34 Year Old Female Very Overweight - Las Vegas, NV

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I've been dieting for the past 6 years. I lost...

I've been dieting for the past 6 years. I lost 79lbs at one point and gained more than half. That was over 3 years ago. My recent diet was a very strict low carb diet. I was on that for 1 year. Then Thanksgiving 2015 happened. I went crazy with carbs! I could not get back on track. I gained back what I lost plus 20 additional pounds!!! I just can't seem to keep it off.

I've made up my mind. I want the gastric sleeve. I have my first appointment tomorrow. I'll be seeing Dr. Hanna, Bernie here in Las Vegas. I have read great reviews. My insurance covers the procedure but only up to $7,500. So we'll see what the out-of-pocket expense will be. I'm willing to rob a bank to get this surgery. Lol I'm kidding but I'll take a loan or whatever it takes. Will update after my appointment. I hope and pray
I have surgery this year sometime. I don't want it to take forever.

1st appointment is today.

I'm here in the waiting room. Im axious. I know this is what I want.

1st appointment completed

I met Dr Hanna and loved him! I had all my questions answered. I'll have to be on a 3 month diet, my Aetna insurance requires this. I will have at least 12 different appointments to complete. I'm feeling overwhelmed but it must be done. I won't even know my out of pocket expense until every appointment is done. That's the only complaint. I need an ECHO of my heart, upper GI test, letter of recommendation from pcp, psyche eval, nutritionist appointment once a month, gastric appointment once a month. I wish I was just paying cash!! ????

Gastric sleeve not gastric bypass

I clicked on gastric bypass and I can't change it. I'm trying to do the gastric sleeve.

Almost done with required appointments!

I have one more appointment this Friday. I passed the psych eval. Now I need a cardiac clearance. Can't wait till its all done.

Last appt for clearance!!!

So today is it. Last hoop I had to jump thru. I'm at the cardiologist getting cleared for surgery. It has been a loooooong process. My insurance better approve me for this.

I'm getting sleeved November!30th!!!!'

It's been a long road but my insurance approved my surgery. I'm scheduled for surgery Nov. 30th. I'm
getting nervous now though.

Some pics I took today...

Ok These will be my before pics pretty soon

Hospital wants 9k!!!!!

I'm so discouraged right now! My surgery is supposed to be November 30th and my surgeons office called me to let me know the hospital says their portion is $9,553!!!! I know my benefits state I pay a $1000 dollar deductible plus a hospital fee for inpatient. I called my insurance company and they have no clue why this facility wants to charge me this astronomical amount. I can't talk to nobody there because it's a 4 day weekend (Thanksgiving) I feel like they're just trying to get money out of me, or maybe they're looking at a different patients information?? I don't know... We'll see what happens this Monday when I call. I know there's no way I can pay that. I want to go to TIjuana now. I've heard Dr. Maytorena is great but my husband hates the idea.

Back on for surgery December12th!

It's been a long difficult road to get to where I'm at right now. My surgery was rescheduled from November 30th to December 12th. The hospital wants a minimum of $6,000.00 of the $9,600.00. My beautiful family really came thru for me. They all pitched in and I have exactly $6,000.00 for this surgery. I was very upset that they're charging me that much but I guess there's a clause written into my Aetna plan that members don't see, ridiculous right? Oh well I know I want this surgery without a doubt.

I'm sleeved

My surgery was yesterday. When I woke up it was the most horrific pain and nausea of my life. I thought I might die! It was awful. My surgery was at 8am but by 11pm I began to feel better. They gave me so many anti nausea meds and NONE helped me. The same goes for the pain meds. I've walked around a lot but the gas seems to be "stuck" below my diaphragm. I immediately regretted doing this after waking from surgery. Well hoping the worst is over. My highest weight was 299lbs surgery weight was 281lbs

3 months out/down 52lbs

Hi guys it's been a little while. Ok so here's my update. I'm down 52lbs. so far. My surgery was almost 3 months ago on December 12th 2016. I can't tell by my appearance yet, but my clothes are getting bigger and tying my shoes is a lot easier. I feel better. The 1st week was rough but so far I'd say it worth it. I was scared I'd be that tiny percent and have a leak, clot etc but I thank God it's all gone well. Im rating most foods now. Getting full now isn't the same as before. The sensation is different. I don't get that full satisfied feeling anymore. It just kinda hurts then I know I'm full. Other times I get a little sick. I'm still adjusting I can only eat about 3 or 4 spoonfuls of solid food. I'm struggling on getting my water, vitamins and protein in:( I know my blood work will reflect that. It's hard to take everything they want me to... I haven't got a handle on they yet. Here's a recent picture

Down 87 lbs

I feel sooo much better lots of energy and more confidence for sure. Here's my updated picture

Progress pic

Las Vegas Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Bernie Hanna but I've not met him yet.

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