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Hey ladies...I'm 5'10, 165 lbs very tall toned...

Hey ladies...I'm 5'10, 165 lbs very tall toned woman and I've been dreaming about a boob job for forever. I've always have been envious of the girls who could go bra less or wear revealing dresses with ease. Well now I'm doing something for myself. I'm undecided between 425cc or 450cc moderate plus memory gel mentor, my PS says he will make that decision during surgery... I'm so nervous/excited...I don't want to be huge but I do want to at least notice a difference for myself

pre-op pic

How my boobs look now..and me trying on sizers..Im going with moderate plus gel implants to hopefully achieve a better boob profile and cleavage from the front

Dream dresses

Hey ladies today its officially 28 days till my surgery is scheduled and of course I'm so nervous! I went shopping over the weekend in LA and found a dress that i would love to wear for my bday in March, but at this moment I'm not confident enough to wear it. Hopefully after surgery my confidence will be on another level.

Here are some boobies I like!

So about 3 weeks pre-op and decided I wanted to give you ladies an idea of how I wanted my results to be. I'm all for natural looking boobs for me...no high profile! Beyond that I have broad shoulders and a wide chest so I need to till that space up. I'm getting super excited but I need some help on what to get prepared before surgery. On the 20th I'll get a list from my doctor on what medicine/vitamins I can take but I'm freaking out cause I want to get prepared now!!! So what vitamins and prescriptions did you ladies take for a speedy recovery? And what other necessities do I need? Thank you in advance

I want to see how I'll look in this bikini with boobs!

This will be a before and after photo for sure

Ughh post please

Rethinking my size!!!

Ahhhhhhh ladies...so I'm 11days pre-op and I'm kinda freaking out lol ...I literally go back and fourth from day to day about sizes!! I know everyone talks about boob greed after so I'm wondering if I should go bigger then I first considered, but I would also hate to have them in and be freaking out about how huge they are....I was originally thinking 425-450 ccs but now seeing some of my friends that went to the same plastic surgeon who are smaller then me I think I might want to go bigger 475-500 range! I know the difference is barely tbs but the number freaks me out! What should I do??? Again I'm 5'10 and 165 lbs all toned muscle

On another note the pic is of my post BA necessities

Desired size!

Top left pic is how my boobs look in a sports bra....the other two are the size I would like to be without the need of a padded bra...I like the side projection

The other two pics I just like how the boobs look

New wish boobs!

Soooooo these are what want my boobs to look like...lol I stole geekgoddess1 's picture cause her boobs look amazing 2days post op....beyond that I'm still super excited!! Got my rides in place to and from surgery...got all the supplies I think I need....going grocery shopping on fri and cleaning my house up the day before

I think I'm feeling the same anxieties that everyone fells nearing surgery ....still hasn't hit me yet that I'll have new boobies in a week!

Almost that time!

Well it's getting close..I think I am as ready as I am going to be! Heating pad, ice packs, prescriptions, stretch mark lotion, 2 hook up sports bras, Tylenol, water bottle with straw, ginerale(ride home), neck pillow, laxatives, coconut water(natural laxative), grocery shopping, house cleaning, placed everything on lower level so I can reach and that's about it

I made my own elastic strap for after surgery...lol I got bored and just sewed some Velcro to 3inch wide elastic



Ahhhhhh I can't believe it!! My surgery is today....


I got titties people!!! On the pain scale probably like a 6...ill post later more when i feel better


So here is my update i am currently sitting on the couch with frozen veggies on my chest... Lol my boobs blew up sooo fast so the size is kinda scaring me right now hopefully a majority of the size is swelling. Currently i cant feel the implant at all, and the pain medication is working just fine! Thank god..I'm sore but everything is bearable and my post op appointment is today at 1030am so ill finally get to see what my actual boobs look like!! So nervous!!!!! I was able to eat just fine right after surgery and the soda really helped on the ride home

I have boobs

So here they are!!!! Agh they look so huge..i cant believe they are only 450 they look huge i need the swelling to go down so i can see my true boob.. Lol but they do look good..what do yall think?

Bra the doctor gave me!

Ahhh it killing me!

Freaking out

Ladies I'm freaking out....I think my boobs are way to big for my body...I look insane...I'm TrueType regretting going so big....I just sat in my bathroom crying because i think I look like a porn star...what should I do???


So here is what's going on...in the last 5days I still think my boobs are to big. I've completely avoided looking at them because they make me so emotional, and because of this I called my plastic surgeon and decided to get a smaller implant put back in on mon or Tuesday next week. I think I just expected something completely different then what I see in front of me. Don't get me wrong I think my plastic surgeon did an amazing job and my boobs look great, but I think they would look great on someone else who isn't me! Going into the surgery getting what I did was based on other peoples idea of what would look good on me. Instead what I actually wanted was my same boobs with I little bit of perk, the biggest being 1cup size up. I'm already top heavy so adding this much extra boobage makes me look insanely big...at least in my mind. So I'm thinking now that I go with 300cc being the largest size, hopefully that would give me the look I actually want for myself.

Also side note

Looking at other 5'10 and taller women really messed with my mind because they always said go bigger, but I never really took into account how much more breast tissue I had or what look they were going for. I truly didn't want it to look like I had breast job but rather just lifted what I had higher. I'm happy that I went through this experience because it made me realize I liked the way I looked before, but just wanted higher sitting breast....THATS ALL!! Just wondering your thoughts ladies

What I wanted from before to after

This is the difference I wanted....


Possible new implant size

So this is the implant size difference...if i were to get them replaced tomorrow i would do the smaller. Do you think i will immediately notice the difference? How much do you think it would change the look of my breast? Either replaced or removed are my choices

They r out

So ladies here is what it is..i got them removed and thats it....i feel a relief so great at this moment...in pain but grateful i made it through surgery once again...

Recovery recovery recovery

So just a little side note..i was stressing and unsure about my decision leading up to my surgery and i literally laid on the table stressed because i didn't know if i was making the right choice (replacing the implant or removing completely) i asked god to send me a sign and at the last moment right before i fell asleep i had a conversation with the anesthesiologist and he said with a smile your making the right choice "if you want it later u can always do it but its better to sit back heal and reflect" my gut helped me make the right decision although it wasn't easy...it took a couple thousand dollars spent to make me realize my self worth

Some things to consider before surgery

Some things to consider before breast augmentation:

1. Know what you want to achieve (your goal) with a clearer realistic picture your less likely to be disappointed
2. Make sure you and your surgeon have the same understanding of your goal
3. Communicate/ don't be afraid to ask questions
4. Listen to your gut ..outside influences can leave you disappointed with only yourself to blame
5. Get boobs that fit your lifestyle..i am super athletic and those boobs would have hindered my abilities
6. Check yourself (make sure your getting boobs for the right reasons but understand it doesn't always change your perspective)
7. Make sure you have an awesome support team (doing this alone would have been impossible)
8. Dont compare on contrast yourself to others on this sight..you can use as a reference but be aware your different (mainly the reason i chose the size i did because women my height were on average getting 400 to 500ccs

Explant day 1

So after having an uncomfortable night because this damn rap and drains i woke up still happy with what i did..saw the nurses today she took of the rap and showed me my boobs..im not mad at them basically look the same except flattened cause that damn tape...so they will fluff back over the next couple weeks ..have to keep drains and rap on for 3 more days but im at peace

New found love!

Just updating! Feeling much better and like myself again...something in me just told me they were not right for me and i was right...still very happy i got them removed sooner than later...but them damn them drains are the devil!! They made my 7days of recovery the most uncomfortable thing ever...so happy to be past that phase..one more week and my doctor says i can go back to work...so excited!!!! Im blessed to be able to do what i love everyday and i cant believe i made a decision that could have really jeopardized that..so sad i let vegas boobies get the best of me..new found appreciation for my body

My smalls!!!!

Hello small boobies welcome back...still recovering...but feeling like myself...the rap is to make sure I keep away swelling and I'm on my last day of medicine....woohoo those pills have the worst after taste ever but as long as they keep away infection I'm with it!! I can start wearing bras in another week and take off the rap as well...it's actually kind of refreshing to just wear a sports bra lol I've never done that before...I was told to come back to see the surgeon in 6 weeks but if I have any questions before then I'll just show up there..nipples are sensitive as hell sucks I went through all of this to only realize I wanted to keep my natural boobs but it's all good...I wanted perky boobs so I would like myself naked and so that could wear all types of clothing..but what I realized is that my hang ups on my body wouldn't have changed regardless so that's why I'm reflecting, embracing, and keeping it pushing....

On another note tomorrow is my bday....28 is going to be a great year! Buying my first home in a few months...going on vacation in July to Puerto Rico and to Paris in November....there are good times to be had and I'm about to be living...only thing that suck is that I keep thinking I could have spent that 6,000 on some amazing clothes and shoes lol oh well an expensive lesson

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