Beginning of a Scary Journey - Las Vegas, NV

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Ok. So I have been lurking on the site for about a...

ok. So I have been lurking on the site for about a month now and I am finally going to post. I was hoping to have my surgery next year because I wanted a BA,TT and a breast lift. I got some news yesterday from my fiance that we may be moving back to the East coast, so now I am thinking September.
So, here's my story. I apparently have a recurring hernia in my belly button. I have to pick a surgeon who has general surgery experience (residency) that is hard to come by out here. I had my first consultation today and they want $14000 including my hernia surgery and my insurance company wants an additional $800. That was a little more than I expected. The TT was about $5100 plus the $800 for insurance.
I called around to see what the comparable prices were and was told that the base price without including the hernia op was $8400 for the TT and $9000 for BA and lift (OMFING)!!! I was also told that the surgeon that I visited with today was a newer PS and that " u get what u pay for". I will consult with that other PS in a couple weeks and see what they say because apparently this PS will not charge for the 1st hour of anesthesia or operating room (that would b paid by my insurance company because of the hernia) and that first hour is what costs the most.
So. Overall, I was feeling comfortable after my consult. But now not so much. I guess I have more work to do.
I want to share pics. But I am not sure how to.

I learned a new thing today. Plastic surgeons in...

I learned a new thing today. Plastic surgeons in Las Vegas do not take insurance!!! No one wants to accept my insurance for the hernia sergury EVEN THOUGH they are listed as participating providers on my insurance policy!!! I heard that they have to list themselves but when you call they will say that they dont accept insurance (is that illegal??).
Anyway, I am going to go with the guy who accepts my insurance. He used to do reconstructive surgery at the Mayo clinic and has a lot of experience - I had to research after the receptionist at the othe PS said that he was new. He is jus new to Vegas...not a new doctor!!! That is kind cut throat.
So, I have to quit smoking so that i can have the surgery. I am not pleased...but I need to quit any dang way. I just have to ask myself "HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT THIS SURGERY???" Every time that I go to light up. Wish me luck! I am hoping for surgery in September. I am going to put my downpayment down today - $9500 for BL and TT...not bad!!!
I learned to upload pics, so you can show you my
Thanks for listening.
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