On a Mission to Be Back to Natural!! - Vancouver Canada

Hello everyone! As stated in my title, I'm on a...

Hello everyone!

As stated in my title, I'm on a mission!!! To get these things out of my body! I have had saline implants for almost 13 years now. I had the done under the muscle and through the nipple by a surgeon in Las Vegas Nevada who shortly after me, had retired. He did a wonderful job! They are wonderfully soft to touch and I have the natural feel, but I cant stand how big they are! I am just so tired of catering to them, dressing around them, passing by the dress or tops I love because they just don't look right with a bigger chest. I was pre opp a full 34B before and after my first child (did not breastfeed) and had no change. Since having them I have had my second child which I could not breastfeed because my milk ducts were severed! If someone was to tell me prior to getting my BA that I would have numbness in the lower part of my breasts, loose almost all sensation in my nipples and have no chance of breastfeeding, I would have opted out of the surgery!! :(

Not happy, very boo!

So now I am on the mission to find a surgeon to remove these things, Don't care about the possible sagging, would rather sag a bit than have gigantic boobies! I may be exaggerating a little but they're certainly gigantic to me! I'm finding it pretty expensive in Canada ranging from $3500-$5100 and I see in the USA, people are getting it done from $500-$900-$3000. So I'm not at all opposed to travelling to the bordering states to have it done. Any help would be appreciated!! So here I go...on my mission....will continue to update as I go!

Scheduled for March! So excited!!!

Well, I found a Surgeon in California! And booked for March 22nd during spring break. I'll have a week to relax after surgery which worked out perfectly. I am ecstatic! I wish I could have this done today or yesterday really lol. Will update with pictures (before and after) Surgery.


24 SLEEPS!!! I have no fears and still so excited! Not to say I wont have any closer to the date, but for now I am wishing I could hibernate for 20 of those day lol. I've already bought 3 sports bras! All from Forever 21, making my post surgery lists, one for my actual trip and one for when I arrive at home. I don't think I will have any reservations about actually removing them and having small boobies since I never really wanted or felt that I needed them. The love for the girls was never there. Hoping I am still a 34B and no bigger, smaller I wouldn't mind but realistically, judging from what I had before and the fact I've had a child post BA (which brought me to a 34EE) I think I would be bigger than smaller :( I am also looking forward to the girls trip, one of my best friend and I will be driving down and even though it includes surgery it will be nice to have some time away from kids and husband etc ;) I'm driving all my friends and family bonkers!! I'm saying things like "did I tell you how excited I am this week about my surgery?" haha They are rolling their eyes at me saying "really? I had no idea" or " no not in the last 5 min!" Can't help myself :D I'm torturing myself looking at all the pretty smaller sized bras in the store, so tempted to buy some but wont until I see exactly what I am working with.

Pre-explant Photo's

Found a side boob pic pre BA

What was I thinking!!!!!! Uhhggg! I know I have a frontal photo somewhere.... I feel like an idiot. REGRET REGRET REGRET!!! Live and learn I guess.


My surgeon is actually in Redding Califormia, trying to get this changed!! My original BA was done in Vegas and at the time I started my review/blog I hadn't found my surgeon so I put down Las Vegas.

18 Sleeps!

Can you tell I have kids? I count everything in sleeps! I got my confirmation letter yesterday and was so happy! It kinda solidified things more for me, became more real. I bought two genie bras yesterday at Walmart, only thing was, they had only size M - 2x but the actual genie bra site says they have xs/small. Kinda confused! I bought the medium which feels VERY small. I usually just hold things up to my body (in terms of clothing) and see if it will stretch to the middle of my sides and that tells me if it will fit or not. This bra barely reaches the sides and that's with stretching it pretty hard. La senza store fitted me at a 32-D but wear a 34-D on the tightest loop. I just don't find the 32 very comfortable, seems too tight! So I'm not sure whats up with the genie bra cause it seems like a size small. I guess I'm stuck with them now anyway since they are undergarments.

Genie bra update

Okay so I have been reading a lot of costumer reviews on the Walmart website for the genie bra and apparently the Medium will fit like a XS/S. One woman said she was a 34d and needs the XL for her to even get it on! another woman who was 38c needed a 2X ....a lot of reviewers complained that they couldn't get the bra on because it was so tight even when they bought one size larger. Noted! So I'm feeling better that the medium I bought will indeed fit! ...I hope!


Sooo Iv'e always been an avid "lotioner" I'd say from about 18 yrs old and on I have always been slathering myself with lotions. Body lotion, face lotion, foot lotion etc. I have tried MANY lotions and about 6 years ago I found the Vaseline Cocoa butter radiance lotion and never looked back. It smells a little like cocoa butter but mostly it has a nice light sweet smell of vanilla. I also use this on my son after every bath, he has eczema and it seems to really keep his skin healthy and besides his two trouble spots, which I medicate his skin is just lovely with this stuff, without it however he gets dry and itchy. For me I used to use exfoliating gloves every day! Ever since using this lotion I only really feel the need to do that once a month! It's AMAZING stuff! Now I don't know if it will make much difference at all, and I have been lotioning on the regular, but ever since I knew I was having explant done I've been giving my breasts extra attention in the lotion department. I have also been mixing the lotion with some tummy butter! I used this for when I was pregnant with my son, not sure if it worked for stretch marks because my first child didn't give me any, but who knows maybe it did! So I'm sharing my little mix cause it can't hurt to use it right? I also use the tummy butter on my lips after the shower, it seems to really moisturize and plump them before I slather with chapstick...I'm kind of a chapstick freak! lol

I keep dreaming...

That I've had my surgery already and they are out! I have always had very vivid dreams and always remember in detail once awake. So I find myself grabbing at my chest just to be disappointed that they are still there, and still doing the count down waiting game :( I'm so impatient for this! I feel like 2 weeks is more like 2 years!! I have one more week until my Toronto trip, then my Surgery will be days away!!! My kittens boo boo's (lol) are pretty much healed so I'm no longer worried about something happening while I'm away. 13 SLEEPS!!! Woooo hoooooo!

Single digit days!

Well ladies! Iv'e almost hit the single digit days!!! keeping myself busy as best I can with my chronic fatigue! I'M SO TIRED! Everyday! I do a little, I'm exhausted, I do a lot I'm exhausted. Also my seasonal allergies have started! FML pass me the steel wool so I can scratch my eyes out!! My kitty's boy parts have healed up nicely so I wont be worrying about that while I'm away, and my girl friend has made a lovely spread sheet for our road trip. One more thing... I went back to walmart today to see if I can get some answers on the Genie bra sizing. They have just got some new stock in (pink) so one of the staff and I did a little test! We found a white genie bra in the old packaging and a pink one in the new packaging, both medium.... WELL the size of the pink was much smaller!!! and when compared the white medium one with a pink large it was the same size!? I don't get it. This is bad!! What if you love genie bra and know your size, then happily go buy a new one and it's a size too small??? not cool! Anywho, I bought the pink which I'll wear right after surgery, the others will fit nice just probably not as tight. So EXCITED! but that's not news now is it? haha!


7 more sleeps and I will be implant free!!!!! ...that is all :)


Tomorrow is the day! Words cannot express how excited I am right now! I am just a bit confused now as to which incision I should go with, in the crease or through the nipple. Met Dr. Wong and his staff today and they are absolutely as wonderful in person as they are via email, phone etc! Felt very relaxed and comfortable. So now what to do!? I know it's ultimately my choice but Dr. Wong did mention that the future scar could lower once the implants are out and end up with scar under my bikini top etc but then with the nipple incision there is a rick of puckering and sinking...SO DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! HELP!!!

Today is the day!

Still doesn't feel real and probably won't until I'm actually having it done. I am SOOO ready for this!!! I have decided to go with the crease incision, I have this opposite thing in life, if it works for everyone else it won't work for me and vise versa! So with that said, I would rather have a small scar either lower than my bikini/bra line or on my breast than have puckered nipples. I just don't have the money to come back or have it corrected at home in BC. Plus I was very excited to know that the removal would be done through the crease cause the nipple thing just freaks me out and grosses me out too!! I have lost so much sensation there I don't want to risk losing more, other than that, I have always healed very well and don't seem to scar much so it shouldn't be very visible. Cannot wait for these things to be a distant memory! I will post before and after pics once I'm done, my wi-fi connection is a pain in the butt at this hotel! Cannot wait to wear all my new clothes that fit properly and don't tug and pull and look distorted on me, and cant wait to go into a store and buy an xs/small size top and just know it WILL fit!!! :)))))))))))))))) HAPPY DAY!

They're OUT!!

I'm going to be short because I'm quite tired and not sure if it's just my allergies kicking my butt or I've got a cold. Surgery went well! We chatted the whole way through, no surprises or complications. We went out and got my pain meds which I haven't used, just took an advil about 3 hours ago when I started to feel a tad bit of discomfort from the incisions and rested by the pool at the hotel. Went shopping and then to red lobster for dinner, now relaxing again about to go to bed. Will update more with pics etc once I'm home, heading out tomorrow morning....Goodnight ladies and thanks for well wishes! xoxoxoox

First look!

I'm having sort of a writers block but thought I'd throw up a pic...I'll probably update my experience tonight :)

My souvenirs lol

I had absolutely no idea what size my implants were, if there was any betadine in them etc...well they are both 425 and not over filled, just clean clear saline! Nice to know!!

Time for some pics!

Okay sorry it's taken me so long!!! Moving to Toronto for a month has me a mess! World has been turned up side down and inside out! Anyways..... on to boobs! So these are 10 days post, i took my stitches out on my own today, didn't bother to get a doctor to do it since I do it all the time at work on my own, plus my AWESOME surgeon is in Cali. Felt a bit faint, not gonna lie and thought I may pass out, so I sat on the floor with my head between my legs and had my gf help me with the second one. Easy peesy! no more stitches! Do not recommend doing this at home, unless you are some type of nurse then it may not be so bad, but it's definitely different taking them out on others than yourself LOL so please don't do it! I'm healing well and feeling great! trying to take things easy though and still not over doing the lifting. Hoping for a lot of retraction and fluffing! My incisions look pretty darn good to me and I'll start using the "scar away" silicone sheets in about a week or so. I know it's only been 10 days but just like I was when I wanted the surgery done, I am still SO IMPATIENT! haha. Would like to thank all you ladies who were with me on my journey (although still not over) Thank you for all your support and kind words! *HUGS* and will continue to update as I go!

Getting better!

More fluffing and retracting!! Very happy! Will take more pics this coming Saturday :) my 3 weeks post.

3 weeks!

Well it's been 3 weeks, I'm massaging them daily in the shower with soap. My incisions are a tad bit tender still inside but everything feels great otherwise. When I took my last picture my breasts were a tad bit more full because it was "ladies days" So to me I see a slight difference and there has definitely more fluffing esp in the area closer to the cleavage area. I did get two new bras, balconette style strapless/convertible, Don't think they fit LOL! I got a 34B but I think I'm a C because the sides are flowing over, yikes!! Maybe it's just the style and maybe I'm still adjusting. Anyways, here's more pics!

4 weeks!! Feeling great!!

Tried on some new bralettes from F21 and a strapless/convertible bra from Lasenza but I still think it's fitting too small on me :( Hope I can exchange it.

Bra update

So I did manage to exchange those bra's at La senza! I was measured and they say I am a 32D wahhhhhhhhh! The 32D had a little room in the cup but the band was proper, the 32C was too small in the cup, Anyway, for me, I fit perfectly into the 34C so I did end up going with a 34C, they told me the band would stretch over time but I've always worn a 34 and been fine with it, it's comfortable and the cup is perfect! I will take more pics soon!

Lovin my girls!

Still seeing results! I've lost count of how long its been...maybe 3 months now? I love wearing bralettes and even going without bra in some of my lovely new summer low back dresses that I could never wear with the big ol D's haha!

Made a progress collage!

Pretty cool to see the differences up close to each other. I'll do another one at the 6 month mark :)
Redding Plastic Surgeon

AMAZING! The staff and Doctor are all amazing, caring and warm people. I couldn't be happier to have met them and had my surgery done by Dr. Wong. Very personable and great sense of humor yet very professional! I wish everyone could be so lucky to have their surgeries done with people like them. The Medical assistant Sarah whom I had booked with on the phone and kept contact with from start to finish is the sweetest person you'll ever meet, She was not scheduled to work the day of my surgery but came in anyway to be with me! I also had a phone call from Dr. Wong the evening of my surgery to check and see if I was doing well and if I had any questions or concerns. HIGHLY recommend! !!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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