30 Yrs Old, 410 CC Saline to Be Removed bc of Sickness and Pain - Las Vegas, NV

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Will be explanted this friday!!!Can not wait. ...

Will be explanted this friday!!!Can not wait. This is my second BA and last. I am feeling ill once more since my surgery and now forming hypertrophic scaring for first time ever. My doctor said that we should remove first then let breast settle and scars heal fully before revising lift and scars. I had them done this Jan 2014 and will be explanted 8/15!!!!!

2 days!!! OMG freaking out!

So many feelings. ..excited being number 1, scared, anxious and Nervous following!! I'm mostly just roble about my scars I know my breast will be fine I just wish I hadn't had the full anchor lift. But always healing great from surgries, scars were the last of my worries! But look at me now. ... ugh January can't come soon enough... That's when my P'S said he would revise and lift if needed!!! I will continue to post pic s because they are what really help me. ...:)

2 days before explant . Update photo on hypertrophic scars

Well girls I'm excited my scars are looking better after using cream and silicone sheeting... better to me at least!;)

Tomorrow's the day!!!!! Implant free for life.

Okay guys so tomorrow at 8:30 my procedure starts. Doing it under local anesthesia so hopefully they make me pretty loopy or I might freak out in middle!! Still scared but excited. .. Idk loss of emotions really. ...I will post pics when done even though they will look horrific at first but want everyone to see the daily changes that happen. Any luck and prayers are welcome. . Ahhhh ahhhh...

Today IS the DAY!!!

So excited and scared ! Hope I won't feel anything local anesthesia!!! Procedure starts at 9:30 so I will keep everyone updated. Good luck to all having surgrey today and thanks so much for all the support! You girls are great!:-*

local just injected now waiting.........

OMG in just a few minutes this is happening....

They are OUT!!!!! hallelujah!

What awesome experience I couldn't be happier right now!!!!! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to see what these babies do In a few months!!!!!

Before and after

5 hrs after explant and nap! :)

Hey girls so my procedure went very well and very quick and didn't feel a thing. .. luckily my P'S did not charge me at all to remove him he's such a sweet heart. He even revised the bottom cease stitches will taking out implant. . Tim about 15/29 min and I was done in living my new look already and the relief of my back!!! He doesn't think I will need an additional lift but may revise my miles if hypertrophic isn't beget in January!! So happy so relieved and back to me I already feel my spirit rising again!!!!! I am a bit sore nothing crazy just feels like a little pinch really where he took out and sewed back up. I will be posting pictures everyday so everyone can see the changes! And thanks again to all you girls your support really helped so much along with my husband of 11 years. . Or guy had been through 2 be and 2 explants n with me lol. And he hated the implants both times but wanted me to do what made me happy. .. I'm just glad I finally came to realization I love my little flat tatas!!!!!!

volume drunk last post lol.

Sorry my last post was so confusing to read in just re read it and oh my goodness..lol !

picture update 5 hours post op

pictures won't upload grrr.

6 hr later lol

Day 2 explant

Feeling sore but nothing anvil can't relieve. Here are pictures. Hope this is helping others. Let me know if have any questions. .

Day 3

Day 3 feeling a bit sore still but seeing a change already in my breast. ..!!!:-* love them!

Day 4 explant

Living my breast again this morning they are shrinking up every day becoming smaller and smaller and not as flat. . I'm loving their look! My hypertrophic scars are also calming down and looking better since the explant which is great because I was very worried about them. So far so good just hope they fluff a but more but it's only day 4 so I must calm down!!:-) good luck to everyone having explant and don't worry it will all be okay!!!

Day 5 ex plant

Feeling so much better.. Not really sore anymore. . Walking today to get a little exercise!:)

Day 1 compared to day 5

Day 6

Feeling great today energy is much higher and my body is feeling rested. No dizzy spells today and no nausea. .yay!!

Day 6

Well today hasn't been greatest. . Feeling dizzy and nauseated but I know it will take time for my body to rid the toxins from those things so staying strong. .No joint pain though that's a plus. I think I'm gonna do a total body detox and just hurry this process along. .. my mind is ready for this so better do it now!!:)

Last post was Day 7 not 6. sorry

Last post was day 7 not 6 sorry guys.

Day 8 explant

Day 8 guys feeling GREAT today! Loving my natural look more and more just so happy I went through with this I was so hesitant and it doesn't help when Dr. Doesn't think you should...So just glad I stuck with my intuition and have myself back to ME only!! Starting to tap into being a vegetarian also so I'm super excited!!! Hope everyone has great weekend!

Day 11

Day 11.

Day 1 compared to day 11

Day 1 to day 11

more comparasions

More pics

3 1/2 wks post explant

Hey guys sorry been so long been super busy and finally getting back to life. Feeling absolutely terrific and my energy is almost 100%. Johnny pain is gone and my fixings and nausea...which was constant. So happy. Also my scars are looking fabulous compared to when I had implants in so just waiting on though to disappear...which I know takes a long time! :-) good luck to all you girls having surgery this week!! :-)

about 4weeks Now

Today idk what happened I saw a huge difference in retraction.I feel like they have really perked up and are coming around...so excited and happy with them....love me some little boobies...yay!!!!
Dr. White

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