34B (really a 32A) wanting full C or very small D // Subglandular (over muscle)

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First, I would like to thank all the ladies and...

First, I would like to thank all the ladies and doctors who have posted pictures, reviews, and answers on here. I found this website a few days ago and have been on it almost every waking moment LOL! So many of my questions have been answered - thank you all! After MANY years of going back and forth about getting a breast augmentation, I finally decided to take the plunge and BOOBIE DAY will be happening in just a few short weeks...EEEEKKK!

I want to 'give back' and offer details of my BA journey in hopes that it will help other women like you have all helped me through this process.

So...let me start with just a little about myself. I am 34 years old, petite (5'1"/116 lbs./12.5 BWD), and I currently use Victoria Secrets Bombshell (add 2 cup sizes) 34B (but sadly I don't fill them and could really be a 34A but wearing a B makes me feel somewhat more womanly). I have always been petite and being a Filipina always being around family members who were small chested, I never really fussed about my breasts. Although I'm small chested, it seemed proportionate to my size so I never really obsessed over them...until I had my son. I had my son at the age of 18 and LOVED my boobs at that time! I believe I went up to a small C and it was great! I breast fed for about 3 months and everything deflated & got covered in stretch marks after that. My husband is more of a butt guy, so he never really said anything about my breasts, but I have grown to really dislike them and at time will begin to feel less confident because of them. We moved to Las Vegas approximately 9 years ago...and that is when I really began to consider breast augmentation. When you are in Vegas, especially during the summer season, boobs are EVERYWHERE so I began being more self-conscious of the pair of saggy little bunny ears on my chest.

I would do research here and there, but never really "took it seriously"...until I began going to they gym this year and noticed that they have been shrinking even more. The gab between my breast and my VS bra cup has been getting larger and I knew it was time!

I had 2 consultations with great doctors that were recommended to me by friends that recently have gotten breast augmentations. The first consult was referred by a family friend who has survived breast cancer. She said her doctor that did her reconstruction was AMAZING...so I had to check them out. The second PA was referred by a coworker who has awesome looking results from her recent procedure.

I went to see both PSs and they were great! I decided to go with the first PS because his credential are outstanding and they made me feel VERY comfortable. The second office was awesome too, but at the end of my consult, it almost felt like they were really trying to "close" the sale and I didn't like that too much. The new patient coordinator asked if I was going to or had been to other consults and when I told her yes (I initially had a total of 3 consults lined up), she asked who they were and had something bad to say about each of them. Again, she probably meant no harm by her comments, but I personally didn't like the approach.

In any case, I have selected Dr. Himansu Shah and the BIG day is scheduled for June 12th!! My consult with him was on May 5th and my pre-op visit will be on May 28th!! During my consult, he took really meticulous measurements and even as petite as I am, he said that I had enough breast tissue coverage to do above muscle. Because of all the reading I have been doing for the past 7-8 years, I expressed my concern about getting my implants placed above the muscle. He answered all my questions and addressed each of my concerns then left the ball in my court. He said that not all women are built to be able to look natural with above muscle BA, but he just wanted me to know that I was fortunate enough to have that option. He also noticed that my left breast was a tiny bit larger than my right and drooped a bit. He said an above muscle procedure will fix that right up. I have pretty good amount of cleavage to begin with so he said that will not be a problem. There was no pressure to go either way (over or under muscle) and it was nice that he took the time to educate me on my options and gave me pros and cons for both placements. After my time with Dr. Shah, his nurse took me into another room to try on some sizers. She gave me a 32D bra and began to give me different implants to fill them with...so much fun! I really liked the look of 450cc. Under my shirt, it looked just like I had my VS Bombshell bra on :) I hold a management position for a well respected resort so I didn't want anything CRAZY! I am perfectly fine looking the same (ok, maybe a tad bit bigger) under my suites. As I said, the main reason for me getting a BA is to feel like a lady again and to gain some of my confidence back. I want to be able to have a great night out with my husband and after all is said and done, when the bra comes off at night...the boobs go with it. I also mentioned that I have been working out more so I have been wearing sports bras religiously. I now wear an XS and look like I have the upper body of an adolescent boy when I go to the gym. I just want some of my curves back :(

So...that is me and some background about my BA journey. At this point, I am very nervous (mostly about going under since I've never been under general anesthesia before) and the post-op pain (since I am such a cry baby). I am a real worry wort so my imagination runs wild more often than I would like it to so thoughts of complications after surgery are also weighing on me.

I have been taking my daily vitamins and vitamin C because I want to be as healthy as I can for my surgery in a few weeks. Other than that, I can't wait to FINALLY have BOOBS! At this point I will be going with HP Round Silicone but I am on the fence between 400cc or 450cc. I know it is such a small difference but I don't know why I can't make up my mind. In the end, I guess it will be up to the Dr. to see what looks best and natural on me while I'm on the operating table. Oh, I also am on the fence about going above or below muscle. I will discuss more with my PS during my pre-op and will have to trust that he is the professional and what he recommends is what I will go with.

I will try to post more as this journey progresses :)

VS Bombshell Bra - Don't leave home without it!

Here are some of my current (before) pictures. I can't wait until my BA is done so I can donate all my VS Bombshell bras to my little sis. I can't even begin to explain how thrilled I was when VS rolled out with their bombshell bathing suit line! My little sis finally comes home from college today. She has graduated from nursing and will be helping me after my surgery. It's so comforting to have her here looking after me! My time off from work was approved last week and my pre-op is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 28th...eeeeekkkk! I will off from work for 10 days following my procedure...praying that will be enough time.

More BEFORE shots

5' 1" / 116 lbs / currently 34B & shrinking since I began hitting the gym this year.

Wish Pix

I want Kourtney Kardashian boobies please!

I want these

BEFORE photos

I had trouble uploading photos from my phone last night but here are some current photos of how flat chested I am. I will use them to compare how I look after my BA :)

Wish Pix

I want Kourtney Kardashian boobies please! Full C/small D would be AWESOME :) I am hoping my end results create a sloped/natural look at the top. Nothing wrong with the high round boobies but having a 15 year old son and with the work that I do, I will be more comfortable with a more conservative appearance when I have regular shirts and work suits on.

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and things are about to get REAL - YIKES! I made my final payment and everything has been finalized. Today is the 2 week pre-op mark and everything is starting to get very real. 2 weeks from today will be the birth of my new "twins". I am such a bag of emotions. This decision has definitely been an emotional roller-coaster for me. I know having a BA done is almost common place in this day and age, but my mind just keeps thinking of the terrible things that can go wrong. Having to sign consent forms at my pre-op yesterday and seeing in black and white the risks, possible complications and the phrase "may lead to death" are not really helping the situation. I am so glad I have my sister with me to help calm me down and to get my mind back on track.

Back to my pre-op yesterday, it went really well. My sister and I arrived at the PS's office and after checking in with the Receptionist, I was handed a clipboard with all my disclaimers, consent forms, and pre & post op care instructions. I was also given a folder that included information about the Mentor silicone implants I would be getting, information about the hospital, and 2 scripts for medicine that I needed. Since my sister just graduated from nursing school, I had her translate what the prescriptions said. 1 script is for my pain meds, 1 script is my anti-nausea, 1 script is for stool softener, and 1 script is for my antibiotics.

After forms were signed, I went into a room where my before pictures were taken - then off to an exam room I went and waited for the doc.

Dr. Shah arrived shortly thereafter and he is such a great guy! He and his staff really make you feel welcomed and put you at ease. We made small talk and I introduced my sister and told him that she would be my primary caregiver after my surgery. He asked if I had any questions so I pulled out my 1 1/2 pages - he had to grab a seat at that point because he knew it would take a while to go through them LOL! During our conversation, we finalized that I would be going with Mentor Silicone Cohesive Gel implants, inframammary incision (under the breast fold), and subglandular (above muscle placement). He reassured me that I had sufficient existing breast tissue to get a nice result with a subglandular placement. He also went over the possible complications that could accompany an above muscle BA. I told him that I trusted him and that he was the highly decorated professional so I would trust his recommendations.

I showed him a few of my wish pictures and told him that at my consultation, I wanted to go with 450cc HP but after looking through more before and after pictures, I was contemplating dropping the size down to 400-425cc and possibly going with a moderate profile (so that I could get a little bit more of that side bood action instead of more projection). He checked my measurements again and said that it was all about the look I was trying to achieve but to keep it looking "natural" as I've described, his suggestion was not going above 400cc Moderate profile or 475cc High Profile. He answered a few more of my questions then shook my hand and said that he would see me on surgery day :)

I was then taken to the sizing room by Caroline, the Patient Coordinator. She is sooo patient and such a sweetheart! She handed me a 32D sizing bra and gave me the 400cc moderate and 450cc HP to sizers. My sister thought they both looked great and did notice what a difference a moderate profile and HP implant made to my silhouette. The 400cc moderate was super natural looking but almost so natural looking that I didn't even look like had bigger boobs. I know that's a good thing, but I began feeling that if it made me look like how I look now with my Victoria Secret bra, why would I even put myself through all of this? The 450cc HP also looked natural, just less of the lateral fullness. My sister liked the look of the 450cc HP too and commented that she liked the front & side projection. She commented that it looked like the boobs I have now when I wear my push up bras but with a little added UMPH and fullness in my upper pole, kind of like how I looked when I was lactating. In a perfect world, if I was able to do 425cc Moderate profile, I think I would have gone that route but to keep everything legit, I want to stay withing my doctors recommendations so I think 450cc HP will be the way to go (although this morning I am second guessing myself and am thinking that I should possibly go 425cc HP instead?) I am aware that the difference between 450cc & 450cc is very minute, but for some strange reason, that extra 25cc is making me nervous! Caroline said that the 450cc HP looked good and would work better with my frame than the Moderate profile. Both she & my sister agreed that the HP gave me volume without making me look wide at the top and with 450cc, I think that in a bikini and without a bra, a bit of the implant will fall to my sides giving me that side boob I'm so wanting to have :) For you ladies that have gotten this procedure done, are you happy that you went that extra 25cc larger or are you regretting it? Caroline & my sister tried to reassure me that I was still within my goal of trying to keep things looking "natural" but I keep having visions of girls who I've seen that go too big and look very top heavy :(

After trying on a few shirts over the sizers, we finalized my paperwork and day-of-surgery instructions. I need to be at the hospital by 6:30am on Thursday, June 12th and God willing all goes well, I should be in the car on my way home by 10:30am.

After my pre-op, my sister & I hit the gym and went to Walgreens to get my prescriptions filled. I am contemplating on calling the doctor's office next week to ask if they are able to prescribe some anti-anxiety meds that I can take the night before surgery because if I am freaking out this much right now 2 weeks out, I don't know if I will be able to go through with the surgery on the big day!! We'll see how I feel...

Other than that, I have attached some photos of me in the 450cc HP sizers and the dreaded BEFORE photos that are au naturale. I was very reluctant on posting before pics of my naked boobies because I am really self-conscious about others seeing how sad they look...but I know seeing the brave ladies on here post their before and after photos have given me encouragement to go through with my BA and I want to provide the same help to those who are considering getting a BA themselves.

That is it for now :)

Size & Profile Update

After going back & forth and practically driving myself to the brink of insanity, I signed the amendment forms to change my implants from Mentor 450cc High Profile MemoryGel to Mentor 425cc Moderate Plus MemoryGel. I know logically that the 25cc will not make a difference at all, but psychologically, I feel much more comfortable with the 425 number LOL! I also decided to go with the Moderate Plus vs. HP because at the end of the day, I really want my end results to project a tad more side boob than what I feel the HP will give me. My BWD is 12.5cm (R) and 13cm (L). If I wanted to go down to a 425cc HP, the diameter would be exactly 12.5cm vs. 13.5cm with the Mod+. My PS is comfortable with extending my lateral fullness by 1cm so we are good to go :) At this point, I don't think I have much of a choice anymore because I had until 9am to make any changes to my size & profile because they are submitting the order and it is now 9:50am. I have come in contact with many great ladies on my BA instagram page who are so full of optimism and encouragement so I feel good about my decision...I think LOL!

My indecisiveness is making me INSANE :(

Oops I did it again!! After revising my implant size & profile twice, I can't believe I am STILL about what I want :( My surgery is a week away and I am going nuts! Yesterday, I called my PS & inquired about changing AGAIN!! They were nice enough to let me stop by the office to try the sizers on...again!! This time I brought more of the shirts & tank tops that I wear on the daily. Dr. Shah & Caroline are so super patient with me. Dr. Shah even came in to the room to meet with me again and answered more of my crazy questions. He felt my indecisiveness and even took my measurements and looked at my wish pictures again. He then reassured me that whatever one of the 2 looks I would go with (425cc mod+ or 450cc HP) will give me the look I wanted...it was just a slight difference about the projection and lateral fullness. He took out the Mentor catalog and measuring tape to show me that the differences would be very small. My main concern (so I thought) was making sure I have enough "side boob" so he even joked that I was his first patient that wants to look big sideways LOL! He said most ladies are worried about not being perky enough in their upper pole, and I was worried about not being perky enough under my arm pits LOL! After taking my measurements again, he said that I was good to go with up to 450cc mod+ or 475cc HP. He advised me that from his experience, even going with 450cc HP I should be pleased with the amount of "show" aka side boob because of my narrow chest. I feel so bad for being such a pest & can't thank them enough for their patience. SOOOO...decision is back to 450cc HP instead of 425cc mod+. I know it is such a minute differences but boy do I FINALLY feel confidant about my decision (I think...) LOL! **oh, please excuse some of the sizer spilling out of the bra, the Dr.'s office was already closed but they told me to come in to try the sizers again. Dr. Himansu Shah & his team are THE BEST!! I am also thankful that my sister is here to help me through the process! She has been so amazing and so much help! She is my baby sis that just graduated college but has gone through a plastic surgery procedure this past year herself so she has really guided me and supported me through the process. She got rhinoplasty as her college grad gift from our parents and she is familiar with all the feelings and questions...and anxiety I've been having! Another plus that I mentioned before is that she has her degree in nursing so who better to take care of me post op?! :) So blessed to have her. The hubby is more of a que-sera-sera, you look fine the way you are now kinda guy so his answers to almost everything is, "as long as you're happy"...which doesn't help much LOL! My mom (typical Asian mom) isn't pleased that I'm going through with the surgery...but since she paid for my sister's rhinoplasty, I don't feel that she has much say in my BA, especially since I am the one paying for my own procedure. Madre isn't anti-boobjob, I just think she feels I don't need it and that I could do other things with the $$.

In any case, I left my PS's office yesterday and signed yet again ANOTHER acknowledgement form to change my implant size & profile! Keeping our fingers crossed that my mind doesn't change again LOL! Come to think of it, I was absolutely fine with the 450cc HP in the beginning (it was my first choice) but only began 2nd guessing my decision when I showed my first sizer photos to my co-workers and started to hear some of their feedback about it being too big for me. They were also comparing me to some of our other co-workers who got them done saying, "So & so only got 300cc or so & so only got 425cc and they already look huge, image 450 on you and you are smaller than they are?!" My sister reminded me that if I was comfortable with my decision and "I" felt good about it...to go with it. After all, I'm getting my boobs done for ME, nobody else. And I am well in the guidelines of my doctor's recommendations (actually even staying on the conservative side of his recommendations) so I should be good to go. 450cc HP it is!

The big day is almost here - I'm getting super scared!!

Things are about to get REAL and I'm getting super scared!!!

With my surgery just 2 days away, last night was the night I decided to pack away my handy-dandy VS Bombshell bras (34Bs that I hardly fill) - my sister will become the new owners of these bad boys! Thank u Victoria for sharing your wonderful secret, I never leave the house without them! Wow, at $60 a pop for each of these bras (these are just some that I have gone through), this is a nice chunk of change sitting on my bed! I should have just saved up all the money I spent on these push-up bras and gotten my boobs done sooner LOL!

Oh boy, it's finally kicking in that after going to bed & waking up 3 more times, I will have big boobies! The anxiety is starting to really kick in! I've never been under general anesthesia before & getting really terrified! I'm working until Wednesday but can't concentrate at all!!

Sorry for the delayed post

Sorry for the delayed post, boobie friends! I made it through surgery...with bigger boobs :)

Surgery & recovery has been amazing! I took 10 days off from work and wanted to really let my body heal so I've only been posting updates on my boob journey instagram account since I can do those posts from my cell phone. I didn't want to get the laptop out at all.

My surgery was on June 12th. I had to be at the hospital at 6:30am so I was wide awake by 4am. My mom was able to get the day off from work and dropped my sister and I off at the hospital while she went back home to make me some chicken & rice porridge for me to eat after my surgery. I am so happy that my sister was with me. I was super duper nervous and even contemplated rescheduling or canceling my procedure LOL! The intake nurses at the hospital were so nice. They were all Filipino and one of them was even from the same town as my mom. They sensed my fear and tried to make me laugh the whole time. My sister was able to sit with me while they gave me my IV and until I was wheeled off to the surgical waiting room.

At around 7:15am, I said goodbye to the intake nurses and my sister. I was then wheeled into the surgical waiting room where I go to meet my Anesthesiologist. He was a great guy and he also tried to make me laugh. We went over medical history questions and signed a few consent forms. Dr. Shah arrived shortly thereafter and did his makings on my chest. At approximately 7:40am, Dr. Shah said we were ready to rock and roll and that he'd see me in the OR. I began to get really nervous at this point and began to tear. My Anesthesiologist came in the room and told me that he wouldn't leave my side and that he'd monitor me for the entire time to make sure I was well taken cared of. He then told me that he was going to give me something via IV to make me relax & feel better. I was wheeled to the OR and when the double doors swung open, all I could see was bright lights, machines, and about 4-5 people all dressed and covered in hospital gowns. That is the last thing I remember before waking up ... with BOOBIES!

I woke up with very minimal pain, just extreme tightness to my chest. I was so happy that I was not nauseous AT ALL! That was the thing that worried me because I hate the feeling of throwing up. A male nurse was sitting next to me and said, "Hi there! Would you like some ice chips?". I looked around and I was no longer in that room with the bright lights. I gladly accepted the ice chips and it soothed my throat which was a bit scratchy due to the breathing tube they had to insert while I was under. He asked me how I was feeling and took my blood pressure reading. He said that my blood pressure was just a tad bit high and asked if I was experiencing any pain. I told him not much but had some discomfort. He told me he would give me just a little more pain medication to take the edge off. I didn't protest to that at all. I laid in that room for a while then the nurse said it was time to bring me back to the pre-op room because I had a whole party waiting to see me. I was wheeled back to the same room as when I arrived and was so happy to see my sister and my mom waiting for me :)

The intake nurses said they were so happy to see me come back with a smile. They helped me put my clothes on and took the IV out. They gave my mom and sister some instructions and we were on our way home.

The ride home was fine, my mom drove very slow and took the route that we pre-planned (to avoid as many bumps and potholes as possible). We got home and I was greeted at the door by my 15 year old son. He was thrilled that I was in good spirits and didn't look like I was in very horrible pain. I was able to walk from the car to the couch on my own but couldn't stand up straight because of the pressure and tightness on my chest when I stood up.

My mom made me her yummy porridge and I had a bowl so I could take my prescription pain meds and antibiotics. I did good for a while but after a few minutes felt nauseous and threw up. Thank goodness I prepared a small trash can ahead of time. After that, I felt great again. That was the first and last time I look the oxycodone pain meds. I just stuck to 500 mg Tylenol every 4-5 hours and I was fine.

My husband came home from work and was surprised to see me doing so well. My whole house knows I'm such a baby that they too prepared for the worse LOL! He has been super duper helpful and loves my new additions! I went through all my old bikinis and bras yesterday so I could see which ones I could still keep and which ones I'd donate and he was having a ball! He LOVED how my old bikini tops fit now. I had to remind him that they were waaaaay to small for me now (as they were only covering my nipples) but he told me they looked AMAZING and that I should still keep them (but of course they all ended up in the donation pile...except for a white Ed Hardy bikini that I will keep and put on incase I ever get boobie greed LOL). The hubby is in absolute love with my new shape and wishes that I did this a looooong time ago. He can't keep his eyes or hands off me and I have to constantly remind him that they are not ready to be played with yet. I even tried to wear baggy shirts over my sports bras to try and deter his attention but apparently he loves seeing me and my new boobies in his t-shirts just as much as he does when I'm in a bikini top LOL!

There was very little to almost no bruising - just a small quarter size bruise at the tip of my incisions. I had a post-op appointment the very next day and 1 week after surgery. Doctor said everything is healing well and my next post-op appointment will be at my 3 week mark. There was a point when i thought I had gone too large and that I was starting to get a uniboob! My doctor reassured me that a uniboob wasn't forming and that it was just the swelling and tightness. I had cleavage to begin with pre-surgery so it is just more pronounced now with the bigger boobs LOL!

I started massages after 1 week post-op. I am still kind of freaked out when doing the massages because it feels like I'm going to pop my stitches. I am sure I am not massaging as aggressively as I should but I'm trying to ease into them slowly.

Yesterday was my first day driving and it wasn't too bad. I am back to work today and am so fortunate I have a job that is mainly at a desk all day. The hardest part right now is trying to sit with good posture :(

My chest is very heavy and tight right now. 5 more hours then I can go home and relax on my couch again :)

I am sooooooo beyond blessed that so far everything has been going so well. I can't believe how much I had worked myself up prior to surgery. It literally was a life changing experience that happened in the blink of an eye. One moment I was crying because I was deathly afraid of being put under, then the next moment, I am awake with boobies :) This recovery process will take some time, but so far so good!

I can't thank you ladies enough for sharing your stories on here and the support and friends I've made via instagram have been a godsend. At this point, I have no regrets what so ever :)

Patience is definitely not one of my virtues

Funny how I thought since I was having overs, I would come out of surgery thinking my boobs would look perfect. NOPE! Still have to go through the drop & fluff process. I hate waiting for results but I don't think I can do much in this matter LOL!

2 Weeks Post-Op Today :)

Can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I got my boobies :)

I see little changes here and there, but they are still pretty round & higher than I'd like. Hoping that my upper pole gets more sloped as time goes on...but definitely don't want them to look saggy...just less "bowling ball" like LOL!

There is still tightness in my skin and right still has that numb feeling at the top of my breast. Just noticed this morning that there's an irritating/uncomfortable feeling on top of my right breast. It's kind of like this rough/burning sensation if I touch that area. I'm not sure if it's because I'm starting to regain feeling there? Also feel tension on the top right breast area when I bend over or slightly stretch my chest so I can take a big breath. Can Mondors cord form at the top of the breast? I've always seen it my the breast fold but it almost feels like one is forming on top of my right boob? Last night, I also noticed that there is some sensitivity and pain on my bottom left rib cage (toward the center), especially is I take a deep breath in or if I apply some pressure on it. Never had this pain before so not sure it I should be feeling this at 2 weeks out? I examined that area to see if there was any bruising or discoloration but nothing.

I started my post op massages last week, but they are still kind of difficult to do because everything still feels tight. These past 3 days, I've been popping a 200mg Advil before I start my massages and that has helped a bit. Both my nipples and the areas surrounding them are super sensitive right now and there is always this cooling sensation so I always have "headlights" LOL! It feels like I'm constantly in a walk-in freezer and my nipples are always erect!

I still experience morning boob but it quickly goes away and I'm so happy that I can get off the couch or bed by myself now without it taking me FOREVER! I still have to watch the position I'm in when getting off the couch of bed because I'm afraid of putting too much pressure or strain on 1 arm. It kind of feels like my left boob is wider than my right and there is more tenderness in my left armpit.

Tomorrow will make a full week (5 days) since I've returned to work and getting back into the groove has been pretty easy. I have a job where I am at my desk on the computer and phone a majority of the time so nothing strenuous. My back and posture has been suffering though...it's still a bit difficult to sit at my desk without hunching over for long periods of time. I have a lumbar pillow that is attached to my office chair and that has helped a lot. I also try to take short walks to stretch, even if it's just around our little office space. Kind of weird but it's still difficult for me to take big, deep breaths in so what I do is I clasp my hands together and raise them up in the air. This seems to help open my lungs and allows me to take some really nice deep breaths :)

Nothing much more to report other than still being extremely happy with this decision and just waiting for healing to take its course :)
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