Got It Done Yesterday! Thought I Was Dying the First 10 Minutes - Las Vegas, Nv

The first 10minutes was very painful. I...

The first 10minutes was very painful. I hyperventilated and was dizzy and couldn't hear out of my two ears and almost blacked out/threw up. But the staff lady helped out a lot, she was great. I had a cold cloth on my forehead and leaned back on a pillow and closed my eyes. After another 5mins the pain got more tolerable and I was able to stay there the whole hour without them stopping the machine. She said the machine can only be stopped and re-started once so I didn't want to risk it,but I seriously thought I was dying for the first 5-10mins. It was like super intense menstrual pain and I felt I couldn't breath. But maybe I was just more scared and being a drama queen hehe.

The pain really did get manageable after that. I was able to walk out normally and do my daily activities and even drive the whole day on day 2. It just feels really swollen and like a very extreme work/out soreness and skin is very numb/itchy sometimes but can't be scratched properly/ and overly sensitive to accidental touch that otherwise might not bother you normally. I do look fatter then before because Im swollen and have to wear a soft loose top. I'm skinny but now I kind of look preggers now and the treated area is numb and hard lol. Hoping that the pain won't get much worse in the next few days, but right now it's very tolerable but I do stay away from overly strenuous movements.
Will update in next few days.

Been 6days now and day 4,5 was hurting a bit more...

Been 6days now and day 4,5 was hurting a bit more (Although it was also that time of the month for me), it might have been menstrual cramps (usually i don't have those) or excess gas, but the pain in my stomach was keeping me up at night. Feels like a stomach cramp, first few days felt like a numb muscle cramp. Some inching comes and goes, I put Sarna lotion on, not sure if it helped too much. The pain has been pretty bearable so far, no pills yet. But I do feel bloated. Also I have been wearing loose dresses, the first few days contact with skin of any clothes hurt, now on day 6 its a little bit better. Will update again.

The end of week one was probably the most painful,...

The end of week one was probably the most painful, can barely stand lose fit dresses and kept waking up at night because of some sharp pains. I guess pain would be a strong 6 out of 10 and pretty uncomfortable for days 6-9 after procedure. Day 10-14 pain has subsided but itch has begun, feels and looks (at times) like a sunburn that comes and goes in the treated area. It was pretty itchy 2weeks after the procedure and still is, on day 16. I have been using Sarna. Doing my regular yoga has me unable to do the pose that required you to have stomach to floor contact for now,but the level of uncomfort is pretty mild. I also seem to notice the stomach kid of flattening out, but im probably just imagining it for now because it's still too early to tell :) Will see on week 6and after if it has actually worked!

Pai subsided within days of last review and I...

Pai subsided within days of last review and I didnt feel anything painful anymore. All feeling restored and numbness gone as soon as pain stopped. Two months later stomach looks noticeably thinner and I have gotten compliments and people saying I lost wieght, but I still weight about the same. Its not completely flat but much flatter and smoother without the roll and less of a muffin top and I can actually feel my muscles underneath again! Overall the procedure and pain was worth it and Im thinking to have it done one more time just to have it completely flat. Although I am actually haappy with the way it looks and will probably just leave my stomach as is and work out more because this gae me the confidence boost to look een better and to maintain a flat stomach:)
Ageless Forever (Garcia?)

Will see the results, but care provided during procedure was excellent. Good results after about 2months!

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