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I had my procedure done yesterday (2/13/13). I had...

I had my procedure done yesterday (2/13/13). I had a TT in 04 and although my belly looked amazing I had some residual fat on my hips and lower back. I'm a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and I tried for a long time to get rid of it with diet and exercise. At 10% body fat (the minimum essential body fat for women) it was clear that no amount of exercise and no matter how clean I ate would this ever go away. So to the PS I went.

I went to Dr. Cambiero, who has a great reputation and many of my friends have gone to him. And a plus was his office was literally down the street from my house. I arrived at 1 and they took my vitals and gave me my meds. I took 15mg Valium and 2 oxycodone. Then he marked me.

Next I went in to the procedure room and they injected the local anesthesia, which was kinda stingy, but not bad. It was a piece of cake. I listened to my iPod in one ear and they talked to me a little. I felt a little buzzed like I had drank a couple glasses of wine, but I was totally awake and alert the whole time. A couple times I could feel a little pinch and they would put more numbing stuff in. The whole thing took about an hour for flanks and lower back.

My husband came and picked me up and I was starving because I ate so light in the morning. So I stopped and got a burger on the way home. I fell asleep minutes after I got home and slept for 2 hours. I felt totally fine when I woke up.

At about 9pm my husband changed my dressings because I was bleeding through a bit. I decided to take one oxycodone before bed just in case there was pain when the anesthesia wore off. Although now I think it had already wore off by then. I slept like a rock for like 12 hours!

This morning I feel 100%! Not even a lick of pain!

I will updat with pictures as soon as I get my binding off.

2/16/13 Saturday I'm 3 days post op now and...

2/16/13 Saturday
I'm 3 days post op now and feeling great. I still haven't experienced any pain at all.

This morning when I took my compression garment off to shower I noticed significantly less swelling on my hips. So much so that I wanted to cry with how good it looked! My lower back is still pretty swollen though. Another plus is that wearing the compression garment has made my waist shrink an inch. This has been an issue for me since I started teaching an abs class 6 months ago. Talking while working my abs made my waist distend a little so I will probably continue to sleep in it after I am healed.

Tomorrow we are making a 5 hour drive to California to visit my family. I was nervous about the car ride before the surgery but I am not in any pain, so off we go. I'm going to go get some baggy shirts today as to hide my garment. :)

Today is Saturday, so I'm 10 days post op. I got...

Today is Saturday, so I'm 10 days post op. I got my stitches out on Wednesday and they said I was healing pretty fast. I'm hoping they are gonna clear me to lift weights next week because I'm seriously going crazy not being able to exercise!

I'm also fairly certain I've permanently lost skin sensation on my whole lower back. I'm fine with it though. I haven't had skin sensation on my belly from belly button down to my TT scar for the last 9 years, so I'm used to it. Also it will make finishing my lower back tattoo a lot easier. LOL.

I'm seriously over the compression garment though. It makes it hard to sleep because hurts my back after a few hours of being in bed. Other than that I feel great!

Today is day 17 post op. The doctor cleared me...

Today is day 17 post op.

The doctor cleared me to start easing back in to the gym this week. He said he would actually prefer me to wait another week but if I really wanted to I could. Well, I really wanted to. Not exercising was making me a mental and emotional train wreck. So I pretty much went back into my regular lifting routine without much strength loss, and I'm slowly easing back into my classes. The last few days I did mostly lower impact modifications and last night I added a little more of the higher more intense options and actually did the whole class with no discomfort. Unless you count the discomfort of holding back from how intense I really wanted to go. LOL. Tonight I might teach the first half of class and then shadow the other instructor for the second half.

Swelling seems to be gone. I am super happy with how it's looking and excited to see what it will look like in a few months when the skin has tightened up!
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