Doing My Research

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I want the perkiness of my pre baby breasts but...

I want the perkiness of my pre baby breasts but the fullness, cleavage and projection you see in my wish boob photos! I was a small C cup before baby and grew to a DD cup while pregnant. I nursed for almost 3 years... Now I am left with loose skin and deflated chest. I am active and enjoy working out. I like my body. I just want to feel sexy again in clothes, bikinis, and most of all naked! I also want to be able to go bra-less in dresses that don't work with a bra. Most importantly I just want to boost my confidence again by feeling more comfortable in my body.
I have two consultations scheduled for May (next month) Very excited to take the next step.

First Consultation

My first consultation was with Dr. Hayley Brown on May 17th. She seemed nice but unfortunately her vibe was not overly impressive or genuine. I was kind of put off by the fact that the visit just didn't seem very personal and was brief. She confirmed everything I already knew. She agreed that I'd need a lift to maximize the results I want. I told her that I'd choose high profile, silicone, under the muscle and she said she could tell that I've done my research because that's what she'd suggest as well. I tried on 450cc rice sizers in a bra. That seems like a nice size to me, not too big or too small for my frame. I want to say the estimated cost was somewhere around $9,000-9,900? Definitely pricey but what can you expect?, After all, it IS Las Vegas! lol

Wishy Washy Thoughts!!

You may have noticed that my first consult was in May but I haven't updated until 3 months later. The reason is because I couldn't decide if I should put off the surgery until after I am absolutely sure that I am done having babies. Besides the cost, I would say uncertainty towards baby #2, has been my other big hinderance. On the one hand, I'd like another child but on the other hand, I am also very content with the one child I currently have. Most of all, I miss feeling completely sexy and confident in my own skin. As silly as it may sound, my round, firm, perky pre-baby breasts did contribute to my self image and self esteem, so without them it kind of feels like something is missing.

Its been a very tough decision but I'm going to move ahead with this journey. I am going to schedule future consults in September, preferably with Dr. Khorsandi, Dr. Hankins, and Dr. Roth. Ideally, I'd love to have my surgery complete before the end of this year, so that I'll be all healed up for next Spring/Summer. (Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas to me!)

Wish Boobs!!

Here are a few women with C Cups that I think look very nice. However they are all shorter than me and weigh much less. Therefore, I don't know if I will be satisfied with a C Cup. Maybe I should go with a small D for my frame? Still deciding and will post my D cup wish boobs as well.

Miscarriage Update

Happy New Year all. I hope everyone is doing well. So August (2016) in my last post, I was debating whether to have another child or get my boobs done (decisions, decisions right? lol) Well as fate would have it, I got pregnant that September so I cancelled all my scheduled surgery consultations. Then in October, fate stepped in again when I miscarried. It was very sad and very unexpected. Its been almost three months of healing from my D & C procedure, so I'd like to revisit the idea of a breast aug, while I hold off on any more pregnancies.

Pre-Op chest

Well I guess this is probably the hardest part for most of us...posting pre-op photos! But I'm sure I will be able to appreciate the before and after pics oneday in the future.
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