Tummy tuck and flank lipo

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I have had three children and I am done having...

I have had three children and I am done having children. i have always worked out but that stubborn belly area was always an issue. I had no idea that muscle separation was responsible. I am 5'5 127-130 pounds depending on the month. I will upload pictures soon. I set my date for 6/22/16.... I hope time goes by fast. I consulted with many surgeons and I am confident I chose the right one.

Two weeks to go

I had my pre-op and paid my balance today and got prescriptions written for the medication I will need after. I am nervous but excited at the same time. I am going to upload my photos later on. As for now... the count down begins. I am occupying my time be reading everyone's updates on a regular basis.

Made it to the flat side.

I was a ball of nerves yesterday morning before surgery. I'm in a good deal of pain but it's tolerable. I have my post op today where they will remove the bandages and I will be able to see. I'm so curious and anxious to see. My surgeon texted me a photo of what he removed and I am so amazed at the process. I added lipo to the flanks at the last minute so I have some swelling going on all around.

She far I am excited about what I see.

So I am still in a good deal of pain. It's mostly muscular since the lipo site sonority numb but I don't have much bruising. I am really really swollen but despite that I am pleased with what I see so far. I can't wait until the swelling subsides so I can really see what my results will be. I am not draining very much so hopefully I can get these drains out next week. I am seriously hunched over right now. I was pulled really tight. Taking it easy right now and trying not to do too much. I can't believe I finally made it to this side.

10 days post op

It's been a long 10 days but it's gone by fast at the same time. I went back to work at 8 day post surgery. It was uncomfortable but I made it through and now I have the next three days off.

My lipo sites are the most bothersome. My flank areas burn. I do have quite a bit of swelling still especially in the flanks. I am so looking forward to that going down. I can be so impatient.

I was blessed in the fact I had one drain removed at 5dpo and be other at 7dpo. I didn't have a lot of drainage.

These photos were from last week. I will be taking more at the two week mark to track my progress. I still can't stand up straight. I am very tight.

Swelling swelling go away.

When does this swelling go away??!!

I have a follow up with my surgeon today. I am feeling so much better and more mobile but I still can't stand up straight and I am still sooooo swollen. My pre-op pants will not even come close to buttoning. Will this ever go away? I feel like I am bigger than before the surgery.
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