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I am 5'7" and weigh between 125-128lbs. I am by no...

I am 5'7" and weigh between 125-128lbs. I am by no means FAT but I have fat on my body that I dislike, and it centers around my midsection. I have been wanting to get this done for quite someetime and decided this was the year I was foing to do something for myself! I was referred to Dr. Cambeiro thru a frkend who got her breast augmentation done by hkm and was overall very pleased wither her entire procedure and his staff in general.

When I went for my initial consult I told him my wlrst fears woukd be that he wlukdnt take out enough fat to my standards and he was very honest and said he probably wouldnt but that he would take out as much as he could. I also showed him a picture lf Tara Reid's bad lipo ans said that was also one of my worst fears. He said that was a result of having TOO much fat taken out and we were NOT going to be going that route!!

It is the day of my procecure. I am totally excited! I am getting the Triplex Laser Lipo done on my upper and lower abdomen and my flanks (love handles). They prepped my room, I did a urine sample and then popped a bunch of pills. Within mknutes I would feel the effects of the drugs. Im a happy girl :)

Dr. Cambeiro sharpies my body and I head to the lrocedure room where they cover me with that brown cleaning stuff and I laydown. Cindy pops my earphones in and I fade in and out of consciousness.

The doctor starts injecting me with the fluid - I can definitely feel each needle prick and the flluid going in stings! That's pretty much the worst. A little bit later I asked him if he was still injecting the fluid and he said No, he was sucking the fat out! I was oblivious! The numbing fluid really worked great!! There WERE a few spots I could definitely feel it was quite painful but it's quick and they can inject more fluid if you want them to.

They worked on my upper and lower abdomen first and then I rolled lnto each side for them to do my flanks. I flipped back onto my back and he said he was all dkne but then decided to do more on my lower abs again AND THAT ended up being rather painful but it was very quick and then I was all done! They taped gauze on my puncture wounds after stitching me up then wrapped me tightly in a compression garment.

I was actually freezing cold and shivering for about half the procedure but they gave me a heated pillow to try and help me out with that. I was also given goggles to wear and most of the time there was a sheet over my head.

Except for about 5% of the whole time i was PAIN FREE. I could feel him suctioning the fat out but it wasnt uncomfortable at all!

So I called my friend to come pick me up, we stopped amd picked up my daughter from school amd them when we got home I made lunch, took some more pills and then knocked out.

When I woke up I could feel some discomfort but nothing too bad at all. I popped some more pills, made dinner amd then my daughter and I fell asleep together on the couch. When I woke up I carried her up tp her room, popped some more pills and then went back to sleep. My goal is to feel as little pain as possible so im going to stay drugged up til my pills run out and then switch to extra strength tylenol as suggested by Melissa.

I changed my gauze to some maxi pads taped on my body to catch any dripping fluid and checked out my body. I have bruising and swelling - especially in my lower abdominal area because the compression garment wasnt quite covering that part. All in all I have very little discomfort, although that may because I keep popping pain meds but even when I wake up and they have worn off - I feel achy but it's not bad at all. So I changed my dressings and put my compression garment back ln AND put my Spanx on over for a little more compressing. I also noted my puncture wounds. Two are right at my front line under my boobs, two on my lower almost hip area and two on my backside area. I think they will be very UNNOTICEABLE once they are all healed. Yay!

So I believe I have to wear this compression garment for 4-6 weeks and it should help with swelling although they say some swelling can last up to 4 months. Honestly I am just waiting til I can get back to the pool!! :D

I will continue to update this post with my recovery and photos!

Day 2: I can see even more improvement and I am...

Day 2: I can see even more improvement and I am loooving it! I switched to regular band aids over my stitches because I wasnt leaking anymore, just wore my compression garment AND some Spanx over just for good measure! I drove to the store and that night I had friends over. 

Day 3: Feelings really good! Still tender to the touch and honestly getting tired of wearing this garment but its necessary! I also got to take a sponge bath today - Melissa said no shower for 48 hours - my bath felt great! AND NO muffin top when I was sitting in the tub!! LOOOOVE IT!!! I went to a festival later in the evening and went about my business! 

Day 4: I went back to work today. I took my...

Day 4: I went back to work today. I took my antibiotic and some extra strength Tylenol before I went in just in case. I am a restaurant server so I am always moving around. No

Yesterday morning I went and had my stitches taken...

Yesterday morning I went and had my stitches taken out. Dr. Cambeiro saw me and said I was still quite swollen and was gonna love my look even more in a month! I cant wait cuz my results so far as amazing!
Melissa took my stitches out without any pain and said I coud put some neosporin on to help and then I scheduled my one month follow up and was on my merry way!

He was very nice and answered all my questions and didnt bullshit me with unrealistic results.

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