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This review comes EXACTLY a year after my...

This review comes EXACTLY a year after my surgeries (11/04/2015). I wanted to leave a review an entire year later so I can leave honest feedback and not be persuaded by either great initial results or initial pains and aches.

So I make a joke and say that after turning 30 I needed a little tune-up. My transformation went a little beyond the surgeries but it helped put it all together into a NEW ME. After a rigorous diet and exercise regiment, I lost 45 pounds and with that, my boobs. Completely. My nose looked bigger and I had a small double chin. Losing my chest was depressing, especially after being called a "little boy" at work lol. Yeah, I had to fix that, STAT! More than a tune-up I think I got very lucky to have completely transformed myself. It's like life just began at 30!

NOSE (Rhinoplasty)
I'll start with the most rewarding: my nose. I almost cried when I saw the results. Dr. K is a nose artist! I said "please no Michael Jackson or Miss Piggy. Make it as natural as possible. Please make me pretty!" Needless to say, just look at my after pictures... he delivered! All my life I wanted this surgery but I never took the leap to go in and inquire about it. Truth be told, yes this was a little painful to recover from. Could vary from person-to-person as I was told my breasts would hurt more (which turned out to be painless). You don't know how many times you punch yourself in the nose till you get this surgery. Be very careful changing your clothes. Also wear that tape religiously! It was super helpful for the healing process. I never took it off unless it was time to change it.
A YEAR LATER (11/04/2016) - LOVE! Painless and no issues whatsoever. When I contour my makeup, my nose looks exactly how it should without having to worry about bumps. I don't snore at night anymore and I can breathe! Sinuses are gone.

BOOBS (Breast Augmentation)
I was extremely happy I went with the implants Dr. K recommended. Don't be afraid to go big! For about a week I couldn't look at my boobs telling myself "OMG they're huge!" but as time progressed, I was happy with my selection. If I would've gone any smaller I think I would've been the person saying "I should've gone bigger". I got my implants under my breast. Scars are barely there now and let me tell you this surgery was absolutely painless to me. Maybe a personal experience but it wasn't any worst than a razor cut burn. I got 410cc and here is my number one tip for this: TRUST YOUR DOCTOR! I made the mistake of googling and freaked and confused myself. Something important to remember is not everyone starts off the same size. Whereas I was an A cup, you may be a B cup. So if we both go with 410cc the results will be different. Tell your doctor what you want and let him guide you. I said I wanted "big boobs, not balloons, but still sexy and proportionate to my body." Dr. K once again DELIVERED. I also recommend having someone to help you wash your hair. No way you can do this alone the first week or so. Oh and one more thing! I made the mistake of going outside in 40 degree weather... getting chills and goosebumps hurt my boob's soul! If you do this in the winter DO NOT GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT PROPER CLOTHING! LOL you have been warned.
A YEAR LATER (11/04/2016) - They are as settled as they're going to get. They look much more natural now. I feel like Salma Hayek when I wear cleavage. I had to learn how to sleep on my back as I slept on my stomach since I was a baby. No big deal... other than that I'm a VERY happy woman. I rarely walk into a room without getting checked out. Confidence booster for sure!

LIPOSUCTION (double-chin)
After I dropped 45 pounds I would still see a double chin in my pictures and it really began to bother me. In a world of selfies, something to small and simple made a huge difference in the way my entire face looks. Just look at the picture. I was 105 pounds and I had a double-chin. Everyone insisted it wasn't there but Dr K ended up extracting 40cc of fat from my chin. Oh it was there! This made my throat a little sore post surgery. I wasnt able to turn my face more than 20 degrees in any direction for a couple of weeks but there were really no complications. I wore the gauze to a T. I read a few reviews where people complained about their skin becoming saggy or wrinkled. Not mine. I listened to Dr. K. I wore all the time except for when I showered.
A YEAR LATER (11/04/2016) - Chin is still tight! I've been careful about watching my weight. Your doctor will help, but the way you take care of yourself post surgery is up to you.

Hope my review helps anyone that is unsure about taking this step. Don't think about it twice and go for it! My friend Steph picked me up the day the unveiling happened, and she ended up getting her boobs done with Dr K also. She is so confident and I am very happy to see her enjoying her confidence as much as I do. Would I do these again? Absolutely. 100% in a heartbeat.

I went to Dr. K based on my research and reading tons of great reviews. This is my face we're talking about! Is there really any bargaining with your face? I don't think so. I go in for a consultation and he made me feel absolutely comfortable. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Office was always really clean and I left with the best chap stick in the world that day. We went over the breast sizes and nose procedure. Dr. K was able to answer all of my questions and doubts. He's going to remember me by this: He even calmed me down at 5am the day of the surgery when I called him in a PANIC worrying about breast size. What if I didnt like my nose? OMG! You cant really go back on any of this! He put my worries to rest by explaining everything one last time. If there is ANYTHING I recommend with Dr. K or any plastic surgeon you wish to go to, is to just TRUST them. If they are anything like Dr. K they will not steer you wrong. I am one very very very happy woman.

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