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I put this off after years of telling myself that...

I put this off after years of telling myself that I could cope with my body image for the rest of my life. I even joke about the brain on my stomach and tell myself that it"s okay. I had a date all set up only to give myself palpitations and ultimately cancel due to extreme nerves. Family members also reassured me that the cost and recovery time just isn"t worth it. Well enough is enough! No more "Maybe next year " excuses. My date is set!

My journey's beginning!

I am having an extended TT with Lipo. I will spend this time with weight loss efforts and toning. And managing my nerves!

90 days to be on the flat side!

Well I just hit the 90 day pre-surgery mark and I must say that I am still very inspired by all of the RS journeys. I have been focused on proper diet, exercise and keeping a good head which everyone on this site helps me do! Headed for the Cayman Islands with my second brain in a one piece bathing suit to control it. I look forward to seeing an image that I haven't seen in almost 30 years...a better self. I will try to follow everyone while away. Stay well and happy healing!

Getting closer!

Well, I am about 63 days pre-op and happy to say that I am still excited and this endeavor. Still working out and losing inches, but off my hips. Hopefully it's just the puff parts cause I ain't got much booty to start with and don't want another procedure! Seriously though I am happy to be strong enough to make this decision for myself.

So I bit the bullet and told my mother. She wasn't negative about it and I am happy for that. I told my sister yesterday and she initially had reservations as she has undergone a TT but then put on a lot of weight and can no longer appreciate the results. She also complains about dog ears that she never dealt with with her PS. Something to learn from. I guess there was a benefit to my waiting so long; better technique and better pain control options today is a plus!

I am slowly making plans and preparation. The nurse in me has decided that I want a hospital bed and lots of pillows. I told D that I am gonna put it smack in the middle of the family in in front of the big screen! He just laughed. Should I get a body pillow or is that too much? I've already picked a massage tool as (I think) Cruz en recommended. And I want a toilet seat riser because my knees are already suspect.

I made a medical visit appointment for my EKG cause this anesthesiologist wants it when you're old! That happens on the first.

I am just happy to be in the right frame of mind and hope it, lasts!

30 days!

Well the panic button hasn't been pushed yet regarding my TT itself but I am definitely in worry mode about the preparation! I have completed my EKG which, of course, doesn't read exactly normal so I may be forced to have it repeated. As long as it doesn't become some last minute major workup, my nerves will be intact in that mode. My PMD has cleared me for my TT and hopefully that will be sufficient.

Next I am worried about protecting my job while I am away. Gotta make sure that my PS turns in my paperwork on time and otherwise the insurance that protects me says that things should be in order. I like to control my own destiny so it makes me nervous when I need to depend on others. Does that make me a control freak?

I have some of my miscellaneous supplies and have received my toilet seat riser in the mail. I wish that I had gotten it months ago for my knees. My man laughed at it but I bet he will see the benefit of it as well as he also has leg issues but we'll see. I will pick up my pee urinal soon (I hope it's still where I found it at WG).

While I haven't lost much on the scale, people are noticing my overall transformation with my workouts and that feels good. I will start stocking up the pantry next week and I am still trying to decide where I wanna put my hospital bed.

I bought a new dress that I could barely zip a few weeks ago. I can't wait to see myself in it later. I will post pics soon.

We are blessed to be in a position to do this for ourselves and I am very grateful for it. And I am thankful for all of the RS support as I will definitely need it in the coming weeks. Happy Holidays everyone!

My PS' office has its act together!

Well if the office staff is any indication, I am in very good hands. I worried all weekend about whether or not my medical leave paperwork would be delivered on time for review. I turned it in yesterday (the micro manager that I can be) and got a call from Erica today while shopping for supplies that all has been returned to my employer. I feel so reassured as I have one less thing to worry about.

I also have clearance from the anesthesiologist regarding my EKG. Thanks to my finally getting my act together and working out at least four days a week which includes a fabulous cardio work out, he is comfortable with what it showed. Whew!

I picked up Arnica gel and a body pillow so that maybe I won't need so many. we'll see. I guess I have wanted one for a while anyway and the TT gives me an excuse. I have gauze, aloe, Neosporin, ice packs, Miralax and Magnesium Citrate (I hope I won't need to drop the bomb).

I went shopping to make three gift bags for the homeless (blankets, socks, toiletries, can goods, etc.). I find this to be much more rewarding than trying to shop for family members who really "have everything." My old boss introduced me to the tradition a year ago and I love it.

I plan to put together gift bags to two great nieces and a great nephew (the only kids in my family) but it's been so long since I have shopped for school age kids, I feel clueless. I wanna put together something more fun than pajamas or a toy but I need to figure it out soon. Otherwise, not much shopping will go on for me.

Just praising the Lord for his blessings and giving me the strength and ability to give.

The dress that I want to wear well...

Here is the dress that I hope to wear to a wedding in Cabo next Spring.

Trying this again...

17 days!

I must admit that my nerves are starting. My S.O. reads me so well and gave me a big hug and kiss on the forehead, then said "I know you'll be miserable and I'll be miserable with you cause you'll probably drive me crazy!" The way he said it had me cracking up with laughter. I did not sleep well due to anticipation for today. I started the whole "Is this really necessary?" crap that I do when my nerves are getting the best of me.

I had my preoperative visit with Amy today who thought that I should have great results (yes it is necessary!). My BP was up and she almost had to stick me because my hands went cold and my hemoglobin would not register on her device (nerves). Now I get to create a log of BPs! She suggested that I get a medical chair that would stand me up but the company wanted $150/week vs $180/month for a hospital bed. I think I still want the bed. I ordered an over bed table from Amazon and figured I can use it later for computer work.

I paid my balance which includes Experel ($300). Funny note: I ran right into one of my nursing colleagues on my way out! So much for a keeping a tight lip!

I gave away 2 of the 3 gift bags for the homeless that I put together. I will deliver the third on Christmas morning. Then it's off to Nassau to see my oldest son for New Year's before my final preparation for my big day. Hopefully I will remain busy enough to keep my head! But I need your help! PLEASE! Happy Holidays to all!

Only days now...

I can't believe the time is near! I have been very busy since getting home with final preparations. It was wonderful to see my oldest son and spend time with family.

I cleaned the house yesterday so that I won't fret about dust bunnies, toilets, etc. I think that I am 90% prepared at this point. D put my overbed table together and the hospital bed arrives tomorrow. We'll see where it ends up!
I feel like I have run a gazillion errands (nesting). I picked up a walker for $7.50 at Goodwill. I cleaned and had maintenance repairs done my car that I won't be able to drive for two weeks. Today I had my last cardio workout (man I'll miss it) and a facial, tomorrow hair, Wednesday a massage and the wonderful bowel prep (ugh)! Paid bills so that I won't worry about that for a while.

On a sad note, my S.O. lost his brother on the 1st, so I will be alone 36 hours starting the day after surgery. My youngest son will take me to my first postop visit and if I feel bad I will have to stay with my sister who is only a mile away from my P.S. I don't want to be babysat but I will be a good girl and make a sound decision about it. I am hoping that the Experel will have me feeling decent enough to handle it.

I shopped for lots of simple, healthy foods as RSers have advised (fruit galore including pineapple, fluids, soups, simple TV dinners and easy prep meals. I pre made a few soups cause I like homemade. I made the best minestrone!

Years ago when I attempted this journey I had extreme anxiety and palpitations, then canceled. I have fleeting anxiety now but nothing in comparison. I do think of my mortality but I guess that is normal. On the plane I saw "If I stay." It was good but had me thinking! I feel that my resources are better and my friends on RS have been remarkably kind and helpful (you know who you are :). Thank you.

My boss has been very supportive despite corporate stresses and I could not ask for a better mate.

I may post pics of my "hospital room" tomorrow or check in one more time before the big day. Thank you for all of your knowledge and good blessings.


Ready, set, go!

Well, I am the first case at 7 a.m. and need to be at the surgical center at 6. I have done everything except getting this gallon of water down. I don't get it cause I like water!. I am as ready as I am gonna be. I made spaghetti for D cause who knows when he will get another home cooked meal.

I received my hospital bed but boy was it a pain in the patootie! Despite trying to coordinate a delivery time, it did not arrive until 11 p.m. so I didn't get to sleep until after midnight. First lesson in I won't be able to control it all. It is comfortable though.

Somebody needed to take my debit card away cause I kept finding one more thing that I "needed." I changed what I plan to wear to the surgery center 3 times! Lastly after my nurse reminded me that I want to wear something cheap and practical that I won't mind getting stained. Off to Walmart I went again. Car is parked that's it. Funny cause it rides with a new attitude now that minor repairs were done. Guess I will too now!

I was putting the Arnica on then realized (idiot), don't need to put on the brain! Just the upper belly, mons (please) and flanks. Can't waste product!

I will definitely take a Valium tonight to ensure sleep. I will try to post preoperative pics in the suite but we'll see how hectic it is. Thanks for the well wishes and I will see you ON THE FLAT SIDE soon! Gonna flavor my water now cause I am running out of time. Hope I don't pee all night.

Talk to you soon.

Well I survived!

Dr. Sohn , his nursing staff and everyone at the surgical center were fantastic.! I cannot say enough about them.

I awakened to severe nausea despite Phenergan, Zofran and Reglan. It took a while to pass. Thank God for Expert as I don't know how I would feel without it. Lots. of burning incision pain but one Percocet seems to check it. 8 have gotten out of bed 3 times and I am using the incentive spirometer because I don't want complications. I have to admit that the pain is tolerable so far.

D has been a fantastic nurse although he didn't think that he could. He even emptied the drains for me! Such a special man.

I am draining down my back, especially when I get up and I feel like I am having a period from hell.. I hope that it settles soon.

I posted one preoperative and one postoperative pic. I have my first follow up appointment in the morning. I will update you soon.

1st appointment went very well.

I saw Dr. Sohn who was very pleased with my appearance. He took 400cc of belly fat on each side plus another 2 liters from my back in lipo. I thought that he was just doing my flanks but he did some back work as well. The lilo areas hurt me than my TT incision which makes it very hard to climb off of a standard bed or sofa. I absolutely loathe the drains and I keep feeling that I snatched one out.

My sister is taking fabulous care of me and my mom helped as well.

When the CG was removed I could not believe what I saw! Even with swelling I look better than I have in years. I can see my vajayjay and have nothing parked in my lap! I love my low incision and naval too. I can take my first shower today or tomorrow. I will opt for.when I g et home. I was told that I need to part with my walker by tomorrow in order to slowly get my posture together.
Thank you Dr. Sohn!.
I am kinda worried about the Expert wearing off tomorrow but I will try to take it a day at time.

I showered!

Isn't it amazing how you can take the simple things in life for granted? I wanted a shower so badly that I become irritable about it, childlike. I was warned not to soak the incision line, to pat it dry and lightly blow dry it if needed so that I don't dehis. That's all you gotta tell me. My SO was hesitant to see it and stalled which led to my whining.

I wrapped the area to help protect it, then turned my lawn chair away from the stream. OMG it felt so good on my sore back that I stayed a while. Then I unpack aged myself and dried it as instructed. The Cling helped but I will try Press N Seal next time. It's what we use at the hospital to protect lines. You just have to use common sense about it.

D was VERY pleased with my new self. He envisioned suture lines everywhere.

I had to take MOM last night because I was feeling constipated already. Mira lax that usually works for me just didn't. Thanks RS Sister!

I hope that I didn't do too much today. I am little sore like maybe the Expert is wearing but still Manageable with pills. I am doing well overall.

I think the Experal has officially worn off...

The TT incision is tolerable, however my back feels like someone took a bat to it. I tried ice application and I even stood in front of the freezer draft a few moments to be cool it off. Arnica feels good going on but I don't know how much I notice a benefit. I finally put a heating pad in the bed for my back; ice everywhere else.. Does anyone have a suggestion for the lipo pain and bruising?

I know that I definitely am not drinking enough and need to do better. This is the first day alone while D works. Gotta remember not to overdo it because I have absolutely no stamina.

I took another dose of MOM because I have that feeling again. Fluids would help if I would just do it! I feel like a hamster on a treadmill; pills (I hate how they make me feel), rest, bathroom visits and forced meals for energy and med tolerance.

My pets are nearby and confused, not on my lap as usual.

Can the CG be applied too tightly and please advise on the lipo bruising.

Thank you all!

My guardian angels...

Okay I'm not a whiner by nature, but now I am whining...

Overall I should not complain because I know that I am doing well. The good things: I can now get myself out of bed pretty quickly. I am not in real pain for the most part, but very uncomfortable. Yesterday was bad enough but today I awakened to swell HELL! I am trying to walk around the house but my legs feel weak. I drop things constantly. As a kid I always felt that a heating pad healed all discomfort but not in this case. While it feels good I fear. That I may be working against myself. I guess ice and time is it!

I also allowed a few potato chips (10) a ginger ale and a few sips of coke yesterday. I wanted comfort food but BAD IDEA. Now I feel that I see more stretch marks than on day 1 post op. I don't know if it is real, from the CG or my imagination. Can the pulling from the TT give you more stretch marks???

My back is killing me. I can only sleep my back (killer) or my left side. The right drain is barely draining even though I try to strip it regularly so I hope that it comes out tomorrow because it hurts like Hell.

I am getting the pens and needles sensation but I can cope with that. Is it normal for your legs to go to sleep too? This really is a process!

On a lighter note, I looked in the mirror and my hair looks like I have been with a man! Wishful thinking LOL. I plan to shower and have D comb my hair tonight. I wanted to polish my toes but I think they will look like a 2 year old did it. Later. I want some fried rice but I don't think that's a bright idea either. Borjah!

The surgery center called this morning to check on me, very sweet.

I see my PS tomorrow and will discuss my concern regarding swelling, stamina and skin elasticity. Meanwhile I would appreciate anything you can offer me. I am loopy and will get off now because I am having a hard time blogging right now.

A better day!

My day started off goofy. I thought my follow up appointment was this morning but it was actually yesterday! I knew that there was some alteration in with the appointment but I lost the appointment card and ignored the reminder text 'cause "I got this." Well I didn't. Lesson 3 for me: When taking medication, let someone else handle your business for you space cadet!

Any how the nurse was sweet enough to see me and reassured me that all is looking well. My drainage has slowed way down so hopefully at least one will come out on Friday. The sites are so sore that I worry that I won't be one of the lucky painless clients because there is nothing numb there!

Other than the drains the only discomfort that I have is my back (between the lipo and positioning. Today I am laying on my big fatty memory foam pillow and I think that it's helping. I also padded the drain exit sites for cushioning. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner. You just need to make sure not to create a kink while anchoring it.

I am having zingers like crazy today. A good thing but weird as all get out. I am amazed by ability to move without incision all pain. Just taking it real easy because my body will sit me down and I'd rather do it by choice, thank you!

As far as the swelling goes, it's there but not miserable as yesterday. And I am lightening up on the fit a bit...ain't trying to be Marilyn Monroe! Watching my diet better; no chips, no soda!

I had my shower last night followed by an application of aloe and Arnicare gel to the back (heaven). And I did polish my bland toes like a big girl!

Thanks for your support. Much love!

Happy, happy, happy, happy!

I slept better last night than I have since surgery. One pain pill held me through the night and I was able to sleep on my sides a bit! I also took a Valium in case of MR spams but I don't think that I need it anymore so I will try to avoid it tonight.

The aloe and Arnicare do seem to soothe my lipo pain and I put it on at least in the morning and at bedtime. I took a Percocet upon awakening for incisional pain and it's been 8 hours and I am fine. When I feel tight I get up and walk.

Now for the best part: I saw Dr. Sohn and I had the most PIA drain removed today! Hallelujah! And it did not hurt! My nurse asked me to take two deep breaths once the suture was snipped and she pulled it. It just felt like something wormy was coming out. Such a blessing. The second drain will come out once the drainage is 25cc or less x3 days.

I was much more conscious about what I ate yesterday and as a result I feel less tightness. I also ate some needed protein and have more spunk. Doing the baby dance...seeing progress!

I was reassured that all of this hotness, especially at my back is normal as well as temperature fluctuations . I felt like I was having hot flashes from Hell. I don't have to wear my granny stocking anymore.

Thank you RS family for your support. You make it so much easier to cope with. I will post updated pics when I figure out what's going on with my uploading issues. Love you!

Approx. 10 days out...

Not a whole lot to report. The climate almost reached 70 degrees yesterday so I sat out on the patio and felt so much better spiritually. I am gaining a little more spunk day to day but need to remember not to do too much or eat the wrong things.

I am not really in pain but have periods of real discomfort from swelling, feeling hot and then cold; clothes and blankets on and off. The binder too! Sometimes I just can't take it anymore, then I start to hurt around the naval and back on it goes to feel better. Makes me feel quite coo coo and sometimes I laugh about it, other times it ain't funny at all! My last Percocet and Valium were last night. I took Aleeve this morning and Miralax so my head is much more clear and I have had no nausea! Yay.

I took my fourth shower last night and find that I am less sore from the lipo. My sides feel like I have a fading sunburn.

I spend most of my time on the family room couch propped up on my body
pillow (which I adore) and pillows under my bottom and at my sides for incisional support.

I am no longer in love with my hospital bed because I can feel the coils on my already tender back. I have to envelope myself with pillows and sheepskin to make it comfortable (it must look crazy) but at least it does help with positioning and getting up (once I unbury myself). I tried going back to my bed but that's still a no go.

I will be happy when I can spend an hour away from home without fear of exhaustion, but all things in time.

One question: My new BB is crusty and I am afraid to go near it. Should I let it be for now and just wait for my PS?

I won't get. my second drain out tomorrow because I am still draining too much. Maybe by mid week.

Lastly, How but them Seahawks!

A frustrating day

This experience is definitely like no other. I look in the mirror and I love what I see. I am having a lot of pins and needles feeling which I can accept because I get that and I have little incisional pain. My biggest problem coping is this fiery and itchy sensation that I just find so hard to cope with. I can't stand anything to touch me! ROR warned me but this is crazy. I almost feel like I am allergic to my CG even though I wear a T shirt under it. I feel like I may blister if I keep it on but it's so important right now. Should I change to one of my old Spanx? But I can't do that either because of my drain which is still draining too much so I won't see my PS until Friday. Even the drain is tolerable compared to my skin issues. Can someone help me with this sunburn from Hell? Thanks.

Thank you Realitynut and Imath!

So immediately after reading the advice of my RS friends tears of gratitude streamed down my face and I made some progress. I walked up the stairs (a first) to find whatever Spanx like CGs that I could to try. I was pleased discover that the journey upstairs did not hurt at all and I took the few items that I had placed on the landing for my SO to take up myself (my make shift shower chair/deck patio chair and the bag used for hospital trip).

My swollen self could not fit into what I had without risk of hurting my incisional line or pulling my last drain so I had to improvise. I pulled out a tight fitting tank top that I had planned to give away due to my stomach rolls (HaHa). I then had D apply aloe and Arnicare from the refrigerator to my angry back and flanks which felt like heaven. I put on the tank top and covered it with the CG as advised. OMG! it is like swaddling an irritable baby! The irritation began to quiet. I took a Percocet because by then my incision hurt a Benadryl for good measure and went to sleep with my beaded ice pack.

Today I feel more in control. The hot, itchy feeling is approx. 75% controlled which I can handle and I no longer feel like a mad woman. I am in my tank top am workout pants snug as a bug in a rug. I wear my CG on and off because I do get so tight and ice as needed. Oh and I can actually tolerate panties now. No muffin top! I have only taken Aleeve this morning and I am in absolutely no pain.

I will now pull out every workout garment, bathing suit, tank top, spandex containing garment to tolerate this phase. I cannot thank you enough!

I am slowly putting away items that I am not using so my master bedroom looks less like a mini hospital room and it feels good as I am making progress.

I am surprising D with a simple home cooked meal for all of his efforts and support. I wish that I could do more for my RS friends who mean so much to me during this time. God bless you.

Day 15

Well, I learned that I can laugh pain free. I read a blog from a previous RS TT blogger who provided a synopsis of her postoperative experience. I laughed so hard that I cried.

Yesterday was tough. Zingers like crazy. Since I my original plan was to return to work after 4-5 weeks, I thought that I would try to work through the zingers and push myself a little more than walking around the house. I decided to go for a short walk. I took my schnauzer who was overly excited about getting out with me again. By the time I returned home ( a slow 15 minute walk that would normally take 1/2 of the time) I was really tight. Then I began to swell at the incision line).

I also produced more drainage and I had hoped to get rid of my second drain today. Nope. Still draining 30cc and my PS wants it less than 25cc. Oh well. Rest for the weekend! I was in bed by 7 with a Valium for spasms.

My office visit went well otherwise. I am healing well and I am less bumpy and sore from lipo. The sterile were removed which hurt this time because I stressed my incision yesterday. Moral of this one: don't stress your incision prior to your follow up visits :). The incision looks wonderful. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Sohn. His artistic ability really translates to my results. And he is so calm, patient and reassuring.

Needless to say I don't feel close to work ready even with 3 more weeks off. My boss is wonderful and just wants updates from my PS. I feel so blessed. I won't be returning until at least the second week in March.

My lipo itching and irritation is much better with what I am doing. I can use hydrocortisone if needed but I don't think I need to at this point.

I only had a few minor zingers today and had my first lunch out with my sister and mom. I really have to watch what I eat (salt, sugar) due to my main issue now which is swelling. I had a martini...doesn't help either but I gotta do something! I have only needed Aleeve today.

I drained 26cc today. Maybe Monday? Quiet weekend for me. I would love to see a movie but it would have to be at the luxury theater or I may not get through it. I miss the crap table and people watching with D. I love Vegas!

That's it for me. Have a happy, comfortable and healing weekend.

Mouse be gone!

I get to get my drain out at 2! I will post picks and an update later :)

Today all I can say is YAY!

Today was a good day. I awakened feeling better than I have felt in a while. I slept better and was able to turn all the way over on each side. Yesterday I was able to nap on the bed but I was still leery about staying the overnight because of the drain and tenderness.

I actually feel myself today...good energy and few zingers. I am having more pins and needles on my sides and around the incision.

My CG has been digging into my hips and making the area very tender.
D wrapped me in a small towel and then placed the CG over it and helped a lot.
Since my steris were removed on Friday the CG has also been rubbing against my incision, making me fold it upwards. I want the best compression possible in order to minimize swelling around that area. My PS suggested covering the area with gauze. Hence the gauzkini contraption but it feels SO much better and is keeping me compliant with the CG.

I drove myself to the office visit for my drain removal. I felt immediately liberated. Now I have to remember to not overdo it so that I don't create a seroma. Although I am numb in the area I loathe needles. Yes I am a nurse! And now D can't tease that I look like a man holding himself.

A BH Housewives moment (yes I am now up on all reality shows): All future TTers, if you don't already Brazilian wax think about doing so before surgery. I keep my hooha minimized cause D doesn't like it bare but those girls came back with attitude! I had to apply witch hazel to chill them. He actually said that if Gabrielle Union approached him bare and bare, he would tell her to come back when she had hair (yeah, right)!

That's it for me. I am gonna try the bed tonight, wish me luck. I don't see me PS until next week. Take care everybody!

I can't believe I'm at 21 days!

Well the contraption that I made to support my incision so that I could walk comfortably failed miserably (no surprise). It moved all over the place. By early afternoon yesterday my incision was really puffy and tender; especially on one side. I was afraid that my sutures would pop open and felt a heightened numbness there. Really weird. It had been two days since my second drain had been pulled and I feared that I had developed a seroma.

I asked to see a nurse at the office and mentally prepared myself for draining. I saw Bambi who has over 30 years of experience in CS. I learned that I had been wearing my CG improperly all of this time. I put it on as shown and felt there must be some reason why they didn't want the incision covered (i.e. too much friction) so I had been improvising as I did after my C-Sections long ago.

I did not have enough accumulated fluid to require draining-yes! She reapplied the CG and OMG the difference in how I feel is incredible! I still wear a tank top under it to minimize itching and I place a gauze pad between the incision and the CG and voila!

We all have made our jokes about nurses and our experiences with them but when you are cared for by experienced nurses like Amy and Bambi you are informed about the intricacies of caring for yourself that a doctor may not tell you or assume you may know... it's just the way it is. I have over 30 years of pediatric oncology experience and know the specialty very well but this is a different ballgame and I know it. Moral of this story: listen to your nurses; even if they are special (my word that I use at work to keep me out of trouble...I didn't say b...) and be sure that your incision is compressed!

She did advise me of going ahead and shop for a garment so that I don't have to readjust this one all day. I have a few but still feel too fat with swelling to wear anything around here so I guess I will go shopping over the next few days. Any suggestions? It's funny how you can love how you look in the mirror, then can't get anything up your knees!

I feel pretty good. My head is clear. My biggest issue is with sleep. I slept horribly the other night when I tried to sleep in my bed and felt that I disturbed D's sleep, though he said that I hadn't. I was drained all day Tuesday. I can spend time propped up in the bed and napping during the day but I still am not comfortable for any real length of time, even with several pillows. So I return to the beach chair position of my multiple pillowed hospital bed at night. Hopefully with better compression and a happier incision line I can sleep in my bed soon. I take Aleeve in the morning (although I haven't needed any this morning...hmm) and one Tylenol PM at night which is working.

I still massage my lipoed areas at least twice a day with aloe (The Body Shop) and Arnicare. I also apply Hydrocortisone cream twice a day to the itchiest part of my back to keep the drama down. I may try to back off to once a day at night tomorrow.
I massage my flanks and hips with massage oil to relieve the bumps. I always think they are gone until my hips complain when I get in bed. I feel like there are still rocks in there.

I am an eat everything on your plate kind of girl, so I am glad that my belly won't let me do it right now. That would be a great habit to break. Gotta maintain this new body! With all of my minor complaints I must say that I love my outcome and have absolutely NO REGRETS.

I am working on better hydrating myself and building enough stamina to really want to do something tangible; see a movie, shop for a garment. Nothing heroic. Again I feel too puffy to try on clothes and frankly the prospect is not exciting yet for me so I will be glad to get there.

I want everyone to know how much I really appreciate you all on this site. Whenever I have a question or concern I refer back to everyone that I have followed ahead of me and find it such a blessing (you shoudda seen me yesterday before I decided to get seen). I crack up on some of the blogs (Imath, Chicklet3, Realitynut, AZSunshine) and find it informative and therapeutic. It also helps to share knowledge and support with those in the crux of it with me. We December and January folks are going through it right now and I support you all completely as I know you do me.

Gonna go drink some fluids now. Talk to you soon!

Do I dare say that I have more spunk???

Yesterday I ventured out in the rain to find SOMETHING more comfortable. I have had enough of feeling like an overstuffed sausage with this initial binder. I was told by three family members not to drive in the rain, so I felt like a frustrated cat peering out of the window. I went for it like a bad little girl. Don't laugh, we really can't drive well in the rain here in the desert! Fender benders all over town.

I did finally tire of trying on all sorts of garments that mostly felt worse than what I have, but it felt so good to get out of the house. And as typical for me, I felt stronger once I did something! I hope it is the same when I do get back to work.

I settled on two simple garments, Hanes and Skinny girl shapers to help tide me over until I get my Marena product. I also bought a "Yummie Tummy" garment that in no way felt yummy after two hours and will be going back to Nordstrom Rack asap. I hit 7 stores and wasn't beat by the time I got home. My incisional pain wasn't nearly as bad as first long venture out of the house but I was sore and took a pill.

I hope that my Marena fits because I hate to return mail orders and desperately want a comfortable garment.

I have been trying to encourage the last of my sutures to dissolve with long showers and A&D ointment because the ones left are of course in the very middle and give me the most grief. Hopefully that won't backfire on me.

I slept in my bed 3-4 hours before I finally had to get up and return to that hospital bed that I have a love/hate relationship with. I guess that's progress too.

Happy Healing everybody!

Doing a little more!

I am going through that e every other day phase of feeling bursts of energy one day, the tired the next. I had lunch and a movie with D Saturday which felt great. Sunday I pushed myself to attend my sister's super bowl party but tired and ached by half time and we headed home I really have a hard time sitting in a chair or even a sofa without support for a long time before my flanks really tire and hurt. And this garment digging in my hips doesn't help. Boo for the Seahawks loss...what a gift!

Yesterday I actually felt like dressing up for my PS visit and even put on powder and flat boots. I was able to stand up straight and felt wonderful! I put on so many layers to the point that pics did no justice to my results so I deleted. Soon as I came out of my clothes and sat for lunch I was hunched over again. What's up with that? I guess the leggings gave me a lot of support.

I continue to heal well. My body is working so hard to get back to normal and I feel so blessed. My PS is very happy with my progress and wants me to continue to massage out the boggy areas on my hips. I start scar therapy Friday (Embrace). I must say that other than the very front I don't know that I even really need it because I am healing so well. Part of the incision is in the crease and is practically invisible unless I focus on it. Even the hip areas aren't bad except at the drains exit sites. The front area I guess is a major stress area and is the widest area of my scar (and tender right now). My PS is okay with me lubricating it for comfort and minimal stretching of the area with Bacitracin. Otherwise it feels like it's going to separate and Lord knows I don't want that! I will be able to cope if the front area doesn't heal as well as after all, I have looked at a c-section scar for almost 30 years!

Funny thing, I have had heal spur pain for years along with knee pain from a workout injury that simply disappeared the day of my surgery! I guess your body can only handle so much so my inflammatory process has changed to my belly! I appreciate that because I wouldn't want to be whining about that too!

My swelling bouts are less severe and my itchiness is pretty much gone-yay! I took Aleeve last night for incisional burning but I am otherwise comfortable, few zingers and occasional nerve stimulation impulses. How long does this lipo sensitivity last? Once that is gone, my incision is better supported and I can sleep in bed I will be one happy girl! Elated that things are going so well. Pictures soon.
Take care all!

POM 1 !!!

I can't believe that I have reached the one month mark! I have to admit that with all of my whining about when something was gonna happen, it has been a fast month looking back. My PS showed me my before pics and I did not realize that I had so much love handle fat! Good Lord! I thank him over and over for such wonderful results so far.

I am doing very well. I went for my Embrace application today and I am elated about it. It supports your incision and allows it to heal with minimal scarring. I was reassured that it would not pull tension on my BB, just support the area and it does. I can finally stand straight (once I loosen up from the Tin Man effect) and sleep more comfortably without all of that pulling and fear that I am going to tear my incision or keloid. I will wear them for eight weeks and they get changed weekly after a night's rest. It could not be placed on the very front of my incision due to residual scabbing; boo cause that's where it I need most. Oh well, maybe next week. It costs $25 per strip and I will need 4-5. I paid this much for the surgery, I may as well invest in the final results!

I bit the bullet last night and took a tub bath because I wouldn't be able to do it for a while due to the strip application. My goal was to soothe and reduce swelling. I weighed the benefits with the infection risk. Since I have no open areas, DUNK! I sat in an Epsom bath that was sooo soothing. My flanks wanted no parts of the whirlpool jets though; stung like Hell! I then got paranoid and jumped in the shower and cleansed the BB and scar with the antimicrobial soap, blow dried them, applied Bacitracin and felt better about it all. I still do the whole massage, aloe and Arnicare regimen that I do for soreness and smoothing out of areas. Please do get the advice of your PS before doing this though!

I HAVE SLEPT IN MY BED for the past four nights!!! Can you tell that I am happy? I put pillows under the fitted sheet of the bed and snuggle with my beloved body pillow and do pretty well. I can lie pretty flat now with minimal support between my legs so it works. I use my legs to turn. I arranged for that spring filled hospital bed to go back to where it came from. Mind you it had it's benefits for the first few weeks (siderails for turning and motorized positioning) but I am happy about the progress.

Yesterday I was out of the house for 7 hours (Aleve and Miralax refill, lunch, PS visit, visit with my sister and Cheesecake factory dinner) and did very well. And I don't feel drained this morning from the long excursion. Pain now managed by Aleve in the morning and Tylenol PM at night.

The only thing that I am dealing with besides incisional discomfort is the swelling which my PS said will go on for months. He said that one evening I will just realize that it didn't happen all day. Okay. I really, really have to watch what I order when eating out. I got soup and salad yesterday and could really sense the salt in the soup so I only ate part of it. Right now cocktails don't seek worth consumption because even one results in significant swelling. I awakened last night to the special balloon effect that we all know so well. It resolved well with binder adjusting though.

Lastly I got my Marena 2 in the mail yesterday and will be trying it on after this post. I hope to wear it most of the time if it fits (pleeease). Question though, the swelling makes my stream dribble down my cheek. How do you keep the garment dry? Will I need to pull it down for a while?

I still don't feel like the whole fashion show thing because I feel fat with swelling, but I will be uploading pics after this post. Going to try on my garment!Heal well everybody!

POM 1 Pics

Here are my pics. Swelling but what else is new :)

5 weeks out, will be needing some jeans!

So I returned the hospital bed two days ago as I am doing well in my bed. I can lay on both sides and on my tummy for brief periods to give my sides and back some rest. I don't stay too long because the front of my incision won't get protected with Embrace until tomorrow.

I seem to be dealing with a little less swelling now and can sleep at least part of the night without my binder. I am cooking a little more and can better control salt intake. I was up to the bathroom several times last night and became really frustrated about my persistent sleep deprivation but at least I am getting the fluid off. Gotta look at the good side of this journey.

My discomfort is more sporadic, I had one day with no pain at all (no meds) but was tender the past two days after trips to the store. That worries me as I contemplate return to work in a few weeks. I have to be able to walk! My lipo discomfort is about 90% resolved; just a few tender areas left, no hot spots and no itching!

My Embrace comes off for a break today. I removed one side and really love what I see so far. I think that I will be really happy in the end. I get to take another bath tonight, yay! I still have a residual stitch or ingrown hair that I hope that I can soak out with Epsom salt.

I got some motivation which was inspired by a RSer and put on two pairs of my old jeans which are already loose on me. And the dress that I plan to wear in Cabo next month zipped right up, so hopefully I am a true size 10 again!

Everything is progressing along. Hope everyone is doing well!

Gotta do a little more now...

I didn't like the soreness last night once my strips were off a while. Such a baby! Gonna try to do a little more this weekend.

A 6 week Mark Present for HappyPat!

I officially reached 6 weeks yesterday. Today I awakened with amazement at how well I slept last night. I am still taking up all of the room with pillows but I was able to turn side to side much more easily. I don't know if it had anything to with the wonderful eucolyptus and lavendar Epsom salt bath last night but I was a lot less sore. There is nothing like good sleep!

Today is the first day that I felt like myself. I didn't long to go to bed or take it easy all day. I can stand straight all day and even have my little switch back because I have minimal pulling now.

My PS cleared me for all activities except crunches (I will start VERY slowly on Sunday) and I can return to work in mid-March. Even that feels doable! He told me to get myself a two piece for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico and to just protect my incision from direct sunlight. He showed me my preoperative pictures again. THAT WAS NOT ME!

D thinks that my boobs look bigger now that they don't compete with my abdomen. I think that I will surprise him soon. Clear for all activities? :)

My Embrace therapy continues to go well. Everything is coming together. Hallelujah! Happy healing everybody! Woohoo!


My father always told me, a hard head makes a soft Butt! 7 week milestone today.

My daddy was a country boy from Oklahoma who had all sorts of crazy country sayings that he brought to Southern California: "It's raining like a cow standing on a rock!" This thing is as worthless as tits on a bull!" As kids we would just roll our eyes in embarrassment or crack up with laughter. When I was being stubborn he would tell me, "Okay, but a hard head makes a soft butt!" It took a while for me to really get what he meant. I loved my father. And I love and miss him today.

Well as you remember, I began to feel really good last week. Finally. And when my PS told me to get a bathing suit for Puerto Rico, I went right to the mall and started trying on stuff. I had on too many layers in order to make my CG work and decided to put off trying on bikinis, although I did buy my first halter top and two pairs of pants. The next day Darnell and I went to the Fashion Show Mall which is one place where I feel like I want to dress the part; a Pretty Woman sort of thing, so I put on 3 inch heels thinking that I was being conservative about it. I didn't see anything that I wanted to try on and began to hurt so we went home. Needless to say by the time I got home my abdomen was mushy with fluid from my BB to my mons. To bed I went with ice on my hips and mons trying to get it down because I had plans for that night :). Then to top it off the next day (Sunday) I craved a BLT. I guess because I have been monitoring salt so much. So we went to IHOP where of course, they have a double BLT. I paid for it dearly that night and remembered my dad's warning. A hard head does in fact make a soft butt! You would think that after almost 55 years I would have that down! Oh well.

I made it to 7 weeks today! It really is gradually getting better. Gradually. But I can appreciate how far I have come when I remember where I have been. My abdomen is soft at rest but roars with hardness when I do almost anything. Really? But it doesn't hurt or really bother me. I have absolutely no more shallow breathing or shortness of breath and very rare stiff periods.

I do have pulling and tingling when I overdo it or do something stupid like consume salt. And once again it worries me about work but I still have three weeks to get it together. I have put off the gym because I am afraid of last weekend. I don't want to lose the little butt that I did build up last Fall and my tone is really flaccid again. Boo! Maybe this evening.

I am stuck at 90% with my lipo healing as I still feel sandpapered in areas of my flanks along a few (new?) stretch marks. I hope that the skin pulling of the TT hasn't created new ones but as long as they stay low I don't care. I have never had a small waist (27 inches is the smallest that I remember in my adult life) and measured at 34 inches pre surgery to last week. Yesterday I seemed smaller in the mirror and sure enough (with sucking in) I am at 31.5 inches. I am happy to be able to suck it in now as I could not last week. My right side has more definition than the left. I sleep predominantly on my left side; fluid? I still have mild hip soreness but can sleep in any position now. I will try to remove the moat over the next few days, sleep directly on the mattress and try to get away with my body pillow alone.

I have a lightening bolt hypo-pigmented streak below my BB which may or may not change according to my PS who advised me to massage it. I will look at it as a sexy "birthmark." I did have a steak from BB to pubis before children so I guess it is meant to be!

I had my first massage yesterday minus the hot stone therapy and it was wonderful! I am thinking about looking into lymphatic massage if it's not too expensive because all of this cost that I am creating for myself is getting to be a little much! But maybe if it will help with the swelling...

What bothers me most now is incisional pulling and burning after walking. I haven't worn my garment much, MAYBE a third of the day, so maybe that is the reason. Do any vets have an answer for that and how long it lasts? I could find no real advice on the site from the docs except to ask your PS, so I guess I will do that when I get my week four Embrace application tomorrow. Bath tonight!

I abandoned mall shopping and bought a bikini from the Venus website. I will post it if it works along with other pics over the next few days. D was elated that the playground opened and the way I looked. Maybe he could see the whole outfit! Feel well ladies and remember patience! Luv You!

Made it to the gym, Pictures!

Yesterday was one of those "ehh" days, with pins and needles, discomfort. Today is better. I'm now using bio oil and coconut oil to help with my super dry skin in hope that I don't worsen stretch marks with the pulling. I smell like a pina colada. It's soothing but you have to like oil. Such an experimental project! I finally made it to the gym and did about half of a workout with half of my usual weights and I'm very proud of myself. As usual I had to get over the fear of hurting myself so it's another milestone. I conveniently forget to get on the scale. Here are pics before the shopping day last week and my new skimpy bikini. It's been at least 30 years! We'll see if I actually wear it in public!

Officially POM2 tomorrow! As I mature, I grow.

We missed the plane! I should have known that something was wrong when my boarding passes would not print yesterday when I checked in. No big deal I thought, we'll get them at a kiosk in the morning en route to the gate. Then the kiosk wouldn't print them and by the time we could get an agent to help us we were three minutes past the cut off for print and the agent refused to give us a TSA pass to the gate. So as we sat on standby at the next flight we watched our plane taxi away.

We were the last passengers to board and I was provided a window seat with a prestigious view of the rear engine. I began to count the rivets and cracks of the engine casing. I thought that this was the end of my drama and began RS connecting before departure. As we approached for take off the roar of the engines became quiet and the captain came overhead and requested any medical professionals make themselves known to the crew. Really?

I looked three rows ahead and adjacent to me and found two stewards standing over a passenger who was clammy and looked as if he was is early stages of a coronary. Where is the physician? Where is the eager nurse? The only person to come forward was a man who was an Army medic in the Vietnam War and while he wanted to assist, it was clear that he too needed help.

I am not comfortable with the Nevada Good Samaritan Act, and as a result I am always leery to get involved. But the humanitarian came out in me. I really had no role other than keeping everyone in the area calm and assessing how I would handle things if the man's condition went south. Where would I put him if I had to start CPR? Who around me would I direct to help me? Again, I am a pediatric nurse so I am not very comfortable with this situation either but I can always keep a cool head when it comes to my profession. I was so happy when the Fire department rescue team came on board! Whew, my job was done!

You would have thought that we rescued the man. The crew was so grateful and relieved that they had help. We were offered every item available on the plane until landing, however I had to remember my limitations.

Flying was uneventful overall for me physically. But being on the button of the plane next to an engine really causes a lot of vibration, worse than a car ride but tolerable because I am two months out. My stomach is really irritable because of all of the NSAIDS that I have taken since surgery. Of my menagerie of medications I have only taken one ES Tylenol and a Prevacid for gastritis pain. As I look at the engine I once again realize how lucky I am and how much I love my career. I still don't know if I am ready physically to return to work but I am emotionally. I miss the kids and helping people.

It's 4:30 and we are again on standard in Dallas to board to PR. We have a decent chance to board but will spend the night in snowy whether if we can't board or it is canceled.

For all of those traveling soon, give yourself time to get to the airport because the staff at the counter could care less about our issues. I may not post again until I am home other than to announce that I made it over. Take care everybody and be good!

Not what I planned but I am going with the flow.

So, so happy

I am home from my trip. We had a great time celebrating Darnell ' s birthday and my transformation. I only did what my body could handle, some walking, lying poolside, etc. I feel good overall other than pins and needles and occasional swelling bouts. If you fly, stay hydrated and get an isle seat so that you can get up and walk. I am now finding that sitting for a long time makes my symptoms worse. I got lucky on my last flight and could lay down for periods to relieve pressure. My incision looks great (pink areas almost gone) and is starting to flatten out. It is also less tender, mostly on one side after walking. Feeling more and more work ready. I am so addicted to this site and hoping that everybody is okay that I checked in every time I was changing planes or D was on Etrade! Glad everyone is well overall!

10 weeks and back to work...

Last Thursday was my 10 week mark. Not a whole lot has changed except I returned to work. As you know, I had a lot of anxiety about it because my position can be so labor intensive. I split my 12 hour shifts as a result. The first day was both mentally and physically challenging. I needed a lot of patience with what I had to cope with and how I felt. I packed so much back up stuff it was crazy! I got by with a dose of Aleve and then ES Tylenol as I got really tight by 2:00. I didn't build much fluid but my upper abdomen really gets tight and bulges in the afternoon. It is hard and about the size of a tennis ball. It doesn't hurt but is worrisome and will get discussed when I see my PS next week. I fear that I have hurt something but because it doesn't hurt, probably not. Any advice would be much appreciated! My supervisors have been wonderful to me and haven't given me assignments that require lifting, my biggest fear. Yay!

The best thing about being back to work is that I can do what I love and get my mind off of myself if you get my drift! Walking gets old by 8 hours into the day. I still haven't told many and those whom I did confide in have held my trust. Wow, not everybody gossips! People simply notice that I have lost wait and comment that I look great.

What I would advise anyone entering into this journey is to give yourself TIME! Time to heal, time to reflect. Time to appreciate. Don't be in a hurry to return to work or work out in the gym. No one can predict whether or not you will have complications as we all heal differently and life happens. I have been lucky enough to have had a smooth recovery and feel very blessed. But I also take ownership in my role in this process. I can't blame my PS for forgetting that I was supposed to wait 14 days before taking NSAIDS...not 10, or for wanting to put Bacitracin or A&D ointment on my incision before I got approval because it felt good to keep it moist. Or because I jumped in the tub because I wanted to. Although I felt my reasons were valid, I could have done myself harm. Be careful and pay attention.

Allow others to be in control while you are on strong pain medication as you may be a little flighty. Paying my bills early was a godsend because I could just focus on healing.

This picture was taken a week ago, and it was my choice as to whether I wanted to proceed with week 7 and 8 of my Embrace therapy. I am healing so well that I probably will as I don't want regrets. I am VERY happy with how my incision is healing. I may have darkening in the front for a while but it is so much better (I almost said prettier but I won't get carried away) than I could have ever imagined. It is finally much less tender as it seems to be toughening with massage. Never thought that I would be doing so much massaging but it is so important!

Next week I am off to Cabo to attend a wedding and will wear the dress! I will post pics then. Happy healing everybody and enjoy the beautiful Spring of your new you!

12 weeks today and feeling great!

Not a whole lot has changed for me. Work has gone a lot better than expected. I also never wear a CG anymore but always have it on standby. I feel pot bellyish sometimes but I am always happy when I panic and run to look at it. I continue to heal well, thankfully.

I went to my cousin's beautiful wedding in Cabo this past weekend and the dress was not a disappointer. The picture shown doesn't do it justice as it buckled at little for the shot but I felt great all night. No spanx, no self conscious feeling even in the presence of all of those youngers!

Now I have to get in gear with my diet and workout as pre surgery to maintain it. I admit to have slacked in this regard but if I can work as I do, I can work out!

Ladies, if this has always been a desire for you, go for it! You will not be disappointed! It is so wonderful to see all of the March RSers healing and looking so well. Congrats to all! Happy healing everybody!

POM 4!

Time is really moving along and I continue to progress well. My last visit with my PS went very well. I think that if I have any residual issue at all, it will be with the very front of my incision which is very hard as I have built up scar tissue. We tried the Embrace therapy in the front for a total of 10 weeks and now I have been instructed to massage, at least twice a day. It is very tender but if I can't get it to soften up, I will need a mini revision which I don't want to have to do. It's the area that has always given me grief and I have needlepoint pain and pulling discomfort from it after any exertion; so living with it is not an option. I have become sort of neurotic about the massage, doing it at any rest period and I think it is working. I sure hope so! All you new TTers, work your incision as soon as you have medical clearance.

I am happy with the rest of the incision, although it doesn't photograph well! It is very thin and is beginning to lighten up.

The Ken doll look is still in effect but overall I can tell that I am not producing as much fluid. Yay! I don't find myself rubbing my hips in public like a nut as much. I must have looked crazy because D was always stopping me but oh well.

I have lost fifteen pounds now which is ecstatic for me. I don't think that I have been 154 pounds since 2004. I would like to lose about five more to give myself some cushion but I still haven't gotten back into a normal workout routine yet because I hate the swelling afterwards. I also need to eat better but I am still mindful of my C.R.A.P. intake. My upper abdomen is still hard most of the time but not as tight. I have more loose skin now, don't know if I care for that too much...worried about fat. One of the docs that I work with noticed my weight loss which felt great! I am back in medium scrub pants but my boobs prefer large tops. Okay.

When does this lipo sunburn crap stop? My lord, I will never do my thighs. I thought that I was 90% over it but geesh! Mentally I am 100% over it!

I took these pics this evening and my belly is pouting because I climbed the stairs to retrieve this midriff top. I laughed as I kept deleting pics because I kept standing in a position that made my BB look like it was placed cockeyed! Can't do that to my PS!

I hope that everyone is doing well as many that had their procedures with me have faded from the site. I guess that's a good sign, but I guess I like to share. Take care everybody!

POM 5 decreasing symptoms finally!

Well I am in Nassau celebrating two birthdays and my 5 month mark. This time I tagged along with my son's trip as he wanted to help celebrate my birthday as well. It's always great to see family and friends.

I have held on to that what I guestimated to be 10% residual of lipo swelling for months . I still have it but with decreasing intensity. I still don't tolerate sitting for too long so I tighten up with plane flights but I am not as sensitive to salt.

My favorite class instructor left and I am very unhappy about it and therefore can't get motivated to hit the gym like before surgery. Not good! May was also a bad eating month for me; birthdays, a wedding, job engagements, in town guests. For June I have been more conscious of it. I just walked several miles today and back and forth over the Paradise Island bridge. I am so afraid of undoing my efforts! I suppose we should be since this journey involves so much recovery, not to mention expense!

I am consistent with my massage efforts, mainly because it is still soothing and I really don't want any sort of revision. One area of scar tissue is down but the other is as stubborn as all get out. I have a few more weeks to work on it so we'll see.

I don't like the pot belly look that I get by afternoon or after exertion and hope it will pass (part of the process). In the morning I love my results, by evening I am sucking in. But this seems to be what is expressed a lot so maybe part of the process. It's mostly due to this knot in my upper belly. And I always decide to take pictures in the evening. Duh! So here they are! Take care everybody!

5 Month Landmark Pics:

I had been unable to fit this outfit that I wore for my birthday dinner for 5 years! Then I lost it. Thinking about having it tailored as I loved the top so much.

Another Milestone!

No more flank lipo rug burn! Yay!

Oh No! Weight gain!

I found a better zumba class this morning and made myself get on the scale on the way out. I gained four pounds. Damn! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Like the class or not, I have to do better! All of you disciplined TTers should be very proud of yourselves! Stay busy!

Anybody intereseted in a post TT party next summer? If so, where?

I am doing fine and will post a six month follow up after my visit with Dr. Sohn on the 13th. I was thinking that since we have all been so very supportive of each other through our journeys that maybe we should have some sort of meet up and celebration over a long weekend or something next Spring or Summer. Some have hinted about it but no one has seriously put it out there, so here it is!

What happened to POM 6? Time moves on!

I kept putting off my review because I haven't taken pics and you know how we all like pics! Now I am almost at POM 7! Time moves whether you like it or not!

Well my 6 month visit with Dr. Sohn went well. We are both very amazed at my results. He showed me those ugly before pics again as if I had to remember! I still have a hard area of scar tissue in front but he did not speak about a scar revision this time. He will consider a Kenalog injection in a few months if necessary. While I want it soft, now I am afraid of the injection because I looked at some YouTube video that sounded horrible. Sometimes you just get too much information from the web! Otherwise I don't really need to follow up anymore.

I still have bouts of swelling, though not usually as severe. Yesterday I felt normal for the first time; no tightness, no swelling. I was able to wear a sexy corset-like top that I hadn't worn since 2002 as I went out in heels to a show. Today I felt tight and bloated again. At least I got a glimpse of normalcy and I finally feel that eventually this long phase will be over! Like many I have that potbelly feeling sometimes. Usually I am simply elated with my appearance dressed and in sexy mode!

I had to hunt my favorite workout instructor down so that I can stay motivated to workout, so I belong to 2 gyms now. Whatever works. I have anxiety that I will wake up one day back where I started. Crazy!

A RS peer suggested in one of her posts that pics in the sitting position give a good impression of how much baggage was left behind with surgery, so here is my pic...the worst that I get but I will take it!

Take care everybody!

One year today!

I just realized that today is the one year anniversary of my tummy tuck! While I knew that it was approaching, I haven't overly focused on it as I did with milestones past. I suppose that means that I have come a long way from the days of looking for any inkling of progress! I do remember those times. All of you new TTers remember, progress Will come!

I feel good overall. Not "normal" but good. I have incisional itchiness and I am numb from my BB to my incision. While I still have MR tightness, it is not nearly as severe. Sometimes I barely notice it (or I have adjusted to it).

I can wear all sorts of things that I would not dream of wearing before surgery but I mainly just want to look good in what I have. I don't have try on shame in the store anymore which is great!

I still fear getting fat and looking fat in some clothes; like this dress that I wore for New Year's. It is 12-15 years old and I guess. I should be pleased that I could easily fit it but I picked these pictures apart, of course.

I can tell where I will put on weight if not careful and still need to get back Into my before surgery workout routine. I still run to the mirror fearing that I have regained my fat belly. Guilt I guess. I have adjusted my eating habits and can easily put the breaks on when I am getting carried away.

I don't expect much feedback as almost everyone that I know from the site is not posting anymore but I wish everyone much love, happiness and success with their journeys! Hi Awake, Happy Suzy, Laurie! Hope you are all well!

2 Years!

Wow, I was reminded by D that today marks my 2 year anniversary of my TT! Time has really flown by, and while all of the RS sisters that were on this site with me back then have long gone, I just wanted to leave a word of encouragement to those undertaking this journey. Yes it is tough and there will be times when you will doubt your decision, but know that ultimately you will see the reward of all of your hard work.

Yes, I am still flat and I still run to the mirror every day to make sure! I am growing a butT now...it's where I am now storing fat now if I am not careful. I realize that this will be a lifetime commitment in order to maintain what I worked so very hard to attain; a happier me.

I am sorry that it took so long to reach out to and answer questions from those who have sought me out. The site really does "boot you out" from notifications after a while as I guess they want recent reviews and such. This is not the best picture to show off my figure but one demonstrating that life is going on, the birthdays continue, and I am still happy and blessed. May you be blessed and full of joy as well. Take care!
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Dr. Sohn was the fourth PS that I consulted with. He is all that others have said and more. I am a registered nurse and did not need another description of all that a TT entails. It is a major surgery and not to be taken lightly, but one that can prove to be very beneficial to my self esteem and lifestyle in the long run. I needed someone with up to date technique and compassion, compassion, compassion; and that"s what Dr. Sohn has to offer. He also makes the incision very low which is what I want! I set up my Extended TT with Lipo date today and look forward to my results! A little over a week post surgery, I want to reaffirm Dr. Sohn as a wonderful PS. I am so happy with my results thus far and only have more good things to look forward to. His office staff is wonderful and professional. I never have a wait time as he respects your time and how you may be feeling. Things have gone very well for me. If I were to have another cosmetic surgery, only Dr. Sohn could touch me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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