44 Y/o Female, Two Kids... Much Desire for a Nicer Back Side - Las Vegas , NV

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Hello ladies! I've been on this website for the...

Hello ladies!
I've been on this website for the last 3 months, following the journey of all you brave wonderful people... I have leaned so much, thank you for posting your stories.
I've always felt comfortable in my body " butt " have always thought a little bit more booty would certainly be amazing, and so I'm take the journey! After much research and all the help from all of you on this site, I was conflicted between Dr. Gongora in Mexico or Dr. Lane Smith. I've followed both of these doctors work and I think they are both amazing! The cost believe it or not was $200. Cheaper with Smith vs Gongora, however Gongora's estimate included a little lipo of the back and thighs ( which I feel I don't really need it, so why put my body through the additional stress ) and 5 days at their on site recovery center w 24 hour nursing staff including food and drinks, ( no pre antibiotics or post surgery pain meds included, you have to pay that yourself ) also one person was allowed to come stay w me for free ( I'm not sure if that persons food was included )
Smoking deal right?! Well although w Dr. Smith my money is for the implants and follow up care only, I thought long and hard about the potential for infection with this already HIGH risk surgery, and add to the mix traveling to Mexico not only once post 5 day surgery to come home but again 9 days later return to Mexico to remove the drains, AND after meeting with DR. Smith in person ( BTW I live in Las Vegas ) I absolutely felt this was the doctor for me! He spent an hour explaining every option, potiental complications and how he would resolve them immediately in his on site and staffed facility. He also stressed significantly that sitting in any length of time post 3 week frame time of the surgery increases the risk for infection significantly, well he had me at hello, my consultation with DR. Smith completely made me comfortable and I know I'll be in the best hands come my surgery date... Him and of course GOD's good grace guiding him and looking over me! I'll keep you posted ladies, I am extremely excited and I can't wait to share my journey w all of you!
Dr. Lane Smth

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