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My Surgery is next week and i'm super nervous!...

My Surgery is next week and i'm super nervous! I've had my implants for about 2 1/2 years I have saline implants under the muscle and I'm ready to have them removed! I'm 5'8 132 and I have rippling and chest pains and I'm just ready to go back to being myself. Hopefully that my boobs will look nice! I wish I would have never done this to myself.

Everyone has advised me not to do it!

I have alot of girlfriends my age who want their breast done. I advice all of them not to do it. Also have a lot of friends who are very happy with their breast augmentation but one thing I've seen a notice is over time that they seemed to become a little bit more circular. Which I REALLY don't like. I was never going for a fake one I wanted to get them done I just wanted a bit more cleavage and for them obviously to be bigger but I wanted them to look like my natural boobs. Within a two and a half years that I've had them I already have noticed them becoming a bit more circular almost as if the capsule is starting to squeeze against the implants. To me personally I feel like they look like balls on my chest which is a very unnatural look they're not the worst situation however I definitely noticed and I'm completely unhappy with them. I feel like all my problems started after 6 months post-op has anybody else noticed this?

Day before surgery ????

So I went in and spoke with the nurse to get my antibiotics and pain meds. She gave me a bit of reassurance that this will be a very simple procedure that will only be a hour max with a small incision. I was really worried about the scar, I think I will be until I see it for myself. Im going to grab two compression bras today. Relax and take it easy and hope things turn out great tomorrow.

Implants out

So my surgery went well. Very quick procedure they numbed me and went to work. Pretty cool to watch actually! There was no pain. After the numbing wore off the incision was a little tinder. I definitely feel flat chested thinking that my boobs will actually be smaller than before which is depressing. I get to remove the bandage tomorrow and ill take updated pics.

Trying to be hopeful

So its a day after my surgery and my boobs just looks so sad. I feel like I've had the life drained out of my boobs. There smaller than they were before my augmentation at least a full cup size if not more which is super depressing. All I keep thinking about is why did I ever do this to myself. I should just been happy with what I was blessed with. Now I feel like i have 60 year old boobs on a 23 year old body.

3 days post

I went out yesterday to a pool party .. I didn't swim obviously. But I felt so strange at first putting on my swim suit and no having anything to fill it out. Not to mention living in Vegas everyone has there boobs done. They definitely come dress to impress at pool parties. But I went out anyway, testing my confidence level. And things were just fine I realized I had some many other features that were pretty cool, and a bubbly personality to match! Going out yesterday was a great reminder of why I made the decision to explant, because I am not my boobs.

2 weeks post opt

So its been two weeks and I honestly cant tell if alot has changed. But im starting to feel better about my boobs. Everyday I feel like I'm getting to know my body, and learning to love my natural self again. I've spent alot of time on this site and have learned that the human body is simply amazing when it comes to healing! With that being said im looking forward to positive changes in the following weeks.

2 months later...

So its been two months and I have mix feelings some days I love them somedays I want my inplants back lol my incisions are still tinder sometimes. Still regretting ever getting implants in the first place since my boobs are much smaller now. I've been trying to gain weight in hopes it will go to my boobs lol. I'm just on a Rollercoaster of emotions right now.


Forgot to post a picture of my incision scar for those who were curious. Doesn't seem to be fading much not sure what to put on it hate the way mederma stuff feels.

Quick update

Slow progress still notice that my breast concave in certain positions, also that my skin hasn't completely bounced back.
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