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I've been browsing this site for a while now, and...

I've been browsing this site for a while now, and it's really hard to find reviews for butt implants without fat transfer! So I decided that I would post my own experiences, hopefully they will help others!

I am 5'3, weigh 110-115, not interested in bbl at this time. I had a hard time selecting a dr and I posted to this site for opinions but never really got any feedback on it. I am going with Dr Lane Smith out of Las Vegas. I like his credentials (Stanford, Mayo Clinic, etc) and the fact that there are no lawsuits/ actions against him listed with the Nevada Medical Board. I like the results on his website a lot and his office girls said they are implants only, that he doesn't do fat transfer.

I don't live in Nevada so I am flying in on Sat Jan 11. My surgery is scheduled for Tues Jan 14. I'm flying home Jan 23rd. My plane ride will be 2 & 1/2 hours- I'm nervous about sitting on my new butt because I don't want to mess up my results lol but Dr Smith's office assured me that it will be fine.

I am nervous about what my final results will be! I wish I knew for sure EXACTLY what my booty would look like when it's done! I have played with that plastic surgery app a little but it's not the same as the real thing lol. I'm not too nervous about recovery or anything. I have breast implants so I know recovery SUCKS. I have a super-low pain tolerance but I figure I'll just dose up and spend a lot of time sleeping!

I met a wonderful girl on Realself who lives in Vegas and was kind enough to send me a video of the implants at Smith's office- THANK YOU Evan!!! I'm still so curious to know what they will feel like tho.
10 more days!!

5 days to go!

OK, super-quick update:
Got my lab work done a few days ago (cost $200 without insurance). I went to AnyLabTestNow because they promised to get my results back in few days and Quest (which was where I was originally going to go) said it would take a week... I didn't want to chance the results not being in before my surgery date! It only took 2 days to the results to come back so I am good to go!
My prescriptions cost $140 for all of it (without insurance) but I have some sort of discount card for that so it only costs me $65

Everything went great!

First let me say I am glad I picked the doctor I did. My new booty looks AMAZING. It's not gigantic...I originally did want it bigger but you can only go as big as your frame/ muscles will allow for implants under the muscle, otherwise the implants will show and make it look bad. Dr Smith did say that if I really want it bigger, I can wait awhile (I think he said a year-ish? I have a bad memory lol) and the muscles adjust and then you can get a larger size put in. BUT even though in the beginning I wanted something super-big (the kind that makes you stop and look and think 'that's so big it HAS to be fake!') I know that's not realistic and honestly I don't think I would be very happy for long with something that big. Also one of my big concerns was getting a perfect, beautiful, round, EVEN, bubble butt and with the really big ones sometimes they are lumpy-ish looking around the edges AND the weight of the big ones make them sag quicker and I want my butt to be a perky bubble butt not just a big blob. I am really happy with the size that I have. A little bit bigger would be great, but I don't look at my booty and think 'I wish it was bigger'. I look at my booty and think 'Damn I look good!!'
MY BUTT LOOKS AMAZING! You can't see the edges of the implants, and they are perfectly even! (that was another thing I was worried about- I've seen stories from girls where it was higher on one side). Dr Smith is a true artist and my booty is an absolute masterpiece! I think that he really is very artistic and has a really great eye for what will make you look super-sexy. He also was very open to all of my questions and concerns and seemed to truly care about making sure I was happy- which is a wonderful bonus but the most important thing to me, that he REALLY delivered on, was giving me a perfect butt! It's not weird-looking, or misshapen, or uneven, or lumpy. And it looks fabulous both naked and in pants (I haven't tried any jeans yet, just stretch/ yoga pants/ leggings lol) which is another thing- I've seen some girls w/ implants that look great in clothes but weird naked, or they look good naked but in pants their butt looks either too pointy or has that kinda saggy, dirty-diaper look. I love how my booty looks both in and out of clothes! I know you girls all want to see pictures, and I will post some soon. I have to wear this garment for a couple more weeks and it squishes my butt. My butt still looks WAAAAAY bigger than it did before, but I have noticed that when I take the garment off to shower, after my butt has been out for a while it gets bigger, like it relaxes out or something. I've seen this mentioned in other reviews as well.
I also really liked the anesthesiologist that works with Dr Smith. His name is Dr Crowley and he made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous about being put under, I was scared that maybe I would stop breathing and no one would notice lol, which I know is ridiculous but I have anxiety about all sorts of stupid stuff! But they monitor everything just like they would in a hospital and Dr Crowley made me feel like I was in good hands. He called me both before the surgery and after to check and see how I was doing. He said he has a lot of years of experience w/ anesthesia (I think he said he had been doing it for 20 yrs ?? Bad memory again lol). I do remember that he said he has a 100% safety record. I didn't check out his certifications or anything about him w/ the Nevada Medical Board (I hadn't even thought about checking out the anesthesiologist, just the surgeon lol, and now that I'm done I don't have any reason to go look at all of that).
So in my opinion, the most important person would be the surgeon, second would be the anesthesiologist, and good staff at the surgeon's office would be great but not critical. Dr Smith & Dr Crowley were amazing. I was very impressed by both of them. Dr Smith's staff was just kind of so-so though. The nurse who did my IV and everything right before my surgery was nice and seemed to know what she was doing. There was one other woman there who I was comfortable with, her name was Shannon. I didn't have a lot of interaction w/ most of the other ladies there to really be able to form an opinion, but there is one girl there who is pretty useless in my opinion. She doesn't seem to know anything, acts totally clueless about everything (she kept telling me to sit down- which you aren't supposed to do right after you get implants, I called in with a question about something, and she said 'ummmm, yeah, I'm sure that would be fine...' Ummm hello? that doesn't sound like she really knows the answer and didn't make me feel confident about taking any advice she had!); there was another woman there who also shouldn't be left alone w/ surgery patients lol I don't know her name or if she's new or something ?? but she didn't know anything either. The day of my surgery, when I woke up from anesthesia, she was the one in the room with me. I was still super groggy and totally out of it. She said that they were having my husband pull the car around and they would wheel me out in a wheelchair. She told me to sit down in the wheelchair. Even tho I was completely out of it, that didn't seem right to me, cuz I thought I wasn't supposed to be sitting. So I asked her 'are you sure that's ok? I thought I'm not supposed to sit??' and she said 'oh no it's fine for you to sit so we can take you to the car'. So I sat. I am SO LUCKY that my implants didn't get messed up from that! because NO, I wasn't supposed to sit! It had been less than 2 hours since my surgery! Someone (I think it was Shannon?) came in and said, 'no, she's not supposed to be sitting' so they got me back up.
I did hear though, that two of Dr Smith's best people are out on maternity leave right now, so hopefully the clueless girl is temporary and the other one is probably new.
The only other negative thing that happened was when I came in for my one week visit, to have my drains taken out the day before I flew home, I had to wait over an hour in the waiting room. Which really sucked! Luckily they have several comfy leather couches so I was able to lay down. And since we stayed in Henderson, which is like a 40 min drive, and then waiting there for over an hour, I had to go to the bathroom, and I am so super-paranoid about germs/ infection b/c I know butt implants have a way higher infection rate, and I don't live in the state w/ Dr Smith, so if I get an infection I can't really go running in to see him about it, I really didn't want to use the restroom there (it didn't look dirty or anything), AND I'm still peeing standing up which makes it REALLY difficult to go to the bathroom w/o my urinal thingy or at least having a cup! But Shannon did let me use the pre-op room bathroom, which is easier to use and made me feel better about germs and she also got me a disposable cup to use. I'm not sure what was going on that day, because I had 3 other appointments after my surgery (before this last one where I had to wait so long) and they got me back immediately, the longest wait I had was like 2 minutes. All the other times I went in the morning tho, and the last one where I had to wait so long was late afternoon.
The things I didn't like are so small tho compared to getting such a great result from my surgery. There were so many things I was worried about- nerve damage (I don't have any that I can tell so far), bad results (my butt looks beautiful and even and doesn't even look like I have implants, just looks like I have a bigger butt), INFECTION (none so far, and Dr Smith takes it very seriously- he's very proactive about preventing it), sciatic nerve issues (I was really worried about this, the implant pushing against the sciatic nerve or it sciatic nerve getting damaged during surgery and then having to live w/ that horrible annoying pain/ discomfort down my leg for the rest of my life! but I have no issues there! YAY!).
Dr Smith was more expensive than a lot of the other surgeons I looked at, but he is incredibly skilled and I am so glad that I went with him. I have no regrets so far about my surgery or my doctor. I consider it one of the absolute best things I have ever done for myself, and I highly recommend him as a doctor for butt implants. I did find out he does also do fat transfer/ BBL but I don't know anything about his skills in that area so can't speak on that. But for implants- he's a master!
I have so much more to post but it's going to have to wait for another day. Oh wait, I'll post about my implants really quickly

Info on my implants

I am 5'3-5'4 and weigh 113. I got Silimed (it's the only ones Dr Smith uses for butt implants and they are a little softer than the other brands for butt implants). I got round size Large (340 cc) under the muscle (I think it's technically a pocket inside the muscle).

Being on your stomach sucks!

I'm at the 2 wk mark today. One of the worst parts is being on my stomach all the time! When I sleep at night I wake up with really achy elbows (I guess from my arms being bent under me ??). I'm not sitting yet (other than my 2 & 1/2 hr plane ride when I came home last week, and driving this morning- see below haha), I'm scared to sit much before the 3 week mark.

I'm still walking funny lol but it's starting to get a little better.

I tried driving for the first time today. It sucked. I was only in the car for 10 min but it's NOT comfortable at all. I still haven't tried sitting directly on my butt, I sit w/ a pillow under my thighs and one behind me so that my butt doesn't touch. Moving my legs to reach the brake/ gas was uncomfortable. I don't know how anyone goes back to work (especially to a job where they sit all day!) after 2 wks. I don't think I could do it.

If I stand/ walk for long I start getting achy-feeling. It's not nearly as bad now as it was in the beginning, but I can tell when I'm starting to overdo it.

My incision site is healing really well. I had drains in, they were taken out 6 days ago (OMG that was one of the absolute WORST parts- having the drains taken out. It hurts SO BADLY when they pull them out. I think they should have given me a damn shot of Demerol first or something lol). The holes are closed and healing well. They leaked a little for the first couple days. I put bacitracin on them every day. I used gauze pads on them for the first several days, them switched to bandaids, now I don't need anything at all on them.

It's still hard to put my pants on by myself. It's REALLY hard to pick anything up off the floor!

My husband can't keep his hands off me, I might feel better if I actually waited the full 3 wks that the Dr said to wait before sex lol. We didn't even make it a week, it's possible to do it, but you have to be VERY careful, and it probably does set your recovery back a little haha. But I didn't really have to do anything at all for myself for the first week and a half, so it probably evens out, he helped me in and out of bed, helped me shower (he even shaved my legs when I started bemoaning the fact that I was beginning to look like a hippy lol), brought me food (and lots of water). I think it probably makes a world of difference, having someone help you. I can't imagine how anyone could do recovery by themselves! Having someone there full-time for at least the first few days is critical, in my opinion. I couldn't remember what meds I had taken/ when, there's no way I could have done my drains by myself, got myself food, got in and out of bed by myself, anything. You definitely need help!

There is no way in hell I could have gotten the stupid garment on by myself either! I don't think I even could now, altho I haven't tried it.

Going to the bathroom in the beginning- I tried using a cup, cuz I read reviews where they said they didn't need the female urinal & just used a cup... it must have been a much bigger cup than I had lol, cuz I had to stop peeing in the middle cuz the cup was almost full. & as far as the reviews that say you can just go in the shower... it's hard to get in and out of the bathtub, especially in the beginning. I would definitely recommend a urinal! Possibly the best $10 I spent. As far as #2... I think I finally went on day 4. I drank milk of magnesia several times a day for a day and a half and nothing happened lol. Finally I added a Fiber One bar, and a while later I was able to go. (this is probably TMI but the combination of the 2 -or something- made it so that it came out super easy- if you know what I mean- which was good cuz it wasn't difficult at all, but bad cuz, ummm, gross.)

Make sure you have (flushable) wipes and hibbacleanse soap. I also have antibacterial hand soap, antibacterial body wash, hand sanitizer, and Lysol lol.


I have seen a few inquiries from girls that want to get boobs and butt done at the same time. I had my boobs done years ago, and from my experience getting both breast and butt implants (at separate times), I really advise against doing both at the same time. When I got my breasts done, I couldn't lift my arms above my head, couldn't lift anything, had no upper-body strength at all, had to lay on my back... when I got my butt done, I use my arms for everything! In the beginning, when it's super hard to walk, you hang onto something to walk, use your arms to pull yourself in and out of bed (even with help), use your arms to change positions on the bed, use your arms to prop yourself up (on your elbows) so you don't spend all day and night with your face buried in a pillow lol. Plus I lay on my stomach all the time and if I had just got breast implants the pain would be horrendous and you would probably screw up your results by either laying on your new boobs or laying on your new butt. And I don't remember about breast implants cuz it's been years since I got mine but with butt implants you can't lay on your side for several weeks.

So I would say- just an all around bad idea. If you want both, do them separately.
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