Finally Got the Courage to Get Lasik at 40. Las Vegas, NV

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I have been wearing glasses and contacts since i...

I have been wearing glasses and contacts since i was 7 years old, and finally at 40 decided to take the plunge and get my lasik done. I have always been curious, but because watching too many youtube videos showing doctors cutting corneal flaps with a blade, i always chickened out. Fast forward to the new technology of bladeless lasik, i finally decided to go to a free consult to see if i was even a candidate. After some quick eye tests (no air puff) I was informed that i was in fact a perfect candidate and my cornea was thick enough to tolerate my high prescription (-6.00).
After much consideration and more youtube videos, i decided to make the pre-op appointment. As i have gotten older, my eyes have started to reject every brand of contacts and wearing glasses everyday was not an option either. The pre-op consisted of more of the same eye measurements and eye dilation to see into the back of my eyes. The doctor told me they do that to make sure the vision issue is just due to the front lens and not anything medical going on in the back of the eye itself. I was then given an Rx for the eye drops i would be using after surgery along with an optional valium script.
During the day of surgery i had a light breakfast after scrubbing my eye area to make sure i had no lingering mascara or anything that could cause problems. I packed up my eyedrops and a couple of sleeping pills so i could take them on the drive home to make sure i would be nice and tired once i got home. When i arrived at the doctors office i was yet once again taken to have my eye measurements done-they want to triple check everything to make sure they have it all perfect. I also opted for the advanced wavefront lasik which maps out your eye to customize the treatment so I'm sure that also accounted for the multiple testing. The staff also performed a dry eye test by numbing my eyes with eye drops and sticking little tabs into the bottom lids to measure tear production.
After the last tests were done, Dr Rothman came into the room where the patients were chatting and gave us a thorough detail of what to expect and answered all our questions. He was very kind and had an excellent way of making me feel calm about what was about to happen. When it was my turn i was taken back to the surgical area where numbing drops were placed in both my eyes. I then laid down on the bed and tried to relax the best i could. The doctor was really good at explaining what was going on and other then the pressure on my eyeball from the suction of the intralase laser to make the flap, there was no discomfort at all. The whole procedure lasted under 10 minutes and was over before i knew it. I would recommend anyone opting for the Valium to know what they can handle before taking it. I am a light weight so i only took half and did fine, but others in my surgery group took the whole pill and were having trouble focusing on the laser and walking around after the surgery. Having heard previous stories on here of people risking their treatment being cancelled due to not being able to focus on the laser after taking the Valium, i was very aware of how much i wanted to take.
After the treatment my vision was a little blurry but not bad. I could already tell i could see better. The doctor put collagen plugs into my tear ducts to help with any dry eye side effects. About 20 min after the treatment my eyes started to burn ( much like when you get soap in your eye) so i made sure i went straight to bed once i got home. I woke up about 3 hours later with my eyes glued together from the eye drops but after gently forcing them open i was able to add my natural tear eye drops which helped a bunch. I also had the feeling of something in my eye much like an eyelash, but i was told to expect this so i went back to sleep for a few more hours. I kept my eyes closed the rest of the afternoon/night listening to audiobooks and listening to the tv. I also kept myself on a regular schedule of tylenol to make sure i kept any pain under control. The next morning i had no pain and could see WAY better then i ever have in my life. It was like everything was in HD. My husband drove me back to the doctor and after getting yet another eye test i came back with 20/15 vision for the first time in my life!!!!
Its been 2 weeks since my surgery as i write this, and i can honestly say this is the best thing i have ever done. I can see perfectly and have had zero issues or complications. Other then the initial stinging after surgery which i mostly slept through, i have had no pain what so ever.
I highly recommend Dr. Rothman and his staff!
Dr Rothman

Excellent doctor-very calming and took the time to make sure i was comfortable.

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