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I have 450cc round now. Did this 3 times w Dr...

I have 450cc round now. Did this 3 times w Dr Smith in Vegas. I would not recommend him for butts. For nose and boobs he great but the rear is not his best. For starters he claims to only have 3 sizes. I have the largest he claims my scar is so bad n day out of surgery I was so happy but I was swollen once that went down it looked like the two prior surgeries. So I consulted w Dr Stanton he quoted to fix n replace 12500 w 480 cc oval implants. I just don't feel that will give me the projection or fullness I want. So setting up a consult a Dr grawe since I see that she does custom n gives I what I want although her consultation is 150 if I do phone consult or via email but in office consult is free. Which I felt is weird but if she can get me to my goal then at least the money will go towards surgery. Dr S assistant Monday is sees omen answered all questions right away nice lady. And I would go a Dr s but don't want to throw more money down the drain if he isn't willing to get me at where I want which is the only reason I am considering Dr g. I will update who I use n status. I'm wanting to fix this asap so I can stop feeling so insecure

Getting 4th butt job by Dr grawe on July 8th

Trying to pick what implant I want. I don't know if I should go round or oval. I can't keep doing this. The cost and the insecurities is just to much. I need to get it right this last time or I'm done trying.

Pics after my surgery e dr rocky grawe.

715 oval custom implants

715 oval custom implants

Dr Rory grawe is the best

More pics of new butt

Just posting more pics will keep doing so cause I know picking the right doctor and getting what u want and pay for is so important. And I want people to feel as happy as I do w their results.

More pics

Hope this helps you ladies. No bbl just implants.
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