10 weeks tomorrow - 34 DD - DDD

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I have wanted implants since puberty, I knew I'd...

I have wanted implants since puberty, I knew I'd be small and wanted at least average size. I got a 32AA. Already had a consult and decided on a silicone high profile 450 cc, which should make me a nice C. Hoping to have my surgery in Feb or March. So far my experience has been easy with lots of support from my family and friends.

I am lucky enough to have found a surgeon that...

I am lucky enough to have found a surgeon that takes payments. I t's like 'layaway' for boobs. My husband hates to put anything on credit.... however if by January or February if I don't have my balance paid, the rest will be on credit. I have waited long enough and I am not letting money becthe reason I can't do it.

Also, I forgot to mention that I went to natrelle.com (which happens to be the brand of my implant) and ordered their consultation kit. Its supposed to help you "really"decidevon a size. I am nit sure hiw they will be or if they are even worth it. But they were only $39.99 + $5 S/H and it comes with a $50 rebate towards my implants.

I finally have my funds secured for my first...

I finally have my funds secured for my first deposit on the arrival of my "twins".

I love how supportive my husband is being...even though these really are for me...they are of course for him too. There is a story to why I am so surprised of his support.

(I apologize in advancce for my drawn out story, I figured it may give a bit more background on who I am and why I am making my breast augmentation decision)

Before deciding to go all the way with a breast augmentation, I learned that I have infertility issues. My husband has one daughter from a previous marriage and we have one son together. After having my son, I wanted a breast enlargement. I had wanted one since I even knew it was possible to get an enlargement. After doing my research I read a few articles that said "if you have a breast enlargement and get pregnant after, there is a possibilty for a double bubble effect on your boobs." I wanted another baby, I wanted bigger boobs, but I did not want to look like I had four boobs. So I put off the breast augmentation and decided to try for a baby while I was still young and ready. For the last 9 years or so we have been trying to have another baby. Finally, I went to the doctor about 6 months ago to get evaluated, nothing even close to pregnancy had happened by this time. After a full work up it was determined that I have at least one full blockage of a fallopian tube and possibly a partial of the other, basically making it impossible for egg and sperm to ever meet, thus making it impossible for a natural occurring pregnancy. I was devastated to say the least. I had fought so hard up until this point that I refused to go down that easy. I "thought' I was ready to go into the fertility clinic fighting. But again, after a bunch of research on reproductive technologies, I realized that there is a lot of committment with going in and out of the doctor for however long it may take and could take months or years. Also, the financial obligation involved....starts at $10,000, enough said. Then there is the thought of what if it does not work the first time, now we have disappointment for my husband, for myself, and for my kids that I do have. After a lot of anger and a lot of tears I finally have made some peace with my cards dealt to me. My husband tried to be very supportive but with the amount of obligation going towards infertility treatments with no guaranteed outcome he was very apprehensive about the whole thing and had no idea on how to deal with my feelings. He only wanted to pursue it to make me feel better, knowing that there was no baby guarantee. He wanted a baby as bad as I did but the emotions that come with infertility neither of us were prepared for.

So after my long sob story of infertility...

After coming to peace with the idea of no more babies, I thought of all the fun things I can do with no baby attached to me. Things like travel, go play bingo, go out dancing, improve myself both inside and out. Which is where breast augmentation came into my mind again. I was nervous in coming out with what I wanted to do to both my family and my friends. After receiving devestating news of no more babies I had no idea what they would think of me, would they think I was crazy? I was really nervous to tell my husband mainly because of the money and his feelings on implants, he is not sure how they feel or how they will look, also he is not sure how I will feel. But I sucked it up made my consultation appointment and told my husband what I was going to do. I told him "I still want twins." (he knew twins were a possibility with infertility treatments) I went on to say "The twins I want you will love too, they won't cry, have dirty diapers, or wake you up in the middle of the night". With his perplexed look, I came out and said "I WANT A BOOB JOB!" He was nervous about the money and he is concerned on how they will feel and on how I will fell, but for the most part he said "GO FOR IT!" After my consultation I quoted my husband the price and explained their "layaway" plan. He seems quite pleased that I have just about everything researched and figured out. I also told him that it was a fraction of the price of infertility treatments with pretty much guaranteed results. Everytime we talk about the arrival of our new "twins" his face lights up as if we were having real babies. Most think that he will like them in a provacative male sexual way....and I am pretty sure he will. But I also think he is happy with my decision because it is something I have wanted for a while and it's something that will make me happy and make me feel better (On top of being a lot easier than infertility treatments and a baby). It's also something that I think will bring us even closer together in the bedroom (not that we have any issues in that department). I have alway been self conscience of that area of my body and never really let my husband have any playtime in that part of the park. With more confidence in that area I am sure the park will be open for business.

So sorry for the long drawn out story, but now that I am in this, I feel like I need to get everything off my chest and sometimes your friends only understand so much....especially since most of them have enough titty to donate to all the itty bitty titty committees around the world.

Okay, so I have made my deposit to hold my day,...

Okay, so I have made my deposit to hold my day, June 12. Originally my surgery day was sometime in February. I thought I would be done with my college classes by then but it turns out I have one more 8 week term to complete. I have already started thinking about my recovery and things I may need. First thing I did was buy a new couch! Not just because of recovery, I have been wanting a new one anyway and procrastinated getting one....I wanted to make sure I had a nice cozy spot downstairs as my upstairs recliner will not fit in my tiny living room. Another thing I picked up was bendy straws....I know I still have a while hut I am starting my stash in case I forget anything thst might make things easier.

I have started having some worries which I am sure is normal. One of my major worries is something awful happening during surgery. I am prepared for recovery I know soreness and limited mobility are a given. Another worry I have is how they feel afterwards....Im picturing being able to feel these bags wobble and jiggle inside of me....I am also concerned on how they will feel to the touch. Again my biggest concern is something awful happening during surgery, I cant stop obsessing over it.

I have gotten requests to post before (now) pictures which I am going to try and figure out now.

I have been debating for the last couple of weeks...

I have been debating for the last couple of weeks if 450ccs is too big for me. I have my rice testers with approximately 460ccs (2 cups) and they just seem big. Unfortuneately I have not set aside any real time to try these babies out. But for the few minutes I had them on the just seemed too big. They are not enormous, but if I had to downscale my cc choice it might be more like 350 - 400cc instead of 450cc. I am trying to take into consideration that these rice bags are on top of my breast and my implant will be under my skin and muscle which will cause a bit of compression. I think I am also nervous to go too big because I work on a construction site with about 1200 men (and a mix of women). I dont want to be the talk of the job site or looknlike I have obviously had a "boob job". Any thoughts on size? Anyone downsize their original ccs and have no regret? I know that 450cc does not look the same on everyone, my doctor suggested this for the result I want of a very full C cup with some nice cleavage. Im scared of going too big, in contrast I am also nervous about going too small. I can totally see myself saying "Man I shoulda gone bigger.". Im also giing high profile which makes me nervous about my sizing, they will already look sorta big with the high profile. Going back to my rice testers I am going to make some equivelent to 350cc and 400cc and see how I really feel about those. Also my term for school has ended and I have 2 weeks to myself and will make some time to really get a feel for the 450cc rice testers.

I will report that I am still nervous about something aweful happening during surgery (like not wake up **knocks on wood) but I think I am somewhat over that, at least not obsessing over the aweful stuff. I also will report that I am kicking the habit of cigarettes as we speak. My PCP gave me a script for zyban (alternative to chantix). I have had a couple of slips but doing ok for the most part.

Adding some extra before pictures. I tried my...

Adding some extra before pictures.

I tried my rice testers today measuring at approximately 450cc and I honestly feel they are too big. I have researched a lot of photos of women that had moderate to moderate plus with 350cc -400cc that look more like the result I'd like. I'm going to size down my rice testers tomorrow.

Ladies your opinion please. What would you do if...

Ladies your opinion please. What would you do if you read a seriously bad review about the surgeon you have chosen? I came across a review (not sure how i missed it but its recent, august 2012) about a lady who had gotten a leg/thigh lift and got gangrene shortly after. She has even created a website that is bashing the doctor and inviting others to email her so they can ban together to get him out of practice. I researched my doctor and found that he is a part of the medical board and the board of plastic surgery....no sanctions or malpractices on record no lawsuits that I could find. Is this a rare case or should I take it more seriously. I like my doctor and I am comfortable with him but I am slightly concerned.

I was slightly mistaken.... The lady's website is...

I was slightly mistaken.... The lady's website is not inviting people to respond if they too had a botched job. She says she has been contacted by others with complaints against the doctor. I see 2 or 3 web sites that have her review but no way to get a gold if her personally. My next step is to try and ask my doctor. I will also do more research tomorrow, i feel like im seeing the same information ober and over and none of it is bringing any firther information that what ive alread mentioned. I also made another consultation with another doctor to get another opinion on my enlargement in addition to having an alternative doctor if I am no longer cozy with the one I chose.....the only thing that suck is I have out down a deposit that is non refundable if I do decide to cancel and go elsewhere. Lesson learned to do much more research before investment....I thought I had....I'm just trying to be careful I have to live with the results forever,

I agree with all your ladies comments. Most of the...

I agree with all your ladies comments. Most of the complaints that I have read have to do mainly with administration....things like the manager is rude with pushy sales tactics. I did not experience this I felt like she was sweet and upbeat. She also did not try and talk me into something I didn't want, with the exception of high profile, but I did tell her I wanted somewhat of a bang and she suggested HP.

The only other complaint I visibly read was one lady was unhappy with her aug.

This orginal lady with the website that I speak of has a serious complaint. I understand there are risks with any surgery. I also understand that gangrene is a possibility anytime you mess with blood flow. It's not the complication that frightens me about this story but the way this client is saying the situation was dealt with. She had to go back for several surgeries and cleanings and apparently the Dr . Put off the lawsuit until statute of limitations ran out. The only thing I can assume is the doctor kept sugar coating and kept performing fix surgeries until it was too late for this lady to do anything legally.

Lots of updates the last couple days I apologize...

Lots of updates the last couple days I apologize for bombarding your inboxes. I will say though that the bit if research I have done really gives me the incentive to STOP SMOKING as this is a huge contributing cause.....ahhhhhh! Which I am in the slow process of doing now.

Well just when you think you are smart you feel...

Well just when you think you are smart you feel like a dumbass! I thought I had looked at my states medical board website yesterday. I'm not sure what site I was on (ill have to check my notes that I left at work). He has a settlement on I'm from 2000....the act was in '97 and it settled for $950,000! Oh boy! All the other general review sites say no records of malpractice or settlements but I got a tip that those are not always accurate.

Alrighty. I got curious today a researched almost...

Alrighty. I got curious today a researched almost every plastic surgeon in my area through my states medical board. Boy was that eye opening...there are quite a few quacks in my area....thank goodness there are more good docs than quacks....some are not licensed but still advertise their services (unless my typing was wrong I couldn't find them though). There are also several with malpractices filed. I wanted to see how common it was. It's about a 50/50 toss up. 50% with no complaints the other 50% with complaints some are pretty serious...yikes. I was told by a colleague that she swears by a certain doctor.....now I get to tell her he has 4 malpractice complaints 3 are back to back....he had the most complaints. The surgeon I chose had a malpractice complaint and the settlement is far higher than any other plastic surgeon in town, $950,000. The complaint I am unsure if its related to the woman with serious bad reviews and website but it states about the same complaint.

I think my decision is to not ask anymore questions and just walk away I'm just not that comfortable with a doctor who has a malpractice on his record.....most experienced in his field in my town (33 years experience) but 1 or 2 patients with fairly the same complaint is nerve wracking. This is already nerve wracking enough I don't want to have to worry about an infection caused from his surgical room or tools:(

The doctor I'm looking at now has 11 years experience but has rave reviews and no complaints through the medical board both are assets I like when someone is going to cut on me.....lesson learned to follow the advice given to you about research. I assumed "the most experienced plastic surgeon in Las Vegas" was good enough..but it's not...

Any other input on my dilemma is greatly appreciated!!

OMG!!! I just filed my taxes and between my taxes...

OMG!!! I just filed my taxes and between my taxes and next student loan check in march I will have more than enough to pay off my surgery!! Yeah!

Ok so I decided to do an experiment. I found a 34...

Ok so I decided to do an experiment. I found a 34 C bra on a clearance rack for literally $2.00. This is the size I'd like to be in the end. I brought It home put my sample breast implant sizers in thatI ordered from Natrelle.com and they felt so much more natural than in my regular A cup bra. I also tried my rice testers in this new bra and felt completely natural..so natural I fell asleep in them and only woke up because they made me feel hot...it was awesome and now I am a little less apprehensive about the sizing. I still may go down a few CCs but feeling much better about my size choices. Also....I am wearing the 34 c bra today because it is way more comfy than my other A cup bras...weird but the underwire fits better than in my A cups. The only problem I don't have breast volume to fill in the cups.....eases my mind that my body could have been made for a C or D cup.....

For those that have the experience.....which front...

For those that have the experience.....which front closing bra for recovery would you recommend? I got a flier within my coupons this week for a front snapping bra (i included a picture). I may buy one to try, they are only $10 with shipping and handling. I like it because it says the snappies are easy even for someone with arthritis. I know a zipper can be just as easy but sometimes I have a hard time with zippers (go ahead and laugh now), I can see myself being a dumb guy and zipping something Im not supposed to. Probably not but my mind thinks weird lol. Just wanted some thoughts. I know that a pull over sports bra wont be practical at least for the first few days.....I feel like a contortionist getting in one of those before surgery i can imagine trying to get in it with sore arms and chest....ugh.

So, how do you explain to a friend that not all...

So, how do you explain to a friend that not all cup sizes are the same?? My BFF and I have not talked about my surgery much. Usually if she doesn't agree with a choice I am making she doesn't say much because she knows we disagree. So today she asked me if I was still going through with my BA. I said yes. She asked so you will be about a C cup? I said theorectically yes. However, my true bra measurement is actually a 32 C or 34 B (I still need to do an actual measurement). I went on to say that every 200cc is about a cup size. I am getting 450cc (approx. 2 1/2 cup sizes). Which would make me a 32 DD/E or a 34 D (I think it will be more the 34D). When I stasis DD/E she was like WHOA!! That is huge!!! I would not go that big. I tried to explain that a DD on me is not the same as a DD on her, she gave me a very confused look. Keep in mind she is overly busty 5'5" and 180 lbs....she swears she is a DD but I am positive she is much bigger. The main reason she doesn't get a bigger bra is its too "time consuming" to go look online or at specialty shops for the bigger cups so she buys the largest that she can find which is usually a 36/38 DD SOMETIMES DDD if she can find it. Then I tried to show her about what I would look like after with other people's pics and she still said it was way too big for me.....I am disturbed by the negative conversation but it doesn't totally stomp my parade. Just curious if anyone else has had this same talk with someone and how do you explain that no two cup sizes are equal? When I told her my true size is a 32C, her response was your big enough, why go bigger? Well because I have wide boobs that have no protrusion. And I got another look of crazy, like what the hell are you talking about? Then she said I would never find any cute bras in those sizes. I say oh well...don't need them. She says oh trust me you'll want them. Every time I go bra shopping those are the sizes I find in abundance. It doesn't bother me to wear not so cute bras...I already do cause most of the pump up bras to make me look bigger are not that cute. Just needed a bit of a vent I guess I'm upset because she had so many negative comments and when I tried to explain I got even more negativity on top of crazy looks. Times like this in glad for realself...all my friends are overly busty....2 doubled or tripled in size and stayed that way long after pregnancy. Poor Lil ol' me grew a bit during and after pregnancy but now look like I've never been pregnant and have my high school boobs still.

Well the debate on whether I choose another doctor...

Well the debate on whether I choose another doctor is officially over. I decided on another doctor, Dr. Cambeiro. Much more personable, less revolving door feeling. Nice staff, not pushy. Now that I have a couple doctors to compare I can see the difference in personalities. The front desk girl at my original doctor was the one who suggested high profile and that bigger is much better. I think this attitude is what started my nerves for size and profile. New doctor discussed profile and size best suited for me. Other doctor looked on a generic card that assists with sizing....just felt cookie cutter. New doctor suggested 457cc mod profile. They let me try on sizers and gave me a sports bra to try them on with.
I have put up new pics with the sizers in. Tell me what you think. I put on a typical work shirt, this type I wear everyday. I wanted to ensure I wouldn't be busting out of it. I think they look great. Doctor also said with my anatomy that I would get a great result and achieve my goal no problem. I like that he was so informative. He informed me of what not to take before surgery, what tests would be necessary, and financial options. Overall, much happier less stressed.

I am officially scheduled for June 12.
Pre op appointment may 28.

Today marks day 4 smokefree. I have been trying to...

Today marks day 4 smokefree. I have been trying to kick it for almost a year now. In prep for my surgery I wanted to REALLY quit as far ahead of time as possible. Lets hope I can keep it up. Any ladies who also quit smoking? Any suggestions?

74 days left. 13 days smoke-free!! Also, swimsuit...

74 days left. 13 days smoke-free!! Also, swimsuit season is approaching fast. I have NEVER been so excited. I have not comfortably worn a swimsuit since I was 11. As a teen I was too self conscious and as an adult I am just not comfortable. I don't think I will where a skimpy suit even with boobs but I have realized my discomfort comes from no boobs....As an adult I blame not wearing a swimsuit on my white skin and stretch mark on my bum....but now that swimsuits are out I don't care about the stretch marks, I can cover those and don't care about the white skin, I can tan it. I am so excited to pick out a swimsuit. I won't be able to fully enjoy the summer because I'll be recovering for at least half the summer....but I will be able to sport a cute swimsuit while taking my kids to do fun summer stuff. And I will have my choice basically instead of a style that suits my flat chest. Whew...didn't think I had that much of an update. But I realized this weekend while at the mall I was drawn to all the swimsuits thinking how awesome I will look in this and in that....and I am one that definitely avoids swimsuits at all costs. Not much longer, so excited. And just praying everyday that I will have a great outcome with not a bad recovery and no complications.

Just curious if anyone regretted getting saline...

Just curious if anyone regretted getting saline over silicone? I know that silicone feels better, looks better, and is best for breasts with little tissue to them. However, I am concerned if the problems associated with silicone, even though some are not confirmed. Concerns: silent rupture, having to go every three years for an MRI to ensure they are intact, some women report becoming sick with silicone with and without a rupture. Whereas saline is completely safe for you in the event of a rupture. The main downside of saline is that you would have to replace the implant in order to be even again.

I gave my mind in getting silicone but reall, really like the safeness of saline. I have read about many women loving them saying the feel good and look good even with very little tissue.

Last night I had my first nightmare about my...

Last night I had my first nightmare about my surgery, which is now approximately 60 days away. I dreamt that I arrived at the surgery center for my surgery, when we pulled in it was like a back door operation...haha. Then I was literally sitting in someone's living room to be called back for surgery and it wasn't even a nice living room. It was like your older brother who never grew up and still owns a puke stained yucky couch. Then I was called back and led to the OR by two nurses who saw me obviously frazzled and nervous trying to calm me...we skipped the whole question and talking to the anesthesist and straight to the table. It was weird and strange. The OR was clean just weird. Never made it to the actual surgery...literally as I was being knocked out I woke up. Made me laugh a little.

Wow! I'm finally to the point of an actual...

Wow! I'm finally to the point of an actual countdown. I have just over 5 weeks left and I think I'm ready.....I hope. Money is in place to pay. Time off work for me and husband approved. Bendy straws, pillow wedge, 2 zip up front sports bras, scar cream, lotion, meal plans are all accounted for. Just need extra Guaze, arnica, bromelain, and perscriptions.

I think I'm ready....still going with 350 -450 cc.....and saline not silicone. Probably a mod + profile......possible high profile.....

Excited....quitting smoking has not been easy at all!! I stuck it out 2 weeks and caved. But I am smoking less. Which is better

My plastic surgeons office called me yesterday and...

My plastic surgeons office called me yesterday and I was rescheduled a day early....June 11 @ 930am....yea so excited

Ok my count down is official....21 days

Everyone says how time just flys by....and it has. 3 weeks from today from this moment (surgery is at 9:30am) I will be getting prepared to go into surgery. I'm excited and still a bit calm. Nervous of the unknown but more excited than anything though. My daughter is developing her own twins and I am passing my bras to her, so I'm grateful they won't get wasted. I think I have everything I need except bromelain and arnica (and scripts, but I have to wait for my preop to get those). I'm ready to roll....now let the time fly by. Thankfully I'm keeping busy with work, school, and planning my sons birthday. So my mind is in other areas and time is going by. Also I graduate college the same day as my boobie surgery.....going to be such an exciting day!!!!

ADVICE! Vitamins??

Okay. I know I need arnica and bromelain....but there are so many brands and kinds. I think arnica 30x is what I want but what about 30c....then bromelain.....are they all basically the same??? 20 and days and counting.....last minute things to get ready. Any help on this would be great. I want a one stop shop so I decided to go to amazon.com they have comparable if not better pricing.

18 days

Man i hope the time flys....i think i have everything i need. Cant do much else until the few days leading up to surgery.

Pre op appt. tomorrow. Anything i should prepare for?

i know we will go over medical history, choosing saline/silicone, choosing size/profile, and final payment. Anything else u shoukd expect?

Pre op tomorrow

Haha....anything else I should expect? (Cant blame spell check i turned it off...lol).

Pre op done, fee paid, now hurry up and wait

I was a bit rattled filling out the paperwork. But its done! Walked in re confirmed everything from the first consult...except switched to saline. Going to be 450cc saline mod profile plus....doc says i will be a full C or small to moderate D when all is said and done. Bloodwork is done just waiting on results. It was all so surreal, like a dream. Ive thought about how this would go for months and it basically went just like that. I didnt try sizers on again but i am confident that 450 will be okay and not too big. I dont think there is anything else to add...now im just nervous about the day of, getting my blood drawn was a panic attack, thankfully shortly after the IV I wint know what is what. I can not believe how real this is becoming....now i just hope i am happy with what i have done and get a pleasing result....perfection is not what i want nor do i expect perfection but i do want to wear a shirt without worrying if the gap between my bra and boob is showing.....im ok wearing sports bras....it definitely would be better for work. And with the augmentation i can wear a sports bra, still fill up my shirt, and worry about no gaps showing....id rather cleavage skin pop out than a gap in my bra. If any of that makes sense....lol

How will "they" feel???

I've prepared for how I will feel.... But what about my breasts? How will they feel to the touch at first. Will they be squishy at all like my breasts are now? I know sounds dumb cause something has just been manipulated and inserted in that area but will they feel like rocks like some describe? Will they feel normal? Will they feel in between hard and normal? Most say picture engorged breasts after pregnancy....its been 10 years since i gave birth and tgat was such a whirlwind i hardly remember.

11 days and counting

Wow....2 weekends left


I have tried to kick my habit! I have cut down a serious amount but cant comoletely kick my cigarette habit!!! Wth....i keep trying to keep my eye on the prize but my nerves get so rattled with life that a cigarette is always called to order. I read conflicting things with cigarette smoking...i do not plan on smoking after surgery....between meds and my hubby (he thinks i quit) i wont have a chance and hopefuly ill go enough days that it wont ever be a thought in my brain. But i cant stop the uncontrollable crave right now....this sucks!!!! Also, i didnt think about it until yesterday that i had no intention of quitting smoking my MJ....i read it can have the same effect as cigarette smoke. I understand i could be putting myself in danger her, bad for my health,could delay healing.....what do you think??


Im not a heavy smoker at least i dont think so...on a real bad day i can go through a pack but on average its half a pack...now ive cut my self back to a 1/4 pack maybe half pack of cigarettes...i just dont know what to do. Im nervous of the health concerns it can cause my BA but for those that smoke you understand how hard it is to quit....do those e cigarettes really work....i thought they had some nicotine in them, if they are better then which one? I tried one and it tasted more gross than a regular cigarette. What do i do?!

Las vegas is waiting for twins...4 days...very little friend support

I'm excited. My husband is excited (nervous too). A few of my friends are excited. But my BFF...the one who (I think) should be the most excited for me or at least supporting in some way is not. This is the same friend I spoke about in another posting. I dont get it...i have tried talking to her about my surgery only for her to give an I dont give a shit attitude. Its not what sheis saying its how sheis saying it. I dont know if she is jealous because she has wanted a mommy make over for years but cant "justify" spending the money. I dont know if our last talk about size has totally put her off about talking about it....because in her mind (she thinks she is a DD....more like an E-G cup) she thinks her tits will be on my body andthats not the case....its just frustrating to not be able to talk to my supposed BFF about this at all....Im not even sure if she will visit me in the days after surgery...just sad thats all. Dont know what else to say about it.

24 hours from now....

I will be going in this tine tomorrow. It does not seem real. I am calm but starting to feel flutter s in my tummy. My husband is so funny. He is getting nervous...he tells me this morning. ...I hope I make it through this without getting sick. He is supposed to be patting my back ...so my mon is going with too so he had someone to pat his back. ...too funny he means well... just too funny. Months of cheering me on and on the days leading up to the day he gets nervous....we switch roles like that's. It wad the same when our son was born. Months of prep and me stressing out while he was chill....and the day came for my son to be born....I was calm he was awreck. Probably my last post til after....so.....Ill see you on the other side. Wow that felt good to get out.... here we go! Fyi....my friend who I work with has not mentioned my surgery at all ...I bring it up she changes the subject. REALLY!? Whatever Im over her attitude! It is what it is.

the girls have arrived!

Yesterday was surgery day. It was a lot easier than I expected. I thought id be a big ball of nerves but I wasnt. Everyone was nice and understanding. I was rolled into the OR..I closed my eyes x ause I didnt want to freak out but i did open them long enough to see my implants and closed them tight again. I remember the anastheologist s aying your stuff hasnt kicked in...we will fix that. The he aaid think of my happy place...and I was out. I was sore when waking but not as bad as I had thought. Got home and slepr on and off for a few hours. Slept a solid 5 hours which delt good. I did wakeup today throwing up but not bad I think its from tbe sleepy. Meds. Not much to see now with band age. Whucb cones off at 1 today. Ill update later with pictures.

post op day 2

I will say I now know morning boob. They get hard and tight. All is still good. Went to post op say one appt yesterday he took the ace bandage off. That felt really good. My righty is higher that the left. Doc said its becausr im right handed and I usethat side more. Gave me a massage technique by pushing them down for 10 sec eac 3 times a day. And I have no bloating. Of couse the day if surgery I had 3 bowel movements because of nervousness so I think im cleaned out. I added some pictures also. I am also allowed to take a shower today.

new pics

My arms still hurt to stretch out so excuse the bad photography

here i am day 4 post op

As time goes by it gets better and better. I am getting off the vicodins and only using them when needed. Instead i am taking t ylenol extra strength. Which seems to do just fine. The only thing i am getting used to now is the hardness thst comes abd goes "morning boob . Which isnt all that bad either. I have one small bruise by my incision mark....other than that i seem to be doing really good. Twinges and little pains here and there but nothing unbearable at all. I attended my nephews birthday today. I will say the bloating has kicked in so i now look 6 months pregnant....stool softeners are a good thing even if you think you wont need them you will. I took sone more pictures. Sone may look thd same. I was playing around last night. I dhould have ta ken a pic in my bikini but didnt want to overstretch my arms by putting it on.....i will say....i have no shame in wearing it now...even with my overly fat bloated stomach! Lol

more pictures


Forgive the typos

5 days

Not much to update. No issues...knock on wood. Last night I did get severely upset with my husband. He is not used to taking care of someone and at this point probably feels as crappy as I did. Lets just say I woke up to a cold dinner then went to the bathroom came back to find my dog enjoying my cold dinner.....needless to say I was hysterical and felt my hubby just was not attentive enough in any aspect of this. I really was upset but I feel better (and bad)....so im going to ssay this was ghe depressed emotional part of recovery. It was a moment that I just wanted my mom and there probably wadnt much she could do to make it better either....in the end the hubby ran to get applebees to go.


just over a week

Not much to report. I think im starting to drop. My righty is acting a little better. Except my incision on my right is stinging a bit. Which im thinking is a part of the healing. I can feel sensations in my right more than the left. Begore surgery my nipples were super sensitive.....now right has pergect sensation while lefty is still numb which id a eeird feeling...but cool. I did break the rules a bit and hubby and I got a little frisky......softly and carefully.....WOW awesome.....he has nevef really experienced my chest area because of my super sensitivity and it was perfect. Everything seems to be going right. New pictures


3 weeks today

Today marks my 3 week anniversary since my surgery. I am doing great. I have my second post op appointment this afternoon, so hopefully he agrees that I am doing great. I have kept up with my massages and the girls have moved down a bit. My righty still gets a little swollen. I think for the most part though my swelling is gone. I have almost complete feeling back in my lefty and righty never really lost any feeling. I am not overly sensitive in the nipple area in fact its just perfect, before I was over sensitive in that area. I have had a couple of "zingers" in my right but not terrible, no pain anymore. I stopped taking the vicondin the Friday after surgery. I stopped taking Tylenol last week sometime. Since last week (week 2) I have been sleeping in my own bed on my side and even caught myself on my stomach a couple times....no problems. They are getting softer every day. I get compliments all the time about how nice they look and that my sizing was perfect. My scars are looking good my right is thin and red and my left is a bit raised but I am sure that will go away soon. Last week I started to not feel as tight anymore and more like me....half the time I forget they are even there...I feel like they are completely me. I love them very much and so does my husband and the rest of the family. Not much else to report, I can stretch my arms up and over my head with no problems. I think my only complaint is I live in Las Vegas and we are having an extreme heat wave, I work outside and man am I sweating...so I worry about my incisions. But I check them regularly and they seem fine. With the heat wave though I almost feel pregnant I feel hotter in my chest area and it seems to sweat more now. I will add some photos here in a bit. I haven't taken any 3 week pictures yet but I will add my 2 week progress pictures.

3 week pics

Almost 8 weeks. Still love the twins.

Its been almost 8 weeks since surgery. Everything is great. I do think I have dropped and fluffed. Within th last 2 weeks the seem to have settled and start bouncing like a boob bounces. I have noticed when I lay down that I can feel them lay down with me. Sort of hard to explain. Regardless. ....it feels like they have always been there. What I pictured in my head is what I got and couldnt be happier. I am still getting used to them but that gets easier every day. My husbsnd is so finny. I dont know if he is trying to please me or if he is really sincere....im leaning on the sincere side. Anyway....he has been all over me since surgery day....lol sorry tmi but true. He works a job where he sees lots of people daily. He tokd me now he notices boobs.....says when he sees an obvious boob job he says to himself thank god my wife didnt do that and when he sees someone with smaller boobs he says....yes! My wufes are bigger than yours...lol. made me laugh. He likes how natural they look. He says I have crossed him to the other side...lol. I said hun....you were always on that side just never admitted it. Dont get mewrong he is a butt man....but he is also a boob man. Ill post new pics in just a bit.

new pictures

new pics


...sorry some of the pictures are darker thanI expected. I forgot to also say that my right nnipple is still numb but the feeling had come back to the rest of that side. My left is firmer than my right but not too bad...perfect sensation in that one. And I now onw what athletes mean by feeling the pec muscle moving and flexing around the imokamt. The last couple days I h ave felt it...weird but not bad.

2nd Post Op Appointment

I had my 2nd post op appointment last Tuesday. My doctor was shocked at how well I was doing (at least he acted that way, not sure if he really was, or if he was adding a shock factor into our appointment. Either way I was happy). I have no pains or discomforts to report. All I can say really is they look like real boobs and they feel like real boobs. I feel like I never had surgery. The last couple of weeks though, I have felt my muscle tighten around the implant, which is a weird feeling, but not bothersome or uncomfortable. I can't tell in the mirror so there is no visual weirdness either but I can understand now where serious athletes have some concern about this. If I didn't know any better, I would say I was born with these babies. I show friends, they go WOW! My husband showed some girls at his work (unbenounced to me at the time, but its ok) and now they want to run out and have theirs done. Makes me feel good that they look that natural that people question me about them really being fake. They cannot believe it, plus a lot of people thought I was going to go monterous big, like bigger than watermelons LOL. They are more like canteloupes. I love to shop for clothes now. I see a shirt and I think, 'wow how cute is that?' I no longer have to be concerned with the shirt making me look super flat (and making my hips look HUGE), or bending over in the shirt and worrying about people seeing down my shirt and the super-duper-padded bra (with stuffing depending on the bra), I no longer have to readjust my bra several times a day and I no longer have to worry about my bra creeping up and then making it look like I have 4 boobs cause the cups are coming up but my boob stays where its at. I have not been *officially* measured yet, unfortuneatley I have not had the time. But I did measure myself, and from my calculations I am a 34 DD - DDD....those that ask what size I am now do not believe me but they are....I have the fitting bra to prove it!

34 DDD is official

I was officially measured at Nordstroms 2 weeks ago. Its official I have moved into t. Delcious Double Diva size 34 DDD or 34 E. In a push up a 32 G fits well.

new picture

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