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I am almost 27 years old (I will be by the time of...

I am almost 27 years old (I will be by the time of my surgery), 5 foot (barely), 110 lbs & I am a whopping 32G, as of my last measurement, which was a few years ago. To be quite honest, the idea of blogging this experience did not even cross my mind until a friend of mine suggested I read a few reviews of breast reductions on this site from women she knew. I am a VERY private person but, ironically, I think this will help me get through it all a little bit easier. I was having a really hard time coming to the decision of actually going through with a breast reduction. Like it or not, my chest size has always been a big part of who I am. I have had many nicknames based on my being well endowed. Double D's, Tits McGee, Booby Palooza, Boobzilla etc. It’s not that I am really ecstatic about the size I am, I would love to be known for other reasons, they just seem to be the first thing that stands out to people, literally! First off, I don’t even know where they came from! I can remember being in middle school & I was just like all the other girls who didn’t really need a bra but wanted to wear one at times. Then, I woke up one morning & needed a B cup! I swear it was over night. I skipped right over the training bra & A cup part. It seems like that was all she wrote because I haven’t stopped growing since. Even now I feel like I get a little bigger every year. I have stayed the same weight for many years since becoming an "adult" so it’s not due to weight gain. After hearing some friends complain about how they lost their boobs once they started working out I tried too, hoping I might get a little smaller! Of course, I couldn’t be that lucky, I got smaller everywhere else instead & even bigger in my chest!! All of my girlfriends tell me how lucky I am to have natural boobs, how women pay big money for those things, how they wish they were big too. I don’t wish this on anyone! Yes, at first it is really nice to be one of the girls lucky enough to be natural but it gets old quick. No one looks at your face during a conversation, men hit on your boobs instead of you. I have actually popped buttons off shirts just by standing up straight, many buttons!! Once, I was hit in the face because it flew off with such force it hit the wall & came back at me! These things can be dangerous. My dad used to joke about how I would be a liability to the employer if I ever worked at Hot Dog on a Stick! I have the start of shoulder indents! I have had enough of this! I can’t buy a bra in a regular store. I can’t buy a swimsuit in a regular store. I can’t wear spaghetti straps, strapless or halter tops. My bra straps are about 2-3" wide with padding & comes in cute colors or patterns once you’re this size. Since I’m so small around its really hard to even find bras. I go into the store & the women working there tell me I’m wrong & ask if I’ve been measured before so I say, "here you go!!", while lifting my arms, "measure away!" "WOW", is the reaction from most of these women, "you really are a 32G!!" my reaction, "yeah Lady I don’t buy this size for fun!" One time I even had someone call in her coworkers to see, "this crazy girl" because she had never seen someone so small with that size natural boobs, I live in Las Vegas, so you don’t see much that’s natural! I have been called a freak by a bum on the beach followed by, "did you see that chicks huge boobs?" I am at the point where my back hurts every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day & I can’t take it anymore! Don’t get me wrong this hasn’t put my fears at bay. I am still terrified of this surgery. Terrified of the actual event. The many things that can go wrong. The surgery itself & being put under anesthesia. Terrified of how I will look after, will I be too small? Will I look like I have no figure? Will I be attractive still? What if I’m ugly? I know that it’s silly to fear these things but I can’t help it. When I went for the consult appointment my doctor was not too forthcoming with advice or opinions. He was very “it’s all up to you & how you feel” about it all. They took all the measurements & pictures & came back saying that my insurance had approved the procedure considering it medically necessary & I would only be responsible for my deductible. They said I have to have 360g (0.8lbs) from each breast removed for them to pay for the procedure. My doctor said I can have more if I want. I still haven’t decided yet. There comes a small line between taking too much & not enough & I’m afraid of both! I have scheduled the surgery for April 27, 2012. I will have 2 weeks off work for recovery. My pre-op appointment is on April 11, 2012 at which point I have to make my decision on how much to have taken out. Hopefully I will have an answer by then……….

Well I just got back from a family trip & most of...

Well I just got back from a family trip & most of my family members were pretty shocked to hear about my upcoming reduction. My younger cousins are asking why in the world I would want to do it, my older cousins wish they had the same problem. My aunt is now looking into it for herself & my other aunt told me she had one a while ago before her implants.... yes, implants!! She was so small she said she hated it & had to get implants after.

Needless to say I am even more anxious & scared to get this done.

I have my echocardiogram today for pre-op & my appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow to discuss the final size & concerns I may have...

Well yesterday was my 27th birthday!!! Uneventful...

Well yesterday was my 27th birthday!!! Uneventful to say the least haha! But, I went to the pre-op appointment last week. It was a little nerveracking signing the 22 page consent for surery & going over the checklist of all the things to to prior to, during & after surgery. I think thats why they make you come in around 2 weeks before so the nerves the appointment rattles up are gone by the day of surgery.

I am a little worried because she kept saying 400g per breast & I was told specifically 360g so I want to double check what the exact amount is. I will probably call a few days before to be sure they received all my pre-op labs & whatnot & Ill ask about the amount during that phone call.

Im still worried about being too small or too big but I guess I need to relax & go with it. I know theres a science to how they decide the amount that needs to be taken out & I need to trust in that.

I need to get a post-op bra this weekend. Any suggestions???

I did all my labs & bought my bras & ointment &...

I did all my labs & bought my bras & ointment & gauze... now its just a 7 day countdown!! The only thing Im worried about is that I havnt started my period yet. I was told to stop the bc for a month prior so I did but now I have no clue when it will come since Ive been on the pill for 10 years without interruption!!!

Does anyone know...Is it normal to be really late when stopping the pill???

I just dont want it to come the day of or right before or even after haha I want it over before I go in & now thats not really possible!

4 days To go!! I'm ridiculously nervous & I'm not...

4 days To go!! I'm ridiculously nervous & I'm not sure if it's all just pre surgical jitters or the idea that I ambit in control of anything as far as the surgery itself! I'm a bit of a control freak & I think that's some of what my anxiety stems around! I can't co trol the outcome! I can't decide how big or small I will end up. I can't pre-plan anything! I can't buy shirts or bras because my PS says he has no idea what size I'll end up! I hate the not knowing part. I need to keep busy the next few days so I'm not able to worry & think about it too much.

I went swimming yesterday! Vegas, beautiful Vegas! It was 92 degrees & beautiful outside. But trying to find a swim suit top thy covered me enough to go to a pool on the strip was quite a daunting task! It makes me remember why I'm doing this in the first place. I have no clothes that flatter me & I can't even go to a public pool & feel Comfortable!

I still havnt started my cycle yet ahhh praying it doesn't show up at the worst possible time!
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