Unhappy - Boobs Still Too Big After I Downsized from 400cc HP to 250cc LP (25, No Kids) - Las Vegas, NV

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I have to chime in as I am so disappointed,...

I have to chime in as I am so disappointed, devastated and depressed. I have been so frustrated since my surgery over 1 week ago and my fiancé can't take it anymore. I don't have anybody to talk with about my concerns and spend my days crying (instead of working):
I got Mentor HP 400cc implants in 2012 which I immediately regretted. I realized that my boob job was simply a big mistake and that my tiny 70AA boobs actually looked cute and matched my body (5'9", 110lbs) perfectly....

After I had scraped the necessary money, I decided to replace/ downsize them to tiny breasts (larger A/ small B cup, Kate Moss Look). I also considered explanation, but because of the stretched skin this was not a good option. I would have been left with deflated flat boobs. So I decided to get as close as possible to my original size, but fill out the deflated skin with a tiny implant.

I showed my PS photos and stressed that I want to look super small (I repeatedly mentioned that want max. 220cc and low profile).

However, I ended up with a full looking chest again. It turns out that I got Natrelle Inspira, Low-Plus Profile 250cc (3.1 mm projection). 250cc!???!
It doesn't look like an A cup at all ... and it's far away from tiny, cute boobs. I am devastated. That's still not me and I feel top heavy and just awful. I really HATE HATE how large they are again. I hated the size immediately. I just feel the urge to explanat the implant and finally be free again. I feel trapped in the wrong body.

Now the most devastating fact is that apparently that's the smallest I can go: I talked to my PS and because of the required diameter (I need around 11.5 cm) I cannot go smaller. My PS claimed that the smaller implant 235cc made my nipple to point in a wrong direction. So the large CC is needed to have the nipples pointin the correct direction.

This is a dilemma now: there is no solution to my problem. I don't know how to deal with this. I wish I never had any boob job to begin with!

Figuring out Bra Size

Still totally unhappy

Today I am totally devastated again. I have the impression they even look bigger now! Today I met a friend who doesn't know any details and she was very suprised that this is supposed to be an A cup - her guess was a large C!!! I can't believe that after 5 years of saving money, this nightmare is still not over...

Anybody else had different size than the approved one implanted?

I apologize for the double post: Considering my result, I cannot stop wondering why my PS didn't stick to the 220 cc we initially agreed on? I double checked with the staff before the surgery (and asked about the implant specs) and the 250cc implants never have been mentioned. Had I known before surgery that the 250cc's will be in the operating room I would have stressed that I am not OK with that size. Why did the PS just use implants I have never approved? Is this common practice? Has anybody else have a similar experience? If a patient shows you wish boobs that are tiny (70A bra size), why would you go larger during the surgery? When in doubt, wouldn't you go rather smaller in such a case. I just don't understand?!!! I also feel like my request wasn't taken seriously. I know 15-30 cc is not a huge difference, but in small implants this is still 6-12% ... So relatively it IS a difference.

Huge Boobs in a tee shirt

They look massive in a tight shirt

Wish Boobs

Hope I will eventually end up looking like these...


I gave it some time and hoped I would get used to the size. But unfortunately my feelings haven't changed a bit. I still hate how big they are and still want them smaller. Looking at the photos they absolutely do not look like an A-cup which is what I want (full A-cup).
Right now I am still torn and don't know what to do. Do not want another surgery and don't have the money, but whenever I look at photos of myself I get reminded how big they still look.
I wanted to give you guys a different perspective as everybody always talks about going bigger. It's really hard to go smaller once you made a mistake with to large implants. I wish I left my AA chest alone to begin with.

Decided I want a revision

I just made an appointment with my PS to discuss a possible revision.
I am not ready to explanat them, but want to get the 180cc silicone low profile implants - the size I actually wanted originally. I am wondering if the PS has any responsibility (with picking the wrong implant size for me) in such a situation? I told my PS at the very first consultation that I wanted 180cc LP and I am certain I would have been happy. I just knew what I wanted. Nevertheless I ended up with 250cc and I am wondering if the PS should have listened. I just feel as PS don't take "small size" requests seriously. Shall I ask for a free revision?


More wish boobs

Decided to remove breast implants

It has been almost a year since I downsized my implants. From day one I knew that they were still too big. This feeling hasn't changed since then. I am convinced that i would have been happy with the 180cc I originally wanted and requested at my consultation. But since this request got ignored, I ended up with 250cc instead. I had another consultation with my PS and we agreed to a revision (with a low profile 190cc silicone implant). The PS waived the cost, but I would still need to pay for the material and general anesthesia ($3000). The extra expenses and in particular the general anesthesia make me reluctant to get a revision (for a 60cc volume difference). Also, how do I tell my partner? He would approve of another surgery. Also, my PS requires me to have a care taker for 3 days. And somebody who picks me up after surgery (no taxi allowed). All those requirements make it challenging for me to get a revision - and then I would probably end up with a minimal difference. So after I read a few articles about the increased cancer risk in connection with implants, I felt like wanting to just get rid of my implants. Today I finally decided that I actually want to push through with this plan. However, I am facing a new problem: How do I tell my partner. He is absolutely against me getting any more surgery and he never liked my small boobs (I had nothing, was maybe a 70AA). I am afraid of confessing my plans to him. If possible, I would like to get it done in April under local anesthesia.
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My surgeon is great and very skilled. Besides the huge size, everything looks great and was fine.

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