34 Year Old athletic, figure competitor. Wanting fullness while trying to avoid lift!

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I've always had nice large boobs until I began...

I've always had nice large boobs until I began competing in npc figure. My boobs went from a full round 32dd to a saggy 34d. I'm getting a BA with hopes of regaining some fullness! The site is asking me to elaborate on my experience. I haven't had my BA yet so I'm unable to do so lol. .......????????????????????

Preop pics!

Totally forgot to post these.

Surgery complete!!

Everything went very well!! Ended up with 415cc inspira subfasica! Feeling fairl relaxed right now. Hardly any pain.

Another post op pic????

Still pain free!

Postop day 1????

Loving my new girls already!


Today is 4th day post op! Still a happy camper!

Day 5

Arnica Montana is the best! Totally helps with swelling.


My twins seem to keep growing. Usually they get smaller as swelling subsides. Anyone else experience this?

Super sick 10 days post!

out of no where came down with fever, severe coughing, runny nose. Sneezing and coughing with the new girls is a total ouchie! Anyone else experience this?

Happy two week to my new girls!!

Feeling pretty much back to normal. Left boobie sporadically feels tender. Flu seems to be almost gone! Just awaiting the girls to drop some and round out????

3 weeks PO and really loving my new girls ??

Happy three weeks to my girlies!! I'm feeling pretty good now and back to myself. Still have occasional pain in my left boobie. I figured having subfascia placement my girls would drop and round out pretty quickly. But it's actually taking longer then I anticipated lol. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff lol!!

Incision update!!

Realized I haven't posted on my incisions! They are healing quite well. Actually surprised considering I'm biracial and African Americans tend to keloid. I'm caring for my incisions with steri strips as well as bio oil and coco butter. Will begin using silicone strips tomorrow.

Happy 4 weeks to my new girls!!

Oh how fast time flies!! As far as pain, my right boob feels totally normal. No pain at all. My left boob still feels tender in the morning along with annoying spasms and zingers! Will begin cardio and legs at the gym today. Boobs are still pretty high. Patiently waiting for them to drop so my nipples can raise some. Although I know they won't raise but so much as to I definitely needed a lift lol
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