43 Year Old, 5'10" with 2 Kids ~ Saline high profile under 425 overfilled to 460cc W/ liposuction on abs & flanks

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Hello, I'm 43 and 5'10" with 2 kids (13&18) and...

Hello, I'm 43 and 5'10" with 2 kids (13&18) and 145lbs. Married to a wonderful man! I've been wanting boobs since I was 13. Although that never happened except for when I was pregnant and nursing... I've looked into this many times but my husband was not on board in the beginning. Of course we were a lot younger and money and insecurity probably played a big role in that. He finally came around a few years ago but then I chickened out. I went to see Dr. Roth almost 2 years ago and felt very comfortable with him, but soon talked myself out of it. It's hard to not feel guilty spending that much money on yourself. Then this last summer while spending time with family I had my regular VS push-up bra with double padding on and a tank top. When my Mom started laughing because she could see from her angle that there was almost a 2" gap from my boob and the bra. I don't even fill a 34B... Lets just say my Mom is not lacking in the boob department but somehow I didn't inherent any of that :) My husband then suggested that maybe I look into this again as his friends wife just had hers done and his friend could not be happier :) So I went back to Dr. Roth. I could not be more excited at this point! I'm finally doing it! I kept saying to Dr. Roth that I'm probably to old to be doing this now. Yet he kept reassuring me that your never to old to be happy with yourself. Now trying to pick a size.. So I did the rice sizers and felt that 350cc was to big so tried 295cc and felt comfortable. So my husband suggested 325cc to meet in the middle. Although I'm going with saline high profile under the muscle and was informed that you loose almost 50cc when going under the muscle. So I had my pre op today and Dr. Roth said that rice sizers are not accurate at all because of breast width and height. Since I'm considered tall at 5'10" a 295cc implant would be way to small and pretty much pointless. So to stay conservative and based on my measurements he recommended at least 400 to 425cc. Of course that scares me a bit since I'm not a spring chicken anymore... I can't and don't expect to compete with 20 year olds, but I also want to have a perky push up look which is why I chose saline... I'm also doing liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. I've always felt I've had a thick waist and with 2 kids both at 9.5 lbs I've never been able to get that nice waist line. I know my kids are older and I'm fortunate I never had stretch marks but I figured if I'm getting new boobs I might as well fix my tummy to match having new boobs... ;)

Day before Surgery!

Could not sleep last night! My mind keeps playing with me. Like are my boobs going to be to big or should I even worry about my stomach area maybe I should just try and do more sit ups etc. So much to do today - need to get prescriptions filled, buy more front close sports bras, and frozen peas. Haha

5 Days after surgery...

Wow I feel like I was hit by a freight train. I can honestly say to all of you looking to do this. I could not have done this alone.. Make sure you have help ;). Finally feeling a bit more normal today. Getting stitches out in 2 more days yeah!

10 Days after surgery...

What a difference a few days make. Feeling SO much better and getting around great. I have to say though I have read so many profiles on RS and everyone is so extactic after their surgeries. They are so in love with their new breasts even with swelling and all. Posting pictures and not regretting a moment. Yet I didn't have that outcome and wondering if I'm alone on that... I had a hard time seeing past the swelling and bruising. I kept second guessing myself and my husband kept telling me to just relax that my body is healing. My boobs were so swollen they looked bolted on and my liposuction on my abs and flanks left bruising and swelling as well. I kept looking in the mirror like what the heck did I just do to myself. Fast forward 10 days and I'm finally loving my results. I can now see the changes in a positive way even knowing I still have lots of swelling still. I have to wear a girdle for 6 weeks round the clock which helps keep my abs and flanks smooth while healing. Plus only a front clothes sports bra for 6 weeks. My left breast is starting to settle now and feel softer but my right one is holding on tight (literally) I can definately tell my "love handles" are gone and my tummy is flatter but still lots of swelling. ;)

Do Not Trust Rice Sizers...

Hello, for those of you still on the fence about sizing. Do not put all your trust into rice sizers. My goal was to achieve the look of how I looked in a push up bra but without the bra. So when I did rice sizers I felt that 350cc was to big for me and I was comfortable at 295cc. The problem with rice sizers is they protrude straight out. Even if you try to form them to look real. Keep in mind your breast width and height is generally wider then the rice sizers. I was so overerly obsessed with sizers but my PS does not use sizers and kept explaining to me that exact reasoning. He even held one over my breast and it didn't even come close to covering my natural breast area. I trusted my PS completely and explained what I was trying to achieve. I gave him pictures of my whish boobs. He recommended that I be in the 400cc to 500cc range which of course freaked me out especially after doing rice sizers in the 300cc range, but if I can help anyone on the fence about sizing. Trust your Doctor! In the end I got high profile saline 425cc overfilled to 460cc. Funny thing is I was so worried they were going to be way to big because I was so focused on the cc's but in the end they look exactly like what I was trying to achieve. If I would have trusted the rice sizers I would have gone a lot smaller and never got the end result that I did... The picture of me in the green sweater is with rice sizers at 295cc and the one in the tan tank is at 460cc. ;)

3 weeks..

Wow I'm loving these things! Still swollen and my right breast is definitely higher then my left, but I know from reading RS reviews and "ask a doctor" that it's pretty normal since I'm right handed. So the right side might take longer. My left breast is a lot softer but started to make a weird noise. Feels almost like air bubbles and a squeaky sound when I massage it. I've read that air can get trapped during surgery and that eventually your body will absorb it. I have a follow up appointment in a week so hopefully it goes away by then or see what my Dr says, but love that I can get so much information on this site or I would probably be freaking out. I emailed my Dr but since its Thanksgiving weekend I realized I probably won't hear back until Monday. Has anyone else had that happen where it feels like air bubbles and did it go away? I swear it sounds like a squeaky noise but I tried to see if my daughter could hear it when I pushed on it and she said No then looked at me like I was crazy...

Boob Greed...

Never in a million years did I think I would have boob greed, but here I am. I was so worried that I was going to be to big at 460cc and now I just joined the club... ;)

5 weeks..

I'm finally feeling like me again.. Just had another follow up with my Dr and everything is looking good. My right breast is still higher so I was given one of those white straps to help push it down. I'm still concerned with my nipples as they are lower then I was expecting but hoping that once they drop more my nipples will appear a bit higher. A lift was never really talked about and to be honest until I found this site it never even crossed my mind about nipple placement. It's crazy how seeing a lot of amazing results on here really makes me question my outcome. Then I look at my before pictures and realize I look pretty darn good from where I started...

Forgot picture

Sad :(

Wow I'm just gonna throw this out there, but I kinda went through a dark time. Almost like Postpartum depression. My moods have been all over the place from crying hysterically to yelling at my husband and low self esteem. I'm not one to talk about my feelings, but I have read a lot of similar stories and figured I'd share mine if it could help someone else. I'm not sure if its because I have a very type "A" personality and can't sit still or I always want things done and perfect like yesterday. You would think that after finally getting breasts I would be ecstatic, but all I could do was find something wrong with them. I was constantly comparing mine to other women's on this site and then feeling even worse about myself. My husband told me to get off this site that it was making me worse. Which in turn he started to get distant with me and made me feel even less then. I tried to tell him that its like having a new body part and I'm just trying to adjust myself. I have not been able to return to work yet and all this laying around is driving me crazy as well. Anyways 2 more weeks then I can go back. I work for a major airline and because of the lifting and long flight days I was told a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks off work. I finally went to a Dr to get some help, as I don't like who I've become these last few weeks. He is giving me a mild anti depressant and anti anxiety medication. I haven't slept well since the surgery so I also got a prescription for a sleeping aid. I know this is a lot of information and I would never even share this with some of my friends but I have to say I'm starting to feel a little more balanced. Even my Dr said that by taking me out of my normal routine could easily have thrown me into a tailspin "depression" especially with my high energy life style. My husband is a amazing man and thank goodness I have a great support system but even I couldn't see that when my head was spinning. I've also come to terms that my breasts and body are mine and mine alone, and will never look identical to someone else's. Yes I could do more surgeries and maybe a lift but still there's no guarantee. Like others have said there will always be someone prettier and thinner but there's also the other end of the spectrum. I got the biggest compliment from my realtor friend the other day. She didn't know I had anything done but kept saying that whatever I'm doing my body looks amazing. I was wearing just a long sleeve fitted tee shirt. Nothing revealing and just that compliment made me smile and begin to love the new me.

Light at the end of the tunnel

What a difference just getting back into a normal routine makes.. I finally returned to work and couldn't be happier. Love my job and all the great places I get to go! I live in Alaska even though I had my surgery in Las Vegas. Where Alaska is beautiful we have pretty much full darkness with a small window of daylight in the winter. Seasonal depression is very common here, but I've always been able to escape the winter blues with my job. However it got me this year, but I'm happy to say that I feel great now! ;) My breasts are still changing and getting softer. Still wearing the band when I can to help push them down. As my right one is still being a little stubborn and sitting higher. I haven't even measured myself yet but some of the soft bras I bought in the beginning are starting to feel loose. They were a size medium and I believe "Bali" brand. So I'm assuming that means my swelling has gone down... I'm hoping for a full C cup so we'll see ;)

2 Months

Last night I had the worse cramping in my breasts. More in the right one, but it felt like when you get a Charlie horse in your calves. It woke me up and scared me a bit. They were really hard and I kept massaging and took Tylenol which seemed to help. Has anyone else had this happen? I sleep on my side but I've also been pretty active since I was given the green light.
As mentioned in a earlier post I'm still concerned with my nipple placement. They are so low. Before my surgery I was deflated but they looked normal under a tee shirt with no bra, but now they just seem to look at the ground with no bra. I keep wondering if I would of had a different outcome if I had gone with silicone. I love the upper pole fullness but I also wonder if that's whats pushing my nipples downward since saline does not have the more natural look. I wanted the perky push up look and I love them in a bra and clothes when I can adjust them. However I also did this to be naked with my husband and I find I'm still wearing a tee shirt to bed like I did before the surgery. My husband pushed for me to get silicone but I was worried about safety and being to natural looking as I wanted perky. Yet I keep seeing really good results with silicone and they are still perky with great nipple placement. It's so hard to find others on this site that have saline to compare with. My PS said to give it a year so hopefully they will keep dropping and maybe my nipples will come up a bit.

3 BIG Words! Patience, Patience, Patience

I really wish I could delete some of my old posts! I sound like a basket case. Note to self not to write when I'm over tired ;)

I'm loving my results. I never realized what a lengthy process this is. Even though I was told it takes up to a full year patience is not my strong suit... I'm completely over my boob greed and love the size. Still trying to figure out how to keep my headlights down ;). I always wore padded bras before so never had to worry about that. I've tried finding some lightly lined ones but not much luck since I'm still suppose to wear sports bras. Any suggestions??

Sooooooo Happy!! 3 1/2 month

I couldn't be happier with my results at this point. My breasts have dropped and softened a lot. Although I'm sure there is still more to come. I'm still wearing my strap at night to help them come down just a bit more. I just love how I can finally fill out my clothes and actually look like a woman without a padded push up bra. It's such a huge boost in confidence! For the most part they finally feel like their mine. Of course if I over do it with lifting or just a busy day. I'm reminded that Im still healing because they do get sore. Happy healing to all of you ;)

Almost 5 months and loving my "fake" boobs ;)

I love my "fake" boobs! It's funny how a lot of reviews on here refer to hp saline as the "fake" look and I guess that makes me fake, but I don't regret it! Happy healing to all of you ;)


I realize my last post came across kind of harsh. This site has been both a godsend and a curse. I truly love reading and seeing all these great reviews/procedures. I also have read a lot of reviews with strong opinions on size and type of implants. I realize I went with the road less traveled anymore by going with saline. Do I regret it.. NO, but when I keep reading reviews on how saline is like giant bags of water and "fake" it's hard not to take it a little personal. Although I realize to get the "look" I wanted which is more upper pole fullness and perky is not exactly a natural look, but looks no different then when I used to spend a ton of money on padded push up bras. Im truely happy with my decision and would never make negative comments on someone elses decision to choose differently. To each thier own whether saline or silicone ~ large or small CC we are all beautiful and strong women! I apologize if I offended anyone along the way. ???

6 Months! Yeah :)

Just hit the 6 month mark and super happy with my outcome. It was definitely a journey of emotions but well worth it. Looking back if I could of told myself one thing it would be to just take a deep breath it's going to be a bumpy ride, but will be worth it in the end. It's crazy how this entire process can play with your mind and body. Giving you self doubt along the way. Thank you everyone for the great support system you gave me! Take care ;)



More bra shopping yeah!! 10 months

34DD just wanted to throw out there that the "Wacoal" brand at Nordstrom are amazing! After I finally got a go ahead from my Dr to buy bras at my 7 month post op I was so excited to hit Victoria's Secret. Although that quickly became depressing because nothing fit. Trust me I tried every single bra on in the store only to be let down. They were great when I had no boobs but not so much for augmented boobs. I don't need a bra that pushes and pulls and lifts anymore. So if your out bra shopping and find yourself in the same boat I was. I promise you will love the "Wacoal" brand at Nordstrom. Plus once you find your size they have the best half yearly sales and you can stock up ;)

10 months

I knew the first time I met with Dr. Roth that he was going to be my surgeon. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Very easy to talk to and I never felt rushed, always willing to answer my questions. He takes the time to understand exactly what your trying to achieve.

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