26 Years Old and No Kids - Joining the Boobie Club! - Las Vegas, NV

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Words cannot describe how excited I am to be...

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be finally doing this! I have researched for years and have always said I've wanted this done, and now its actually happening! I've always seen my boobs as too small, they fit about a 36C or a 34D according to Victoria's Secret but I think that's just their way of selling you into their bras. I'm 26, 5'5", 148lbs and currently no kids, so I've finally decided that this is what I want to do and that there is no better time to do it.

I've been to one or two consultations here in Calgary and I was really pleased with both of them. I planned a trip down to Vegas though for June and I thought it might be worth looking into the surgeons down there. After emailing back and forth with a chosen few...I came across my final choice, and honestly after talking with him and his office, it was not a hard decision to make! I will be going with Dr. Bryson Richards as I love his work, his reviews are all amazing, I was hard pressed trying to find a bad one but it just doesn't exist.

I chose out of country basically for the cost ( and I just happened to be down there anyways) and I will be going with 425cc ( roughly, I'm sure I'll change my mind once or twice inbetween now and then!) High Profile Gummy Bear Implants, under the muscle :)

Most of my trip will be with alot of friends however none of them can stay longer with me due to work and such so I will be doing alot of this solo. I'll be hiring a care giver to help look after me for the first 24 hours after the surgery so I'm covered there. I was kind of looking for some hint and tips from you ladies who may have done this solo and especially from those of you who have traveled to get this procedure done. I'm also going to be stuck in a hotel room for quite some time so I'm looking for meal ideas and things I can do to keep me entertained! I'm in shock that this is finally going to happen and I've been counting down the days! I will keep you guys posted along my journey and I hope to hear some awesome feedback, any tips are greatly appreciated!

P.S... Will be attaching wish pictures soon!!!!

Only 16 more days!!!!

Wow.....I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I e been trying to push it to the back of my mind in hopes of time going by quicker, but that was pretty much impossible. Being on here and reading everyone's stories did not help one bit haha. I'm still more excited than nervous. Been shopping for front zip bras, finally found an AMAZING one from lululemon. A bit pricier but it's an investment lol, also super cute which helps. I'll attach a picture for you ladies!

I am a little worried because I have this huge three day rave I'm going to a couple days before my surgery and I'm afraid I'm going to wear myself out and felt like crap after surgery and more tired/worn out then normal pre op patients. I could also be worrying over nothing though to. Other than that, I'm pretty much all set. I have some movies and entertainment I'm bringing with my for when I'm stuck in the hotel room, just need a good book to pick up before I go, any suggestions ladies?

Well that's all for now, I'll be back shortly to update you!!

P.s....also attaching some wish photos!

Heading to the airport soon!!!

As I stated before, I'm traveling from Calgary, ab down to Las Vegas for EDC! And to have my breast augmentation done down there as Dr Richards was by number one choice! I'm just sitting here waiting for my ride to the airport to get here. I cannot believe that by this time next week..... I'll have boobs! I'm so excited and I can't wait to join the boobie club!!! I'm happy I have lots to keep me preoccupied until next Wednesday otherwise I think I would go crazy haha. I probably won't have much more time to update with pictures of my before shots but I will try!!

I feel pretty comfortable with everything surprisingly... And I'm usually a worry wart. I received an email from my nurse yesterday just to wish me a safe flight and to have an awesome weekend at edc... She didn't have to do that so it was greatly appreciated and it had this amazing calming affect on me. I just feel like I'm going to vegas well taken care of. Well that's it for now!!! Off to the airport my lovelies!!!

Pre op today and surgery tomorrow!!!!!

Im Getting way too excited, it finally feels real!!!!

I went to my pre op today and finally got to meet everyone and I'm very happy with my choice. I felt so amazingly comfortable there and they answered all my questions and didn't even rush me :). Im All set for tomorrow, have my surgery time and my meds, and finally decided on a size!!, this lady will be getting the 495cc sientra high profile gummy bears! Super excited and stoked! I took some pictures but I'm not able to upload them just yet. Being stuck in a hotel room is awesome haha. I will update you all more tomorrow when I'm all done!!!

It's done!!!!!!!

Ahh I'm so excited ! I haven't seen them but I'm sure they are awesome, for now though.. It's back to sleep for me...drugs making me sleep but I wanted to give and update !! Here's a pic too!

Day one Post op appointment

So I felt pretty good this morning, I kept up the pain meds and I was finally able to move my right arm more than before I went to bed which is nice since I'm itchy everywhere!! Just before leaving for my appointment is when I got seriously dizzy. I didn't feel sick but the world was most definitely moving haha. Got they and they finally took of that awfully itchy tensor bandage and I immediately felt a little better, little less pressure on the chest.

My nurse Kerry take a look and said everything was looking as good as can be expected for the day after, very minimal bruising which is awesome. We got me all fitted up in a seriously comfy bra and now I'm back at the hotel in bed with some orange juice. I've managed to take some pictures for y'all. My under boob and nipples are lol numb as to be expected but no ones every said just how weird that feels lol.

Well, off to sleep for me! So drowsy haha.

Day two post op

So Ive heard and read about it but now I've experienced it and yes....morning boob is definately real lol. The first time you experience is weird, you know morning boob is just a lot of tightness but good lord that's a lot of tightness haha. I havnt experienced a lot of pain. Only some the first day when the local anesthesia wore off but I've kept my pain meds up so considering everything, I'm pretty comfortable.

Today is the day I get to shower! I was given the go head to shower yesterday but I was too tired and dizzy so I decided not to risk isn't. Im also finding that one of my medications is making me pretty itchy all over my body, there's no rash or anything, I'm just so itchy haha. Normally wouldn't be a problem, but with my little t-Rex arms and not being able to reach every where....it kind of sucks lol. I'm still lacking a bit in the appetite area but I am eating some stuff so my meds don't make me nauseous. I'm excited to start feeling even better, looking forward to when I can sleep normally on my side again and looking forward to the couple of non dissolving stitches to come out! Oh and most importantly I'm looking forward to going home in a few days. Now that I'm in the hotel alone, it's kinda boring :P. I took. Ore pictures but right now, they just look the same as yesterday. I'll keep you guys posted if anything new pops up!

Day three post op

One word.......uuugggghhh. Is this part over yet? Lol. I'm not in any real pain, just super uncomfortable and no longer medicated As per my own decision. I was feeling real loopy with the meds, I mean like high as a damn kite. Was scaring me quite a bit and I hated feeling so dizzy all th pe time. So I talked to my surgeon and I was given the okay to use just Tylenol extra strength. Now I'm still having that dizzy issue even though I've been off the meds for almost six hours so I. Hoping that fades away. And a headache... I'm hoping that's just the withdrawal of the Oxycodone ....hopefully! Cause it's awful. Other than that.... The girls are ok...still super hard as rocks and swollen a bit but I do periodically keep the ice on top of them. The bottom half and my nipples are still numb so I never keep the ice in for too long just in case. I'm open to any suggestions people may have for dealing with this healing medication free. It's always appreciated!!!

Made it to day five!!! And second post op appointment!

It felt like it would take forever to get to this point. Not that it was painful or anything, but today was the day I was able to get out of bed and be a little active for a couple hours. Just walked around, packed my suitcase and tidied up a bit. Good news is that I get to go home in the morning!!!! Laying around in a hotel room pm after surgery SUCKS! I had a friend stay with me for a couple days which helped immensely but the last three days were all solo. Super hard to entertain yourself for the long and survive.

So today ended up being a good day, I didnt wake up with any morning boob at all, the tightness was pretty bearable today. I could most definitely still feel it, but it just wasn't as bad, or I'm used to it now which is scary haha. Extra. It of information here, sorry for the tmi but I was finally able to go the the bathroom!!! Five days after surgery and I was starting to get seriously uncomfortable!! I also met with my surgeon today to remove a couple of stitches. Not going to lie, I was scared and nervous that it would hurt... But before I knew it....he was done. I thought he was still taking the tape off but nope....that was it haha. Also probably helps that I'm still decently numb on the south part of my boobs. I've attached some pictures of my incision sites and just a day five progress picture for you guys!

To be honest, I'm pretty nervous about the flight home tomorrow, thankfully it's only 2.5 hours but I'm afraid of what the pressure change will do. I know it won't affect the implant, I just don't want it to be painful or anything, wish me luck girls! I will keep you all posted once I get back home :).

Day 8 Post Op

It's getting a little better every day!! I still have the tightness and morning boob, but getting used to it! I've come across the oh so common air bubbles in the pocket. Not going to lie, it creeped me right out the first time I felt it. And even more so when I could re create it by pushing on it....super weird and i cannot wait for that to go away haha. So today was my first day of driving and first day back to work. Driving was way easier than expected, I'm more aware of my chest muscles but there was no pain which was great. I work as a receptionist/administration so the work was pretty easy and I didn't have to strain myself at all. It was a good day over all!

Sleeping however, hasn't gotten any easier and its starting to bug me. I still have to sleep slightly elevated cause it feels like my chest is being crushed when I lay down flat haha. So it's creating a sore lower back and its making it harder to stay asleep for longer periods. Any tips on correcting this? I just want to sleep normally again!!!! Thankfully I'm not a stomach sleeper so I should be back to normal alot sooner than later :D.

I shall keep you all posted and post some more pictures soon, any help though would be awesome!

15 Day Update!!!

Finally!!! just past the two week mark and still living these puppies more and more each day. Don't get me wrong, I'm still having boob greed, I wish I would have stepped it up a few notches more but I'm happy with what I have and I have no regrets!!! I've been cleared for taking baths/swimming/hot tubs!!!! and I've just started my silicone scaraway sheet thingys.....and boy let me tell you.....I was SUPER impressed with how much wearing it for a day could actually change it. I took a picture of my scars yesterday and one this evening just to see if there was even a slight change. However, it's so much more than a slight change. I uploaded a picture for you so check it out! I would highly recommend this stuff.

Healing is going pretty good, I feel like I get tired out pretty fast still so I take it easy more often than not. I'm still sleeping on my back but I'm finally laying almost flat now. My only issue is the hypersensitivity....its horrendous haha. Wearing any type of bralette or even just a shirt irritates it and its super hard to ignore. Unfortunately there's not much you can do about it. It'll just go away on its own one day. I've added a few other progress pictures as well for some updates. I LOVE how they look in clothes now and some of my old stuff I can;t wear any more cause it makes the shirt too short or I'm not able to button the shirt up any more!

All problems I'm 100% okay with! I love how my whole outlook of my body has changed. I know I'm not a skinny girl or anything but I just feel like everything is in proportion now. I just love it. That's it for now ladies, but I will be back!!!

Found a Lump on my left side

Alright... so it's been awhile since I've updated, Lots has been going on in my life and I just haven't had the time. Everything has been going wonderfully, The girls are dropping so nicely and I love them. Until I started to notice some stretch marks....damnit I thought i was in the clear :P. I experienced some tenderness on my left breast in the last 2 weeks or so but I shrugged it off cause it was that time of the month and its not uncommon for me. So just last week I was rubbing some Bio Oil on them in hopes that it would help when I came across a small lump on my left breast, and was a bit painful when I pushed on it. This being the last thing a girl ever wants to find...I started to panic. I made an appointment with my family doctor, who in return booked me an ultrasound. I was in touch with my surgeon via email during this time who suggested that it could just be a lymph node or a duct. Phew, that took a lot of worry off my mind.

So today I had my ultrasound and it didn't really leave me feeling any better after wards. The doctor there has ruled out a cyst, scar tissue, a leakage or lymph nodes. He was unsure of what it was, just that it has some unusual characteristics which will need to be biopsied. He mentioned that it could just be Fat Necrosis ....or the scary C word. so now I'm stuck here panicking a bit, not knowing whats going on and thinking of the worst possible outcome of course. Not something I wanted to go through! I'm sure it's just fat necrosis since my surgery was still only less than 3 months ago but I don't know. Have any of you ladies had to deal with this? What is fat necrosis and how does one deal with it? I'm afraid to google it! I'm sure i'll just end up more afraid afterwards haha.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Bryson Richards and his practice. From the moment I contacted them until now (5 days post op) I have never had any trouble at all and everyone made me feel right at ease. I never once felt rushed and he was very calming which was a huge relief for me as I can get quite anxious! His nurse Kerry is an angel, really easy to talk to, answered all my emails in a timely manner and never got annoyed with how many emails I did send her! It's still early but his work is wonderful, I didn't suffer much pain at all, the bruising is so minimal and the incisions so neatly taken care of. I'm really excited to see the final result and I will definitely be recommending him to any one who's looking! Or for any future work for myself :D.

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