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I am 37 years old 5'9" and 210 pounds and my bra...

I am 37 years old 5'9" and 210 pounds and my bra size is a 40G. I have had large breast for as long as I can remember. I stumbled on this site a couple of days ago while researching breast reductions after my PS appt.. I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories and it has been just what I needed. I have always felt "alone" in this big breasted world and it has been comforting to read and see so many similar experiences and to see so much support!
I met with my PCP in May, and after giving her a list of symptoms I had been experiencing over the last 20+ plus years (neck and back pain, shoulder grooves, inability to jog/run, etc) she gave me a referral to the PS for a consultation. I had my appt. on July 24th and today I found out that the reduction was approved by my insurance company! I have thought about and talked about this for many many years but never thought it would be possible. I am now waiting for my PS office to call to schedule my pre-op appt. Per my work schedule, I am hoping to have surgery the first of November.

Save the Date

I finally got the call today....surgery is scheduled for November 7, 2013 with a 6:30am check in time. Pre-op appt. is scheduled for October 29, 2013.
I'm officially nervous!

Different View

I woke up the other morning after having a dream. In my dream I had just woken up from surgery and said to my sister, "I didn't take any before photos!" Granted I still have a ways to go, but I wanted to make sure I had some done.
So, I decided to take some photos today to post. After reading so many stories, I realized just how important and useful the before, during after photos are, not just for yourself but for others in the community here.
The photos also let me see a perspective of myself that I guess I don't really ever notice. My view is always straight down and staring at cleavage. Head on, just reminds me of how large they really are. I can't even imagine how freeing it would be to be smaller.


feeling a little nervous...

Over the course of the past week, I have read stories of women who have had some pretty scary outcomes from their reduction surgeries. I am so grateful for this site and for the brave women telling (and showing) their stories. But I have to admit, it is making me a little more nervous than before. I know there are risks involved in any surgery and that everyone's outcome and healing is different...I am just a crazy person with all this time until my big day.

A little weird

I just realized that this coming Thursday, I would have been heading into surgery but due do a scheduling conflict at work, it had to be moved. Which is all for the best, because I have been blessed with the worst cold ever! Seems like things really do happen for a reason.
I haven't really thought much about the surgery I think because it has seemed like it is so far away but this morning it really hit me that I am a month away. The only thing I have purchased so far is Dial soap! I need to get my butt in motion!

Doing a little reflecting

As I get ready for bed, I can't help but to think that tomorrow morning, I could be going into surgery instead of going to work...it isn't that I'm not ok with the new December date, it just has me a little sad I guess.

Pre-op Appointment Tomorrow

Well, it's getting down to the wire. Pre-op tomorrow morning! My mom is going to go with me and I'm so glad she is. It will be nice to have her there to hear everything that I am going to expect just incase there is anything I might miss. Knowing me, I'm going to be so nervous and excited and sad...you name it, the emotion will be there, that I may forget more than just one thing. I feel like I still have so much to do before next week.

I've also been back to perusing this site more than I had in the past month or so, reading up on everyone's stories and progress is so inspiring. Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences with us! If it weren't for this site, I don't think I would have had such an honest outlook on this procedure.

Down to the Wire

I had blood work done yesterday, and I haven't heard anything back that would prevent the surgery to take place, so I'm taking that as, no news is good news and we are on for the 5th!
So...In less than 48 hours, I will be joining so many of my "surgery friends" on the other side. Still a little anxious but so excited! I do feel better after my pre-op appointment too as far as feeling not as nervous as I was prior. The nurse was so nice and informative and made me so comfortable. Just knowing that she had worked with the Dr. for almost 20 years really helped to take that load off my mind. Let the countdown begin!

Surgery Eve

I cannot believe it is the eve of my surgery. Seems like forever ago I was at my first appointment and now here I am. After all of these months of reading everyone's stories and getting so much advice and knowledge I feel like I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be.
I worked a half day today, treated myself to a pedicure and got a lot of stuff done around the house. I even received calls from the surgery center, the Drs. office and even the anesthesiologist this evening, giving me all of those last minute reminders of what I needed to prepare for. Just those couple calls have made the anxiety a little less. Now I'm off to shower and bed...5:00 comes pretty early!

I made it

I'm finally on the other side! Like so many of you said, it was over with before I knew it. Sadly, I do not know how much was removed but I'm hoping to find out at my post op appointment next week. I also feel like I am SO small, which is such a weird thing to see. My pain is minimal, I have only taken Extra Strength Tylenol and have kept ice packs on them. (I hope I'm not speaking too soon in the pain department)
I will post my full surgery story in the next couple of days but wanted to check in and say thank you again to all the other ladies before me, who's stories and photos have been so helpful!

Surgery Story

Well now that I'm feeling a little better, I thought it would be a good time to share my experience. I arrived at the surgery center bright and early at 6:30 am with my sister and mother. The nurse called me back around 7:00am to do all of my paperwork and get me changed into my sexy open back gown and brown socks. She took me over to a bed and got me hooked up with my IV. A few minutes later, the anesthesiologist came over to talk with me and let me know what to expect. (She was surprised to find out I had never had surgery before) Dr. Ebert came by just a few minutes after her leaving to come and do my markings. He was so fast but yet spot on! It was so weird to see where things would end up. Seemed like just a few minutes had passed by and the nurse came to wheel me back to the OR. I said my "see ya laters" to my mom and sister and I was on my way. The nurse who was in the drivers seat, I don't think she had had her license for very long which actually made me laugh a little because we almost crashed into the wall. It was a nice little ice breaker for me. The first thing I remember is how cold it was in there! Like an ice box. There were 2 nurses and the anesthesiologist. They moved me onto the OR table, they were putting electrode things on, and the very last thing I remember is being told a little something was going to be put in my IV...that was it, lights out. The next thing I remember is being woken up by another nurse in the recovery room. I woke up feeling very sick and in a lot if pain. She gave me something for the nausea and Demerol for pain. My sister helped to get me dressed and then I was off to the car and next thing I knew, I was home. My mom and sister stayed for most of the day and got the kids home from school. My biggest battle was the nausea. Thank goodness I had 7-up and jello on hand and I slept for most of the day. I still can't believe it is all over.

Oh This Healing Process

Day 3 and I'm finally feeling really good. I did not nap today and actually was up walking around more. Not feeling so much like a zombie. I'm still only taking Tylenol every few hours and started to get my appetite back. I haven't been icing as much and am starting to get more tingling feelings throughout my chest area.
A couple of not so great things though...unlike most ladies, my Dr. does not want me touching the bandages, I am wrapped with this very sticky gauze that is starting to itch like crazy in certain places! What I wouldn't give for a real shower! And I was left with two electrode things on my back that I was finally able to get off today but they have left a very uncomfortable rash. It is going to be a long 4 days before my post op appointment.

The Big Reveal

I'm in my way to the Dr's office for my big unveiling. I'm so excited to get these bandages off! I have been so itchy for the past couple of days I'm surprised I didn't scratch everything off! I pray that I can shower after this...my hair is starting to look like I'm some greaser from the 50's!
I am also nervous. Nervous about the size, nervous about the shape...which I know will change over time...I'm really emotional again this morning. Hoping to post pictures today after I get home.


First and foremost I have to say just how AMAZING that first shower felt!
The Dr. Appointment went well yesterday. Felt so good to get the bandages off and the drains were a bitch coming out. Sorry, but no other way to describe it. The left side wasn't too bad but the right...oh the right how I loathe thee. It was a huge shock to see everything, especially as big as I was, I fell like I have nothing now. The other side of that is, i feel he did a great job over all. I have minimal bruising and almost more nipple sensation than I did before! The bottom parts still feel a little numb, that is a super weird feeling. It looks like there might be a little "pulling" at the bottom of the T. I was instructed to use Bacitracin and just plain ol' maxi pads. I took a couple selfies this morning. I'm hoping to post them weekly for progress.

New me

Two weeks post op

Cannot believe it has been a full two weeks! I went back to work part time this week and after my dr. appointment yesterday I was cleared to drive! He also said I could do light cardio but no yoga just yet. I did find out that approximately 3.5 pounds from the left and 2.5 removed from the right. I swear I could tell the difference this past week. So weird to me still. I bought my first size L dress yesterday? I haven't been a size L in more years than I care to remember. I am going to try to do a weekly update! Best of luck to all ladies ready to take the plunge!

Week Two

Three week update

So far so good here in week three. The spot at the T on my right breast is making me a little nervous so I called and spoke with a nurse at the dr. office and they have scheduled for me to come in tomorrow morning. I will admit it looks a little better today but I do not want to take any chances where possible infection is concerned. I also have a couple of spots where the stitches are poking out (I had dissolving sutures) so I am going to see if he can check those out too. All in all I am healing nicely though. It is still weird to put clothes on that once fit or were a little too revealing but are now huge on me or to see my reflection and think, who is that...oh yeah, that's me! As my breast are starting to settle a little but more, I have noticed that the right is bigger than the left and the nipple placement is off. Guess I got regular "normal" breast just like before. :)
I have noticed bruising in my right rib cage area and I still feel extremely bloated. (Normal bowels from day two so I don't think that is the issue) Anyone else have/had similar things happen after surgery?

2 Month Review

I cannot believe it has been 2 months since my surgery! I went to the Dr. last week and he said things look great. He was happy to see that the T spot had healed nicely too. He only needs to see me one more time for "after pictures" and unless there are any further issues, I'm in the clear.
It is so weird to see the transformation my breast have made. They are not as flat and binded as they were even a couple of weeks ago and actually feel softer and fuller...almost back to normal again.
I will admit that I miss my old breast from time to time, I still feel like he went smaller than I expected but over all, I'm satisfied. I have had zero back, shoulder and neck pain which I never thought would go away. I am also still having a hard time finding "real" bras and don't feel ready to go in for a proper fitting just yet. Some bras are a C and fit, others are too small. Same with a D. All in good time I suppose.

Photo Shoot

I have really noticed a huge change in my breast shape over the past couple of weeks. Feels like things are finally settling and softening up. I have also noticed a little "extra" on my sides so I'm hoping to ask the Dr. about it when I go Monday. My scars on the side are still pretty reddish-purple and raised on the and in the middle cleavage area. I hope over time they will fade as much as the ones around my nipple area too. I haven't used any creams or oils, I'm not sure where I stand on them. Anyone have any suggestions on ones they've tried or like better than another? I took a few photos today and I'm so happy with the shape and overall feel of them. I never thought I would feel this good!

Dang it

I hit the button and forgot my pictures...

6 Month Update

I'm just a few days shy of my 6 month anniversary. I still don't know what to think when I look in the mirror or see myself in clothes I was never able to wear before. I was just at a family BBQ this past weekend and most of them I hadn't seen since right before my surgery. They could not believe the transformation. Along with loosing weight prior to surgery (22 pounds) I have lost an additional 15 since then. It is amazing how when you are no longer all boob, you notice more of what is going on underneath where they once were. Overall I feel great! Sure, there are days where I miss them, or I keep shopping in the XXL section for tops, I'm sure that will go away with time. I am still happy with my decision and would recommend it to any woman who is feeling any type of physical or emotional discomfort or anxiety over having large breasts. Til' next time!!

8 month update

Overall I have to say, things have healed quite nicely. The scaring is really starting to fade but I swear out if nowhere, itch city!! I am finally settled into a 36-38 D. Depending on the bra maker the D can be a tad big but the C is too small. I think the extra little big of skin on the sides has something to do with it also. It has been so exciting to wear strapless rompers and dresses this summer! The other exciting thing is from August last year after my very first Dr. appointment, I weighed 232, I now weigh 185 and feel amazing!
My surgery was the best decision for me personally and often wished I'd done it soon. I still often grieve my old breasts because it was so much a part of who I was. I hope to get another update next month with done updated photos. Best of luck to any if you out there perusing this site out of curiosity or getting ready to embark on this journey!
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