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Hello Ladies...a couple of months ago i made the...

Hello Ladies...a couple of months ago i made the decision to want to get a BA. I am currently deployed so upon my return back to Las Vegas ill be seeing a couple of doctors. Those of you who have had surgery in Las Vegas, is there a PS you recommend? Im currently a 36B and wanting a D/DD size in silicone. my profile pic is what im currently working it. Any advice on what size i should go with?? im looking to be high a round.

Not working with much

I bought this bathing suit back in march...tried it on and didn't like the way it fit so I gave it to my sister. I'm debating a D or bigger. Ugh...I hate that I have to wait til oct/nov to see a PS, being overseas bites.


I am so hooked to this website, i love reading everyones post and looking at your results. This site is really helping me with my decision making.

First Consultation (Las Vegas)

So after a year of going back on forth on whether or not i should get the surgery, i finally took the time to make my first consultation with Dr. Cambeiro to get a better understanding on what is best for me. After trying on the sizers i basically fell in love. I WAS SOLD! The best part about my consultation is that i had my boyfriend to help me decide what was best to go with (lets be real, hes the one who will be enjoying them anyway). We walked out of the clinic with our options...now ill decide!

Surgery Date Set!!

Welllll it didnt take long for us to decide on what we wanted. Ill be getting 600cc moderate plus silicone under the muscle. I am beyond excited!! Im hoping for the end result to be a DD or possibly bigger. My stats are 5'6" 150lbs.

Pre-op is scheduled for June 12th & my surgery date is June 27th...let the countdown begin!

Surgery date changed!

Soooo I couldn't wait til the end of June, I called my PS today and took the soonest available appointment they had...which is next Friday!!! I am very excited but nervous. My bloodwork is getting done today and my pre-op will be on Tuesday! I've also been up and down on size. I'm probably gonna go with 650-700cc instead of 600cc...I'm so undecided.

Crazy dreams

Last night I had so many different dreams about implants. Maybe it's because I'm too excited about surgery?!? I can't believe in 6 days I'll have some new boobies!

Not much going on here

Here are a couple photos of what I'm working with ... Which is not much

I think my bf is annoyed

I'm pretty sure he is tired of hearing me talk about boobs and going back and forth on my size decision. He told me he's happy as long as they are BIG! Of course he'd say that. Why can't the size choosing be so much easier. 5 days til surgery!!!


Today's swim suit and sports bra ... I can't wait to fill these suckers up!

Pre-op complete

Just got through with my pre-op appt. My PS decided to go with the high profile instead of the moderate plus. I'm locked in for 600cc's. Surgery is Friday...I can't wait!!


Although my surgery is Friday morning at 0915 today I woke up feeling extremely nervous, my stomach is turning. I'll be picking up my prescriptions today, other than that IM READY!! Also what scar cream did y'all use?

Ohhhh man!

I'm sure I can get through the next 24 hours without panicking! I'm extremely happy but nervous...I keep asking myself if I'm doing the right thing?!?

Count down

12 hours til surgery...I guess I better take my butt to bed!

It's finally here!

Well the day had finally come...I'll be under the knife in 2 hours. I'll update you ladies as soon as I can...xoxo

I have boobs!

Surgery went well. I'm lucky to have my boyfriend here helping me. He is doing amazing. I'm in some pain, just not as much as I was this morning, I thought I was gonna puke my brains out. Well imm get back to resting, I'll post pics soon.

The struggle is real

It was so difficult to sleep last, especially because I slept propped up on the recliner. I'm already missing my bed. I am very grateful to have my boyfriend here with me. I get to take my ace bandage off today and start wearing my sports bra. Thanks for all the love ladies. Y'all are awesome!!

Before and after pics

Here's a sneak peak of my babies


The only pain I'm feeling today is near both my armpits where my implants are sitting really high. I feel it the most when I try to sit up. I have the white band going across there also. Other than that, everything else feels good. Do I need to wear this white band 24/7?

Some pics

I still can't believe I have BOOBS!!!

Day 3

Things are going well...I've weened off my pain meds and only taking Tylenol extra strength and Tylenol pm. Boobs still look funky but I'm starting to see the change.


Here's a little pre surgery pic ... And I was braless

I hate this band

I went to my post op appt today. My PS said everything is good, I can start massaging them 3x a day. These babies are still sitting pretty high but I seriously hate the band. I have to safety pin it to my sports bra just so it can stay in place but this crap is killing my armpits.

I got titties to match this a$$

I always felt like I was bottom heavy. I am much happier now that I got the boobs to match this booty!

Still sitting high

It's day 5. These suckers are still sitting high. Started massages yesterday also. I keep the band on full time too, I had to put some wash cloths under my arm pits because it was jacking me up.


I'm loving they way my babies are looking in clothes.

Day 6 post-op

I decided to use a different sports bra today...them front clasp one where too dang tight. Today's my first day going out showing off these bad boys.

Just having fun

So last night I thought id play dress up with all the lingerie I just had sitting in the drawer. I took a couple pictures of some of the outfits that I really liked. In a couple months I will retry them on, I'm sure they will look so much better!

1 week

So today I was able to take the tapes off my incisions. I put the silicone scar sheets on them (you can see them in the pic) , I'm hoping they work to make my scars look as light as possible

Feeling down today

I'm not see why, but I've been in a funk all day. I tried to go do some shopping but I wasn't enjoying myself. Now I'm back home relaxing playing video games. Hope everyone is doing well!

Post op day 9

Well I'm finally starting to see some kind of progress.


So today I started feeling a sting where my incision is on my left side. It's hurts if I make any sudden movements or stretches. I can also feel the stitches sticking out. My PS had me remove the tape on Friday so my incisions are pretty much rubbing up on my sports bra. I hope this pain passes soon, I hate it. I also registered my implants for warranty today. Here are my daily progress pics.

Rough day

So today I thought is attempt to go do Zumba...big mistake! It was hard to raise my arms up and jump around. My incision on my left has been hurting me, it's pretty sensitive to touch.

Time is up!

I've been off of work since may 22nd and I'll be going back on Monday! Oh how I've enjoyed being home and still getting paid. But it does get boring, since my boyfriend works til 1am. Tomorrow I'll hit my 2 week mark...I wish it was 2 months already. I noticed today that one is dropping quicker than the other, my right side is still high and swollen. My question to y'all is does the sports bra have to be worn all the time, or is it okay to go braless during the day when I'm sitting around at home?

2 weeks

Not much had changed since week 1. They feel a little softer, not so hard anymore.


I'm 16 days post op and I'm finally going back to work tomorrow...I dread it! No more sleeping in til 1pm and staying awake til 3am. Fun time is over. I'm still rocking the lovely white band too!

19 days post op

Well today I went on a mission to find some new sports bras that fit better yet still provided enough support. I didn't expect to have to buy XL & XXL.

20 days post op

Oops! I'm actually 20 days post op not 19. ????

3 weeks

I'm now 3 weeks post op and I'm not seeing much of a change. This is a slow process. Im religiously wearing the band.

22 days Post

I am loving the way my dresses are filling out now!

2nd post op appt

So I just got out of my 4 week post op appt...my PS said everything is looking great! I get to start using scarguard today, I didn't think it was gonna be so expensive ($70). He said I need to continue wearing tight sports bras as well as the white band. Said I'm still sitting pretty high & they are still squarish. He also pulled stitches out. My next appt is in the end of July.

4 weeks

I'm officially 4 weeks post op. All pain/stings/hardness is gone. Still patiently waiting for these babies to drop. My right is a little bigger than my left. My PS said once the swelling goes down and they drop in place it won't be as noticeable.

Trying this out

So today I decided to try something different and head out in public BRALESS....ohhhhhh man, it was just an amazing feeling. Only a couple more days until I hit my 6 week mark so I can finally go back to the gym. I think I've stuffed my face enough since getting surgery and it's finally catching up to me.

Some progress

So today I'm at 39 days post op ... Things are going good! I love my boobs more and more everyday! Talk about a confidence builder.

Time to get in shape

I finally hit my six week mark this past Friday...which means I can finally get my butt back in the gym!!

Pool side

I decided to go out and enjoy this lovely Vegas weather ... Since it was a spur of the moment trip I didn't have a "bigger" top since I have yet to get sized so I had to wear one of my old ones...as you can see it's hanging on for dear life.

Time is flying by

I decided to do a comparison picture. The top one is from day 7 and the bottom is day 47. Maybe it's just me but I don't see me of a difference instead of my tattoo is back to normal.

8 weeks

Time sure is flying by...I'm now 8 weeks post op. They bad boys are getting softer and bigger on the daily.

White dress

Finally got sized

After 8 weeks I've finally decided to go get sized. I went I to VS and the outcome was 34DDD or 34F ... I was pretty dang shocked but I'm happy with my results!

progress pics

I put this together at work...results sure do get better with time.


Here's another side by side pic. 7 days vs 8 weeks post op

9 weeks

I hit my 9 weeks this past Friday ... I'm falling in love with my boobs more and more everyday.

follow up appt

I went to see my PS today for a follow up appt. he said they look perfect. And most importantly I don't have to wear that stupid white band anymore.

10 weeks post op

Helpful chart

I found this chart to be very helpful. Gives you more options when bra shopping.

11 weeks

Things are going well ... Not much changing.

Finally found a top

I have been on a mission for months trying to find a bathing suit top that fits perfect! Mission accomplished!!! Thanks Ralph Lauren...to top it off I had to get an XL.

More pics

I tried on a corset that I purchased 2 years ago ... Here is my 7 days vs 11 week post op.

12 weeks

Here's the latest & greatest

13 weeks

I think my boobs are pretty much settled. Not much changing.

14 weeks post op

I am in love with my boobs. They are perfect in tank tops, I also made some changes to my hair


Finally found bras that fit perfectly around these melons.

Bra less look

I enjoy being braless.

Another braless pic

16 weeks post op

They seem to look bigger to me.

Still rocking the sports bras

I actually like wearing sports bras so much more than actual bras. They are much more comfy.

Party time

Tuesday night party outfit ... The joys of living in Vegas, I can go out any day of the week.

All is well

Things are going good on this end.couldnt be happier

Party time

Heading out for the night with my love! He has no idea what I'm wearing yet


Boredom strikes

They get better with time

Morning boobs

I truly enjoying waking up every morning seeing these babies.

A little before and after

The grey shirt is the same shirt, just worn at different times in my life. The black sports bra is the same also.


I think i need to go shopping!

My sports bra is screaming for help

Hands full

I love lace

In love

My side boobs is poppin'

I'm ready to go bigger!

I've been giving it a lot of thought and I've made the decision I WANT BIGGER BOOBS

Happy new year

Lazy nights

Play time

The bf shouldnt leave his suspenders sitting around for me to play with

8 months

An update

A little update

Date night

11 months post op ...


I love thee beauties

11 months

Almost a year old

7 days away from a year old

I'm happy!

Happy 1 year boobies

It's been a great year! I hope I've helped many. Good luck to everything. Take care.

1.5 years post op

Still loving my babies

A little update

Hope everyone had a good new year

Hello ladies

Well I am currently 3.5 months pregnant. My boobs are growing more than I'd like. I just hope this pregnancy does not ruin my breast appearance
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Just a week after my consultation I had boobs! Dr. Cambeiro was the only PS I saw. I was so impressed and satisfied with our conversation I didn't feel the need to go anywhere else. I am now 7 months post op and I couldn't be happier with my results. Thanks to Dr. Cambeiro my confidence is sky high.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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