Invisalign Journey

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Growing up my teeth were not too bad, although...

Growing up my teeth were not too bad, although they definitely could have been better. The older I get - the more crowded (and noticeable) they become. I finally decided a month ago to just do the one thing that bothered me the most, and fix it. Especially because I spend my days talking to people. Of course, it just happens to come in 2 days before Thanksgiving! After reading just about everything I could find about Invisalign - this may be problematic for eating. But I guess no food overload for me. There is always an upside.

I will try my best to post regular updates as I would love to see my progress. Let's roll!

Week One Complete

Captains Log Day 7.

I had all these expectations for how this journey would proceed. Most of it has been a pretty positive experience thus far. *But it's only been a week you say! Tsk tsk!* The first few days of this voyage was not as bad as I was expecting. However, I think it is important to note... I have yet to get attachments. So I am pretty certain things are going to get ugly, or better yet, more painful than I have actually dealt with thus far. That being said, I only had to take ibuprofen twice in a week, and my teeth were only about a '5' (on a scale of 1-10), as far as pain, those two times. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain. The only other annoying thing is some irritation along my gum lines - but still manageable. It is finally starting to heal.

Since it is only one week in, I have to say all of this is not so bad. I was pretty certain the first few days that I was a complete idiot for doing this because my mouth really felt full of plastic ridiculousness! But I am SORT OF getting used to it. Notice my capitals... if I wasn't so determined to have straight teeth I think I would have given in based on how huge my mouth felt inside, my silly lisp, and the constant spittle bubbling up on my front teeth when I talk. Seriously, does that ever go away?

I have been pretty diligent in keeping them in 21-22 hours. Except for Thanksgiving day and that is whole other sad little story for another time (but totally hilarious!!). Let's just say this girl needs to learn to pace herself better... I am definitely not as young as I once was.

I have 2 more weeks on my first tray, and 3 weeks on my second tray before I get my attachments on January 5th, and move to the 2 week circulation. I am not certain the reason for going 3 weeks for my first two trays - so if anyone is reading this and has any insight - some feedback is greatly appreciated. I think I remember reading somewhere it is to make bigger movements on the teeth before getting attachments put on.

No weight loss thus far. No major changes in how my teeth look (thus no picture to post but I have taken one for my own documentation). But I definitely am noticing it is a BIT easier to floss. I also used my trays to whiten my teeth last night. I figured I would get some last whitening in before attachments. I have to say it really helped brighten my trays again - so bonus there. Only using a mild soap to wash them any other time.

On a final note... I am really tired of brushing my teeth. I almost don't want to eat because I know the hassle that is about to ensue as soon as I am finished.
Well...until next update my Invisalign mates. Good luck out there. The waters can be hard to manage at times on this journey... but I have to believe it will be worth getting to the destination.

Week Three Complete

Captains Log. Day 21.

I am now on to Tray 2. Finally. 3 weeks is far too long on one tray I must say. Just. Nasty. I changed my tray a day early (or night whatever). I was not about to be in hell all day to change in the morning. They were really tight last night when I put them in, but they were fine all day long. My front teeth were a little sore when I got home tonight, but completely manageable pain. Again, I don't have my attachments yet, so it may be a different story come January 5th. After that, I am on a 2 week rotation.

My only thoughts at this point is I thought it was going to be WAY worse. It seems the seas are not so stormy yet. Gone is the spittle when I talk, and now I have dry mouth to the point my lips pull up above the Invisi's. Not cool. Only one person noticed yesterday that my speech was a little off. Weird. I wasn't drinking (ha ha)! I am still excited about this journey, and can't wait to have picture perfect teeth. But for now... I will settle for the slight differences, and whiter teeth from all that brushing. For holy mother's sake! The brushing and flossing is out of control. I wish I had more to say about the differences between the trays... but so far really good. Until next time.

Long time. No post.

Captains Log Day... Whatever

Just got finished at the ortho, and they put on the attachments. The top was hard to get on, but easy to get off. It is the opposite for the bottom so it will take some time to get used to that change. Including tray 3, they sent me off with 6 trays today and I will return the end of March for more. So thankfully I am on to changing out every 2 weeks. Every 3 weeks was pretty skanky by the time I changed, and I am glad that is over. I don't really notice a difference in how it feels (yet) on the inside of my mouth. When I say that I mean the attachments are not really rubbing in the inside of my mouth as I expected, and it doesn't feel sharp at all. Sooooo bonus!!! Tightness is much more increased which I am also glad about. I think I hyped up attachments in my mind way too much (negatively speaking). Worse than the actual getting my Invisi's. So I am pretty darn happy with process thus far. Clearly this experience is different for everyone, but then again, I just got these attachments.

I hope everyone is faring well out there on their journey. Moving on and up!

13 Trays Completed

Captains Log: Day 195

I am officially 1/2 way through treatment today. I can't believe I have not posted in SO LONG! But life has been super busy for me these days so I completely spaced my log. I am starting to see huge differences in my teeth and I love it. I smile all the time - as big as I can - and I no longer try to cover it up. I wasn't so sure when I started this journey how well this would turn out for me. Now - I totally recommend getting your teeth fixed with Invisalign. My orthodontists are amazing and have been practicing in my community for many, many years. So I feel confident in their work and how things are turning out. It took 7 months for me to really SEE the difference and I am glad I stuck it out. There were moments I was like - "what is the point?" But now... totally worth the wait and I am still going. I feel more confident and happy, and in hindsight, should have spent this money on myself years ago. If your teeth are something that always bothered you, and you can afford to budget it in, I would highly recommend Invisalign. I don't have to wear shiny metal braces and be embarrassed. Unless you are really close to my mouth, you cannot tell I have these on. But most of all, the confidence I have gained from having a smile and mouth to be proud of is priceless.


Teeth Progress

For you to see the difference thus far...

Captains Log: Two more trays left...

So I can't believe it has been SO LONG since I posted an update. I have been extremely busy with work and life that I completely spaced this. So I am pretty pleased with my results to date. There are still some things I am not happy with, and maybe this will come up with refinements. If not, I am pretty happy with how broad and beautiful my smile has become even with some minor imperfections. With the cost of this process - I am more apt to say to price it out with different providers. I think I WAY overpaid for my aligners versus others with way worse teeth. I am just saying. But I will always be glad I did it. I hope everyone is coming along well in their process. As for those who really want to change this aspect of themselves... it is worth it in the end.

Nubs off!

Today is the day I get these nubs off, get my permanent retainer on the bottom, and get fitted for my regular retainers!! Woot woot!!! I am so excited to be pretty much done with this process. I still truly believe it was worth it... but it was tough to keep going after a year honestly. Between tears over lost invisi's (found weeks later), sore teeth, a lisp, and grungy trays every 2 weeks - it is going to be nice going out into the world without them and not having to "suck up" before removing them at the table of a nice restaurant. True story. At the end of the day I am glad this was available to me instead of traditional braces. Now onward and upward with a beautiful smile. Love it!!!!
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