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My breast reduction is tomorrow! I had a TT...

My breast reduction is tomorrow! I had a TT 10/2012, which is fully documented on this site! I am now ready for my BR. Been wanting this for soooo long, and I cannot believe tomorrow morning is the day!! I have been lurking for about a month now...I will update as soon as I can after surgery! Thanks to everyone for sharing their story!

2 days Post Op Breast Reduction

Hi everyone! So glad to be on the healing side of this! Apparently my tolerance for anesthesia is diminishing. Spent the day of surgery vomiting profusely! No fun! My husband is a saint!

I had my first post op visit yesterday, and 1 day PO. I have felt NO pain whatsoever in my breast area. I have not taken any pain meds. PS said he is shocked that I don't have any pain, but very happy. I got to see the finished product, and first words out of my mouth were "Aren't they cute??!!" Due to the minimal drainage, I got my drains out as well. I didn't even feel it! Yay!

I was cleared to take a shower, actually encouraged to do so. So I will tackle that today! I am having a hard time sleeping, and I don't know why. Last night I finally propped myself on my side and was able to get a few hours in. I have NO pain in the breast area, but my neck, back, and stomach are sore as can be! Stomach is from coughing so much due to the breathing tube during surgery. PS said that should subside in 1-2 days. Before surgery, the anesthesiologist explained that I may have to unexplained muscle soreness after surgery, due to one of the medications he uses for anesthesia...succinylcoline. So taking a few tylenol and using a heating pad for that.

I was told NOT to use ice on my breasts, as ice inhibits blood flow, and blood flow is needed for healing. It's interesting to hear and read so many different opinions on here. I've read so many people are told to use ice.

I will post some pics very soon...I'll take some when I take my shower!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!
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