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I wanted to start my review to help all the other...

I wanted to start my review to help all the other woman out there on making the decision on BA. I am going to be honest and truthful, the good the bad.

Stats: No kids, 5'2 125lb , 34A , Asian, going natural proportion, plan on 375cc-400cc.

I always thought i had small boobs and was made fun off when i was little, i tossed the issue to the side for the longest time since there were other things happening in my life, i didn't give much attention to my small breast, i pretty much ignored them and didn't really look at them or fondle them all my life. I am very uncomfortable getting into bikinis, or even go bra shopping, i hated padded bras because it would shift all the time, i didn't have enough to hold down my bra.

Now at age 30 and turning 31, i thought would be the perfect time this summer, still don't plan on having kids so getting it done wouldn't affect my decision about breast feeding. I am accepted to pharmaceutical school this fall and got caught up in the excitement of getting my boobs done, feeling like a new me. I felt that getting larger breast would make me feel more like a woman, and mature for my profession.


I went to 2 doctors on 5/22/14 and settled on Dr Lane smith here in Las Vegas. Consultation was quick , first I tried on sizes and thought 350 hp mentor silicone, then the doctor came in and took a quick look at me and agreed on the size I picked out. He said it was an average patient size. I am going for natural proportion look , I felt like he was on the same page with me. He had no preference on incision site , but he preferred at the crease. He was very personable and I like that he has an attention for details , and thought because of his larger hands he can reach and separate the tissues easier with his fingers maybe? Lol

I thought about it for a week and decided to put down my deposit on 5/27/14. There's no turning back now , I'm committed.

Pre op

Went to my pre op appointment 6/10/14 basically signed all paper work paid remaining balance, and tried on sizes again. I decided to go with 400cc hp to get the look of 375cc since you will loose some of that volume once underneath muscle. I felt that 400cc was a bit large and top heavy, but it looked real good with my clothes on, and proportioned. So I'm kinda torn between 375cc or 400cc. I'm also torn between going through crease or armpit which is better? The nurse answered more of my questions , gave me my prescriptions and instructions manual to take home and read . What medications not to take and food to stay away from. One big challenge is seafood ! : D

Rx given: norco 7.5/325( for pain) Valium 2mg(muscle relaxer and sleep) keflex 500mg (antibiotic instructed to take one day before surgery) zofran 4mg ( nausea).

Surgery scheduled for 6/23/14 3pm mon.... I was hoping to get the morning slot...

The waiting game

It's a week before my surgery and I'm counting down the days . I'm constantly looking at reviews on BA , My eyes are going bad lol. Filled my prescriptions today, cost me about $40 no insurance. Blood work was $173 cash . Now is just waiting game. Is there anything else I should buy to prepare for post op? Hmm....

Night before surgery

I have been dazed all day because of the fact I know I'm going for surgery 2maro. I cleaned my house and gathered all the things I will need . I'm feeling pretty good, read over my instructions which made me less nervous. I'm just hoping there wont be complications and that my results are what I expected, not to mention I started my period the day before >: [ . I will try to make an update for you guys after surgery. Time to get a good sleep, or I hope. Crossing fingers for 2maro.

Night after surgery

Hi all! I'm feeling better to be able to give you guys an update! :) I am in less pain than I thought I was going to be ????. I was instructed to take Valium and zofran before arrival. I arrived at 1pm , shortly after I got into my gown ( happy to know I got to keep my pants on lol) nurse started me on IV solution (lactated ringer) recorded my measurements , urine sample. Met with the recovery nurse . I had my surgery @ about 2:30 pm little early than scheduled . As soon as I arrived to the operation room , dr Crowley immediately injected me with sleeping medication, I felt pain in that arm but was sort of dazed to feel it. Everything happened so fast after that! I was trying so hard to stay awake cuz I was so horrified by what they were doing lol. dr Crowley told me to keep my eyes closed and that was that! Next thing I knew I was in recovery room, nurse kept shaking me to wake up, and I couldn't come out of it for an hour. Lol I remembered saying "I'm trying to wake up" I was trying so hard. As soon I woke first thing I did was look down and said they're small.... Maybe because it is so compressed that I couldn't tell.

I remember getting into the car but not during the drive home . Next thing I knew I was at home on my couch @about 5pm. I remember talking on the phone with my sister while my anesthesia was wearing off , I took 1 norco tab and antibiotic. My man fed me yogurt but I just didn't have the taste for it, then he made chicken noodle soup , I took few sips and that was it lol I was little nauseous but not bad . I had a throat ache so it was hard to swallow anything. I was craving water most of the time. I slept til about 8pm and attempted to get up and walk around. I wasn't dizzy but do feel tightness in my chest and Really sore. I haven't had to take any pain meds which is good and I don't think I will need to, except Valium to relax the muscles. I do get nauseous if I stay standing for too long. I am feeling great! Better than anticipated, no pain just soreness , surprisingly my armpit incisions don't hurt at all. my boobs do look really high right now but I can already tell it's going to be great results!

I'm not sure if the dr had put 400cc on my right boob cuz it look slight larger and 375cc in my left, I had slight asymmetry. Hope that being on my period won't affect the size since my breast were little tender from it. Since then I have been sleeping and waking throughout the night. Took another Valium to sleep some more.... Sleeping at an angle is not very comfy : [ I heard the second morning is more painful but we will see.

I promised to give you guys an picture lol here it is. I will post more pics day by day.

I have to return to check up next day @3:30 pm so I will update you all then :)

Morning after surgery

Woke up at 3am and then 5am with major pain. My left boob feels more tender. Took another norco and antibiotic. Got up and walked a little, Been sleeping on and off until 9am , I'm up and moving which is good, I don't have the emotional roller coaster like I thought I was going to, I just worry that it might not be as big as I want to :( but it's def going to look natural. Maybe when it drops and fluff it will look bigger?


hi guys sorry for the lack of update, I decided that posting nude pics of myself was not something i want to do, i am a very private person, and anything that i post does Not get deleted, and may show up on the web search engine!! Sorry guys...

but if you are still wondering, i am very happy with the results. : ) Ended up getting 375cc moderate plus silicone, this put me at a full C. If you would like to know the details or have questions, message me.
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