started latisse 2 months ago - see progress. Las Vegas, NV

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I decided I am finally done with bold spaces on my...

I decided I am finally done with bold spaces on my eyebrows and short eyelashes.
Wearing false eyelashes and dealing with removing glue - its a huge pain.
After I took off my eyelash extensions, there were only stabs left. I honestly was crying when I saw my eyelashes without extensions. Practically nothing left!
So I went to my OBGYN to get prescription for Latisse.
and had been using it for 2 months now
pros ; my eyelashes started grow even where they didn't grow before! in the inner corner of my eyes! and eyebrows started to fill up!
cons: the process is very annoying. it is cosmetics, but you need to go to a doctor, get prescription, then to pharmacy - get latisse, then when to use it, I use my own thing eyelash brush and soak it in the cap where I drop liquid to. I feel like I am wasting a lot of product, and it is upsetting that applicators are unusable
so it is time to go get another bottle of latisse and i am kind of dragging my feet

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