Trying Generic Latisse for Short Lashes

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Going to try generic Latisse for my short lashes....

Going to try generic Latisse for my short lashes. I have read all of the side effects and reviews and will keep them in mind going forward. I'm 51, and as you can see by the photos, I may consider an upper blepharoplasty in the near future due to droopy eyelids. But having longer lashes would be nice! Makeup often bothers me, so not having to wear mascara would be great. This bottle did not come with an applicator, so I am looking for some inexpensive small brushes, but will make do with what I have for now. Will post in a few weeks.

Three weeks

No results yet that I can see, but many others in the community have said it takes about six weeks or so to see anything. I did skip a few days due to eyelid irritation. A bit of redness and slight burning sensation, so I took a few days off.

Three weeks

One more photo with eyebrows raised so you can actually see my upper lashes. Maybe this will help with comparison later.

Not impressed

Six weeks out. Do you see any change? For the record, I've not been perfect about daily application. I skipped a day or two when it irritated my eyelids. But I still expected to see more of a result by now. In the comments, I don't see anyone talking about royal lashes. Has anyone else tried this brand?

Side by side

Going to try and post before and after pics...

Trying again pics

8 weeks

Here's with mascara and a bit of eyeliner. I think my eyelashes are somewhat longer. I have to curl them, but there's progress. ????

Latisse for $60?...

Just saw a special from a local ps office: two bottles of Latisse for $120. That's still twice as much as the generic. What do you think here in the RS community? Is it worth it, Why or why not? Thank you.


Three and a half months of royal lashes. I can see some growth, which is nice, but definitely not a significant change. Lashes are a bit longer, definitely not more curled. If I use an eyelash curler, they look ok. Didn't turn my blue eyes brown, btw. I gotta say, the young lady who said that if you get it in your eye, you'll get hairs in your eyes, you crack me up! If that were true, there would be a lot of glaucoma patients with hairy eyeballs, lol! This will be my last royal lashes post. I'll be getting eyelid surgery soon, which will make it hard to tell what eyelash improvements are from. Maybe in several months I'll try careprost to see if it's any better. Thanks for reading, and sharing your input!

February 4, 2017 update

Here are some photos from today. I'll try to load one from October 2016 for comparison.
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