appt. this morning to go over the usual: sign consent forms, obtain pre & post surgery info. All pymnts made in full and now I can begin the count down....! 2 wks from now I will be flat as a pancake! WhooHoo :-)
Question: Did anyone have to take a Xanax day of surgery to calm nerves? I was wondering if that had any affect on your procedure.

Oh my gosh! Next Friday..... Let's Do This Thing!

Oh my gosh! Next Friday.....

Let's Do This Thing!

OMG! Noooo, just my luck woke up w/a sore throat...

OMG! Noooo, just my luck woke up w/a sore throat occompanied by a lovely cough & a nonstop runny nose. (I live in the desert and it's like a 110 every day!) Friday is my surgery! I called the PS' office to let them know about my symptoms. Awaiting to hear back from nurse or doctor.
I pray I get better by mid week - if not I will need to reschedule (which will suck!).
I read somewhere on here most PS ask that you reschedule when you are dealing with a viral problem. Not what I want to hear... boohoo!

Doc's office called me back to tell me that I do...

Doc's office called me back to tell me that I do NOT have to reschedule. Woohoo! I am still on for Friday!!
I am so thankful right now... I will do my best to stay hydrated and continue taking Tylenol cold meds so, I can hopefully get rid of this cold before Friday. Don't wanna have to worry about coughing attacks while I am all stitched up (ouchie!)

It's the final count down!!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock... is it Friday...

Tick Tock, Tick Tock... is it Friday yet?!!

Anyhoo, there's only 2 more days left!!!

I think I had my first tt dream last night... I...

I think I had my first tt dream last night... I dreamt my hubs got a call from the PS' office on his cell phone. They said I had under paid and wanted more money. I was holding the baby and had walked over to him sitting at the table w/all of my receipts from the PS. I grabbed the phone from him and proceeded to tell the lady (in an authorative tone) that I had already paid and I have dated receipts as proof. Anyhow, she accepted and apologized for the mix up and hung up!
Cooo Ka chew! I think I fell off the rails for a bit there because for a while I thought I was cool, calm and collected. LOL

I am glad I had found this site. It's great to have a place to jot down my thoughts (even if no one reads my posts). To the ladies that I've corresponded with thus far. Thank you for the well wishes & for all the insightful and valuable information! You all have been a God send! Just in case, my tt schedule gets bumped to an earlier time, I may not have time to come on 2mrro.

Good luck to the girls going in 2mrro, I send you warm wishes and happy healing!!

Here's a recap of my TT experience: Friday was my...

Here's a recap of my TT experience:
Friday was my TT, it was org scheduled for 11am - PS called to adv it will be 10am instead, so I rushed in shower cleaned my belly with Dial antibacterial soap (doc's instructions). Husband got the kids in car and off we went. Got to the surgical center before 9am was put in room, changed into a gown, filled out consent forms for the anesthesia, pee'd in a cup. The PS came in at 9:50 ish and marked up my belly. Then I kissed husband and kids goodbye. PS said it should take an hour in a half; so husband and kids went cruising around in the area and had lunch. Was taken back to the surgery table, the wonderful anesthisiologist was waiting and he advised he was going to slowly give me a "nice cocktail" which I will drift to sleep and wake up just as gentle.
When I woke up it litterally felt like I was only asleep for 20 minutes! The nurse had me in a CG already, she made sure I was able to pee (which I did). By the time she dressed me, my husband and kids were there waiting. Nurse wheeled me out to our car and off we go! Walking was hard the PS gave me a walker to use. (Which is helpful)
As far as pain I am doing better than I had expected of myself. I was given Lorecet which I am taking but, I really don't have that much pain to use it for too long. Maybe on Monday I'll stop and take Xtra Strength Tylenol instead. Walking much faster today however, I am still hunch back of Notre Dame!

This morning, had my 1st PO visit - PS changed my dressing he had held up a mirror so, I can see it. It looks good! I'm quite happy can't wait to see the rest of it next Thursday as he will be removing one of my drains.
Speaking of drains they really haven't been bothersome plus I am not putting out as much. I am laid up on the recliner and not moving much. It was hard to get up and down to use the bathroom and also, I'm suppose to walk every 2 hrs. That part is difficult I just have to try to figure a way that will be easier for me.
I have a soon to be 7 mos. old and hubby does help but sometimes he gets too rowdy for him. So, I ask my husband to put the baby on my chest, since I can't lift him. That seems to be ok for a while but not for too long he gets too heavy and his weight pushes down to my belly and then it becomes uncomfortable.

I would like to add that the worst part of this experience is the anticipation. Because now, that I have gone through it.. it's not bad at all. So, for those who are considering a TT don't be scared just do your research and have faith in your doc.
Wishing the ladies who went in the same day a speedy recovery! TTYL

PO #2 Pain is still mild for me, hoping to be off...

PO #2
Pain is still mild for me, hoping to be off of pain meds early this week. I'll just take Extra Strength Tylenol instead.
Still sleeping in the recliner that's been okay, my back hurts (thats from being hunched over). My PS loaned me a walker so, I use that to scoot around the house. Been getting up to walk every few hours, this is to prevent blood clots.
On Thursday (7/5), I go back to PS' office to get one of the drains removed. Speaking of drains I have only been draining less than 15mls since Saturday. So, I think that's good its also less red more like urine color now. (sorry TMI).
Oh' my cold has gotten much better actually, on Friday was pretty much the tail end of it. Still coughing though but, not as much as I had thought. Let me tell ya, when I get those coughing attacks it hurts! It's scary too because, I keep praying that it doesn't pop my stitches.
I hope to have more photos up by end of week - praying for a speedy recovery for all the tt'ers!!

PO #3 Not much to report... I am still hunched...

PO #3
Not much to report... I am still hunched over! I get up to walk frequently but, can't stand up for very long even w/the walker.
My dumb ass cough is still annoying boy! I had an attack and it burned my mid section!!
I called for my son to get my Halls cough drops and water ASAP! I was scared the coughing would bust a stitch or something.
Yikes, I knew that I would have the coughing issue to deal with PO. That's actually the first time that I had to cough hard.
Still sleeping on the recliner been okay but, I miss my bed also I miss sleeping on my side:-(
As for my drains, I am draining less and less this morning and afternoon: It's down to 13 mls on one side and the other side its about 12mls. It's less red more like pee color now. Thursday, I go back to see the PS & get one taken out!
I am trying to be very patient and following the doctors orders to the T. So, far I've been pretty fortunate haven't had any problems at all. I've been following up on the June 29th TT'ers and I send them all good wishes & a safe recovery!

PO #4 (my personal exp) Still not much to report...

PO #4 (my personal exp)
Still not much to report as far as my recovery. Back is sore still from walking hunch back. I am only using the walker late a night and early morning. During the day I use a cane - still can not stand for very long, it's amazing how your core holds up your entire body and how much it is relied upon!
My fluid drainage is less and less same color (light pee color).
I have a 7 mos. old baby and a 9 year old home with me. It's hard with the baby since I can not lift him. I have my 9 yr old lift him in & out of bed and also, to feed him I put a few pillows on my belly and he lays on top of it that way I can give him is bottle. It's what is working for the moment.
I had another coughing episode and damn! it burns the mid section. I am going to ask my PS to take a look at my belly to make sure that I didn't do any harm to the internal stitches. That's what I am most afraid of.
I took my last pain med last night. Other than my back hurting, I feel pretty good. I only take Xtra Strength Tylenol when I really feel like I need it. I haven't had any issues w/BM have been going fine w/out meds. I can't stand taking meds, vitamins, RX etc!
I did read the updates from the 6/29 TT'ers sounds like everyone is healing nicely! Just trying to remember to take one day at a time! Wishing you all well:-)

PO #5 Happy Fourth of July! I am still...

PO #5

Happy Fourth of July!

I am still sleeping in the recliner; it is starting to become uncomfortable! To say the least, no matter how much I tossed and turned it's just not enough room to really get comforatble. Last night, was a challenge I was tossing and turning so much that I had accidently bumped the drain on my right side. It did not feel good! And of course, I kept doing it all night long. So, I know it's pretty sore. Luckily, 2mrro they will be gone!
Now, I got the itchies EVERYWHERE! My CG has a side zipper so, I've unzipped to about half way so, I can scratch and once I started scratching then the other side needs to be scratched. It's spreading like wild fire oh it's terrible!
Oh' I took my last pain med on Sunday night and took Xtra Strength Tylenol on Monday. Wanted to see what Tuesday, was like so didn't take anything and surprising was not in pain. So, I decided to stop taking Tylenol all together. My back still hurts walking with only the cane now (will prob return the walker back to doc). Thank you Ana for the suggestion about holding lower back when walking. I am gonna give that a try!
For some reason, I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day. So far, it's kept my sanity in check!
I will update again 2mrro after I get back from my PO visit. Wishing all well!!

PO Week 1 It's here! One Week!! - I can't...

PO Week 1

It's here! One Week!! - I can't believe, just last Friday I went into surgery & Now I am celebrating my 1 week mark. (Happy 1 Week to the June 29ers!! Ladies you all should be so proud of yourselves - we made it through the hardest part). Whoohoo:-)
Yesterday, I had my left drain taken out; I was so prepared for the most horrific pain that I would encounter. The medical asst. told me to take a deep breath & I did and she cut the small stitch that was holding the drain tube in place and that was it. I did not feel a darn thang!! I still have the right drain in place (which she'll remove next Thurs.) The medical asst. told me that it may drain more but, I am getting less than 10mls. (I have to drain it AM, Noon, PM). Still sleeping on the recliner and boy now that my left drain is out I can kind of sleep on my left side instead of flat on my back. So, that's a little more comfy then the first wk.
I've been scared to remove the dressing to take a look at the doctor's work. I gotta a real good look yesterday. So, today I asked my hubs to take a pic showing the incision. I think I'll be happy with the results when it heals and the ripples flatten out. I noticed I have a small "dog ear" on the right hip where he tucked. He says it's common and it usually goes away so, I pray that it does as it continues to heal. My back still hurts, (I use a cane when I feel really tired). I am up and down on that recliner so much I feel like I've added too much stress on my stomach. Plus I over did it yesterday so, I'm really swollen and feel a bit of tingling spasms on my sides. Still not taking any meds what so ever! I am taking Arnica Montana (4 x daily, multi vit, vit c). I am drinking a gallon of water daily... that's why I am up & down on the recliner so dang much! Still haven't showered (I feel and look so gross! tired of the sponge baths). I was telling my hubby I should make a garbage bag tent dress and hop in the shower. He says that may be a good idea I might give it a try this wknd. I know I will feel 100% better!
After next week once my last drain is removed I am moving back to my bed!
Regarding food: Has anyone noticed that they are eating less? I did the first couple of days and now I feel like I am pigging out and not feeling full!?? I don't know maybe I am pms'ing...

Oh' forgot to mention: I am walking upright 90%...

Oh' forgot to mention: I am walking upright 90% better. I am hoping by end of the 2nd week I will be fully upright.
Also, I find myself having problems standing longer than 5 minutes! Having the cane does help with balance.

Here's a topic that I feel is worth a discussion:...

Here's a topic that I feel is worth a discussion: Decrease in Appetite after a Tummy Tuck

My doc gave me a manual prior to surgery. In it there is a section about a decrease in appetite. When I read that section I was exceptionally thrilled! I was thinking it was a double bonus!
I've also, read other people's blog and they've mentioned a decrease in appetite post surgery. I asked myself, why hasn't it happened to me? When & how long will I notice my appetite decreasing?
Why because, I am still eating the same amount of food that I ate before surgery and I still find myself hungry! How can this be? I know the PS did not shrink my stomach. However, my stomach muscles were tighten so I should feel full quicker right?
Not for me... perhaps, the anxiety and stress leading up to surgery has made me become an emotional eater?
To the point where, I am not listening to my body when its too full to take in any more food!
Now post surgery, I'm really not that stressed out, I feel as though I am healing nicely and I haven't encountered any major problems. So, I can't blame this all on stress! But, is it possible even though you're a little stressed. It can still have an effect on your overall being??
I had a knee injury prior to my TT surgery and could not excerise for 2 months. Now post surgery, I still can't excercise so, that's adding more down time. I am frustrated and mad at myself for not having any self control right now!
I know that I should just concentrate on healing and not worry about the weight issue yet.
Anybody else experiencing this post surgery??

I had a full weekend was out & about with family...

I had a full weekend was out & about with family and now I am paying for it BIG time!
On Saturday, I felt so good went shopping with the family. We went to 2 stores - I used a motorized scooter in one store since, I couldn't walk around the entire store. Got a few stares... but oh well! I needed it.
Sunday morning got up pretty early. I needed a decent shower soooo bad! My PS doesn't want me to shower for 2 weeks. In my opinion a sponge bath can only do so much. I needed to feel CLEAN inside & out! I don't know about other ladies but, when I am pms'ing I feel like I am soo dirty so, I gotta have my showers. One in the morning and one at night! It's the OCD in me.
Since I can't get the dressing and the sutures in my BB wet. I had to think of something...
Saturday, I tried the garbage bag dress and only was able to get my hair and face washed. Couldn't shave my legs or my armpits.
Come Sunday morning, I am bound and determined to take that decent shower!
I have to think quick what can I use?!! Let's wrap my belly with plastic saran wrap a few times!
Well it did work fine but, you can't stay in the shower for too long. I got my dressing wet and had to change it. So, hubs went to drug store and bought gauze and surgical tape to hold it in place. Mean while, I had to dry the incision and my belly button with a hair dryer on the cool setting. On Thursday, I am scheduled to get my right drain removed and I pray they remove the sutures too!
If they ask why I changed the dressing I don't even know what to say.
Before we had re-wrapped my belly with new dressing. I got a pic of it showing how badly swollen it is. I pray it goes down! I know that it will in due time. But what a difference from just a few days ago! And I thought I was pretty swollen then.
I still take Arnica Montana 4 times daily, vit c and multi vitamins. I also had finished Cipro (anitbiotic) last Friday. The pain meds and Tylenol I had stopped early last week. I'm just dependant on the vitamins for the swelling & healing.
I had posted about my appetite not changing yesterday. Today as a test, I paid more attention to how much and what I was eating.
I did notice that I was full quicker but, found myself being hungry again much later. I did snack.. usually something small like an apple or a piece of cheese or deli meat. I'll keep tracking my eating habits just for my own curiousity.
Happy Healings to all!

PO #11 It's almost the 2 week mark for me!! I...

PO #11

It's almost the 2 week mark for me!!
I haven't taken a shower since Sunday morning, and I seriously needed one sooooo bad! Plus I started my period today (sorry TMI).
so, I took off the dressing and covered my BB w/ a smaller dressing and taped it down and layered plastic saran wrap over it before jumping into the shower. Also, I still have my right drain in so, I used an old cloth belt and pinned my drain to it and hung it on the shower caddy. It felt so good to wash my hair and wash my body, I used Dial anti bacterial soap to wash.
After the shower I toweled dried and also, used the hair dryer on cool setting to dry my BB and incision area. I had noticed that I have small cuts that's scabbing below my breastline (hmm don't know how & where that came from)? Also, been itching real bad on my left side and I think its from the CG zipper that is irritating my skin. Noticed that a small amount of skin has rubbed off & it keeps rubbing against the CG so, I had put Neosporin on it and covered it up w/a band aid. I threw a load of clothes in the wash along w/ the CG. So, I am wearing a velcro binder until CG dries which wont be until 2mrro since I have to let it air dry.
It's only 2 days away until I go back to the PS' office and have the right drain taken out. So, I wont get another shower until I get back home on Thursday. I told my husband that I plan to take like 3 showers! LOL
I'm still watching what I eat and still the same appetite as before, I seriously think that having Aunt Flo has a LOT to do with it too.
So, I continue to monitor it... Hope everyone is doing well and feeling good:-)

PO #13 Aaaaaaaaah' MAZING!! That's how I feel...

PO #13

Aaaaaaaaah' MAZING!! That's how I feel right now:-)
Had my 2 wk PO visit, all is well got my last freakin drain out (didn't hurt). Incision healing nicely, PS cleared to start walking, light house cleaning. My belly is still swollen and I am still wearing the CG. This time I have a cotton tank shirt underneath so, it helps with itchiness (somewhat). My PS doen't put tape on the incision so; I have to wear granny panties that's high to cover it so, it doesn't rub against clothing & get irritated. Also, got the BB sutures removed too (I love my new BB)! I will get a new photo up tonight.
Took the longest freakin shower known to man! Even after the water turned cold I was still lovin it!! LOL
I took my time washing my hair, conditioning it, shaved arm pits, legs and lady part. Speaking of lady part, I can't believe I can now see it! Didn't even have to suck in my gut. Unbelievable freakin believable!!
After the shower, I used the hair dryer (on cool setting) to dry my BB and the incision. I don't think it's neccessary but, I wanted too since it was my first real shower.
I might even go for a walk tonight after the sun goes down and it cools off. Here in NV we had two days of excessive heat warning yesterday it got up to 115 degrees! Wowza! it's hella hot. LOL
I will try to sleep on my own bed tonight, if I don't feel comfortable I'll go back on the recliner.
I had finished the last Arnica Montana I don't think I'm going to get anymore. I am not swelling that bad and I really don't think it even helped me. I will continue taking the vitamins though (multi & vit c).

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks! Happy 2 weeks to all the 6/29'ers!!! Best wishes always!

PO 1 Week I had my hubs take 4 new pics of me...

PO 1 Week

I had my hubs take 4 new pics of me last night (rockin' umm granny knickers)! hahaa...
I am looking at the before front view & the after front view of me standing in front of the shower curtain. I can't help but feel really emotional right now (I'm teary eyed)... I can NOT believe the Buddha Belly Gut is now finally gone! I can see a HUGE difference in my body contour. I know, it's still very early yet to see the final results but; I am happy with what I am looking at right now:-) In addition, I know I will be much more happier as the months go on and with proper diet & excercise: That's something to look forward too!!
However, my left side, has a lot more skin puckering than the right. I had thought the left drain hole closed up but, when I showered this morning, I had lifted up the skin fold to look around and saw that it did not close up completely. I had the left drain removed last Thursday. (It was supposed to have healed up that day)!
The right side has less skin puckering and I will monitor the drain hole on that as well. I had asked the Medical Assistant yesterday about the puckering. She said that it puckers because the sutures underneath is healing and it will flatten out in time as it heals. GOD, I hope she is right!! It looks ugly to me, when my husband saw it he said "it looked horrible"! I told him that if it doesn't flatten out in time, the PS will put me under general and fix it in his office (no charge that's his gaurantee).
I don't go back to see the PS for another 2 weeks: I will be 1 month then.
I still can't stand upright still standing about 90%.. I tried to straighten myself up gently, it was uncomfortable so I gave up. I figure it will happen in time. The longer I sit and when I get up I am really hunched back. So, I gotta remember to get up and move MORE!
Last night, I tried to sleep in my bed I still can't the pressure on my back from being flat was uncomfortable. So, I slept on the recliner again. I slept much better though, because I was able to turn and sleep on both sides now.
Tomorrow is Saturday, I'm excited to be able to start excercising. So I'm planning on walking early in the AM. I will take it slow and steady.
Hey 6/29'ers, we made it!! We've reached our 1 week mark!!!
Wishing all a good weekend and happy healings:-)

Duh' I meant 2 WEEK Mark!!

Duh' I meant 2 WEEK Mark!!

PO 2 Weeks & 3 days.. Ok, I have a few goals...

PO 2 Weeks & 3 days..

Ok, I have a few goals that I would like to accomplish. But my main goal now, is to be completely walking and standing upright by the end of this week, (cross my fingers)!
I am still hunched over and only walking 90% upright. I did slowly try to straighten myself but wasn't able too.
At this point, I am not overly pushing myself and have been listening to my body.
I'm still sleeping on the recliner (which, I don't mind because it's comfortable and I am able to get a good nights rest).
I have been keeping an eye on both of my drain holes. The right side looks like it's scabbing and healing well. The left side, I am a bit concerned about, because it looks like it's re-opening! It's too early to freak out about it yet, so I'll give it til the end of this week to report it back to the PS.
I still use Dial anti bacterial soap on the BB and incision area. I just lather up with my hands and go over the areas gently. And I use the hair dryer on cool setting to dry it. I noticed that the scabs are starting to fall off in both areas as well.
I looove how my new BB is looking it is soooo much better than the old BB! My incision is nice and low and the cut is pretty clean and even. What I am not thrilled about is the skin puckering on the sides (left & right). I know, I know.. I was told that it will flatten out and not to be concerned.. But they look freakish to me! Especially, the left side (yuck)!
I don't want to start nit picking since, it's still early in the healing phases so; I'm going to be patient.
Oh btw, I can walk around the store w/out having to ride on the electric shopping cart (yay)!
I did check up on you ladies, well the ones who've made recent updates or uploaded new photos. Sounds like everyone is doing well and for those who've hit a bump. Please continue to stay positive and keep moving forward. This journey is a long recovery process.
Hope all continues to keep getting better & better!

PO 3 Weeks Whoa! I can't believe I am 3 weeks...

PO 3 Weeks

Whoa! I can't believe I am 3 weeks PO... Happy 3 weeks to the 6/29'ers!!:-)
As for recovery, I've been pretty fortunate to have a good experience. I didn't have any BM problems, didn't have to rely on pain meds for more than a couple of days was up and moving around the first week of surgery. However, I had the typical hunch back problem and still do if I sit for too long!
Earlier this week, I spoke about accomplishing one of my goals by my 3rd week. My main goal was, to be able to stand and walk fully upright by Friday. Well it's Friday, and I am still 90% upright. I do, make an effort to straighten myself up when I walk or stand but, when I do there's a pulling feeling down my mid section. It kind of scares me, (I'm always afraid that I will pop my stitches). That feeling could be due to the tighten muscles and also, the extra skin that the PS removed?? Anyhoo, I will continue to work on straightening myself up daily.
The other long term goal for me is to get back to being active again. I am the kind of person who gets bored with excercise routines very quickly. The only thing that keeps me going is running! I miss that so much. Because, of the hunch back problem, I haven't been able to start up my routine. I walked with my family one day last week for 30 minutes; and I was NOT comfortable! My back hurt so bad!! Since then, I haven't tried to go out. Soooo, I know I've put on some weight - I really haven't fret about it until I took a new pic of myself last night. Eeeeew! I desperately, needed a reality check! I'm posting that front view pic to show that it's not just due to swelling. It's FAT, that I've put on. Seriously... it's the never ending battle with the bulge for me!
So even though, I didn't have problems in the beginning post surgery. I have a problem now. We all know losing weight is hard and it will take a lot of will power & dedication. Believe me, I am not being hard on myself it's reality for me. I gotta do something about it, NO MORE excuses!

In regards to the inscision, it's healing nicely and the scabs are starting to fall off in some areas. My next appointment with the PS will be next week (1 month PO).
I've been sleeping in my own bed since Tuesday, I am a side sleeper so it took many toss & turns to find the most comfortable position. Also, I've been wearing my CG since they sent me home from surgery. That stupid thing is so itchy even with a cotton tank top under it and high waisted granny panties. Plus with the weight gain it gets really tight in the crotch area. So, I went to Walmart and bought a waist cincher corset type thing to wear at night. I think I need it to be tighter!!
I am finding myself to be critical of the results thus far. Don't get me wrong my PS did an awesome job! Regretfully, I am thinking I should have looked into lipo as well. Big sigh' well.. I guess that's something else for me to save up for:-)
Until next time... sending all best wishes and healing vibes!!

PO 1 Month Wow! I can't believe I am now a...

PO 1 Month

Wow! I can't believe I am now a month PO: Time sure flew by for me!
I saw my PS he says the incision is healing nicely the swelling will take several months to go down. I asked about the skin puckering on both sides (left & right). They too will flatten out in time, I did notice that my left side is looking a lot better than a few weeks ago. Which I am happy to see the changes. As for scar therapy, my PS doesn't reccommend anything. But, if I want to try a product called; BioCorneum + SPF 30. It is a silicone gel that is best for scar supervision. He says to use a few small drops (its pretty concentrated) and to rub/massage onto scar twice daily. It's pretty pricey (over $100 for a 50 gram tube).
I have but a few scabs that haven't fallen off yet. When it all falls off, I will give Palmer's Cocoa Butter Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil a try just to see how it works for me. In the meantime, I will do some reading up on BioCorneum.
My PS did clear me to return to all normal daily activities! That's music to my ears:-)
I was thinking to myself the other day, on how fortunate I have been with this surgery PO. If I was to do it all over again would I go through it? My answer would be: Most definetely only IF I will be this fortunate the next time around.
Going into surgery I was nervous, scared, excited etc (just like so many others before me). Most of all; I was concerned about the recovery. From what I read, I knew that it wasn't going to be an easy road. At the time, I was dealing with a head cold. The day of surgery I was still at the tail end of it. I did prepare myself for those painful coughing attacks. And boy! they were painful!!
I was so scared that I would pop my stitches. So, at every PO visit I would bring it up to either the PS or his MA. Each time, they had reassured me that it is so hard to pop a stitch. Those stitches are very, very strong. It is rare that anyone has popped their stitches. That was enough validation for me.
So to those who are thinking about having a TT... my advise is to make sure you do your homework. Be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly. Keep in mind that after the surgery you will NOT be able to jump into your skinny jeans for a while. You will have lots of high and low emotions on top of all the other physical stages that you will go through. Recovery is NOT easy for all and your body will take you through lots of different healing stages (twists & turns). Be patient with yourself as the healing stages is slow. I knew for a long time that this is what I've wanted; so far its the best gift I gave myself!
I am attaching 1 new photo showing my BB and incision. I have just a few more scabs waiting to fall off.
Wishing all good health! :-)
Don't know if I will be bikini ready by Labor Day.. a tankini? (maybe, LOL)! Happy 1 month to the 29'ers!!!

PO 2 Months Hi, I hope you are all doing well...

PO 2 Months

I hope you are all doing well and for those who have gone through surgery; I wish you well & a quick recovery:)
It's been a while since I last updated my page... I can hardly believe its 2 months for us 6/29ers!!
Was anyone having issues with viewing pics a few weeks back?
Took a weekend getaway with the fam last weekend; hung out at the pool all day and just chilled! I wore a tankini. I am still working on losing 15 more pounds, my weight loss saga has been slow and steady. I am just so happy to be active again! I cherish the alone time I get when I am out running. My 9 year old begs to go with all the time, sometimes I do cave in and let him join me. On days when I don't feel like running, I'll pop in a dvd and we'll do Insanity together. I'm glad to see that he takes a strong interest in being active & healthy:-)
As for my TT incision, it continues to heal nicely at week 4 I had a tiny scab that didn't fall off on its own. So, I rubbed it off and when doing so noticed that I had a stich pop out. At first, I didn't really know what it was so, I took a tweezer and gently yanked on it and saw the clear stitch. I was too nervous to pull any further. My followup was the following day anyway so; I had the MA snip it off for me.
For scar supervision, I've read other people's success stories with Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil . So, I wanted to give it a try as well.
At 6 weeks, I started the scar treatment twice daily (AM & PM). Once applied, I made sure to really massage my incision and my belly button. I wanted to try to break up the roughness of the scar so when it heals it will flatten out and even out. I finished the bottle on Wednesday night. I really didn't see any changes so, I decided to try the product that my PS mentioned to me the last time I saw him called; BioCorneum + SPF 30 (keep in mind this stuff is pricey), I started it yesterday (Thurs.) its really concentrated so just 5 tiny pumps and it goes a long way! So again, once applied I just massage my incision and my belly button.
It claims to also work on old scars too, I have a couple of childhood immunization scars on my upper forearms that I am using this on too just to test it out. The directions says on new scars use for 3 months and on old scars for 6 months. I'll wait to see if this stuff is as good as it claims to be!
I still wear my CG but now only during the day. Even though, I am not swelling that much I feel more comfortable with it on. I was thinking of ditching it at 2 months PO but, we'll see how much weight I lose in September.
I've been running 5 days a week and really haven't lost weight since I started at week 4 however, I have noticed that I've lost inches. I'm being patient with my progress and taking the slow & steady approach. My big goal is to get strong enough to run AND complete a 5K! Then maybe onto a half marathon:-)
I will have some new pics posted hopefully by tonight if not for sure the weekend:)
I wish all well and please have a safe Labor Day weekend!!

I had forgotten to mention a few things during the...

I had forgotten to mention a few things during the healing process.
I sometimes can feel my nerves repairing and reconnecting itself. It feels like an electrical shooting spasmatic sensation in my lower incision area. It's not bothersome but when it happens I do notice it.
The skin puckering on both my left & right side is smoothing out slowly. The left side was the worst part and I can see improvements already. I massage the entire area in the AM & PM. I should remind myself to do it during the day too when I am laying around.
I had some technical difficulties uploading photos a few weeks ago, so I'm adding a few of 1 month PO. The last two are pics of me after my run today. Boy! what a difference from pre surgery to now. So, so blessed to be given the opportunity to have the TT done. No regrets what so ever! :-)

PO 3 Months Tomorrow will be 15 weeks ... my...

PO 3 Months
Tomorrow will be 15 weeks ... my incision is still red and also some areas are a little bumpy. (I know, in time it will naturally flatten out). I am still using the BioCorneum cream. I honestly, don't see any "magical" effect since using it back on Aug. 30th. After I use up this tube I will go back to using the Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil. Does anyone know how long we should continue scar supervision? I recall reading an article from a local PS and they indicated that too much can be harmful to a scar that is healing. Hmmm...
As for my belly button the incision is healed and still red/pinkish color. I had noticed last month, the stitch looks like it wants to come through. It's a small round bump on the tip of my BB. At my last, follow up the MA couldn't snip it since it hadn't come through the skin. So, I continue to massage it every day and wait for it to pop through.
As for my fitness routine, I continue to work on my runs and a month ago I had incorporated Pilates every day. Despite it all, I still wasn't losing any weight sure an inch in my arms and waist but that's it! You can imagine how frustrating that is; I mean it's been 3 months post-surgery & no weight loss!
You've heard of the saying.."Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and since, I was never a breakfast person. I started to eat hot oatmeal it's been a month now and I am happy to say that I've lost 2 pounds! For me, that's an improvement. (My old eating habit wasn't the healthiest approach). My weight loss drive has been a very slow process. However, I am seeing changes in my body and I know consistency is the secret!
Also, I came to accept that flatter doesn't mean smaller either. I still deal with swelling the more I work on my abs the more swollen I get! I still have fat in my stomach so, when I suck my stomach in I can see the muscles. I got to remember healing will take 6 mos. to 1 year.
In the meantime, I will continue with making healthy eating choices and being consistent with my exercises.
Happy healing to all and good luck to those who are waiting!
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