Smart Lipo Triplex on Lower Abs and Flanks - Las Vegas, NV

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I'm 33 years old and very athletic. I work out...

I'm 33 years old and very athletic. I work out all the time and most people would describe me as very fit, but I have ALWAYS hated my stomach. No matter how much I worked out, there was this pooch that would never go away. It was like a thick piece of fat that has stayed the same my entire adult life. I don't eat the healthiest and I know if I maybe at only carrots and cottage cheese, it would eventually go away, but realistically, who can do that?? Certainly not me. Even with running 5 days a week and lifting weights 3 days a week, every part of me is toned except that one part. I decided finally to just take the easy route and get smart lipo. I had gotten breast implants 5 years ago and loved my doctor. After doing a lot of research, I saw that he was one of the only doctors in Las Vegas board certified to do the smart lipo triplex, so I decided to go with him since I trust him. He is an amazing doctor. I read a thousand reviews and watched hundreds of Youtube videos. My best friend and I discussed it at length and she actually decided to do it before I committed to it, which finalized my decision for me. Sh did hers one week before I did. She did upper, lower abs and flanks. Her experience was painless and recovery was nothing! So I wasn't too nervous when I went in to do mine this past Friday.

I went in, they took my vitals, then prepped me for the procedure. I tried listening to my ipod on my ear buds but it made me nervous not to be able to hear what was going on because they cover your eyes. The doctors and nurses were all really nice and caring.

To start, the administering of the anesthesia was the only painful part. It feels like severe stinging that lasts for a few seconds and its in several parts of your abdomen or wherever they are going to do the lipo. On a scale of 1-10, maybe a 6. It's definitely bearable, but you will cringe and grit your teeth. It lasts only a few seconds. Then the lipo starts and I couldn't feel anything except tugging here and there. There were a few times where I felt that same stinging and I would say "Ow ow ow" and he would stop and put more anesthesia in that part before finishing.

I only did lower abs and flanks, but he went a little into upper abs just to blend it in. The entire procedure took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then they cleaned me up and I got dressed and laid there until my ride picked me up. I was really loopy from the pain meds but didn't feel any pain as my stomach was still completely numb. I was starving so I ate right away when I got home and slept on and off. I probably didn't need to, but the next day I took a couple more pain meds. Honestly, recovery was SO EASY. I got it done Friday afternoon and by Saturday night I was off pain meds, and didn't even need tylenol. Sunday I went out to eat with friends, took a shower, and went about my normal business! The worst part of all of it is the stupid compression garment. It creases so your skin will crease along with it. I turned mine around and upside down every 6 hours or so to make sure my skin doesn't crease there permanently. I'd recommend getting a really good quality stiffer compression suit like a bathing suit so that it stays in place and doesn't crease. The doctor said they removed 1/2 liter of fat, which is less than I thought or wanted, but he knows best. I can tell the difference in my photos, which I will post for you to see!

So it is now day 6 post-op and I feel like the...

So it is now day 6 post-op and I feel like the results are up and down. My best friend is in her 2nd week and she said the same thing. I'm still a bit swollen and tender but nothing major. I really think that the confusion in the results is that you swell on and off per day while you're healing. I bought a better compression suit that is like a bathing suit. It's SO tight but the creasing issue is gone and the more I wear it the less uncomfortable it is. Other than feeling SO impatient about 6 weeks being up, I feel great! I am freaking out about not being able to go to the gym, but this is wel worth it. All I ever wanted was that pooch to be gone, and once I can hit the gym again, I will be on my way to that 6-pack!!

I went in to see the Doc for my 1 week follow-up...

I went in to see the Doc for my 1 week follow-up and to get my stiches out. The puncture wounds/slits are SO TINY! I am so relieved and really think they will heal and just disappear so no one will ever even ask questions. He told me I could start light exercise next week, which was a huge relief because I thought he had told my friend 4-6 weeks. He also said I was at my highest point of swelling which is why I felt the results were going up and down. He said the best indication of what I will look like is the very first day after the procedure before you start swelling, which I loved, so I am just excited to continue healing and get there.

2 weeks

Still healing

2 weeks post op

So I am continuing to heal but I'm getting impatient. I don't even really look at my stomach anymore because it just makes me feel even more impatient. I still wearing the compression garment but I am REALLY starting to hate it because it leaves indentations and my stomach looks all weird when I take it off. My doctor told me to go get some Spanx so I really need to do that. I guess it would be more comfortable.

As for my stomach, it's still swollen and tender to the touch but I can tell it's healing. There are a few hard bumps here and there that I can feel but I can't see. I read that's normal and that it should even out with time so hopefully the go away soon. My lower abs, you can see from my photo, are still slightly discolored, and I think it's from the bruising. I started rubbing coconut oil on it a few days ago and it has really seemed to help make it look smoother. I'm going to keep using that and see what happens.

Week 3-4

Week 3 seemed to be exactly like week 2. The discoloration is still there and the punctures seem to become more noticeable as the swelling is going down a little bit. I still feel like my pooch is still there. I am DYING to start working out again. Now as I am in week 4, the discoloration SEEMS to be going away but I definitely still feel like my stomach looks weird. This healing process seems to be taking forever! I have to just keep telling myself to be patient. It's no longer as tender as it was in week 2, but there are definitely still some tender spots and some hard spots here and there. But I've stopped paying attention because the hard spots seem to come and go as i'm healing so I'm not too worried about it. The thing I most want is the discoloration and blotchiness to go away!

Week 3 photos

Week 3 photo

Week 4 photo

Week 4 photo

Week 5 photo

Week 5 photo

Week 5! woohoo!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. While it still doesn't look completely great, it's finally looking better to me. There is still some discoloration on the lower abdomen, and I still feel lumps here and there but I think I can venture out in a bikini without feeling like a freak. I had my follow up with doctor earlier this week and he said everything is normal, the discoloration and lumps. He also said I could start massaging and it will speed things up. I got home and used coconut oil to massage for about half hour and it made a huge difference! I'm going to try doing this twice a day. I still feel tender here and there and my skin still feels weird here and there, but the doc says that is normal too and can take up to 6 months to get back to normal. I'm just glad it is finally looking great.

Week 6 photo

6 weeks post op!
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cambeiro is board certified and studied at the Mayo Clinic. He did my breast augmentation about 5 years ago which I LOVE. I got so lucky in finding him. I know so many girls in Vegas with botched up boob jobs and I thank GOD I don't have that problem. I trusted him completely so having him do the lipo was only natural. He was very open and honest with me from the beginning, and said this is NOT going to give me six-pack. The pooch I hate will be significantly minimized but is not going to disappear magically, but he said he really believes I will love the results, which I do. Also, he went into the upper abs to make sure it's blended, even though I didn't pay for that.

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