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I am a 30 year old, married, mother of one. I...

I am a 30 year old, married, mother of one. I have been overweight my whole life. I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy, and I lost 60 within 1 year. After a very stressful couple of years: dealing with financial problems, paying for my husband's school, and hectic work schedules...I gained back 50lbs! I am 5'6 and at my heaviest, I weighed in at 229. Not only could I not believe I allowed myself to gain that much weight, I could not believe how depressed I became. My husband, who has always loved me and has always been supportive, mentioned something about my weight. Although, he was concerned, it made me even more depressed.
A couple of months ago, I just got sick of it. I didn't want to feel terrible anymore, so I got a personal trainer. After 35 minute workouts, at least 5x a week, and cutting back on my carbs...I lost 20lbs in 3 months! Don't get me wrong, I feel 10x better! I am happy and have way more energy. But, my weight is no longer coming off. I am currently 209lbs, and I am obsessed with my weight. What can I say, life is unfair. If I don't workout everyday, and if I don't eat clean every day...my weight comes back very quickly. I have been researching the VSG for a couple of years now, and that is why I chose to get it done. I am only a 33 BMI, so I am paying for the whole thing out of pocket. I finally got a company to finance me, and I am so excited.
Reading everyone's posts is really giving me hope. Getting surgery is scary! And the post-op side effects had me second guess the procedure more than once. I am so happy to hear everyone's success story.
Please feel free to ask me questions or give me any advice. Thanks, CVT

2 week post op

So, my surgery is scheduled for February! I am so excited, and scared at the same time. Today, I started my pre op diet. I must say, it was a rough day. Having only a protein shake for breakfast and lunch was hard! The whole day, I felt literally sick. My head hurt, I felt weak, and i was so hungry. Hopefully, my body will get use to it sooner than later.
Anyone else having a hard time with their pre op diet?!?!i just posted my first pictures. Hard for me to look at myself in the mirror. I can't wait for my transformation.

5 days post op

I am 5 days post op and doing great. Aside from a little dull pain in my surgical site, I am not in any pain. Also, I do not feel any nausea. I am down 13lbs since the day of my surgery! I am so happy, and seeing the numbers are really encouraging. My surgeon wantse to start solid food today: chicken, veggies...but take small bites and go slow. I'm nervous! I hope it goes down ok.

No side effects

Is there any VSG people who have not had any side effects? I am two weeks out and feeling great. Is it too early on to tell?!?!?!? Will everything start to change after a few months?

1 month 5 days post op

Hi everyone. I am a little over 1 month out, and down 22lbs! Feeling great! I am doing pretty good about taking my vitamins and drinking water. My tummy does ok when I eat a little bread, but rice and tortilla is painful! Mexican food and Asian food are my two favorites, that I now have to stay away from. Meat isn't too bad, but I can only eat a little. I eat yogurt and protein bars everyday.
I can't wait to start working out next week! ????

11 weeks post op

Hello. 11 weeks post op and i am down 31 lbs. i feel great! No complications at all.
But, I did notice thati can eat a lot more now. ???? im sure this is how it should be, now that my stomach has healed. But, i am officially going to start paying closer attention to how many calories i eat.

Vsg hair loss

Hello everyone. I am 17 weeks post op. I am down 40 lbs! I am feeling fantastic, no problems with my sleeve at all. Last week, was the first time i started working out. (I know...thats terrible) but, my husband and i work crazy schedules, so it is hard to find someone to baby sit my son.
About 3 weeks ago, i noticed that i was starting to shed hair. It started off as a little bit, but now...it is really starting to come out! ???? my weight has been stable for a couple of weeks, i eat a lot of protein, and take vitamins, and nothing seems to work.
Is there anyone that has any recommendations? I have been taking plenty of biotin since before surgery. Also, 1.5 weeks ago, i started taking Hair Balance by journey. They are pills that my surgeons office recommended. I haven't noticed a difference yet. Plus, it is supposed to make my hair grow, not prevent it from falling out. I have had long, black hair my whole life, so this has been scary for me. I hope it ends soon.

Hair loss

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