23 Years Old. Lift and 533 CC Allegran Implant on Right 457 on Left. Las Vegas, NV

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I never loved the shape of my boobs and thought...

I never loved the shape of my boobs and thought that my body should hold bigger boobs than I had. It was weird because when I wore a bra they looked huge but then when I took it off they were like the disappearing boobie act! Decided it was time to act so I looked at reviews online and found Dr. Khorsandi in Vegas. I went in and had a consultation then was scheduled for surgery a week later! I trusted his recommendations fully and basically went with everything that he thought would look best because he really knew what he was talking about and how to achieve the best result.

He doesn't fluff around and tell you what you want to hear but he tells you what you need to hear in order to get the best results. He told me I needed a little bit of a lift. I was reluctant about that because I didn't want to have the vertical scar. I decided to go with it because if I don't get one now I would need one soon anyway so might as well knock it all out of the park now. He said for the best results for me possible I should stick with his recommendations, if not then he said I should probably find somewhere else because he wants to retain his reputation of good results. He said the lift is what I need and other doctors would maybe try to just tell me what I want to hear and say I didn't and just try and put 1000 cc implants in me without a lift and call it a day. I realize how absurd that would end up looking. I am actually glad he said this because it shows that he ultimately has your best interests in mind and doesn't bull shit around telling you what you want to hear just to get your money and send you on your way. Well I will continue to update as the healing process commences.

Day six post op and cruising along!

Today is my 6th day of just laying around eating lol! I've been drinking a lot of water. I have stopped taking the pain medication and am just about done with the antibiotics and everything. Embarrassing fact but expect not to go #2 after your surgery for a few days.

I didn't really have much pain at all from my surgery. More just annoying than anything because you have to try and limit all your activity. Since I didn't feel pain I felt I could do everything basically as I normally would but knowing I shouldn't I've been stopping myself a lot. Sleeping on my back is getting a little old. As far as results go... I am happy with my results so far. I have a bit of swelling on the underneath. I'll try and post some pics of that later if anyone is interested lol

7 day post op photo

Okay here is another photo. It is now day 7. Hopefully I get the annoying bandages and stuff off at my 1 week post op appointment with my surgeon tomorrow :D They are pretty itchy and I am so ready to take them off! I just pulled down one side so you can see what it looks like underneath. He told me at my 1 day post op appointment to just take bird baths for a week which i've been doing. Ready to take a normal shower! You can sort of see the swelling on the bottom. It's not horrible or anything but it's something.

I used to think that I did not want these scars and would avoid it at almost all costs if I could but now I'm just like eff it....the scars are totally worth having a nice shape. And I figured since I am relatively young they will heal well and disappear eventually. Another concern that I had in doing all this is I want to be able to breast feed when I eventually have children and I know there is a slight chance that someone who has a lift and implants wont be able too. I have full sensation in my nipples and everything so I won't even put thoughts of not being able to in my mind!

I really am so happy I got this done! I told my sister and my best friends. My sister doesn't really approve but all my friends do which is nice. Well that's todays update. If anything interesting happens at the doctors tomorrow i'll add it in. Tata for now! ;)

Day 9 Entry - updates on what doc said etc

I am at the Frankenboob stage but I still love them :) Hahah lots of swelling going on. You can see it in the pic how it makes them like pointy at the bottom with the swelling almost. The black lines around my nipples and going down I think are dried blood or something I'm guessing. The doctor finally took off that terrible tape and bandages and I was able to take my first shower!! Thank goodness!! The miserable itchiness has gone down so much now :D The boobs are still high so I am wearing this compression band that you see in the photo to help them come down a little bit. This will allow my nipples to be in a more normal position and will give me more fullness on the bottom. I have to wear it as much as possible especially when I sleep. My nips are a bit puffy so hopefully that will go away soon too. I will see him again on the 6th and I will be a bridesmaid in a wedding on the 9th! Will be wearing a strapless gown. I will put it on and post pictures of what the boobs look like in it for you guys soon. :)

BIG update

Hi Ladies, I know it's been a while. Have had a LOT going on!! If you want to stick with me through this whole story I will break it into a few posts so it isn't all at once but it is a really big update at all the crazy stuff that has been going on!!

So things were going great with my healing until that compression band I talked about in my previous post. It was putting too much pressure on the incision so the doctor told me to stop wearing it and he put this new plastic thing on both my incisions that was just invented by some beverly hills surgeon. It would take pressure off the incision.

I noticed almost immediately that water started getting under it and it was dissolving my scab underneath. I sent pictures to my dr's assistant and told her what was going on and how water was getting out of there and brown fluid from the dissolved scab was leaking out of this thing. She said the incision looks fine and just leave the plastic thing on for a week. So this is what I did. I tried very carefully when taking a shower to not get it wet whatsoever because I knew it was a problem and a wet wound just doesn't sound logical to me even if they said it should be fine.

Well I started work again after my two weeks of not working and went straight into having a four day evaluation for a promotion. On day 4 I got so sick that I had to take an hour long break because I looked like a zombie walking around and they actually worried about me. I did get the promotion anyway! Unfortunately I went home with a 102.5 fever that night. I saw the doctor the next day. He then told me the wet wound might be a concern because it could cause a fungal infection. Well thanks....coulda said something before of what I need to watch for when I initially asked. I told him that I was washing my bra but it wasn't smelling very good. (thinking I was just a stinky person) Took the bra off and he finally took the dreadful plastic things off and BOOM the smell hit you in the face. The stupid things caused a fungal infection on my skin and it was DISGUSTING. I couldn't really see it through the plastic though because all the scab was dissolved and all over the place like I mentioned before. He looked at my throat and said my tonsils were the size of golfballs and I probably had strep throat too. I said I wasn't sure but I might have a UTI too. So I had a LOT of things wrong all at once!!! He prescribed me antibiotics and told me to change the dressing 2 times a day. He wanted to see me the next day but I had a flight booked to Utah for the next morning to be a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding. My flight was at 9:50 so he told me he will come in early at 7:30 so he can see me.

The next morning I drove over there feeling pretty bad still. My fever still at 102.5..my strep throat...fungal infection and some sort of UTI. I drive my huge diesel stick shift to his office and wait for him to get there. When he arrives and sees me and sees how much better it is after just one day of not wearing the plastic he is much happier. He told me to take it very easy and rest if I will be going to this wedding and that he slightly worries if anything happens because it will be too far for him to help me.

I finish the appointment and go to my truck and decide it is best if I cancel my flight and not go to the wedding. I don't want to get my grandparents or anyone sick and I'm not sure if I can stay standing that whole time since even walking up the stairs I am winded and have to lay down from being so sick. I then leave my truck on and shut the door and run back into the office to tell them I'm staying home and not going to my best friends wedding to be a bridesmaid which i'm very upset about. I run back to my truck only to find that the door has locked and EVERYTHING is inside. My keys in the ignition with it running, my cell phone, wallet etc. Up to this point I have not cried at all about anything that had been happening to me in regards to my health but it was at this moment when I broke down because I realized the world was against me and I am being punished or something. I run back in and they call me a locksmith. $120 later and I am back in my car. I call my dad since I finally could get to my cell phone and he says "Oh I hid a spare key to your truck in a secret spot for you, you didn't need to call the locksmith." That's when I break down again.

The worst day of my life and it was only 10:00 am at this point!! I'll finish up with my story but this is good for segment one for now. Thanks for reading through everyone and all the help and encouragement you give.

Getting back on track

Ok so I had a rough few days there! Doc put me on a bunch of different antibiotics that caused the worst yeast infection of my entire life. Like blistering painful. So I went to the doc to get a prescription for that and it went away. It was bad enough to where I didn't care what was going on with the boobs anymore :p

My fungal infection on the insicion is going away thank goodness. It really sucks that I got that because now the scar will probably be a little more unsightly. Oh well it's just a scar. I actually really enjoy changing the dressing and taking care of it. Should have been a nurse :p

I'm taking a lot of time off work which I don't like because I LOVE my job and am really missing it. But it is very hard work and I just want to take it as easy as possible till I'm out of the woods completely. It is sooo hard to be patient. I just want to work out and run and ride my bike and do everything that I would normally do but I am literally not allowed to :( I did slowly walk four miles yesterday outside. Mozied as slow as I could so my heart rate wouldn't go up. The antibiotics can give you a stomach ache and I got a horrible one half way on my way back!!

I went to try on bras at Victoria secret because I was curious what my size is and I go beyond their sizes for me :( which is happy and sad news at the same time because I love their bras. I found a 34 G cup at another store and it was small on me too. Crazy!! I didn't get that huge of implants but I was already wearing a 34 DDD at VS so maybe just my boobs plus the new boobs took me over the edge. Now I'll have to order bras online or find some specialty store.

Finally an update!

Been really busy and a lot of crazy traumatic things happening in my life lately. Here's some photos for you. They are healing well now and the scars around the areola aren't visible and they are a natural symmetrical round shape which I'm very happy about. The vertical scars are visible but not to worried about them. I can't sleep on my stomach comfortable because they are too big and I feel weird about squishing them like that anyway. Do they look okay to you girls or low or anything? I'm not sure! Hope everyone else is doing well.

Dr. Khorsandi makes you feel comfortable and he is pleasant to be around. He was about an hour late for surgery and I've had to wait up to an hour for almost every appointment I've had with him. Unfortunately the results have honesty turned out hideous and I was better off before surgery than after. The scarring is so unsightly and I am missing the bottom half of my nipples now and it is very embarrassing. I don't let ANYONE see my boobs. They turned out shamefully bad. :( Not only a waste of 9,000 dollars but I have to live with the botched job forever and try to embarrassingly explain it to anyone who sees.

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