Having Trouble Resisting a Smoke Here and There Before Surgery - Las Vegas, NV

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Hello, I am scheduled to have my BR next friday...

Hello, I am scheduled to have my BR next friday and quitting smoking completly has been really hard for me. I initially stopped on June 20, everything was fine and then I drank alcohol on July 4th which of course made me crave a cigarrette. In my stuper i had one (just one). Then this week i was robbed (Bank Fraud, someone used my checking account number and routing number to purchase thousands of dollars worth of merchandise electronically) so stressed out I had another one (just one) last night. So i'm kind of worried about my surgery next friday. I don't have a ton of nicotine built up in my system so i'm crossing my fingers that I'll be fine, but i'm still a little worried.

Getting Nervous

Thank you for your responses. I actually did do the no nicotine vapor and its working pretty well. I heard from a few doctors and most say me having the one cigarette is risky but I should be fine. Definitely no smoking after surgery. I can't beleive its almost 4 days away. Ive been struggling with these stupid things for 13 years since my son was born. Ive always had big boobs but they became out of control when u got pregnant. I went from a 36D to a 38G. I have scoliosis as well so this has been agonizing! !!

Only 2 days away, having bad anxiety and second thoughts

I'm having the worst anxiety I think I've ever experianced in my life. 2 days away from surgery and i'm just a mess. On top of that I started my period yesterday and I can't take ANYTHING for my cramps! Well, my doctor said tylenol but we all know Tylenol does not work for cramps, sorry. I'm just worried about everything. My husband grabbed my boobs last night and I started thinking, "wow, he's not going to be able to touch me like that anymore" so of course then I start having second thoughts as to if I even want to do this anymore or not. Everyone on these blogs sound pretty happy especially 6-9 months after surgery so I'm just hoping I end up the same way. I just want this to be done already!!

2 days post op

Well I'm 2 days post op. I'm doing freakishly well. No pain hardly at all just super uncomfortable sleeping sitting up. I'm not allowed to take the ace bandage off for 2 more days so I have no idea what they look like yet, but I feel really small and my stomach looks huge!! I can't wait until I'm cleared to go to the gym again.
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