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Hi my surgery will be on March 5th Am really...

Hi my surgery will be on March 5th
Am really nervous. But exited
Am really short and skinny 4'10 and 90lbs To be exact.
This might sounds weird but I see all the girls from here talking about 350cc
But my doctor just told me about Medium-Large. So I want to see if someone can explain that to me if you guys can.

This my wish pic

This two r the only two pictures that I really like

Only 1 day left

Am so excited idk what to think. I just that everything goes well. My boyfriend is more excited than me idk why lol
He keep counting the days . I will keep you guys update about everything wish me look :)

1 day after surgery

Hey girls thank you for all the nice stuff you guys said on my page . Yesterday was the biggest experience of my life. The staff of Dr.Smith is amazing ,him too He was joking around with me and my boyfriend when he was taking the before pictures . I have my family support on all w.e I diced on my life so they being a really big help now . My bf is been all night w me as my assistant lol
He been so sweet helping with everything .
Well let tell you guys about when I woke up. I was on pain crying like a lil kid my nurse put me something on vain for the pain and idk when she took me to my bf car. I was kind of high lol . My butt hurts even w my medicine but I can handle it. Now am just chilling until I can get my drains out. I have to go back today 3/6/15
To a check out . And I got a picture for u guys I can't take my girdle off so am just showing a lil bit

3 weeks

Hey guys sorry I haven't Update my progress . I still with my garment on and I don't want to take any pictures until my doctor take out my stitches .
My butt look way better than before. Looks real natural I never asked for something super big because am so short . And my doctor always told me that it won't look natural if i go more than 300cc . So I always wanf my back to look natural.
As soon am ready I will take some pictures

Almost a month

Hey guys sorry I didn't post a lot of pics. I took this pic yesterday and I want to show you guys.
I feel great , just a lil weird putting my legs . But am doing good I have to go to see my doctor every week to check on me. But until now everything is good.
I have some pics to show you guys. Let me know wht you guys think

One of my pics

Is almost two moths and I still loving my butt.
De smith

Dr. Smith

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