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I had my 350cc saline implants put in almost 11...

I had my 350cc saline implants put in almost 11 years ago sub-muscular. I was 38 years old. I'm 49 years old now, and the thought of celebrating my 50th birthday implant free truly delights me. I never really liked my implants, the feeling of heaviness and discomfort is always with me, specially during my daily jog. After augmentation I was larger than I wanted to be. I asked my PS for a full C, but ended up with 36DDs. Over the last four years I have also developed two autoimmune diseases: Hashimoto"s and IC (Interstitial Cystitis) a very painful and tricky bladder condition. Things got so bad for me that a year ago I had to stop working to concentrate on my health. Through diet, meditation and exercise my health has somewhat improved, but I still have a long way to go. I'm excited to see how my body will react once the implants are gone. I wish I had left my body the way it was, but maybe, I needed to travel this journey to appreciate what I have even more. My surgery has been scheduled for September 21st at 10:45 am. I want to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to all of you ladies who care enough to share your stories and show me that there is a way out of my mistake with a wonderful future ahead.

Pre and post implant pictures

What Bra Cup Size will I Be?

Before implants I was 120 pounds and 36B. Today I am 125 pounds and 36DD

The Perfect Bra for Explant

7 days to go and feeling very excited. Yesterday my Carefix bra arrived. I ordered the "Marianne" with loops for the drainage bulbs. They are removable or you can order "Mary" which is the exact same bra minus the loops. I cannot tell you how much I love this bra. The cups are double layered for compression and support, the straps are adjustable and it feels super soft against my skin. Last weekend I went to Soma and purchased 2 bras from their "Embraceable" full coverage line, but after trying on my Carefix bra last night those will be going back. I'm going to order "Bella" (intermediate compression level) also by Carefix to wear after the drains come out. I weigh 122 pounds, my height is 5"1. I ordered size M and it fit perfectly.
BTW I ordered "Marianne" (firm compression level) from Amazon and paid $62 dollars delivery included.

YAY... OUCH... Doing the very Slow Happy Dance

Almost 11 years ago I made a mistake which turned into a bag of regrets, BUT today I had the rare privilege to click the undo bottom. My implants are finally out, surgery went well, I'm home, I bit tired and sore but feeling so grateful to be back on my original side. My precious husband took the next 6 days off from work to be home and take care of me. He supports me 100% in my choice to explant and will love me no matter what I look like.
I'll post updates soon.

24 hours post explant

I knew going into this that I was not going to look fabulous right away. Today was my follow up and my husband and I got the first look at my new self. I was quite calm and didn't think I look all that bad. Yes I'm deflated, wrinkled and my nipples are concave but they don't appear to have collapsed in on themselves. I was given the choice to switch into a bra or get new bandages. I chose the bandages because the tight feeling makes me feel safe and I read that the compression will help reduce the tension on the skin allowing it to shrink and tighten. My drains will stay in until Monday to help close off the dead space and reduce fluid accumulation. I still need to sleep propped up and that's no fun. So far no real pain or spasms, just sore.

48 hours post explant and not much to show

I really don't have many complains. No nausea, no real pain, no muscle spasms, swelling or much fatigue. It feel as though my breast tissue is waking up, I am starting to feel a mild tightness and pressure on both breast, but not enough to require pain meds. My only real issue is sleeping. I have pillows piled around me in the bed, kind of like a nest - but I keep waking up because I'm not comfortable. I don't do well with pain meds so last night I only took a half of Vicodin and a 5 milligram Valium. The PS prescribed Valium because it's a very effective muscle relaxer. Maybe that's why I'm not experiencing any muscle spasms, but I do not like the way I feel when I wake up. I feel groggy, confused and weaker. My goal is to switch to Tylenol today, and have a nice cup of Sleepytime tea and a few drops of Valerian Root before bed. My drains are still collecting fluid but the quantity is significantly lower today and the color is definitely lighter. The fluid has gone from a scary bright red to a clearer yellowish-orange one. I also gave myself a slooooow sponge bath after breakfast and my sweet husband helped me change into my compression bra. I know I said this before, but I L-O-O-V- E this bra. It is stretchy, super comfortable and yet, it gives me tremendous support.
BTW I have lost 2 pounds since explant... Breast implant weigh???

Three Days Post Expant

Things are looking up. Slept much better last night and I'm off the pain meds and Valium. Two Tylenol every 6 hours is keeping me comfortable. Drinking two liters of water daily and my appetite is returning as well.

Four Days Post Explant

Took my first shower with my husband's help. Not much fluid in my drains, can't wait to get them removed tomorrow. Managing with Tylenol twice a day.

Five Days Post Explant- Drains are Out

Drains are out after five days!!!!
I can't say that they were painful, but they sure were a nuisance. My left one was a bit irritated last night and was causing me minor discomfort by the time I went to bed. The removal was quick and performed in the doctor's office. No local anesthetic was provided. First they cut the sutures. To prevent the patient from accidentally pulling out the drains, Dr Richards sutures the drains to the skin surface during surgery. Thank God I had no idea about this until today when my husband took a picture of it. Next, the nurse asked me to take a deep breath as she counted to three and pulled on the drain. It feels like you have a long worm/snake moving inside your breast and the next thing you know the drain is out. The first one was easy, the second one hurt at the very ends, but within minutes the pain was gone. the doctor also examined my breast and said that he was pleased with how my breast are rebounding from the stretching by my implants. I'll be back to see him in two days to remove the stitches used to close my incisions. I have to wear a compression bra or sports bra 24/7 and avoid strenuous activities for the next 6 weeks.
Now that the drains are out, hopefully, I'll start to see improvement of the skin/nipple/areola appearance. I'll keep you posted!!

Contour Irregularities

My implants were under the muscle, through the nipple. Yesterday my PS pointed out a dent under my left nipple. He said that it could be a situation of the breast contracting around scar tissue adhesion around my areola from the original incision. He addded that issues such as these are difficult to predict. However, from his experience the majority of these issues resolve themselves or improve to some degree after a while. He recommended gently massaging and stretching my nipples after two-weeks post op and waiting at least six months for a final assessment. Right nipple remains inverted, but I know retraction is not uncommon in the post operative period. Sleeping is still not great because I'm not used to sleeping in a bra. My sweet husband went back to work today and I'm back to being mommy to our two fur babies. Slowly life is returning to normal.

One Week Post Explant

Sutures are out. It didn't hurt at all. Drove myself to the doctor's office without any problem.

24 Days post Explant

Recovery is going super. What a liberating experience this has been. I feel that I've given my system a fighting chances now that I'm free of those implants. No fluid buildup, the incisions under neath the breast are completely healed, starting to feel less tender too. Walked 3 miles yesterday without any pain.

40 Days Post Explant

My breast tissue continues to shrink and retract as the swelling goes down. I think my breasts are looking smaller and I am happy with that. I saw my PS two days ago and he said that it's impossible to really know how much my breast will retract and in which way. However, he was very pleased with my shape and volume. He also lifted all restrictions and cleared me to start running but I must wear a high impact bra during any physical activity.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

During my consultation Dr Richards was punctual, friendly, highly professional and informative. His patient coordinator Dawn is the most caring, helpful sweetheart. I feel that I am in great hands for my upcoming surgery

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