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Where to start. I got my implants put in under the...

Where to start. I got my implants put in under the muscle as soon as I turned 18. Ever since I was 15 I always wanted implants. For 3 years I was always online researching breast augmentation and always being envious of woman with large breasts and self conscious of my small boobies. I thought implants looked better than real breasts! Wow how that has changed. My doctor did a truly wonderful job. I believe I got the best possible outcome. They look and feel real. I loved my implants for the past 4 years. I always said it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Ha!! The past year I have become very health conscious and have gained so much self love and awareness. For my mind, body and soul. I started thinking about getting the removed and found this site and it inspired me even more to get these things removed! I am going to the same doctor who put them in since he did great the first time. He was very pleased with the results of the augmentation and was surprised I wanted them removed but he was understanding and supportive of my decision because he could see I did my research and made up my mind. We are doing it under local with twilight anesthia to cut the costs for me. The office is an accredited surgery center so that is where it will be done. He will be taking out the capsule if necessary. He said if anything he might only need to take out the bottom of the capsule. I am excited and nervous! I have been looking at cute little tops and can't wait to be able to fit into them. It was a mistake getting breast implants at such a young age. But I accept it and take it as a learning experience. :) so excited to have my natural boobies! But also nervous!! Thanks for sharing all of your stories!!

Getting a little nervous

As the day gets closer I am getting more and more nervous. My hope is that it's not too much of a shock. My doctor claims that it won't be and that I have a good amount of breast tissue. They have definitely grown since my initial implant surgery. Before my implants I was a small b. I am now a 34dd in VS bras. I keep looking back at old pictures of my pre implant breasts and I like the way they look. I have faith that they will look even better than before. ;)

Looking at pictures

Posting more pictures for more reassurance for myself. :)

Current photo

Surgery 1 day away

My surgery is one day away!! I am soooooo excited!:) I am a little worries about going back to work. I am a server and hostess at a restauraut and am scheduled to go back to work on 4th day after surgery. I am also very much so a naturalist and am into holistic healing so I will be refraining from taking the prescribed meds. Hope the pain isn't anything like when I got the implants. Any thoughts on both topics would be greatly appreciated. I am so excited to be my natural self again!! Will be updating ASAP after surgery on Wednesday morning. :)

Day of surgery- post op

I am on the other side and could not be happier! Everything went very smoothly. The anesthesiologist started me with a "champagne cocktail" haha to calm me. I was very relaxed even before that but it did make me feel very nice. Next thing I know I'm waking up! I received light twilight sedation along with local anesthesia. When my doc came to check on me he said everything went very smoothly and that I look great already. My capsules were almost non existent so no capsule work was necessary. The right implant was stuck to the capsule so he did have to do minor capsule work on that side. I am flat as a board and I absolutely love it!!! My doc prefers not to compress the breast tissue by wrapping it because he believes the breast tissue should heal in it's natural form to prevent any deformities. I have tiny little drains inserted that I can't even see because they are under the gauze where my incision site is. They will be removed tomorrow at my post op appointment. I am so grateful for this experience. I appreciate my small boobies so much! Without undergoing the initial augmentation surgery I may have never loved and appreciated my small boobies so much. I am so happy!!! I will continue to update my progress. At the moment I don't feel much pain I'm guessing due to the local injection. I am opting not to take any pain meds so we will see how the pain is once the local wears off! Thank you for all the love and support!

One day Post-op

I am feeling wonderful!! I was feeling sore last night when I used my chest muscles for even the smallest things but when I was staying still it wasn't bad at all. The incisions feel a tad sore but nothing unbearable. Still have not taken any pain medication and feel fine. For me it's not necessary at all! I am headed to my post op appointment. Will update after!


Day two post op

Day two post-op and feeling really good. I had tiny little drains In the incision that my doctor removed yesterday at my post op appointment. I didn't have much drainage. I'm in little to no pain just slightly where the incision is. Especially when I'm up and moving around a lot. Taking it easy again today. Will be laying in bed and relaxing all day again. :) My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic cream to put on incisions but I made my own natural holistic ointment made up of a little coconut oil, avocado oil, tea tree and lavender essential oils.

Roller coaster of emotions

I'm day 3 post-op and I can definitely say I've felt a roller coaster of emotions. I have noticed the psychological effects of this surgery. Most emotions so far have been positive but I've so has brief moments of feeling self conscious and sad. But then I remind myself of what An amazing miracle my body is and that my breasts are beautiful the way they are. My skin is pretty loose and breasts sad looking when lying down. I am hoping that they tighten up. Still 100% satisfied with my decision to explant but of course there is always a duality. After all I am a human! Ha. I also started my period today so I am definitely feeling the hormonal effects of that. I tend to get very emotional and more self conscious on my period. Still happy!

Day 5 post-op

Hi all! I am on day 5 of post op and am feeling really good. I went back to work yesterday I am a hostess and server at a restaurant. After work today my chest was really hurting and I felt weak. I am on my feet in heels for 6 hours and didn't get the chance to eat so that had something to do with it. Other than that am feeling greAt! Thanks again for all the comments!

Would like to add....

I decided not to take anything the doctor prescribed me. No antibiotics, no pain meds, and none of the antibiotic cream for my scars. I am very into holistic healing and have opted to try alternative methods. :)

Healthy happy vibrant

Hey ladies! 7th day post op and feeling wonderful! I feel so healthy, vibrant, and happy! I want to share this oil with you that I found called Healthy Girls breast oil. Pictured below! :)

Almost 2 weeks post op

Hello everyone! I am almost two weeks post op and feel soooooo wonderful!! This past weekend I attended a music festival. It was here in Las Vegas and could not resist as that is something I love to do. I am a hula hoop dancer and knew I should take it easy over the weekend but couldn't help myself. I was dancing my booty off all weekend. I was feeling slightly sore from it but other than that I feel great! I hope I can start doing yoga again within another couple weeks. Sending my love to all of you!


I am just shy of 1 month post op and I am so incredibly happy with my descion to explant. I adore my small, soft, warm, natural breasts. I am so happy that I made this descion now before any possible problems occurred. I feel even more self confident. :) if any of you out there are even thinking about explanting I highly suggest you just do it! Your body will thank you. Having natural breast just FEELS so much better in more way than one. Much love ladies and best wishes to all of you!

4 months post op

Hello everyone! I am 4 months post op and still so very happy with my descion to explant. Yes my skin is loose in some spots, yes I have a few stretch marks and no they aren't "perfect" but to me they are perfectly imperfect. Having my natural body just feels..... well, natural! Haha. Which feels wonderful. Best wishes to all of you! All in all this has been a profound learning experience for me. I have gained more awareness, appreciation, and love for my body. If any of you have any personal questions please feel free to shoot me a message or comment. Much love!!!

7 months

Hi beauties. :) I am 7 months post op and am still very happy with my descion. My breasts have tightened up a lot and I think they also shrunk up a little bit. Here's some photos for some ladies who asked. I use organic Shea butter currently on my boobies and scars. Also use some essential oils that are good for stretch marks and tightening skin. Best wishes to all of you on your journey.


14 months post op

Here is an updated photo 14 months post op. I am so happy with my descion and not one single part of me regrets my descion. I love feeling and looking natural! If it's something you are contemplating I say DO IT!
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