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Ok. it all started at 19 years old. I've always...

ok. it all started at 19 years old. I've always been 5'2 about 100 pounds. I started modeling and notice all the perky B cups and Fake D cups on the other girls. I was the odd one out with my saggy C's. I always looked at my chest and just wished I had those perky breasts. I thought if I fill my saggy breasts they will look great and perky. I made an appointment with a doctor and he told me if I added implants it would make me more perky. So I got the surgery. 420cc each breast. High profile. Incision threw my belly button. over the muscle. $5,500. Seriously one day after the surgery I looked perfect! I had a small belly button bruise and tiny incision which was barely noticeable and to this day you cant even tell I ever had an incision there! It was amazing. I LOVED THEM!!!

With-In about a year. My implants were falling off my body. I started to notice my breasts drop months after my surgery. They weren't perky anymore. They were twice as saggy as before. It was because I went over the muscle and nothing was holding the implants up. so they sag. i started to get stretch marks. You could also see ripples in the implants when I bent over. It was a nightmare!! I had to get them removed or replaced. so I went back to the same surgeon. I got mad at him because I felt like he should have known and told me. But I guess it was my decision. After talking to him I decided that I wanted to get a lift and new implants. I don't know why but I got 675cc. I remember thinking the implants were really big. I don't know why I thought they would look good on me, a 5'2 100 pounds girl. But I did it. We both thought the larger implants would take up all of the saggy boob space. It came to about $4,000. After the surgery I immediately felt weird. mostly uncomfortable. My chest felt tight. My breast felt too big. When I took my bandages off. I had the double bubble effect in one of my breasts. I cried for a year straight. I didn't think I would ever look normal again. A breast lift is hard to get threw. I had the donut lift. So the marks were only around my nipples. They looked horrible and a few months went by. After the lift a piece of my skin didn't look right on my nipple so I had to go back to the surgeon and he put me under local ana and operated on me and fix one of the nipples that looked to long…. I had surgery awake. It was about $800 I think. It was the worst thing that I've ever gone threw. Someone cutting into your body while your awake. At that point I could have lost it. I looked so far passed horrible. I thought I'd never be with a guy again.

But thankfully. After a year The double bubble pretty much disappeared.- well when I'm standing anyway. I still have it if I lay flat and in some positions but when I'm standing you cant see it. My scars from the breast lift look better. They are still there. and very noticeable but I look a lot better then right after surgery. time has past and I just turned 24 years old; I'm about 105 pounds WITH my implants and I'm getting my 675cc saline high profile implants out next month. I HATE THEM! It seems like everyday I have to accommodate them. I can't sleep on my stomach. If I sleep on my side my arm will hurt because of all the weight. I have no choice but to sleep on my back. Which is annoying because when I lay flat I can feel my implants on my chest protruding out. The gym/running is so annoying too. It's so hard to work out with 5 extra pounds on your chest. When I work out I have to wear a bra with TWO sports bras over it. If I don't my tits will bounce and hurt and it will feel like they are going to break. SEX. Sex sucks with fake tits! If I lay flat you can see where my double bubble was. Also when I lay flat my breasts get hard as rocks! If my fiance trys to rest his body on them I freak out because I'm scared hes going to break them. I'm always constantly scared they are going to break. Sometimes I lose sleep because of it. Now clothes. NOTHING FITS ME NOW! It sucks. Anything I wear makes me look like a skank. My breasts pop out of a teeshirt! Bras are even hard to find because I can't have any push up or padding and I need a 32 DD. Now on to what people think about me. I honestly feel like I offend people with my breasts. I've had so many people say really rude things to me. "Your boobs are too big!" "I bet your breast are really hard" Blah Blah. Constantly I have someone in my face wanting to talk about my boobs. Its awful and embarrassing! I completely understand why people make sure they look natural now. Even the other day I went to a family event and everyone was swimming and I really feel like they didn't tell me because they didn't want my breasts out in a bathing suit. I feel trashy. Well thankfully I can get them out! THANK GOD! and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm really nervous. I hope they look ok after I get them removed. One thing I would have to say to any girls out there that is consider getting breast implants is… make sure you don't get them to big. Try to get them to look as natural as possible. 675cc is too much! I think 420 should be the max! Secondly: I honestly feel like most guys like natural girls. If you got at least a B consider yourself lucky and be happy with them. If you want to stand out more dye your hair bleach blonde, don't go under the knife.

Ok so I got really nervous about the surgery and...

Ok so I got really nervous about the surgery and decided to wait a few more months. I know it's 100% what I want to do I'm just nervous about ana. Being topless and a sleep. Just idk weird stuff. My new surgery date is December 17th, 2012. LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!! My stomach shakes just thinking about it. I'm going in to see the doctor Dec 4th to pay the rest of the money and for the pre-op. I paid $1,000 today and then i'll pay $2600 on Dec 4th. I can't believe I'm 24 and I've spent almost $15,000 on plastic surgery!!! I'm ready for it to be over and I'll NEVER make this mistake again. I can't wait to be able to buy a normal C bra! I also jumped on the scale and I weigh 107 now at almost 5'2. So I'm excited to get down to 105 with these heavy saline bags out. Well I'll write some more after my pre-op. :-)

Went to the doctor today to get my prescriptions...

Went to the doctor today to get my prescriptions and to pay the rest of the money for my surgery. I didn't see the doctor and I won't till the surgery on the 17th which makes me nervous. They told me today that I would have to get my blood work done on the other side of town and I would have to pay for it. Which kinda pisses me off. I pretty much spent all my money on the surgery to get these stupid balloons out so I don't really know how I'm going to pay for the blood work. I wish they told me about this cost so I was prepared. I could punch myself for doing this to my body. At work today I had someone ask me if my breasts were fake and it really put me over the edge. He started with "I don't mean to be rude.. but can I ask you...?" Really dude?!?! I know my surgery is in 13 days so I shouldn't let it bother me but it still does! Ever since I started this job I've had people continuously make comments about them. Its like when people think you have fake boobs they want to point you out. It's sooo annoying!!! The only thing people notice about me is my breasts! When I tell guys I live in vegas I always get asked "what club do you work at?" (and they are talking about STRIP club not a bar club!!!) It makes me soo upset! I feel so cheap and embarrassed. I died my hair back to my natural dark brown and I stopped wearing any revealing clothing which is hard to do in the desert. I feel like I don't want anyone to look at me. I once had a guy tell me he thought my tits were filled with helium! I've also had guys ask if I could "flex my boob." I don't know what that means but I've been asked more then once. I've really stopped going out. One time a girl e-mailed me and said "You can't really think people think those things are real. LOL." I hate people. I heard a guy tell his friends that I would be perfect if I didn't have fake boobs. Like WTF? I had to work an event at a party and they put me in a very very barely their outfit and I had people actually think it was ok for them to grab my breasts!!! 13 days until I can be free!!!! I also found out that I will have drains in for 24 hours after surgery and I will have to come back a week later to get the stitches out. I'm supposed to be on vacation until next year but I'm going to have to come back early. I haven't told my man yet who has been trying to get me to post-pone surgery from the beginning. He's really into big fake looking boobs so he's not too happy about my decision to get mine removed. And he's not too happy I spent $3600 right before christmas. We are going to spend 2 weeks (now one) with all of his family in the mountains and he wants me to be able to snow board and enjoy everything. I just can't enjoy life until I get these things out. My right implant has been causing me a lot of discomfort. It's very sore on top of the implant. I think the muscle is being stretched! It might be because im right handed and I'm always moving the muscle that the implant is in. I can feel them in there. always... I hate it. I'm surprised how depressed they have made me. I've never felt my breasts were there before the surgery. I haven't really slept well since I got my boob job. Every way I lay it's just uncomfortable! When I lay on my side my boobs lay on top of each other! This is soooo uncomfortable! When I lay on my back it feels like a kid is sitting on my chest. OMG i couldn't even imagine being 9 months pregnant and having these two big balloons I wouldn't be able to move! Even sitting here now I'm just uncomfortable in my skin. I get mad at my guy when he hugs me to hard or he lays on top of me. He thinks I'm unaffectionate but I'm just always resting from carrying these things around! I used to love when a guy would touch my breasts now I HATE it! I'm not thinking about if it feels good. All I'm thinking about is that I want him to stop touching them. It turns me off thinking he's just grabbing these big hard balls. It doesn't excite me at all. I have to give him limits on how hard he can touch me or how much weight he puts on my chest and I can tell that frustrates him. I'm so tired of feeling fragile. These things are holding me back in life! I can't wear anything that moves them because I'll be completely uncomfortable and I can't wear a bra that doesn't have support. I always feel my right implant. I thought getting a boob job would give me more confidence but it just made me close myself out from the world. I also used to like to wear cute sexy revealing top/dresses but now nothing looks or feels right on me. I just feel gross. I hate going to the pool now too. I always feel when I'm laying down to get a tan my implants are out of place or I feel like my nipples aren't going to stay covered properly. They are just so unnatural and all of our clothes are made for natural breasts so nothing works!!! Even wearing high shoes is hard to bare threw because my chest is just so heavy it's just too much to handle. and i'm a 100 pound 24 year old!! 13 DAYS TILL THESE STUPID FAKE BOOBIES ARE GONE!

Still trying to have my surgery done.

I ended up having to cancel my appointment. I needed to use the money for a bill which was disappointing. I will have enough money next month so I'm excited to re-schedule my appointment and get these things out. I spent a lot of time thinking about this decision. I mean removing 675 cc's from my breasts could really make them sag or worse they could completely look deformed. I had a lift so I'm nervous that the doctor formed my breasts to the implants. I'm just really nervous. I'm planning to get them out in the beginning of August. I'm so excited to get these huge things out. I'll post before and after pictures in August.
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