Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty with the amazing Dr. Mehta

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Hi all! I am scheduled for a Septoplasty &...

Hi all! I am scheduled for a Septoplasty & Rhinoplasty procedure on the 23rd of June and I am so anxious and excited. I scheduled my procedure with Dr. Jeannie Khavkin in Summerlin, NV. This is my first major surgery since I was an infant. I had an incident and broke my nose as a teenager and since then it has become crooked (curved to the right) and I have also experienced breathing problems due to the deviation of my septum. I will be getting a septoplasty and a shrinking of my nasal turbinates, and I also asked for a refinement of my nasal tip. It is currently too bulbous/boxy for my face. We will also have to break the nose and straighten it or put it back into place. I have attached images of what my ultimate desire is and my surgeon believes this is attainable and realistic.

If you have had a septoplasty or rhinoplasty done, please share your experience and your thoughts on the procedure with me. Any tips will be greatly appreciated! Blessings.

Surgery postponed.

Hi all,
Thank you for your well wishes. I have postponed my surgery and am consulting with a few other plastic surgeons before I come to a decision. As of now, I have consultations scheduled with Dr. Khorsandi in Las Vegas and Dr. Mehta Umang in Atherton, Ca. To be completely honest, I am already leaning towards Dr. Mehta because his results are absolutely beautiful, and rhinoplasty is his expertise. I have an incredibly complex nose to be worked on. I will be in need of an open rhinoplasty as well as a septoplasty. My nose will need to be broken and reset. I also have what is called a "pin cushion" on the left side of my profile. I had an incident which caused me to break my nose (I landed on my face) and it also scraped off the skin on the left side. I then needed stiches there, which created the "pin cushion". I will also ask my surgeon to fix that if possible.

Please comment and let me know your experience and if you're also going through with a septo or rhino!

Attached are photos of what I'd like my nose to appear like.

Best wishes! x

I've picked my surgeon! Working to schedule a date!

Hello all!

As you might've read, I post-poned my surgery here in Las Vegas and was scheduling a few more consultations. I came across Dr. Umang Mehta here on RealSelf when I watched his video from the Plastic Surgery conference that was held here in Las Vegas, and I was immediately interested in seeing some of his work. He seemed to have an incredible amount of knowldge in regards to Rhinoplasty procedures. Primary Rhinoplasty, as well as Revisions and Reconstructions are his area of expertise. So, I went online and checked out his personal website after reading all of the reviews here on RealSelf, Google, and Yelp (which were ALL 5 star!) And then I came across a review of a patient of his here on RealSelf and I was in awe. Her nose is simply perfect. All of his work, in my opinion, is just beautiful.

He is booked up pretty nicely within this next month, but his receptionist Kelli was able to get me in for a FaceTime consultation after a cancellation so I spoke to him on Thursday. I immediately was drawn to him because he was so informational, professional, and seemed very confident that he can achieve the results I want without any issues. I'll say it again - I have a complex nose. It's broken, crooked, and has a scar on my left side (a "pin cushion") due to my skin detaching and having to be stitched back on. I also have a scar between my brows that is raised and I asked if he can work on that, too. To my relief, he said it shouldn't be an issue and also informed me that I can even try steroid shots on those scars to flatten them out. (but to be honest, I'd just want them cut and sewn back to make it less visible overall.) We also went over what I wanted done cosmetically and aesthetically and he showed me all of my options.

The next step will be one more consultation in-person, and then a pre-op and surgery. I'm waiting to hear back from his surgeon coordinator about his availability and then I will take it from there!

I attached some more "wish nose" photos as well as some of me.

Surgery is scheduled.

Operation is scheduled for August 13th!

Surgery in about 2 weeks!

Hi all,

Seventeen days until my surgery and the nerves are kicking in, as well as the excitement!

My only concern right now is that my doctor says I won't need a blood test because I'm under the age of fifty-five. Should I proceed to have one done for my peace of mind? It is my first surgery.

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty with Dr. Umang Mehta

Hi all,

I'm two weeks away from surgery! After consulting with some surgeons in the Las Vegas area, I decided to proceed with surgery with Dr. Umang Mehta from the Bay Area. I did plenty of research on this surgeon but his patient photos and reviews really spoke for themselves. Aside from that, I had a face time conversation with Dr. Mehta (since I am an out-of-state patient) and I immediately had the feeling that HE was going to perform my surgery. He has such a wealth of knowledge on the nose as it is his expertise. My surgery will be rather complicated as I have a complex nose. It is broken, deviated in two places making it difficult for me to breathe well. Aside from that, it has become crooked leaning more towards the right side. I am also having a Rhinoplasty done at the same time, where he will be narrowing my bridge and refining my nasal tip. I received my pre-op instructions yesterday and have picked up Bromelain and Arnica Montana tablets from Whole Foods per their recommendation.

I will keep you all updated! x

Current Nose (Video)

See my current issues with my nose and what I am looking to have done during my procedure with Dr. Mehta.

Products I purchased for pre and post-operation.

Hello all,

I purchased a bunch of products to use for my pre and post operation. Not pictured is my U-shaped travel pillow. I think this will help very much when having to sleep positioned up-right. I also forgot to purchase straws while I was at the market. I have lip balm handy as well.

Here's what's pictured:


(Top row)
Hand sanitizers
Wet Ones disinfecting wipes
Travel sized first-aid kit (includes band-aids and gauze)
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths (I love Cetaphil products for my skin.)
Travel sized tissue packs

(Second row)
Medical paper tape
Mederma Advanced scar gel
Biotene mouth spray
Listerine mouthwash
Travel toothbrushes
Travel Toothpaste

Ocean saline nasal spray
Jarrow Bromelain capsules (extra strength; Whole Foods)
Arnica Montana 12c tablets (also purchased at Whole Foods)
Bactrim DS (antibiotic; To take once before surgery and following surgery.)
Bactroban ointment for nostrils and sutures

Hope this helps some of you. Please feel free to recommend more products and comment with what helped you! x

4 days pre-op, I get a tattoo.

It's four days pre operation. I have a feeling of regret. I got a small-ish tattoo on my right side, and then of course I read online that it probably wasn't the best idea to get it with surgery coming up. (I feel foolish) Do you think it will cause complications to my surgery? I was prescribed antibiotics for surgery, but nonetheless... I wish I would've checked sooner before thinking it was okay to go ahead and proceed with getting a piece of ink. I'm calling the doctor's office today.

My last update before surgery!

Hi all,
I'm officially THREE days pre-op! Very excited and cannot wait to share my experience with you all! The nerves and anxiety are in high gear! Wish me luck! xo

On my way to my consultation!

HI all!

I'm one day away from surgery. I'm on my way to meet with Dr. Mehta for my in-person examination and consultation. I'm incredibly nervous but also excited! I attached some photos of my current nose that I snapped quickly with my webcam. Looking forward to Dr. Mehta's thoughts!

Dr. Mehta's photo simulation

As soon as I met Dr. Mehta and his office staff, I was at ease. He is so patient and took his time answering all of my questions and wasn't pressuring in any way. We decided to try a steroid shot today on the scar in between my brows and went over photo simulation. Here is what we came up with that we both decided mutually we liked the best.

So the story goes...

Today was THE day! The day I have been waiting for and anticipating so much!

My morning began when I woke up at 3:30 AM. I had to drive a couple of hours to the Bay Area so I quickly showered, changed, and we left around 4:30 AM. My aunt and my mother took me to my consultation last night and to my operation this morning. I had a panic attack on the way to the surgery center because we got stuck in traffic - everyone commuting to work! Fortunately, traffic died down once we were able to switch interstates and then I only ended up arriving ten minutes late to the surgery center.

Now, if any of you reading this are contemplating a rhino, septo or such with Dr. Mehta - please, do yourself the favor of meeting with him for a consultation. I will rave some more about him in a bit, but for now - back to the surgery.

I walked into the Waverley Surgery Center and was greeted by a lovely receptionist. She promptly helped me to fill out my paperwork, I used the ladies room, and then my nurse Annette came out just moments later and whisked me to the back. They checked my vitals, blood pressure and weight. No need for a pregnancy test as I am currently on my cycle. My nurses helped me to change into my gown and gave me a warm blanket and socks to stay warm. Then, in came Dr. Mehta with his warm smile and cheerful personality. We went through and confirmed again what he would be doing during the procedure for about ten minutes, and then my anesthesiologist arrived. Another very friendly doctor! (I couldn't thank everyone at this surgery center enough - they were all absolutely incredible and SO comforting and efficient!) My anesthesiologist inserted my IV and then about ten minutes later, he hit me with some juice. I don't know if it was my anesthetic, as I didn't fall asleep right away. I was wheeled into the operating room (calm as a cucumber. He gave me a calming sedative and some anti-nausea medicine in my IV.) I noticed about five people standing in the operating room and that music was playing in the background, where I joked that "This is where the party is at!" and that is all I can remember. I fell into my deep sleep. :)

I then remember waking up and being wheeled out of the operating room, with Zedd's chorus "You're beautiful now" coming out of the radio speakers. lol. Afterwards, my nurse Noghe stayed with me and graciously gave me some pain reliever in my IV and plenty of ice. She fed me some apple sauce and gave me my first dose of Norco. Then, my aunt and Mom came to see me. I don't know why, but I was SO emotional. I started to cry at the sight of them. I was feeling rather well upon waking up other than the pressure/headache. Dr. Mehta had another patient waiting for him but came back to check on me and answer any questions. He reassured me that the operation was a success and that he was very pleased with my results and said that I would love my nose. :) No doubt about that! My nurse then iced me a bit, assisted in getting me dressed, and then I was wheeled out.

I cannot stress to you all how afraid I was about getting this surgery done. I was so nervous that I had even thought about backing out. Thank goodness, I went through with it and all was well!

As you know, I was in need of a septoplasty due to my nose being broken. It was deviated in two places. He had reduced my nasal turbinates and straightened my septum. During my rhinoplasty - he had some extensive work cut out for him. He made an incision into my left nostril scar (my pin cushion) and thinned out the skin and flattened out the scar. He removed my growing mole on the right side of my nose. He narrowed out my nasal bridge and refined my nasal tip. He also performed a nostril reduction. The scar above my nose was injected with a steroid shot at my consultation and is expected to flatten out within this week. Overall, I was SUCH a complex case. However, he did an exceptional job. He is truly a master of his craft. The man is a genius.

I am home recovering, but having a very difficult time sleeping. I took a Norco but am still experiencing headache. My nose is full of icky-ness. I did my best to drain it with my saline spray, but it only plugs up again. My throat is sore and dry. My eyes and nose are incredibly swollen... I look terrible right now!

Needless to say, it was well worth it. I had been wanting this procedure done for a very long time.

Update: 3 Days Post-Op

Hi all,

I'm half-way there. Three days post-operation which means I'm three days away from my splint and sutures removal.

The first and second days of recovery were the most challenging for me. I had difficulty sleeping and seeing as my eyes were nearly swollen shut. Today, my eyes have opened up and the swelling has settled very much into my cheeks. (I look like a chipmunk!) My nose is of course, swollen. I can see the defined shape at the tip when I clean my nostrils and I love the way it looks so far.

I am currently taking my antibiotic, my pain medication, and Bromelain as my herbal supplement. I do have the Arnica, but I disliked the sweetness and couldn't bring myself to keep taking it sublingually. I have sensitivity in the roots of my teeth as well, so the sweetness of the Arnica was making my teeth extra sensitive. (I have sensitive teeth as it is and use Sensodyne to counteract it.)

I am cleaning my nose with saline drops, a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide, and I am keeping my sutures moist by applying the bactroban ointment.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

There really is A LOT we do not know prior to getting a Rhinoplasty and/or Septoplasty procedure done.

Here is my list of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Aesthetically pleasing
More symmetrical nose
Better suited to your facial features
Improved breathing

- Neck stiffness
- Frozen shoulder/arm
- Dry mouth
- Constipation
- Teary eyes
-Eyes swelling shut
- Cheeks swelling like Theodore the Chipmunk
- Experiencing tooth sensitivity (root of teeth)

- Thick, obstinate mucus that bubbles out of your nostrils but ceases to completely come out. Despite draining for 10 minutes at a time.
- Mucus
-More Mucus
- Blood
-Mucus and blood getting into your throat
- Having to suck the mucus out of your nose, down to your throat, to hawk it out as a loogie (so ladylike.)
- My stitch removed from my stint that was in my left nostril two days ago. It began slipping out on it's own and protruding (ground-hogging, if you will, out of my nostril.)

I had to pull it out on my own. Dr. Mehta's office is two hours away, and he stayed on the phone with me and talked me through the uncomfortable and bloody hell.

Yes, I pulled it out. And it felt like it was coming out of my brain. That, my friends was the ugliest part thus far.

Just thought you should prepare yourself.

Important tip: buy a baby's nasal aspirator

I need one so badly right now!

Day 6: On my way to cast removal!

Today, I will have the moment of truth! My new nose is going to be revealed! Yay!

I still have some slight bruising but it is beginning to yellow. The swelling has gone down very much as well.

Day 7: tape removed and nose cleaned!

I taped my nose yesterday and last night and I am keeping my taping limited to the evening while I sleep to avoid break-outs and irritance to the adhesive.

I LOVE the way it looks! So pleased! It is still very swollen, but overall the shape and tip and profile are all amazing!

My Old Nose VS. My Current Nose (Day 7)

Posting two short video clips to compare my pre-operation nose to my (one week) post-operation nose. Still experiencing lots of nasal swelling, but that is expected! Let me know your thoughts!

Update photo: day 8

Bruising is going away and the swelling is still there, but looks like it's gone down a bit as well! I'm pleased with my results this far!

3 Mo. Update

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in updating my review. I am healing somewhat well. I've had steroid injections to help with my swelling and also flatten my nasal scar (pin-cushion)

However, everything isn't perfect. After the first week of surgery, I began sleeping on my sides. I simply couldn't get any rest on my back. I was too uncomfortable. Now, my nasal bones are shifting, which I believe was caused by that. I still continued my taping and currently have run out of tape, but I found it did help me a lot. Prior to surgery, my nose was deviated to the right. Now, it is shifting to the left a little. I have a procedure this Friday to re-fracture and (HOPEFULLY) my nose will stay straight once and for all. It is causing me a lot of anxiety and panic. I'm fearing that I've spent so much and anticipated having this surgery for so long, only to have unsatisfactory results... I know I have a long way to go and it's only the beginning of the healing process. I try to understand that it will continue to change. Yet, I still get frustrated. It's very much an emotional process. Be aware of that if you're considering any type of surgery.

Nasal bone re-fracture not required!

Hello all,
I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Mehta about two weeks ago and I had mentioned that he would be doing an in-house procedure to fracture my nasal bones.

Judging by the photos I sent him and [what seemed to me was] that my nasal bones were shifting to the left. To my pleasant surprise... they are not. In photos, I could see the slight curve (still can sometimes, it varies) but it was actually just cartilage. So it will be healing on it's own. I was so happy to hear that. Though, it was too late and I had already taken the sedative and was VERY out of it. I unfortunately don't remember what else had happened or was discussed during my appointment. I just know he didn't have to fracture anything and that he gave me another steroid shot in my pin cushion and scar. See update photos.

7 mos. post-op: Mixed feelings ++

Beginning to have mixed feelings about my progress. Some days I feel better about the way my nose looks than others. I am certainly breathing much better, but sometimes I feel like my nose isn't looking the way I'd like it to. I don't think I'm progressing well most of the time. I am still having an issue with the cartilage on the left side of my bridge. And then it's my nostrils. The left one is smaller than the other, and it's caving in more. This is especially noticeable in video footage. Dr. Mehta stated that it will be defining even more and that we will be injecting the supra tip and the scars on my next appointment. Looking forward to his insight.

July 9, 2016 Update

Hello, all. It's been quite some time since I've last updated!

Upon reading my update posts... It is so funny to see how mixed my emotions have been throughout my healing process. One thing I will say for those who are considering plastic surgery, please realize that it will be a very emotional process and that you will have mixed feelings. I started having doubts of whether it had been worth having the surgery at many points.

I still continue to have my good and bad days. Some days I love the way my nose is looking, and others I feel like it doesn't look good. I am still experiencing swelling, too. It's been nearly a year since my surgery! My anniversary date is on Aug. 13th.

Here's an update on what's been going on with my nose. In my last posts, I was concerned with cartilage and my nostrils being uneven. That came about due to the uneven swelling. It's all subsiding since. My bridge is narrowing down, and my tip is also becoming more defined. My tip is still a little swollen, but overall - I am very pleased with my results.

My full results won't be seen at least until a year and a half, according to my Dr. due to my skin being on the thicker side.

Yesterday I had an appt with my doctor and he had given me an injection once again on my supra tip, my pin cushion (side of nose) and my scar between my brows. On my scarring between my nostrils, we tried microneedling. That left me pretty red but overall the process was usual. It was my first time trying the microneedling and it wasn't too bad. The steroid shots help to subside my swelling. I will see him again for another follow-up in September.
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

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